MILO Schools Black Feminist NAACP President

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  • Pelé
    Pelé 4 days ago

    Love MILO!!!!! Feminism should die already! Nothing good ever came from modern feminism!!

  • kev
    kev 4 days ago

    His shirt. Lol. Luv em.

  • Mirna Hazem
    Mirna Hazem 6 days ago

    i miss him 😞

  • Russell Silvernail
    Russell Silvernail 7 days ago

    He’s really good

  • Joseph Bezzi
    Joseph Bezzi 9 days ago

    God bless Milo

  • InfinityUltra
    InfinityUltra 10 days ago

    I think this man just became my idol

  • Ellie Stanton
    Ellie Stanton 11 days ago

    We need to stop focusing on what feminism as a label is and means, and transition it towards a focus on how we can uphold equitable rights for men and women. It is counterproductive to spend so much energy debating a term when there is much work to do regarding women's issues, such as maternal health, prostitution, etc.

  • Chicago Writer
    Chicago Writer 11 days ago

    Even though Milo was dead on right about the feminism and about how us blacks vote for people who destroy us, but she didn't mention anything about the BLM movement which is what he was referring to.

  • TheLawDemon
    TheLawDemon 11 days ago


  • Top Hat Pat
    Top Hat Pat 12 days ago

    the left?? all these dum arse groups,[ BLM. SJW. LGBTQ ABC45RD123, TRANSGOLLIWOG] it is all mental illness,thanks Obama your a real pal,paid for by soros.dick heads

  • Anime Justice
    Anime Justice 12 days ago

    I LOVE THIS GUY!!!!!!!

  • anthony derocco
    anthony derocco 13 days ago

    when was it great? the fact she can go to college and ask question maybe

  • anthony derocco
    anthony derocco 13 days ago

    when was it great? the fact she can go to college and ask question maybe

  • Pitipu Corrado
    Pitipu Corrado 13 days ago

    Holy fuck! He took her opinion and shoved it sideways up her ass! I love this dude!

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 14 days ago

    Ronald Reagan started the war on drugs.

  • Ben G
    Ben G 15 days ago

    If she thinks America is not that great, she hasn't traveled much. Women are treated horribly in a large chunk of the world. Even in 1st world countries like Japan, they are below men.

  • K Paone
    K Paone 16 days ago

    Can you imagine being married to this dude? That would blow.

  • david snowden
    david snowden 18 days ago

    He laid her to rest...

  • Tanner York
    Tanner York 19 days ago

    What's the source cited when he says fewer than 1 and 5 identify as a feminist even though 85% of them believe equality in the sexes.

  • tilly
    tilly 19 days ago

    FFS if somebody says they are a feminist but act on inequality towards men, they are NOT a feminist.

  • Gmail Account
    Gmail Account 20 days ago

    feminism is the pursuit of being the best woman a female can be. nothing to do with gender.

  • bacara18
    bacara18 20 days ago

    lol its antifa, feminists, and the blm that get triggered, i hardly see trump supporters ever get triggered

  • Chill Out
    Chill Out 20 days ago

    To all the racist blacks in America, go FUCK yourself 👍👍

  • BetYouWont
    BetYouWont 20 days ago


  • dap
    dap 22 days ago

    Blacks made up barely any of the population. They still only make up 14% of the population(7% black males 7% black females). Picking crops didn't build a nation to be the only superpower in the world. By far the richest country in the world and so far the only continually successful country in the world. And the most innovative country in the world.

    Not to mention top 3 least racist and sexist place to live. Facts.

  • connor
    connor 22 days ago

    I agree that better public services are needed for the black community, but I also think BLM provides essential resistance and solidarity against police violence

  • Marvin Lewis
    Marvin Lewis 23 days ago

    black feminism is one of the main reasons the black community is suffering right now.

  • truthseekr420 j
    truthseekr420 j 24 days ago

    My generation is so fucking stupid its unreal. The funny thing is they think they are so clever.

