Payday 2 - Public stealth games #4 (With basic voice)

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  • Payday 2 - Public stealth games #4 (With basic voice)  Public stealth games #4 (With basic voice)  (With basic voice)  Payday 2 - Public stealth games  Payday 2 - Public stealth games #4  family friendly  

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  • Cloud Dasher
    Cloud Dasher  3 months ago +69

    Let me know if I should keep the new intro or not, And I hope you enjoy the video

    • FowL Skully
      FowL Skully 24 days ago

      cloud pls tell me what mod change the gloves of the normal crew in black gloves with skeleton hands

    • Grape Guitar
      Grape Guitar 29 days ago

      What mod gives you the custom hp?

    • The Gameplay Player
      The Gameplay Player 2 months ago

      you made a mistake with that new video because it says its the fourth episode. And this is fourth too..

    • Kalvi Animations
      Kalvi Animations 3 months ago

      +FINLEY GARVEY BACKUP​ all his mods are in description

    • FinnersTeenz14
      FinnersTeenz14 3 months ago

      Cloud Dasher like the intro btw do you use a ragdoll mod? If so what's the link

  • Chris Kemp
    Chris Kemp Day ago

    Cloud Dasher: The heister all players need

  • Kashikiari !
    Kashikiari ! 12 days ago

    Hey I was wondering how you get more exp and money ? For Xbox one

  • Arsotom
    Arsotom 21 day ago +2

    4:10 Top 10 Anime Betrayals

  • Beef Good Sir
    Beef Good Sir 25 days ago

    "With basic voice" first line of the video is microsoft jacket (which is the worst mod ever)

  • Grape Guitar
    Grape Guitar 29 days ago

    What mod gives him the custom hp?

  • Jacket
    Jacket Month ago

    u gays ar laik shiaduws

  • lukas veldsla
    lukas veldsla Month ago

    wat mod do u use cuz i loaf it

  • Crazy Hunter771
    Crazy Hunter771 Month ago


  • Weeaboo Trash
    Weeaboo Trash Month ago +3

    Jacket: "I think it's about time we get the fuck up."
    Bain: "YES!"

  • KBOC
    KBOC Month ago

    how did you make the health bars look like this? (I have wolfhud too)

  • jericko panlen
    jericko panlen Month ago

    we got a bank here
    *shadow raid

  • Dearyu
    Dearyu Month ago

    Is there a way to play with you without patreon?

  • SovietFilms
    SovietFilms Month ago

    does the menu music come with the miami menu mod?

  • Baby Sandstorm
    Baby Sandstorm Month ago

    Ok I had an urge to watch this vid again and realized that Cloud somehow stumbled into a Vietnamese lobby at 8:34

  • Mazearati
    Mazearati Month ago

    What character is he using?

    • Zerø
      Zerø Month ago

      Mazearati Jacket. But if you want the voice, its a mod called microsoft jacket.

  • Boii
    Boii Month ago

    where to find this mask?

  • John Not
    John Not Month ago

    What is the primary gun?

  • Franco Pesce
    Franco Pesce Month ago


  • That Dude
    That Dude Month ago

    I would say keep the intro and also do more

  • rjrljimenezify
    rjrljimenezify 2 months ago

    What hud is that?

  • Podutsch
    Podutsch 2 months ago

    At 4:51 what character does your teammate use

  • Nova 260q
    Nova 260q 2 months ago

    I love jacket!

  • Daniel Chis
    Daniel Chis 2 months ago

    How do you get that jacket outfit? Is it a DLC? I have the original jacket but not yours.

  • Andrija Milenovic
    Andrija Milenovic 2 months ago

    How can i have jacket character for free?

    • Bill Nye The Gamer Guy
      Bill Nye The Gamer Guy Month ago

      Andrija Milenovic The only way I can think off is getting Hotline Miami 2 Deluxe Edition during a free weekend but I can only use him for 4 days at best and I can't guarantee what it will work

      Another way but this costs $5 is getting the game during the current sale

  • Francisco Of the Dirty
    Francisco Of the Dirty 2 months ago

    Question Cloud, do you play on normal levels regularly or only to catch funny noob moments?

