Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War 3 Review

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  • Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War 3 reviewed by Dan Stapleton on PC.

    The First 10 Minutes of Dawn of War 3:

    Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War 3 Review in Progress - Single-Player:

    Completing A Marine Mission in Dawn of War 3:

    Ambushing Orks in Dawn of War 3:

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Comments: 337

  • Troy Stovall
    Troy Stovall 6 days ago

    Had I made Dawn if War 3. There would be a cutscene of Isador the Librarian being given another chance by the Chaos Gods and being given the opportunity to get revenge against Gabriel. Isador would be a Chaos sorcerer in this game. My Dawn of War 3 Would have been a Dawn of War 1 style game with the latest CryEngine graphical system.

  • superzilla784
    superzilla784 21 day ago

    Retreat button? Space Marines dont know the meaning of the word, "Retreat" we will fight to the last man standing!

  • DreamMarko
    DreamMarko 21 day ago

    This video needs more dislikes :)

  • Martin Sellner
    Martin Sellner 26 days ago

    Worst game of the series.

  • Daniel Wong
    Daniel Wong 26 days ago

    this game looks like a mess

  • 4 Tonnes of Fury
    4 Tonnes of Fury 1 month ago

    FFS IGN This is not a dawn of war game.

  • Typing Problems
    Typing Problems 1 month ago

    Does anyone know the song used here?

  • Christopher Eckes
    Christopher Eckes 1 month ago

    So basically this is a DOTA game... DOW 1 Dark Crusade campaign was amazing

  • Henry the 9th
    Henry the 9th 1 month ago

    If you want to play a good RTS play, Myth: the Fallen Lords and Myth 2: Soulblighter.

  • DeJake
    DeJake 1 month ago

    Great review. I hate it when RTS's go this direction. This is what killed age of empires, messing up base building and economy and making everything waayy to complicated :/ such a shame

    • DeJake
      DeJake 1 month ago

      And lol this is not worth 60 flipping dollars. I'm sticking with AOE2 ty

  • NinjaChicken
    NinjaChicken 2 months ago

    I was expecting more, not a bad game do :).

  • Paw Zyl
    Paw Zyl 2 months ago

    another wasted potential :/ - garbage

  • paranormalcro
    paranormalcro 2 months ago

    It feels like a spiritual successor to League of legends, another attempt to wrestle the esports scene out of Starcraft's hands, screwing the fans and ruining the very essence of what made the game popular, i'm not buying this crap

  • William Weeks
    William Weeks 2 months ago

    i use a gtx 1060 max settings and still get 60 fps with a screen res of 1920 x 1080. it might be my 32gb of ram but i still am able to do so. even in huge battles with many effects. also there is workshop support so near infinite maps and you can easly make your own.

  • vicnedel02
    vicnedel02 2 months ago

    only at IGN can the reviewer sound as disappointed as this and still give it a 7.

  • Max Karbalai
    Max Karbalai 2 months ago

    Does this use the same mechanics as the miniature game?

  • Texan 214
    Texan 214 2 months ago

    7.6!? Wow. I'd give it a 2. 3 factions, one mode, 8 maps, 60 bucks. No thanks.

    SOTOS S 2 months ago

    7.6 is generous for this pile of trash

  • Daniel Wong
    Daniel Wong 2 months ago

    Such a disappointment

  • WhatAreYouBuyen
    WhatAreYouBuyen 2 months ago

    Sanity is for the weak!

  • Ethan Knight
    Ethan Knight 2 months ago

    It's great seeing people acknowledge what was best about dow1&2 cover system, grim dark graphics and a sense of realism from dow2, base building and expansive maps from Dow. Shame devs don't get it, they used updated graphics potential to make flashy power ranger nonsense - when instead they could have used the extra capacity to combine the first two games' greatness.

  • C40Terra
    C40Terra 2 months ago

    I would LOVE a Dawn of War: Dark Crusade Remastered Version!

  • FieryWolverine
    FieryWolverine 2 months ago

    7.6 For this ork shite? Enjoy the dislike.

    • FieryWolverine
      FieryWolverine 2 months ago

      HAHA! Yeah, because that's how we give games fair ratings. We "Be nice"

    • SOTOS S
      SOTOS S 2 months ago

      He is trying to be nice

  • dekumutant
    dekumutant 2 months ago

    as soon as the reviewer said he was a dow2 fan i new he was going to rate this unfairly

  • sambo s
    sambo s 2 months ago

    DOW 2 Elite Multiplayer destroys this BTW

  • sambo s
    sambo s 2 months ago

    I hate to say it, but this review is spot on. It is chaos, yet without chaos being a faction. (maybe this is why -> Chaos sabotaged the game in retaliation for being left out?) it needs to be slower at least... As you have to be very on point with keyboard shortcuts just to get by. Emperor help you if you roam into hard.