  • Darren Chapman
    Darren Chapman 24 days ago


  • Jake Miller
    Jake Miller 24 days ago

    Im not gay, but sometimes when I watch Milo debate, I wish I was.

  • M R
    M R 25 days ago

    feminism is this guy obviously. faggot ass white boy must be a pedophile too

  • NerdLady100
    NerdLady100 25 days ago

    I need to memorize this answer.

  • TypicalWhiteAsianBoy
    TypicalWhiteAsianBoy 26 days ago +1

    gavin made out with this homo :O

  • Bishamonten76
    Bishamonten76 26 days ago

    Was waiting for her to play her mansplaining card.

  • Wolfatadoor
    Wolfatadoor 27 days ago

    Why do these narrow minded college kids try to stand up against Milo and Ben? They will make you look absolutely retarded.

  • Daniel Alvarez
    Daniel Alvarez 28 days ago

    Milo says there is no rape culture on campus? He's dreaming. It's a huge problem but it doesn't serve his agenda so he sweeps it under the rug? Misinformation Milo. You've been challenged by me personally to wake up.

    I'm not a feminist and I'm not going to let that comment go unchallenged.

  • Mark Kelly
    Mark Kelly 29 days ago

    I admire Milo greatly. He has a voice and makes it heard regardless of what the majority think. He's not afraid to stand up for himself and stick his foot in the door that is locking away people's freedom of speech now a days. Though my political knowledge isn't great, I feel he's right about many things being sugar coated in today's world to keep the majority happy.

  • Kenyatta Street
    Kenyatta Street 29 days ago

    what the fuck does he know about feminism, he is gay not a woman.

  • Faith G
    Faith G 29 days ago

    This is probably one of my favorite videos of Milo. Classy, respectful, and logical. Bless this.

  • Moe Szyslak
    Moe Szyslak 29 days ago

    I would have not let her speak. I do not like blacks.

  • Hashh
    Hashh Month ago

    Feminists are pure shit. You speak real stuff into their head but they just ignore because they're too fucking ignorant to accept anything.

  • Alexandria Lamar
    Alexandria Lamar Month ago

    Just because she a black woman doesn't mean she a feminist. A lot of black people and black women don't care about that feminist shit. This whole comment section is like oh she got wreck and all this racist bullshit. There is a lot of black conservatives like my self who would like to agree with some of the facts that milo said. He is right about 100% of the things that that he said. BUT after this comment section idk if I would like to call myself a black conservative anymore.

  • Martin Petrov
    Martin Petrov Month ago

    dem this guy can shit in every moutn and do it with class ;d this girl probably committed suicide after this meeting and I would not blame her for that

  • jodeluna62
    jodeluna62 Month ago

    Good Point!

  • Desmond Stein
    Desmond Stein Month ago

    Pretty sure Republicans don't care at all about making good schools and they care all the less about good schools for black people. Republicans are notoriously and comically racist and bigoted and often bring religious ideas into politics, especially involving abortion. Where I agree that there has been an effort by the government to imprison black males and to disrupt their lives and families to create a race of easily exploitable bodies, I don't think Republicans are the answer, in fact I think that would make it worse, hence why the conservatives give him hell for that answer. They don't care about anyone but themselves, they care the least for poor people, which black people happen to dominate the numbers on, much to do with the structural issues with America. But why is it that you have to be a Republican loving moron like Milo to also have the vision he has, to be able to dismantle the bullshit feminists built up? Why can't we have people who say deadly truth and don't follow it up with fodder like "Black people would be better off if Republicans were elected'.

