Consumer Reports 2017 Lowest-Rated Cars in 10 Categories

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  • Alexander Estk
    Alexander Estk 2 hours ago

    The Toyota Tacoma is a piece of junk. The new Prius motor they put in there will have problems within a couple years. Stay clear of the Tacoma. They don't make Toyotas like they used to👌🏻

  • Colby Bolton
    Colby Bolton 1 day ago

    The Toyota Tacoma has low reliability ratings 😂 I think she's confused. I mean compare it to all the other mid size trucks, I like the Colorado but is it really more reliable than a Toyota? And how does a Nissan Frontier beat any toyota pickup?

  • Harrison S
    Harrison S 1 day ago

    I find it funny how Chrysler is ditching the 200C after the big redesign. I remember a year ago at the auto show them making such a big deal about how amazing it is and how well crafted it is.

  • Kendrick .minchew

    A Land Rover with low reliability I'm gobsmacked

  • Frank Burns
    Frank Burns 2 days ago

    Previous Consumer Reports vid on the Tacoma: "...well deserved reputation for good reliability..."

    This one: "...poor reliability."

    Color me confused.

  • never go full Pony
    never go full Pony 2 days ago

    For European standards that thing isn't a hatchback anymore. It's huge!

  • Mr Bob
    Mr Bob 4 days ago😨

  • cohiba1982
    cohiba1982 5 days ago

    I would like to see a video about how unaffordable vehicles have become and why. Who pays the asking prices of new cars? I never will!

  • Nathan Hughes
    Nathan Hughes 5 days ago

    the land rover discovery sport is an amazing car

  • Nathan Hughes
    Nathan Hughes 5 days ago


  • Kapilan
    Kapilan 6 days ago

    Tacoma's are bullet proof and there reslae value is crazy high. I guess it's just the new ones

  • Miguel Angel Medina Rise

    1. Chrysler
    2. Chrysler
    3. Fiat
    4. Chrysler
    5. Smart
    6. Chrysler
    7. Chrysler
    8. Chrysler
    9. Chrysler
    10. Chrysler

  • mowinman33
    mowinman33 6 days ago

    This woman is as dumb as her stupid "I never want to grow up" nose ring. Where the hell did they get the 16 MPG for the Dodge Journey? I've had one since 2014 with zero issues and I average 23 MPG consistently. This is the first that I have ever heard of any model of it averaging only 16 MPG. And I highly doubt the Tacoma has bad reliability when the engine in it is the same one used in many of Toyota's highly rated vehicles. Consumer Reports just needs to go extinct and get it over with.

  • Oscar Silva
    Oscar Silva 7 days ago

    I don't think CR knows the definition of reliability test a car for at least 5 years then make your report.

  • Cooper Ledford
    Cooper Ledford 7 days ago

    Was she expecting a Maserati to get 35 mpg?

  • Tony caffeine
    Tony caffeine 7 days ago

    The Toyota got a what ?????

  • Jerry Rievel
    Jerry Rievel 8 days ago

    Not a Toyota person myself. But anyone I know who has or does own a Tacoma have no issues and love everything about them. Not saying I'm calling BS but I could be. The Merc... it's gonna have fairly stiff suspension. Part performance so yeah.

  • ALS
    ALS 8 days ago

    everything on the list made total sense aside from the toyota pickup but i guess everyone has their lemons. To all the people still buying chrysler, enjoy your electrical problems! As a mechanic of a few years i can safely say that chryslers are the biggest piles of junk on the road. We would often send them away just so we didn't have to deal with the massive frustration of working on them.

  • George Charles
    George Charles 8 days ago

    consumer reports, the IGN of auto reviewers

  • smartepants777
    smartepants777 8 days ago

    A turbo four cylinder gets 21mpg? Damn...

  • LordPenisKatze lele

    "the Turbo 4-cylinder delivers uneven power" what other are you expecting when buying a turbocharged vehicle?

  • Statese Tice
    Statese Tice 8 days ago

    Fiat 500L is made in the same factory as Yugo.

  • Kaden Goddard
    Kaden Goddard 8 days ago


  • rocktheworld010
    rocktheworld010 9 days ago

    Tacoma owners to to be a cultish group. Suck it up and accept that your precious truck isn't as fantastic as you make it up to be. I'm sure they're not terrible; but they're not the best truck in the universe like most owners make them out to be.

  • Skragg's Cyclevlog
    Skragg's Cyclevlog 9 days ago

    The best thing Mitsubishi ever made was wasted by crashing it into American navy ships!

