How to 3D Print Anything - Autodesk ReMake Tutorial

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  • A full guide of how to 3D print any objects using Autodesk ReMake. I will also cover my Simplify3D settings. Don't have a 3D printer, sign up for my giveaway here:

    The procedure is quite simple actually. Find an object you wish to duplicate, it could even be something very useful, like a bike pedal in case your's broke. You see where I'm going with this? Anything you wish to repair or make an exact copy of, is possible with this method.

    Autodesk ReMake:
    STL file of Cupid:

    You need a camera and about 10 minutes of your time. Walk around the object and take a photo every 10 degrees while doing a full loop around the object. Do this at three different angles and you will end up with many images that Autodesk ReMake will be able to process into a 3D model of the existing object. This procedure is called photogrammetry.

    When the 3D model inside ReMake has been cleaned up you are able to export it as a STL file for your slicing software (Simplify3D) to recognize. I used 3 perimeters with a 0.5mm nozzle, at 60mm/s the angel was estimated to have a printing time of only 6,5h.

    I used my GoPro Hero 5 Black for the timelapse shot and it always ends up to be very satisfying to watch. I used pink PLA at 205 degrees celcius, and the overall quality was fairly impressive, even when using 0.3mm layer height.

    I then used some cheap white paint with multiple layers, and the result was quite impressive! My mom is now using the cloned statue, not able to see much difference between the original and the copied one.

    My Favourite 3D Printer:
    Creality CR-10 Golden:
    Coupon Code: 3DCR1

    Creality CR-10 Blue:
    Coupon Code: VCR10

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  • RCLifeOn
    RCLifeOn  2 months ago +35

    *Wow, you are early! Let me know what else you want to see on this channel!*

    • Utters Adventures productions
      Utters Adventures productions 22 days ago

      RCLifeOn rc cars and more 3D printing time lapse

    • xennelul
      xennelul Month ago


    • Alec Hubbard
      Alec Hubbard Month ago

      RCLifeOn could you please, please do the slicer setting tutorial for the tevo tarantula I am having a hard time with quality with mine?!? (it would also be awesome if you could say what filament you use for best results)

    • Rukmender's Tutorials
      Rukmender's Tutorials Month ago

      he is doing on 3d printers

    • Pyramid Tank
      Pyramid Tank Month ago

      are you going to do reviews on 3D scanners

  • JammCo
    JammCo 5 days ago

    Great video. How would you make a bottom? Is that something you can do in the computer or would photograph the bottom of the object in this case the angel ?

  • Cesar Maldonado
    Cesar Maldonado 6 days ago

    Congrats, nice job, I was searching about the first layer I noticed all your printing are very tight to the bed, how do you make that? I´ve lost alot of pieces, most of all over the 10cm height, I f you can make a video please let me know

  • محمود الدرازي

    We want review of Anycubic Kossel Upgraded Pulley Version Unfinished 3D Printer

  • Ed Stoglin
    Ed Stoglin 7 days ago

    Thank you for the demonstration young fellow absolutely amazing. I was born in the sixties so imagine the affect this tutorial has on me. I wish you happiness, success, and good health. I wish I had a Son like you so you can help sharpen my skills. I am extremely creative and once I learn how to use Fusion 360 and learn what you know I will bless the world with some wonderful inventions. I already have them in my mind just need to learn how to use the modern technology to give me more clarity. For instance, once I master Fusion 360 I will create an amazing product that will eliminate common injuries to all athletes! I see the product in my minds eye just need to materialize it so I can perfect it. I had incredible athletic skills at one time and many injuries, because of those injuries I figured out how to prevent them...I will keep my eye on you, be blessed.

  • Christian De Schmid
    Christian De Schmid 7 days ago

    Thanks simon 👍👍👍😁

  • William Leitz
    William Leitz 9 days ago

    Hey RCLifeOn what do you use to get your prints to stick to the glass bed on the CR 10?

  • AC Gamer
    AC Gamer 17 days ago

    I love this kind of videos!! plz make more.