  • Thomas Voegtle
    Thomas Voegtle Month ago

    I disagree when he said that poor black children don't get good opportunities for school. In Chicago there's school called selective enrollment which are some of the best high schools. A poor black kid would have a much higher chance of getting into these school than a high income white kid. Because of their race and their location, they're given greater opportunities. You would have to take a test that is out of 900 to get into one of these school. For example, lane tech high school is one of the more popular school that kid strive for. There are 5 tiers in Chicago, 1 being the low income and high crime areas and 5 being the high income and low crime neighborhoods. Say if you live in tier 1, you only have to get a 720/900 to get into lane tech. Say if you live in tier 5, you would have to get a 860/900. And then whenever selecting kids that applied, black and Hispanic kids get the highest chance of being chosen. (The facts are as recent as they get). So me applying for lane tech high school is going to be much more difficult to get into since I am white and live in tier 4, than a black kid that lives in tier 2. (I got the cut off score for tier 3 which was an 818, so all I know is that someone with a lower school than me got in when I technically was more deserving of that spot).

  • Laney Grace
    Laney Grace Month ago +1

    I'm a feminist. I believe that men and women should be equal. women shouldn't be sexualized as objects. men shouldn't have to be 'mascualine' all the time. men can wear makeup. women should do whatever they want with their bodies without worrying about being sexually harassed. men should not get payed more than women, it should be equal pay for an equal job. this is feminism, not men hating.

    • L
      L 3 days ago

      Laney Grace Would you say im an "anti vietnam war activist"? No? Why not? Because the war is over, theres nothing left to fight for. Anti vietnam war was a good cause, and now its over because theres nothing left to fight for. This is why the feminism movement is no longer about equality. Women have equality, and yet feminists keep going. If theres already equality, then the only thing left to gain is superiority, and thats exactly whats being attempted. For example, women say that the objectification of women is horrible, but then they brutally objectify men and see nothing wrong with that. To say that feminism is about equality and that anti feminist is anti women is a disgusting lie.

  • Acacia Camael
    Acacia Camael Month ago

    Well im native American I have a vagina and i have a job i have a car have money (tips) and my own apartment and pay my bills yeah I feel so oppressed and life is so unfair to me🤢🤢

  • John Way
    John Way Month ago

    wow...milos making sense..sounds good. but...he doesnt always defend the principles.. and he can occassionally enable the haters on both sides

  • John Way
    John Way Month ago

    is milos the prince of gapes???... Considering Dolan's finding that "female rape is significantly underreported and male rape almost never", I ask Stemple if, following her research, she believes it might be a hitherto unimagined part of all wars. "No one knows, but I do think it's safe to say that it's likely that it's been a part of many wars throughout history and that taboo has played a part in the silence."

    As I leave Uganda, there's a detail of a story that I can't forget. Before receiving help from the RLP, one man went to see his local doctor. He told him he had been raped four times, that he was injured and depressed and his wife had threatened to leave him. The doctor gave him a Panadol.

  • Andrew Cuthbertson
    Andrew Cuthbertson Month ago

    Of course Milo won the debate, but you have to give props to the girl for actually giving a reasonable(ish) question and allowing him time to answer and educate her.

  • Michael Guthrie
    Michael Guthrie Month ago

    Every country is built by men of the majority population

  • no
    no Month ago

    Why the fuck is Milo so good at debating. It would take me minutes to process and create a rebuttal.

  • Chloe7 Seven
    Chloe7 Seven Month ago

    Milo... HOW do you feel about that sleazy portrayal of YOU, sir, in that thing called The Good Fight? It was episode 6 and no doubt they did not do their homework and no doubt they had YOU in mind. I was soo sickened by that show, stopped watching halfway. Hollywood has some kind of malignant tunnel vision. Oh and DIane Lockhart was the epitome of an SJW, sans pink/purple hair.

  • Marnee Wolfrath
    Marnee Wolfrath Month ago

    I love the way you handled that feminist. I am all for women and equality but feminists are horrible. And yes I am a woman!!

  • Chris Devins Creative

    School that silly girl, Milos.