  • ÉWN
    ÉWN 2 months ago

    Hello, someone knows how do i put the mods in Payday 2?

    • Bill Nye The Gamer Guy
      Bill Nye The Gamer Guy Month ago

      Install Payday BLT here is how
      1.Search for Payday BLT.
      2.Download it.
      3.Use an extraction tool to extract the Payday BLT out.
      4.Go into Steam,Right click Payday 2 and click Properties.
      5.Click on The Local Files Tab and then click Browse Local Files.
      6.Drag the mods folder and the extra file in.

      And u did it as for how u install mods for the most part it's the same thing except u drag the mod into the mods folder and u might get a .rar file instead of a .zip file if that happens use WinRAR to drag what u need out.

      Note:Not all mods are installed this way if u are installing a sound mod
      do all the steps above except drag the file into the mod_overrides folder u will find this in assets in ur game files if u just get a file drag that into the mod_overrides folder.

    • ÉWN
      ÉWN 2 months ago

      Ok, thanks for help.

    • Andrija Milenovic
      Andrija Milenovic 2 months ago

      ÉWN just get them in the payday 2 folder

    • The Ace Attorney
      The Ace Attorney 2 months ago

      Look up a tutorial on youtube, it explains everything.

  • Daniel Stormlord
    Daniel Stormlord 2 months ago

    I once played with some rusian hackers shadow raid on one down. I don't know what they used, but they killed everyone without raising the alarm...

  • Mistre Flippy
    Mistre Flippy 2 months ago

    bain pls

  • siasuar
    siasuar 2 months ago

    i tried to install BLT, but i screwed it up and now the folder is locked in my payday 2 file and i cant delete it. :/

  • Ryder Wilson
    Ryder Wilson 2 months ago +1

    1:58 Jimmy : oah I LOVE YOU Thanks You
    Me : WTF

  • A KFC bucket of melon
    A KFC bucket of melon 2 months ago +1

    Ive had the weirdest dream last night, my head was replaced by a hamburger and everybody started calling me hamburger head - Sydney

  • Antonio342100
    Antonio342100 2 months ago

    so glad you got microsoft jacket.

  • AGENT 47
    AGENT 47 2 months ago

    0:20 GENIUS

  • SR20DE
    SR20DE 2 months ago

    lmao they were talking In vietnamese

  • Baggy
    Baggy 3 months ago

    love the intro keep it lol

  • Макс White
    Макс White 3 months ago


  • lLok_i13
    lLok_i13 3 months ago

    Dasher, you add the friends?

  • xD00MIEx
    xD00MIEx 3 months ago

    Didnt I play a game with you before...? I remember seeing an XXV-100 and thought they hacked it....

  • Lighting Chaos
    Lighting Chaos 3 months ago

    After this, I won't need Jon's shitty credit card.

  • Phạm Kiến Quốc Phạm

    what fail heist soundtrack is that ? i cant find it

  • Ian Shinault
    Ian Shinault 3 months ago

    I love this game because you have options with what you can use or how you can play

  • SenpaiKillerFire
    SenpaiKillerFire 3 months ago

    pubs i thought u were a better lair

  • François Bastidas
    François Bastidas 3 months ago +3

    Feels weird to see your mod into a video.

  • DanishWithAGasMask
    DanishWithAGasMask 3 months ago

    How did you get different songs playing in the 'Job Overview' and 'Failed Heist' menu?

    • Hush 1773
      Hush 1773 3 months ago

      DanishWithAGasMask Options>sound>custom menu tracks

  • TheCommentGuy
    TheCommentGuy 3 months ago +14

    Ok time to translate the shit out of the 8:34 part:

    Blue dumbass: Leave it
    Shit host: Only mark guards
    Blue dumbass: Only stay outsude
    Yellow shit head: Ok ok just checking
    Yellow shit head: My pistol has silencer
    Blue dumbass: You bring rifle so just the same
    Yellow shit head: Ah ok ok
    Blue dumbass: Fuck me
    => Basically: WTF?