  • SugarBooty
    SugarBooty 22 days ago

    I would recommend looking up videos on how to spray paint, I used to hold the can way too far away like I saw you doing in the vid

  • Zane Olivier
    Zane Olivier 23 days ago

    @RCLifeOn congrats on 100K bro

    • Zane Olivier
      Zane Olivier 23 days ago

      Would love to see you 3d print a RC controlled hook release type thing for your Drone and see you go drop a line in the lake you tested the elastic band toy boat :)

    • RCLifeOn
      RCLifeOn  23 days ago

      Thanks man!

  • Jean Fredson
    Jean Fredson 25 days ago

    NICEEEEE. thanks

  • Jerry Zakariasen
    Jerry Zakariasen 27 days ago

    OMG this is absolutely amazing!! So glad to have stumbled across your channel. I am your newest and biggest fan. What is your educational background to be so good at so many different things??

    • Jerry Zakariasen
      Jerry Zakariasen 27 days ago

      I see that someone else was looking for a slicer tutorial. I kind of agree. I use Simplfy 3D and would like to better understand what all the different settings mean and what effect they have on a print. You spoke about a few settings in the Angel reproduction video. This was all very interesting to me. I hope you keep doing this channel. Boy I really wish I was 40 years younger. The internet has made learning cool stuff soooo much easier with great teachers like you around!

    • RCLifeOn
      RCLifeOn  27 days ago

      Oh, you get so happy when you see comments like this! I have studied mechanical engineering, but recently went full time with my YouTube channel. However, I believe most of my knowledge comes from curiosity and devotion towards my goal to become a successful YouTuber.

  • LiamLaw015
    LiamLaw015 Month ago

    he looks like dawko

  • lestatt123
    lestatt123 Month ago

    Hi!, what´s software it is?...

  • Butter lover62
    Butter lover62 Month ago

    is there a alternative to autodesk for mac

  • Howl
    Howl Month ago

    Ctrl + A is select all.

  • Noorquacker
    Noorquacker Month ago

    You know, a better method than taking individual pictures is just taking a very steady video and using something like ffmpeg(open source), HandBrake(free), or maybe even Adobe Media Encoder to export them into a PNG sequence.

  • Sensei Dekkers
    Sensei Dekkers Month ago

    I got a video idea! A cheap diy 3d scanner! There is a simple one on thingiverse but you are RcLifeon and I am sure you could come up with something way better!

  • Keith Babcock
    Keith Babcock Month ago

    i guess i am subscribed to too many channels to keep up with... i cant believe this is 3 wks old. (i got the bell on yep) another beauty of a print and example of the technology ! thanks again fer sharing !

  • max bladt
    max bladt Month ago

    Please make another video about the cr-10 and how to set it up!

  • aampudia8
    aampudia8 Month ago

    3:46 Inglorious basterds... anyone?? xD German things... (yeah.. i know he's from Sweden... shut up)

  • Jimmy Scott
    Jimmy Scott Month ago

    Isn't their a 3D printer that has this built in with a revolving build plate and a camera, I could be mistaken

  • Martin Luna Barranco

    why don't you built or 3d-print a structure to put the camara n' move it with a level to take all those photos?

    • RCLifeOn
      RCLifeOn  Month ago

      +Martin Luna Barranco Yeah, might be a future project.

  • Eysteinn Guðni Guðnason

    have you tried 3d printing yourself :) or large objects, like a house. you could get high angles with a droid. obviously not in scale

  • Nathan Smith
    Nathan Smith Month ago

    You need 16GB ram in order to scan these objects in, so laptop users RIP

  • Meta dley
    Meta dley Month ago

    do you speak Norwegian!!!!!??? i saw that in your computer

  • Albin Rosenqvist
    Albin Rosenqvist Month ago

    Försök 3D skriva en dildo

  • Richard Boyce
    Richard Boyce Month ago

    Really enjoy your honest approach. keep up the great work

  • Anony-moose Fish
    Anony-moose Fish Month ago

    I love hearing you curse, your voice or accent or something makes it beautiful.

  • Billy Green
    Billy Green Month ago

    Have you tried using an Xbox 360 Kinect as a scanner? If so, could you make a review on it?

  • Martin Pålsson
    Martin Pålsson Month ago

    Well, basically 3d printing anything that already exists ;)

  • Shukla Das
    Shukla Das Month ago

    What do you use to remove your 3d prints?