  • alterdestiny
    alterdestiny Month ago

    feminist are soooooo........soooooo ...ah, fill it in

  • Aya Hacib
    Aya Hacib Month ago

    why you guys hate feminism ? we women in the third world countries need it so much

  • Daniel Crichton
    Daniel Crichton Month ago

    Damn she got roasted 😂

  • Snoozie Loozie
    Snoozie Loozie Month ago

    where does milo get his NZT 48 supply from? Maybe the FBI hired him to solve cases p.s (you had to have watched the tv show to get that reference............................)

  • Bill Hughes
    Bill Hughes Month ago

    another bitch whiny catered to black crying about their plight .feel lucky we got ur black asses out of Africa or u would all be running around chucking spears at each other and dying from Ebola

  • Manoj Kothwal
    Manoj Kothwal Month ago

    milo 🙄

  • Mac Anthony
    Mac Anthony Month ago

    this guy has point about the "black lives matter" movement BUT folks have to be treated equal to not even need BLM....

  • Albert Gracious
    Albert Gracious Month ago

    Im at 0:14 and I anticipate an asswhooping.

  • Stacci Guma
    Stacci Guma Month ago

    People need to understand that women and men will never be equal. They deserve equal rights of course, but biologically there are too big of differences for us to actually be equal.

  • Gabe C
    Gabe C Month ago

    if a feminist is with a male chauvinist Pig does that mean she is a true feminist

  • TBB5413
    TBB5413 Month ago

    :30 did she just say Indians

  • TheGoldenbrood
    TheGoldenbrood Month ago

    Why even try to argue? you will never be in the same intelligence level as this guy.

  • sammy avalos
    sammy avalos Month ago

    "I noticed You didn't mention anything about feminism, is that because you hate feminism and don't like women?"

  • Willie Anthonissen
    Willie Anthonissen Month ago

    Just for this video, you got at least one more subscriber

  • Vintage Gaming
    Vintage Gaming Month ago

    Black lives matter is not the answer.......

  • christina grassi
    christina grassi Month ago

    Get fucking rekt boi

  • slitherlyhawk4 444
    slitherlyhawk4 444 2 months ago

    America vs feminism

  • Milspeedmax
    Milspeedmax 2 months ago

    Give her a break. She doesn't have friends any more

  • Joel
    Joel 2 months ago

    I believe most men would agree there is an equality between the sexes as well in America.
    Women want a choice in things but want men to be forced to do certain things. Example: Women want a choice in serving in the military, being apart of certain frontline types of jobs, but they are totally against registering for Selective Service.
    Women on dates still expect me to pay for those dates even if the woman planned it. Women expect to marry a man a be able to make choices in every aspect of that relationship from the cars they drive, the house they live in, and where the man's clothes will be stored because the master walk in closet will only store her shit.
    Yeah.... I think there might be some inequality going on.

  • maddy
    maddy 2 months ago +1

    I'm not speaking for all women, but personally I 110% agree with Milo about the word having lost any of its intended meaning or what it was advertised to mean and symbolize. I am a woman and most certainly do not identify as a feminist.

  • The Patriot Duck
    The Patriot Duck 2 months ago

    Feminism is the worst

  • Infinite Valor
    Infinite Valor 2 months ago

    Yup America definitely is a bad country you know we have a running government clean water and no famine but you know I guess we are pretty garbage

  • SteveDesu
    SteveDesu 2 months ago

    Why are all feminists ugly as fucken hell....

  • Mike Pritch
    Mike Pritch 2 months ago

    Who is this guy???? He is AWESOME!

  • Pizzastorm A
    Pizzastorm A 2 months ago +1

    Banana bread recipe:

    Receive odd pots and pans from oven.
    Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
    Cream together butter and sugar.
    Add eggs and crushed bananas.
    Combine well.
    Sift together flour, soda and salt. Add to creamed mixture. Add vanilla.
    Mix just until combined. Do not overmix.
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    Keep well refrigerated.