    Even though i understand Vietnamese very well... I still don't know what the f*ck are they talking about.

    • Baby Sandstorm
      Baby Sandstorm Month ago

      TheCommentGuy In the words of Microsoft Jacket: "Cunt faggot, lololololol fag"
      Also yes I'm Vietnamese so fuck you

    • Rem Natsuki
      Rem Natsuki 3 months ago

      wrong! I was the blue "dumbass" and i told red to equip akimbo but he don't understand =.=''

  • Šílený Banán
    Šílený Banán 3 months ago +1

    What graphic settings do you use ? :)

  • Lyndae
    Lyndae 3 months ago +2

    this was an interesting video...

  • TheKillerDeadStroke
    TheKillerDeadStroke 3 months ago

    You just become infamous lol

  • MrHunter
    MrHunter 3 months ago +1

    Hello Cloud Dasher. Im a french viewer and i love your vids on payday, i subbed. Keep up the good content man :)

  • DrWeardno
    DrWeardno 3 months ago

    One down, 24 more to go.

  • XKper
    XKper 3 months ago +24

    Over 10 min video
    No ads

    I'm sorry for you

  • abooodyq
    abooodyq 3 months ago

    i would love to play with you one day

  • Kalvi Animations
    Kalvi Animations 3 months ago +1

    assult in progress /// no skull /// 666:00 hours left

  • Sean Odundo
    Sean Odundo 3 months ago

    is payday 2 worth playing to this day ?

  • Aiden Gray
    Aiden Gray 3 months ago

    That FOV makes me want to die as much as that mod does.

    • tomáš vondráček
      tomáš vondráček 3 months ago

      Aiden Gray whats bad about high fov i get why people hate low fov since it makes you feel like a snail but whats bad bout it being high

  • Epsilon
    Epsilon 3 months ago

    get velosync fam it gets rid of de-sync all the way

  • xxSD AJxx
    xxSD AJxx 3 months ago

    Love the Microsoft jacket

  • HappyWaifu
    HappyWaifu 3 months ago

    You always have a bad ping :(

  • Nilson Dias
    Nilson Dias 3 months ago

    this is wolfhud?

  • Robtert Maller
    Robtert Maller 3 months ago

    finally another video, really love these

  • IRCredit2Team
    IRCredit2Team 3 months ago +33

    2:07 "Move faster!!"

    Looks like he's got that under control.

  • James Dunagan
    James Dunagan 3 months ago

    so cloud u do love cars

  • mr breakfast I love hashbrowns

    how do you make your weapons war look like that

  • Näth
    Näth 3 months ago

    From what mod this big red laser module come from ?

  • mr Android
    mr Android 3 months ago

    A Poor mans story

  • Boss N' Troll
    Boss N' Troll 3 months ago

    when can I play with u cloud?

    • Boss N' Troll
      Boss N' Troll 3 months ago

      Can u tell me when tho?

    • Cloud Dasher
      Cloud Dasher  3 months ago

      I sometimes livestream open lobbies so anyone can join me

  • Bunnior
    Bunnior 3 months ago +16

    Cunt Nugget -Microsoft jacket (one of the funniest lines i heard from him)

    • Hiro Tsubaki
      Hiro Tsubaki Month ago

      What i heard was Kum Bucket.

      Am i sick?