  • Zhasie Shmoist
    Zhasie Shmoist Month ago

    6:16: "1000 milimetres tall" -- that is just a meter!

  • Jade Smith
    Jade Smith Month ago

    If you put the object on a rotating stand and you make a camera rod with 3 fixed angled positions, would that create better photos? And for those with a drone + gimbal camera, there might even be a preprogrammed flight/photo route to make this even better result.

  • Erick Rodriguez Escamilla

    For big prints like this you should fill the void with concrete or mortar

  • Johan Andersson
    Johan Andersson Month ago

    Skulle vara kul att se din åsikt på den här skrivarn =),

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    men va fan

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    I'm making a cup

    RIAN TUTORIAIS 2 months ago

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  • Maciej Buczak
    Maciej Buczak 2 months ago +2

    When are the winners announced??

    • -Jan Channel-
      -Jan Channel- Month ago

      Excellent and fun tutorial !!! Thanks and greetings from Ukraine !!!!

    • Maciej Buczak
      Maciej Buczak Month ago

      RCLifeOn THX bro. I love your video!

    • RCLifeOn
      RCLifeOn  Month ago

      Check Facebook or Instagram.

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    inte vet jag 2 months ago +1

    har du sett min yt kanal de e ganska kånstiga saker

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    Blatchford 2 months ago

    Printer competition is done :o i hope i win one!!!!

  • German60ger
    German60ger 2 months ago +1

    Love your videos. They are the inspiration to make my own videos with my anet a8

    • RCLifeOn
      RCLifeOn  Month ago

      Thank you so much, I really do appreciate it!

  • Perspectologist
    Perspectologist 2 months ago

    This is a very cool idea. I was not aware of the Autodesk Remake software. When I get my printer I might play with this.

    I recently found your channel while researching the CR10 3D printer. I've been watching your older videos. I really enjoy your content. I'm new to 3D printing, enjoy electronics projects, and while I haven't used a serious remote control vehicle in ages, I do find that interesting as well. I like your presentation style. You keep things interesting. I have enjoyed almost every one of your past videos I have watched. Thank you for maiming and sharing your videos. I really appreciate them.

    • RCLifeOn
      RCLifeOn  Month ago

      Thank you so much, I really do appreciate it!

  • Inventor Aerobot
    Inventor Aerobot 2 months ago +1

    can you make a video of making ornithopter

  • björn santesson
    björn santesson 2 months ago +1

    är du från sverige.?!

    • RCLifeOn
      RCLifeOn  Month ago

      Oj, tack så mycket!

    • björn santesson
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      RCLifeOn shit visste jag inte. Du är en av mina favorit YouTubers😁

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      RCLifeOn  2 months ago

      Det är jag!

    OREDREX 2 months ago

    hej simon :)

  • Inventor Aerobot
    Inventor Aerobot 2 months ago +1

    please tell what softwares are you using for your 3d printers

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    Inventor Aerobot 2 months ago

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  • Inventor Aerobot
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    Är du svensk/norsk??

    • Johan Andersson
      Johan Andersson Month ago

      Tack =), sjysst att du svarar på mina dumma frågor.

    • RCLifeOn
      RCLifeOn  Month ago

      Inget du ska behöva göra. Det enda du behöver göra är att skriva in storleken på skrivaren (300x300x400mm), och importera ett objekt. Justera lite inställningar och kör på!

    • Johan Andersson
      Johan Andersson 2 months ago

      Jag tänker skaffa mig Creality3D CR printern men fattar inte vad "Cura"(skrivar programmet som jag använder) menar med Print head settings? ("ymin","xmin", "xmax", "ymax")

    • RCLifeOn
      RCLifeOn  2 months ago

      Jag är svensk!

  • Henri Kankare
    Henri Kankare 2 months ago

    You have same ringtone as I do, so my dog went crazy when you got the call :D My dog knows that most calls what I get, are from my friend who asks me to go walk with dogs. Now its waiting at front door to get out lol :D

  • Tommie Pit
    Tommie Pit 2 months ago

    Amazing,... Autodesk remake is a bit expensive though. I will be on the lookout for cheaper software! ;)

    • The 3D Printing Corner
      The 3D Printing Corner Month ago

      Tommie Pit do they go free for hobbyist as well like they do with Fusion?