  • Decapre
    Decapre 2 months ago

    wait, IGN with a well thought out review that I actually agree with?

    I don't know what to believe anymore.

  • Teflondon25
    Teflondon25 2 months ago

    I loved the squad based dow 2. This just feels like another rts.

  • SoloArt Studio
    SoloArt Studio 2 months ago

    Awesome looking game

  • Ond Uden Grund
    Ond Uden Grund 2 months ago

    the 2nd dawn of war was the best

  • Moony Foxy
    Moony Foxy 2 months ago

    DOW 3 is much more alike DOW 1 then DOW 2, AND I'M HAPPY ABOUT THAT!!

  • A
    A 2 months ago

    Why does it have worse gfx than Dawn of War 1? The only good dawn of war.

  • MC Mark Markson
    MC Mark Markson 2 months ago

    Never cared for multiplayer. And this game was designed for nothing but competitive multiplayer (which has too much higher quality competition)

  • DialgaMarine3
    DialgaMarine3 2 months ago

    I really miss the original Dawn of War... When all was said and done, it had 9 races, each race was unique, dozens of maps, 4v4, massive base building, a huge variety of units per race, and had multiple ways to play. Still my most played game ever. DoW 2 was awful... I get micro is the pro way to play DoW, but I hated being forced to play like that, and have literally only a handful of units to work with. DoW 3 hardly seems different.

  • Fake
    Fake 2 months ago

    looks like trash

  • WinterDomeFly
    WinterDomeFly 2 months ago

    Just get DOW and download the ultimate apocalypse mod :') better than the shit they've put out for the last 2 games.

  • Synchr0nix
    Synchr0nix 2 months ago

    The fanboy butthurt is real. Great game.

  • Asmodeus
    Asmodeus 2 months ago

    Order an Exterminatus on this vile work of heresy!

    PiCABLESKY 2 months ago

    stupid rewiev... me being starcraft sheep so no dow game could come close but, are you aware that this is how rts shoud look in case of dow? 2nd part of that series is stupid by casual mechanics.. please

  • iconocast
    iconocast 2 months ago

    halfway in and u havent even addressed in how its fundamentally different to dow 2 or dow1 ( which where both very different from each other) dow 3 is. srsly wtf

  • Randomly-doing Random-things

    wait what ?! my 1060 laptop runs this at 1440p tho and as far as I can tell 60fps

  • ShootAirsoftVideos
    ShootAirsoftVideos 2 months ago

    wow the things they said about this game being a MOBA are true.

  • Allen Kao
    Allen Kao 2 months ago


  • Cesar Adrian Rodriguez Benavides

    Company of heroes had (and still has) a lot of support, I'm sure they'll add some extra game modes with time, given how most people seem to think the game is lacking in that department

  • doctor joey
    doctor joey 2 months ago


  • Richard Lee
    Richard Lee 2 months ago

    Someone needs to MDOWGA

  • FreeDownloadGames By M Nauman

    really good

  • Rares Antoniu
    Rares Antoniu 2 months ago

    This game has low intellectual budget.

  • loulakion
    loulakion 2 months ago

    DoW2 bought it only for the campaign, DoW3 has superb multiplay and it's pure RTS, love it way more...

  • mattress
    mattress 2 months ago

    You should review paradigm

  • Logicae
    Logicae 2 months ago

    I'm going on Soulstorm for now.

  • tomble womble
    tomble womble 2 months ago

    Blob of War 3: The Blobbening

  • ValkCorgi
    ValkCorgi 2 months ago

    starcrap 2 and league of loser clone

  • Jacob Irmen
    Jacob Irmen 2 months ago

    Yeah three factions... yay. They did something similar in dawn of war two but, when they added more they restricted it to certain (not good) game modes. and base building is non existent, They seem to repeat early mistakes and refuse to listen to their fanbase. sad to say this one will not end up in my library.

    • Schnake Eyes
      Schnake Eyes 2 months ago

      Jacob Irmen you do realise the exact same devs made company of heroes

  • roger mawby
    roger mawby 2 months ago

    omg, the game has depth....thats so bad.

  • Matt C
    Matt C 2 months ago

    Can anyone recommend a good RTS for a beginner like me ?

    • Bethells
      Bethells 2 months ago

      rea alert2 yuri's revenge

    • Schnake Eyes
      Schnake Eyes 2 months ago

      Matt C this... the only reason people are complaining is because , it's not like Dow 1 or 2, it's got all these problems... actually it's incredibly polished, works really well, very fun to play, you can play against the ai until your heart is content.. this or supreme commander, or Starcraft 2

  • Kma
    Kma 2 months ago

    i give this game 1 toof out of a hundred. DoWI and II blow this game out of the water. Those games had character and soul.

