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  • Hunter Wokefield and Torren Hoffmyn, creators of Woke Games, are here to sell you their board games. And they're woke AF.

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    Ian Hecox
    Anthony Padilla
    Riley Alexander
    Mai Brunelle

    Directed by Luke Barats
    Written by Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla, Luke Barats, Cole Hersch, Monica Vasandani & Ryan Finnerty
    Produced by Ryan Todd and Anthony Padilla & Ian Hecox
    Smosh Co-Founded by Ian Hecox & Anthony Padilla
    Smosh Creative Director: Joe Bereta
    Director of Photography: Daren Girdner
    Editor: Julian Doan
    Producer: Alex Hluch
    Line Producer: Michelle Holman
    Production Coordinator: Brianna Hinojosa
    First Assistant Director: Trent Turner
    Associate Producer: Rebecca Doyle
    Production Designer: Taylor Frost
    Propmaster: Mary Rose
    Camera: Richard Keith
    Assistant Camera: Nick Goto
    Gaffer: Nick Giomuso
    G & E Swing: Katie Eleneke
    Sound: Michael Rich
    Makeup: Roxanne Pike
    Costume Designer: Lindsay Hamilton
    DIT/Media Management: Taylor Cutler
    Script Supervisor: Robert Tiemstra
    Assistant Editor: Matthew Duran
    Behind-the-Scenes: Darren Kho
    Post-Production Supervisor: Katie Reed
    Colorist: Mike Burton
    Production Assistants: Jake Sperling, Garrett Palm
    Studio Teacher: Heather Marcus
  • ComedyComedy
  • Runtime: 3:17
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  • Courtney Miller
    Courtney Miller 4 months ago +6441

    This actually killed me

    • Orange snorlax
      Orange snorlax 3 days ago

      Courtney Miller u

    • Jr Khee
      Jr Khee 11 days ago

      Courtney Miller zsy'o.ihi,rhssngf hmfgumtdtzerdj.hfbsuvhbdufvybhusdfbsulhvbulysdbvludbyvJLDfbVKer hi.ehbilecgyadxyakbXIOmcAL, we.,v jibgeariywgdacypb
      k. ml. .. . L

      AlpLapl,lpokmllkmf ceahK

    • sonicrome blastt
      sonicrome blastt 15 days ago

      i agree its friken PEPER SPRAY

    • Talha Riaz
      Talha Riaz 15 days ago

      Courtney Miller I

    • Xplodingpineapple 12127
      Xplodingpineapple 12127 16 days ago

      Courtney Miller ITS COURTNEY FRICKEN MILLER!!!!

  • Garrett Foo
    Garrett Foo 2 hours ago

    Chess was still racist cause there was no black pieces

  • Dany Koren
    Dany Koren 12 hours ago

    But the chess game they made is all white and there is no black ones TRIGGERED lol

  • Zanar Naryon
    Zanar Naryon Day ago

    You forgot to mention that chess is white surpremasist, white is the first to go

  • ChewyArm
    ChewyArm 2 days ago

    The little boy reminds me of James from the oddonesout

  • Mr. Camo
    Mr. Camo 6 days ago

    How kids got on here

  • gettoboy
    gettoboy 6 days ago

    I used to smoke weed, but now i s'woke meed

  • Calyx Segment
    Calyx Segment 6 days ago

    Chess is not a game about race war because the chess pieces aren't Cockaisian and African-American.

  • blackrabbit_ 757
    blackrabbit_ 757 6 days ago +1

    reason to destroy humanity №14, _S.J. FUCKING. _*_WARRIORS._*

  • abraham maldonado
    abraham maldonado 7 days ago

    We're do I biy those toys

  • abraham maldonado
    abraham maldonado 7 days ago

    Were do you biy those toys

  • callum byrne
    callum byrne 7 days ago

    excuse me guys but in the subtitles it says (in order to equel the playing field) but its actually (in order to equel the playing fued) sorry if i butchered typing equel ;-;

  • Subsquad Fish
    Subsquad Fish 8 days ago


  • Subsquad Fish
    Subsquad Fish 8 days ago


  • DrinkTheBleach
    DrinkTheBleach 8 days ago

    Has anybody noticed that the words on Anthony's shirt change 😂

  • Eli Futch
    Eli Futch 8 days ago +1

    woke chess pins white against white instead of black against black either way you're racist

  • Zac AITKEN
    Zac AITKEN 9 days ago

    Two virgin transgender feninists seek out to make board games more, EQUAL

  • TheEgyptianGamerGeek

    I wanna see a vid of Non PC vs PC (PC = Politically Correct)

  • Biggest Idiot_69
    Biggest Idiot_69 10 days ago

    I hate kids

  • Jared's Galaxy
    Jared's Galaxy 10 days ago

    They say: Axe YOU. I say: Axew. Fraxure. Haxorus.