  • Seth Forbus
    Seth Forbus 9 days ago

    LOL, someone paying $70K for an Escalade doesn't CARE about gas milage. Consumer reports is amusing in the fact that gas milage seems to be the only thing mentioned here. Some people don't give a damn about MPG.

  • Nhan Nguyen Phung Trung

    Escalade is stiff?? You crazy?? I own an Escalade Platinum!!! LIKE CMON GET UR FACTS TOGETHER

  • Nick Macchiavelli
    Nick Macchiavelli 10 days ago

    FCA: the worst nightmare of CR! 😂😂😂

    GUNSnSTUFF 10 days ago

    Chrysler and fiat suck..... What??? Who could have known????

  • J. Smart
    J. Smart 10 days ago

    The who-sie what's it?

  • Peppridge Farm Remembers

    so...the suburban and the Yukon XL are confirmed crap then too? Since the escalade shares the same platform and all...

  • TX Beachbum
    TX Beachbum 11 days ago

    I may be a bit biased but I have owned 3 Cadillac Escalades and never had reliability problems with any of them. In fact they have been the most reliable cars I've ever owned... Isn't Consumer Reports suppose to report only factual/true information? At 3:40 you say their "predicted" reliability. If not tested or true don't say it.

  • Chase Miller
    Chase Miller 11 days ago

    "Oh no my truck is loud!" grow up

  • Scott S.
    Scott S. 11 days ago

    consumer reports = Bs ( biased ) opinions and nothing more

  • Ayylmao12 YT
    Ayylmao12 YT 11 days ago


  • Jeffrey Matthews
    Jeffrey Matthews 11 days ago

    "The fussy shifter will drive you crazy" ahahahaha I love this report almost as much as their recommendations

  • PulpComic
    PulpComic 12 days ago

    This is amazing!

  • Ethan Hunt
    Ethan Hunt 12 days ago

    I am not surprised by the plethora of Chrysler products on this list, but a Toyota Tacoma with poor reliability??🤔

    HYPERGARAGE 12 days ago

    Toyota Tacoma. "Stiff ride", "Clumsy handling", "Can be loud". Grow up, its a truck not a damn Rolls Royce. Should not be on this list.

  • Vamoz Gaming101
    Vamoz Gaming101 12 days ago

    I still do not understand the problem with the Tacoma. I mean, this is like the worst Toyota in their felt here in US right. But why does it matter if the ride is stiff, ITS A FUDGING PICKUP TRUCK, ITS LIKE THAT IN ASIA, AMERICANS ARE USED TO SMOOTH PICKUP TRUCK RIDES, THATS WHY THEY HAVE THE TOYOTA TUNDRA, OR THE NISSAN TITAN. I'm from the Philippines, the replacement of the Tacoma, Hilux, is also bumpy, stiff, and really clumsy at handling. But what can you do, they use the coil spring suspensions, just like trucks( in Asia). The best selling pickup in the Philippines, Ford Ranger, Nissan Navara/Frontier.

  • wholeNwon
    wholeNwon 12 days ago

    Similar data have been out there for years. Why would anyone every buy those things in the first place? Can't they read?

  • Jake Stachlewitz
    Jake Stachlewitz 12 days ago

    Dodge Journey has no backseat space too.

  • Hernan Aguilar Jr
    Hernan Aguilar Jr 12 days ago

    Im just confused on why people are expecting high mpg's from a Ferrari developed engine. I could care less about the Ghibli but that line just confused me. Expecting high mpg's from an engine developed by a sports/super car manufacturer like are you kidding me?

  • Brian Stewart
    Brian Stewart 13 days ago

    I knew this BS would be entertaining at best.

  • matt gmail
    matt gmail 13 days ago

    why dont american have a speret category for A CLASS CARS (minis) like toyota aygo, Fiat panda, Kia picanto, Vw up, Hyundai i10, Chevrolet spark ect... i know tha attrage is b class but with an A class price tag it makes a bit more sense even though it is extremly bed in comperison to the new a class cars

  • Vintage Mobile Home Life, the original tiny house

    Sorry I love my Mirage.

  • hoois cast
    hoois cast 14 days ago

    Why do all americans dont understand the Maserati ghibli it is an amazing car!!!!!!!

  • Yellow Waffle
    Yellow Waffle 14 days ago

    what a coincidence ..throwing mud at cars that america doesen't produce or own , good tactic , brought you more cash since using it ?