  • Kma
    Kma 2 months ago

    I just hoped for a Dawn of War II with base building, bigger maps, and more units. Was hoping for a mix between traditional RTS and Total War. I miss the suppression system. The tactical movement of cover. Its what made it so unique.

    • Schnake Eyes
      Schnake Eyes 2 months ago

      Kma I don't think that game exists

  • Kkri
    Kkri 2 months ago

    retreat was obnoxious and CoH and DoW never needed it. What they should have done is let you reinforce anywhere on the map like in dow 1...

  • saeed khani
    saeed khani 2 months ago

    where are imperial guard and tau empire? i love those factions

  • misterzeno225
    misterzeno225 2 months ago

    Loved DoW2 I'll pass on this

  • Scott Webster
    Scott Webster 2 months ago

    Comparing it to DoW 2 shows how out of touch IGN are, The original DoW and it's add ons are considered better by far and tactically superior thinking was required most of the time.

  • QuanGtum 3LE37
    QuanGtum 3LE37 2 months ago

    this is the best game i ever played

  • Quang Le
    Quang Le 2 months ago

    This game is so advanced and amazing.

  • M. Machine
    M. Machine 2 months ago

    One reason I wouldn't buy this: in two weeks or so they'll just begin to trickle the real content for extra cash.
    Also, Starcraft Broodwar just went FREE! So, you know?
    So I'll stick to Warhammer novels and audiobooks, playing SC on my spare time.

  • IkhwahNikon
    IkhwahNikon 2 months ago

    the multiplayer are intense, believe me eventhough it is MOBA inspired, its still good game,
    first round during beta i didnt like the game,
    i try another round and i hook into the game and bought the game.
    the challanges are real, believe me
    its not who's got more army will win,
    there's no OP heroes / OP item to purchase,
    eventhough the enemy has destroy your tower, the tide of war can be turn by using correct tactics,
    try it, you will see how immerse the multiplayer can be

    • The Mysterious
      The Mysterious 2 months ago

      I love the multiplayer too. Best part of the game.

    THAC0MANIC 2 months ago

    Meh ... Once again IGN fails.

  • NHC2000
    NHC2000 2 months ago

    If Dan put some staplers to compete is a Stapleton?

  • Alex Cuevas
    Alex Cuevas 2 months ago

    How can you not play at high with a 1080?, maybe it's a CPU problem.
    I played the beta with a 1070 all maxed out at 60fps.

  • Robert Rosborg
    Robert Rosborg 2 months ago

    "Relic deserves credit for simply not remaking the same game with prettier graphics"
    NO THEY DON'T! Just give us the first game with updated graphics and extra everything. This game is an insult.

  • Ben R
    Ben R 2 months ago

    7.6 "too much war"

  • Lily Fire
    Lily Fire 2 months ago

    Bring back 4 vs 4 and more game modes!!!!!

  • SuperThobal
    SuperThobal 2 months ago

    Just give us DoW 1 HD collection with a few added factions and missions or something. Much better than where the series is going right now.

  • CptBomBom00
    CptBomBom00 2 months ago

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    • Melvin G
      Melvin G 2 months ago

      Nobody plays? Haha, people like me still play the classics, and there are new games indeed.
      Act of agression, ashes of singularity, now this game.

      All of these are RTS games, that came out recently, and are all decent.
      Even DOW3 is decent, but they severly rushed it. It needs more content. DOW 2 had barely any content too when it released.

      Once they fix these lack of content issues, DOW3 will be even better than DOW 2.

    • Khern
      Khern 2 months ago

      Say that to the rts genre that is so small now that no one makes rts games anymore.
      Clearly it is broke and it needs fixing

  • em4rtzz
    em4rtzz 2 months ago

    I dont understand why they couldnt just give us DOW1 style gameplay with updated graphics and content... its that easy... but they keep trying to fix what wasnt broken -_-

    • Sarah S.
      Sarah S. 1 month ago

      Big fan of your YTPs.

    • paranormalcro
      paranormalcro 2 months ago

      because they're greedy, that's why.. every developer today wants a piece of the esports cake, but they're doing it all wrong...

    • TheRumChum
      TheRumChum 2 months ago

      exactly what I was going to comment. WHY FIX SOMETHING THAT WAS NEVER BROKEN! gahhh! makes me livid.