  • WAIT WHAT !!!!
    WAIT WHAT !!!! 12 days ago


  • KaZiEInDy
    KaZiEInDy 13 days ago

    Part 2

  • Margo Hughes
    Margo Hughes 14 days ago

    The ad for this was telling people to vote for making the wall

  • zomblox plays
    zomblox plays 14 days ago

    You are whitewashing Chess

  • Grub God Yes
    Grub God Yes 15 days ago

    Starting ahead doesn't help you in life

  • Forrest Peugh
    Forrest Peugh 15 days ago

    Umm I'm sorry but mr Potato 🥔 can be a woman they should do their research

  • Bsauce
    Bsauce 15 days ago

    Yo I just realized my moms name is lisa and she makes soap no lie

    • LISAH
      LISAH 6 days ago

      Bsauce My name is Lisa too

  • Christian Nelson
    Christian Nelson 15 days ago

    did anyone notice he kept changing his shirt

  • Ivy Nguyen
    Ivy Nguyen 16 days ago

    These children are better actors than me 😂

  • Bostonterrierslol
    Bostonterrierslol 17 days ago

    You know you could've just made the chess pieces blue and red

  • Sam M
    Sam M 17 days ago

    xavier the renegade angel

  • Oscar /W B
    Oscar /W B 17 days ago

    I cringe really hard when the children say woke

  • ArcticFox Gamez
    ArcticFox Gamez 18 days ago

    How did you get kids to help....

  • Mr flowey 2017 Mr flowey 2017.2

    i dont know why you guys do kid

  • Elena D I R T B A G
    Elena D I R T B A G 18 days ago


  • Jersay Larkin
    Jersay Larkin 18 days ago

    Anybody else read Anthony's shirt?

  • BardockSSJ3
    BardockSSJ3 19 days ago

    My mother knows the owner of doge coin

  • Alex Robinson
    Alex Robinson 22 days ago

    I love the kids

  • Sunshine4695
    Sunshine4695 23 days ago

    This was fantastic

  • Ryan Rokenbrod
    Ryan Rokenbrod 23 days ago

    well why were all of the chess pieces white

  • Mazda Rx-7
    Mazda Rx-7 23 days ago

    indegenious people fighting to keep their land of Q'atan.

  • Matic Sestak
    Matic Sestak 24 days ago

    I am fucking trigerd

  • Aio Far
    Aio Far 25 days ago

    I hate to sound like I do not understand that this video is a joke,but I have to ask if smosh notice that the bop-it ripoff ended up promoting violence towards kids

  • World Warrior
    World Warrior 26 days ago

    Uno is Italian no Spanish

  • creedexus gaming
    creedexus gaming 26 days ago

    qu ha tan!!

  • Juhani Aho
    Juhani Aho 28 days ago

    Why did they not "woke" Monopoly? It's like childs garden of things to get offended of.

    SERKOYNA 29 days ago

    So now we are making fun of another subject making it subconsciously not a serious thing...great

  • Ahmed Dawed
    Ahmed Dawed Month ago

    I need to go get some bit coins

  • Hanamura 323
    Hanamura 323 Month ago

    The children were so adorable! Awesome and hilarious video!

  • Jennifer York
    Jennifer York Month ago


  • ch2356
    ch2356 Month ago

    black and white aren't colour's they are shades

  • Jason Howie
    Jason Howie Month ago

    bahaha wow, these guys are a riot.

  • Jason Howie
    Jason Howie Month ago

    bahaha wow, these guys are a riot.

  • T.hom
    T.hom Month ago

    Did anyone see Anthony's shirt change

  • Tobias Olsen
    Tobias Olsen Month ago +1

    Hello people of the past! Iam from the future and iam here to tell you that Anthony leaves Smosh!

  • Nuhayr Nazir
    Nuhayr Nazir Month ago

    Go kill urself.....

  • Luka Khim
    Luka Khim Month ago

    I was going to say something on how in Life we may not start in the same areaBut we all have the same opportunities in life under the rights given to us by God in America. But no one cares.

  • Macqueen 0071
    Macqueen 0071 Month ago

    Make if ads are real.