    • Tommie Pit
      Tommie Pit Month ago

      Will do... But thats cheating! ;)

    • RCLifeOn
      RCLifeOn  Month ago

      Try sign up as a student or educator.

  • Skysurfer
    Skysurfer 2 months ago

    Great vid. Well produced, informative & entertaining, thanks for posting!

    • RCLifeOn
      RCLifeOn  Month ago

      Thank you so much, I really do appreciate it!

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    Great video

    • redhatman
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      You're welcome! Your channel has a lot of great content, keep up the great work.

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      RCLifeOn  Month ago

      Thank you so much, I really do appreciate it!

  • Carl Winchester
    Carl Winchester 2 months ago

    Very interesting abt photogrammetry...what are the lengths of steel rulers do you use to make measurements, drawing lines....150mm, 300mm or 500mm where to buy? In the USA, we have both inches and mm on the same ruler 304mm length hard to find metric only rulers here. thx

    • Carl Winchester
      Carl Winchester Month ago

      Hej Simon! Thx for ur reply. Where did you buy the rulers ... at ICA or some other place like Clas Ohlson??

    • RCLifeOn
      RCLifeOn  Month ago

      Hey thanks for watching my video! The rulers I normally use is 300mm and 600mm long.

  • Sunders
    Sunders 2 months ago

    any how to on extract and print models from pcgames?

    • RCLifeOn
      RCLifeOn  Month ago

      Good idea, I must try it!

  • Adam Bouwman
    Adam Bouwman 2 months ago

    you should make a rig for the 3d scanning so you can get more precise images

    • RCLifeOn
      RCLifeOn  Month ago

      You're right! However, the DIY-style is more accessible for everyone.

  • Cat
    Cat 2 months ago

    Hey, nicely done!

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  • erny1601
    erny1601 2 months ago

    Can you offer the STL please ?

    • erny1601
      erny1601 2 months ago

      Thank you very much :)

    • RCLifeOn
      RCLifeOn  2 months ago

      I have now added the STL file to Thingiverse:

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    Linus2006 baudou 2 months ago

    du har ett jete fint hus. Du är best

  • Eo Tunun
    Eo Tunun 2 months ago +4

    Next quick and easy printing project: A turntable that is indexed to stop every ten degrees, so you can use a static camera. ^^)
    Nice work, Sire!

    • Eo Tunun
      Eo Tunun Month ago

      Thingiverse obviously is very kind with you. First time I went there, I ended up thinking "WTF!?!" after digging through what seemed to be a miles deep, boring as batshit pit of mobile phone covers. ^^)
      Made friends with it in the meantime, though.

    • Hoang Tran
      Hoang Tran Month ago

      That's literally the first thing you see on Thingiverse

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  • Matthew Harrison
    Matthew Harrison 2 months ago

    Great video! One thing though.. When you're going through the slicing settings and you talk about the extrusion multiplier being connected to your nozzle diameter. There's not really any relation between the two, and changing nozzle size shouldn't mean changing your extrusion multiplier if you've got the extrusion properly calibrated

  • song bob
    song bob 2 months ago

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    • XAD566
      XAD566 2 months ago

      song bob he has a video, quite recent, going over all his printers their stong- and weak point and price

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    Jahir Marcenaro 2 months ago

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    • Matthew Harrison
      Matthew Harrison 2 months ago

      RCLifeOn the firmness can be altered by the number of perimeters and Infill percentage

    • RCLifeOn
      RCLifeOn  2 months ago

      Not yet. I'm still not sure if I will make a video about it. Should the football be 100% filament (air inside), or should I use a rubber ball as support inside? I need to find a good flexible filament that is still firm enough to keep its shape when kicked.

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      No problem, good luck with it!

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    • RCLifeOn
      RCLifeOn  2 months ago

      Possibly a future video!

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      RCLifeOn Nice

    • RCLifeOn
      RCLifeOn  2 months ago

      GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST
      Intel Core i5-4670K
      16GB RAM
      2x 1TB HHD's
      400W PSU

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      Julio Oliveira I think he is Swedish

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