  • ScottaHemi
    ScottaHemi 14 days ago

    wait. did the big bad Cadillac get better millage then the Dodge Journey?!


  • Jaion Cebollero
    Jaion Cebollero 14 days ago

    Every time I see a 200 on the rode, I'm just like some asshat actually pays for this every month.

  • Brian KENAKIN
    Brian KENAKIN 14 days ago

    The Fiat 500L is the only car I ever returned to the rental shop early. I've had my share of bad cars to drive but I couldn't keep the Fiat for even 12 hours. I feel sorry for anyone who actually bought one.

  • Matt McAvay
    Matt McAvay 15 days ago

    the new GM SUVs are crap we've only had our Yukon Denali XL for 27k miles before they tell us we need a new engine...WTF GM!?!

  • Camilo Formica
    Camilo Formica 15 days ago

    My moms 2013 journey hasnt yet had any failure, so reliability seems to be pretty good

  • Pete N
    Pete N 15 days ago

    Ok this lady is on crack.... I own the toyota pickup and the mercedes cla. Both vehicles never had one issue and drove great. The Toyota pickup is the best seller of the class and the mercedes cla is one of the most selling mercedes of all times... Lady you need to fine a new hob because you do not know what you are talking about. People who never driven nor own these vehicles are quickly to talk about them...

  • Edward Piotrowski
    Edward Piotrowski 15 days ago

    They left out full-size pick ups and for good reason. Wouldn't want Ford to have negative Reviews on there new 1 billion dollar facelift on trucks.

  • Max Willett
    Max Willett 15 days ago

    I just want to say, if you buy a Maserati you probably care less about the gas mileage.

  • Mark J. Mantilla
    Mark J. Mantilla 15 days ago


  • Brandon Lee
    Brandon Lee 15 days ago

    Why do all CR employees look like they work for the DNC?

  • therealknapster
    therealknapster 16 days ago

    The school of ' Rotton Tomatoes ' the exact opposite of reality ! You know it's true if some shitty German car like Vw Golf was the best car !

  • Spencer Ali
    Spencer Ali 17 days ago

    Soo... mostly FCA then? Lol

  • soloxcan
    soloxcan 17 days ago

    If people complain about the cars using too much fuel, and then saying it has no power, maybe they should stop driving family cars as race cars

  • Steve French
    Steve French 18 days ago

    good report not surprised by any of these results

  • realimbored668
    realimbored668 18 days ago

    No Fords on this list YAY!!!

  • Eric Ngo
    Eric Ngo 18 days ago

    I'm glad I bought a 17 year old s2000 I love that thing

  • Quietbut_Deadly
    Quietbut_Deadly 18 days ago

    The Ghibli is literally an expensive Dodge Dart

  • turbo311
    turbo311 19 days ago

    How far the new Tacoma has fallen! I've talked to one owner who had the previous Tacoma and sold his new one and other owners who make excuses for it. Toyota got very lazy on the "redesign".

  • Isamu Wallace
    Isamu Wallace 20 days ago

    That's why the Toyota Tacoma remains the best midsize pick-up anyone can buy.
    Dafuq they saying? Buy a Colorado or Frontier? They have jokes.

  • David Khim
    David Khim 20 days ago

    This bitch is crazy for saying the tacoma is the worst small pickup with clumsy handling. Tacos are the best small pickup in the us.

  • my opinion doesn't matter

    anyone saying they have one of these cars and it doesn't have any problems...just wait lol. also there is sometimes a diamond in the rough.

  • my opinion doesn't matter

    fiat/Chrysler 3 of the 10. What a shitty car company.

    • Spencer Ali
      Spencer Ali 17 days ago

      my opinion doesn't matter FCA includes Maserati so it's actually 4!

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 25 days ago

    I haven't seen the video yet.. but.. I'm guessing 06"-13"Chevy Impala

  • Joe B
    Joe B 25 days ago

    the mirage shown isn't a 2017. for 2017 it has been updated.

  • Man from Nantucket
    Man from Nantucket 26 days ago

    Mitsubishi is a fucking joke. RIP

  • ClubMayview
    ClubMayview 29 days ago

    I have a hard time trusting the opinions expressed by someone that has a ring hanging out of their nostrils

  • 1969cmp
    1969cmp 29 days ago

    And the Mustang has very poor safety.

  • Paul Reid
    Paul Reid 1 month ago

    As a CLA owner, I have no idea what they are talking about. I love my CLA and every CLA owner I know does as well. It's the entry-level BMW drivers that complain about their purchases ("never again"!) and are in the shop all the time.