  • Ragnorock Gaming
    Ragnorock Gaming Month ago

    Woke chess is more racist cause it thinks blacks don't exist

  • Torien Markus
    Torien Markus Month ago

    With bob it the machine asks you to do it so it's already given consent

  • Gingerwolf Anderson
    Gingerwolf Anderson Month ago +1

    Why can't I pay in ethereum

  • James Ohlson
    James Ohlson Month ago

    This means that smosh cast kids for a video about being politically correct.

  • Blizzard Rivals
    Blizzard Rivals Month ago

    This was gold.

  • PokeBomb345
    PokeBomb345 Month ago

    i just realised how racist the woke games version of chess is (the pieces are all white/beige)

  • TheAwesomeWinner
    TheAwesomeWinner Month ago

    Did anybody else see how Anthony changed shirts every time the cut to him.

  • xXxXx_The_Fergotn_gaymerz_xXxXx smit


  • Mason Powell
    Mason Powell Month ago


  • Trent Nida
    Trent Nida Month ago

    because femininazis want our board games as well.....

  • Ismael Rua
    Ismael Rua Month ago


  • Sincereturnip Draws

    Some parents say smosh is Inappropriate and non child freindly I walk up to all these parents and say look there's children in the video so it's ok

  • iTEXEL
    iTEXEL Month ago

    bitcoin memes

  • Kennah Short
    Kennah Short Month ago

    did any body else notice Anthony's shirt changes after they show the kids playing the games?

  • Miko Sakiii
    Miko Sakiii Month ago

    My mom actually thought this was real and tried to call it XD

  • Weran26 Sarsonas
    Weran26 Sarsonas Month ago

    did anyone realise that at the start the sign of woke games in the middle it looks like the sign from vault tech from fallout

  • Cina Roll
    Cina Roll Month ago

    So you went from actual good points to making a game called uno be called one? These people are racist too, and they are hypocrites.

  • Flickxx
    Flickxx Month ago

    The guy in the axe you ad is dancing with 4 different girls

  • The Gaming Panda 831

    Try Woking Cards Against Humanity

  • Please Subscribe
    Please Subscribe Month ago

    the word woke is shown or said on screen 22 times

  • Bigdcd65
    Bigdcd65 Month ago +1

    I love how people are actually taking this seriously.

  • PompanoPunk
    PompanoPunk Month ago

    This is awesome. You just destroyed SJWs with one video.

  • Nanhgamin G
    Nanhgamin G Month ago

    No hate to smosh but I hate people like this in gets me angry my god but love you smosh

  • Mireille Antone
    Mireille Antone Month ago

    Anthony's shirt changes throughout the video, omg! xD

  • Raygun 30
    Raygun 30 Month ago

    could woke games make Alan Wake to Alan Woke?

  • The Chalupa Crew
    The Chalupa Crew Month ago

    Who else comes back to when Anthony was in smosh?

  • Jordan Quiles
    Jordan Quiles Month ago

    The rare satire where both anti-SJWs and actual social justice activists can share a laugh. They say "fucking SJWs", we say "fucking white liberals", we all laugh.

  • carlos p
    carlos p Month ago

    I actually want all these games to be real now lol

  • Kobby Darko
    Kobby Darko Month ago

    it sounds like a drug

  • Yuyii
    Yuyii Month ago


  • Ethan Smiley
    Ethan Smiley Month ago

    This seems like a video Rhett and Link would've done.

  • Roberto Zavala
    Roberto Zavala Month ago

    FUCK NO¶

  • Joe Mamma
    Joe Mamma Month ago

    this is fucking amazing and HILARIOUS as FUCK! BAHAHAHA. oh and it's sad as fuck too

  • Jullien Harris
    Jullien Harris Month ago


  • Pete Wentz66
    Pete Wentz66 Month ago

    Anthony is shirtfluid. Please, except his identity.

  • Susy Lezcano
    Susy Lezcano Month ago

    name change?

  • Kimberly Luu
    Kimberly Luu Month ago

    may i please twist it

  • Eren Jeager
    Eren Jeager Month ago

    i know how to play uno so easy

  • KaZiEInDy
    KaZiEInDy Month ago

    All beige chess is kinda racist

  • JJAwesome800 :3
    JJAwesome800 :3 Month ago +2

    The bop-It wasn't to bad of an idea except for the pepper spray part

  • kristine c
    kristine c Month ago

    damn how'd they shrink shayne and olivia like that

  • Hawkxy
    Hawkxy Month ago +1

    If this is ironic, it is hilarious. If it is serious, this is sad.

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