  • John Munro
    John Munro 2 months ago


  • Jmo Bello
    Jmo Bello 2 months ago

    Milo is a stupid contradictory moron. If he's against the war on drugs and is stupid enough to think it hurt the black communities, voting Republican would be the worst thing ever. The War on Drugs and the 1994 Crime Bill put mostly thugs, gang members, and drug traffickers in the inner cities in prison.

  • James Spencer
    James Spencer 2 months ago

    Does anyone know where I can find the full debate? This guy has some really good points.

  • Jesus Alejandro Cazares

    Bill Clinton was a centrist democrat and most of his policy passed was by a republican congress.

  • Ege İşlek
    Ege İşlek 2 months ago

    Papa MILO wrecking sum feminists

  • Josh Bailey
    Josh Bailey 2 months ago

    Wow, didn't realize the war on drugs was a Democrat issue. I vaguely remember Ronald Reagan and his "Just Say No" which did as much damage as any president to the black community. Maybe Milo is too young to remember that.

  • Charles The Hammer Martel

    A triggered little self-identified victim. Lose some weight, sweetheart, then get over yourself.

  • Daniel Embree
    Daniel Embree 2 months ago


  • J M
    J M 2 months ago

    6% of america owned slaves, mainly in the south. There were no black slaves in hawaii, cali, washington, etc.
    Cotton fields and being household slaves didn't build america. I'm sorry. Slave owners were black and white as well.
    Slaves were expensive and costly - you had to go to africa, where africans would sell you their slaves for goods, then bring the ship back to america, hope none of the slaves got sick, and etc - when we built machines, the need for slaves basically went away.

    America was built by hard working americans. Not every black person was a slave in america either. The chinese also played a huge role in the railroad development.

    Nowadays, there is equality. Smart black people vote republican. My mom, black, was super upset obama got rid of vouchers so poor black kids could not go to the nicer schools. Such an asshole move.
    If a black family wants to drive 30 mins to take their kids to the better public school, why the hell not!

  • Lise Gramolini
    Lise Gramolini 2 months ago

    Milo is absolutely right about feminism today.

  • Jax Hudson
    Jax Hudson 2 months ago

    Why are people making such big commments

  • Adan Said
    Adan Said 2 months ago

    Why the fuck is this still a thing?
    I thought people just ignored feminists and shit...
    Like come on grow up guys.
    Just let them talk shit in our backs while we being normal...

  • the geth
    the geth 2 months ago

    milo is perpetuating campus rape culture

  • Will Thacker
    Will Thacker 2 months ago

    lol, the condescending tone in that girls voice. Just the way she said "th-ank you-ah"at thd end of her question, makes me cringe. I got the feeling she wasn't looking for him to answer, she was looking to create provocation or trigger as it were. 3rd wave feminism is about man hate. Bashing a whole gender of ppl because you feel bad about yourself, or you think you're being treated a certain way, isn't the answer. Also you can't combat racism w/ racism & expect a positive outcome.

  • matt1523
    matt1523 2 months ago

    if black lives matter, why do blacks kill eachother in such high numbers??

  • MountainRain
    MountainRain 2 months ago +1

    He's purple. Also feminism is not the belief that men and women are equal. It used to be

  • Warrior Queen
    Warrior Queen 2 months ago +3

    What a fucking idiot. 😤😩 He doesn't know an ape from his asshole, which would be his entire face. If he would shut the fuck up and listen and read a book, he may learn something. He don't know shit about the black neighborhood. *#FuckBoy**!* 🖕

  • Jeffery Lutge
    Jeffery Lutge 2 months ago

    i cant listen to fat ppl idk why

  • lewburger7374
    lewburger7374 2 months ago

    Milo I've been watching your videos and I'm a huge supporter I think your a genius and tell it like it is. I do have a question about the war in Iraq. how can I send it to you? I'd love to hear you answer.

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