    And the CLA is powerful, beautiful, handles amazingly and gets 38 MPG!

    I honestly have no idea how they could get this so wrong.

  • 13 AUDILEX
    13 AUDILEX 1 month ago

    Biased. Highest resale value on any car is Tacoma.its on record thou

  • Kip Paseo
    Kip Paseo 1 month ago

    people that used to love the old school Mitsubishi Mirage should be pissed that they darkened the name by putting it on this Chinese made piece of shit. it would have been much more fitting to call it the Mitsubishi Precis which was the name of one of the worst cars ever crapped on to the American roadways back in the late 1980s. it was the twin cousin of the Hyundai Excel.

  • Shadi Ibrahim
    Shadi Ibrahim 1 month ago

    Are you trying to kid me?! CLA, Discovery Sport, 500L and Ghibli, unreliable?! I can't believe that. All these four cars are selling very well, because they're really good. Don't say bullshits, please.

  • landon Holland
    landon Holland 1 month ago

    I think this consumer reports thing is bullshit. I'm not some Toyota fanboy here but I do believe that Toyota makes some of the most reliable vehicles, unfortunately not the best looking.

  • Brian Arnold
    Brian Arnold 1 month ago

    I was really bummed out to see the CLA on the list. I was considering buying one. I guess I'll consider the 3 series instead

  • Jesus Manuel
    Jesus Manuel 1 month ago

    She mentions "poor reliability on the Tacoma" but doesn't tells us what's the specific problem. I'd say it's bullshit.

  • Weston White
    Weston White 1 month ago

    Lots of FCA on here... big surprise

  • Stephen Nichols
    Stephen Nichols 1 month ago

    a Toyota with low reliability? lmoa😂😂
    an automotive reviewer with low reliability- consumer reports!
    how many Toyotas have reached a million miles!

  • mujerazteca18
    mujerazteca18 1 month ago

    No minivan category?

  • M18 MS
    M18 MS 1 month ago

    Tacoma with low reliability?LIES

  • The Fault in Our Cutie Marks

    Mercedes and Toyota have bad reliability? wow that's sad

  • SomeAmazingPenguin
    SomeAmazingPenguin 1 month ago

    well the Disco sport is really popular in the uk

  • WaltherPPX
    WaltherPPX 1 month ago

    FIAT = Fix It Again Tony!

  • jon doe
    jon doe 1 month ago

    I don't know, I've got 5,000 on my Tacoma, but I don't think it's noisy at all..

  • Earthling1984
    Earthling1984 1 month ago

    Did she really say the Toyota Tacoma was the worst in category? Really? that doesn't seem right...

    • slowninja14
      slowninja14 14 days ago

      Earthling1984 my buddy is on his 2nd 2017 taco... First was a manual transmission and it kept breaking. He finally traded it in on the exact same truck with the auto. He is now looking to trade that pos in also for something other than a Taco!

    • Curt D
      Curt D 19 days ago

      Have you owned and driven a new Tacoma? Just because it says Toyota on the badge doesn't magically make it reliable or good. It is made in a different factory by different people with different parts designed by different engineers. Every brand has bad rigs this just happens to be Toyota's. I would certainly buy one of their cars but not the Tacoma.

    RDNCKRAMNOSD1 1 month ago

    the fuel economy complaints aren't even realistic these aren't bad numbers pretty real world to me

  • Rick Bechill
    Rick Bechill 1 month ago

    Excuse me miss, you have something attempting to escape from your nose.

  • Blaster80m
    Blaster80m 1 month ago

    This video doesn't seem that reliable I have a Toyota Tacoma and I've had it for 3 years and never had any problems with it. It's very reliable


    The only American car company that doesn't suck is Tesla.


    Mitsubishi sucks. That's a fact.

  • Trades46
    Trades46 1 month ago

    I find it humorous that while the cheaper end vehicles are rare (a good thing), cars like the CLA 250, Escalade & Ghibli are very common sights in Toronto, Canada & even more more north in the suburbs of North York & Markham. Something even money doesn't buy good taste apparently.

  • Omar Hussein
    Omar Hussein 1 month ago

    Am i missing the part when you say your sponsored by GM?

  • Emilian Tuns
    Emilian Tuns 1 month ago

    it's unbelievable how big is the power of big corporations this days!!! when somebody tells you that toyota tacoma are not reliable cars, stop that video, unsubscribe and never belive that channel/source again

  • xrcrx ftfghjg
    xrcrx ftfghjg 1 month ago

    land rover is junk

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