    • Bill Nye The Gamer Guy
      Bill Nye The Gamer Guy Month ago

      Nelson Fonseca Raimundo Its the voice mod he is using it,it only works with Jacket due to how his talking is made in a different way than all other heisters

    • Nelson Fonseca Raimundo
      Nelson Fonseca Raimundo Month ago

      What is the microsoft jacket. I never heard that voice

  • ImJustWicked
    ImJustWicked 3 months ago +111

    today i was fighting with a bigass hornet in my room. i hit it so strong that it disappeared. i've seen no corpse and i thought it probably landed behind my bed.. then i started watching this video and when it came to 2:08 i instantly threw my headphones out. god damnit, Cloud

  • Jan Otero
    Jan Otero 3 months ago


  • jennyvincent 1987
    jennyvincent 1987 3 months ago

    Hmm GRATIS

  • jennyvincent 1987
    jennyvincent 1987 3 months ago

    well GRATIS

  • SanicPL
    SanicPL 3 months ago

    Did you get Basic Voices or Basic Voices Reborn?
    Basic Voices Reborn has way more lines to spam! You can even force goddamn music tracks!

  • maiK
    maiK 3 months ago

    Who the fuck is playing Payday in stealth?

  • Baromaine
    Baromaine 3 months ago

    Is this a smurf account or why are you infamy 1? :D

  • Artemkras47
    Artemkras47 3 months ago

    Wtf? Did you not make a video in which you made it to XXV-100?

  • Juli Goodwin
    Juli Goodwin 3 months ago +5

    8:33 Players in vietnam are Stupid .

    • duxUPSB
      duxUPSB 26 days ago

      I'm Vietnamese but I can stealth better than them.

    • Rem Natsuki
      Rem Natsuki Month ago

      TheCommentGuy you do? So what happen in 8:33?

    • TheCommentGuy
      TheCommentGuy Month ago

      actually i do, btw dont dont this comment section into a place where you can talk sh*t about people

    • Baby Sandstorm
      Baby Sandstorm Month ago

      I don't know either I like where this conversation is going or not

    • Rem Natsuki
      Rem Natsuki Month ago

      TheCommentGuy you ain't my dad. You just a dickhead try to bully people when you doesn't understand the situation right now.

  • Riot Guy
    Riot Guy 3 months ago

    What hud u use

  • Corre021
    Corre021 3 months ago

    Do you need help getting the Flip Up Sight? For the Raven shotgun?

  • LittleYoungRock
    LittleYoungRock 3 months ago +2

    Uuuuu sandwiches XDDD just love this part like cafe escape :D murky water or shadow raid with randoms...ouch XD

  • MARIN Lolson
    MARIN Lolson 3 months ago +2

    Make a Discord group, My dudeeeee

    • Cloud Dasher
      Cloud Dasher  3 months ago

      I made a steam group, I'll make a discord group in the future sometime

  • james godfrey
    james godfrey 3 months ago +51

    congrats on infamy one

    • miniapollo17
      miniapollo17 3 months ago

      Well this was a journey.

    • Dylan
      Dylan 3 months ago

      He didn't play in offline or anything, he cheated, *someone* :^) pointed this out to a person they know, who knows a moderator etc, he got kicked from the PD2 group, literally cheated AGAIN like a complete retard and he's going to get banned again, there's no third chance.

    • somegamer5000
      somegamer5000 3 months ago

      Oh no my automatic rage and feminazi side is growing?

    • Schwamm
      Schwamm 3 months ago

      Oh no my automatic rage and feminazi side is growing!

    • Dawnhuntersun
      Dawnhuntersun 3 months ago

      Oh no my automatic rage and feminazi side is growing!

  • Ainsley Harriot
    Ainsley Harriot 3 months ago +30

    "do shit for me or I will cut your family"

  • Никита Киняйкин

    I am a cunt

  • MARIN Lolson
    MARIN Lolson 3 months ago +2

    Intro is pretty good, a little 2011- style But its fine. And also, can you make a Discord group?

    • MARIN Lolson
      MARIN Lolson 3 months ago

      Cloud Dasher Hahaha, me too, But i actally really like it

    • Cloud Dasher
      Cloud Dasher  3 months ago

      In my opinion I like the really simple intros, and definite not the ones that causes seizures...

  • Ярослав Симоненко

    лол, привет.

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