    • Csaba Szasz
      Csaba Szasz 2 months ago

      yeeeeeeeesssssssss I know right. I aggree

  • Grand thief
    Grand thief 2 months ago

    I was dying for a sequel of dawn of war after the second one become my fav RTS of all time and idc what the reviews say i pre purchased like a month.Even though i shouldnt do that just for t his game i wanted to do it

  • Luke Downey
    Luke Downey 2 months ago

    The Codex Astartes does not support this game 🙁

  • TheFlameLord
    TheFlameLord 2 months ago

    I want to call bullshit on this game being distinctive. And while I've not played the game, I can say from a first impression that this is effectively the bastard child of the DoW series, imho.
    Taking inspiration from MOBA style games for the objectives in multiplayer does NOT make it distinctive and individual. If anything, it pulls Dawn of War away from what made it distinctive in the first place, where it was focused on base building, getting new technologies, and building large armies to crush foes (NOT like Dawn of War 2, but more like the first). From what I've seen, this game takes the emphasis away from getting a large base, opting for an approach similar to Dawn of War 2 in terms of having one or two buildings for building units and nothing else. I feel like DoW3 moves away from its routes too much and it makes the game complex purely for complexities sake in terms of unit upgrades, but I believe a lot of people would've been happier with a Dawn of War 1 remaster instead.
    But hey, it's just an opinion.

  • Ben Blakeman
    Ben Blakeman 2 months ago

    I was playing dow2 a few days ago. 75 players were online and it took me 30 minutes to find a game in matchmaking. The game is dead. And while there may be a small active community of warhammer fans... relic and Sega aren't investing a tonne of money and time for a small base of warhammer fanatics to enjoy only. they want to open the game up and try to target a wider audiance.. I get so tired every time people fail to grasp that video games are a business, it is people's livelihoods and they need to make money to survive and keep making games. or should they keep making niche games to satisfy a small base of fanatic babies who can't handle change and wanna roleplay their way through dow3? where will that get relic ?
    following THQ in bankruptcy I imagine. (atleast without sega backing)

    devs don't exist to purely deliver word for word what hard-core fans want, with no regard of business strategy. They ain't just doing you a favour, they're trying to make money too.

  • PrestigeWorldWide179
    PrestigeWorldWide179 2 months ago

    They just keep making shit worse, if there will be a Dow 4 it's gonna be pure trash

  • Sittiphol Yotthap
    Sittiphol Yotthap 2 months ago

    Where mah sync kills :(. I missed DoW 1.

  • e21big
    e21big 2 months ago

    I think not like DoW 2 isn't enough reason to penalize the game though, never really like DoW 2 anyway if not for the story but honestly I wish they kinda bring Winter Assault approach to the single player campaign back. Most memorable single player ever

  • Kyle Morden
    Kyle Morden 2 months ago

    Not sure where his performance issues are coming from... My 1070 runs at 80fps at 1440p

  • Curtis I
    Curtis I 2 months ago

    Dow 1 Dark Crusade > Dow 2 > Dow 3, series going backwards lol

    • Agustí Guerola Garcia
      Agustí Guerola Garcia 2 months ago

      "WHat 'bout dying, do ya do that any fastah ?"

    • John Muckian
      John Muckian 2 months ago

      If they brought out a Dark Crusade on a new world every year with new maps I would happily buy it. I wouldn't even care if the graphics were the same. Even the banter between commanders at the start of stronghold missions were things that made Dark Crusade very special.

  • VoicesInMyHead88
    VoicesInMyHead88 2 months ago

    we have 2017 and there is still no custom keys xD well done relic

  • bigedd2008
    bigedd2008 2 months ago

    I prefer base building over tactical anyway

    • damn lazylib
      damn lazylib 2 months ago

      bigedd2008 we can have both, look at company of heroes

  • 43bikeguy
    43bikeguy 2 months ago

    Dawn of bore

    • Schnake Eyes
      Schnake Eyes 2 months ago

      Donald Trumpet dude, please , spread your genes

    • Donald Trumpet
      Donald Trumpet 2 months ago

      Thats what all the girls say to you

  • ntblood
    ntblood 2 months ago

    Better to fire up Dawn of War 2 if you have to scratch that itch.

    OTAKUJHE 2 months ago

    another mediocre hit for PC. So sad. :(

  • Lord Bricktron
    Lord Bricktron 2 months ago

    when he brings up maps did he forget people can make multiplayer maps

  • Cato Sicarius
    Cato Sicarius 2 months ago

    Well this sounds and looks disappointing

  • semillakan6
    semillakan6 2 months ago

    Is it better than 1? or UA?

  • dknight xs
    dknight xs 2 months ago

    biggest disappointment of 2017

    • dknight xs
      dknight xs 2 months ago

      +Михаил Найденов yeah, i played the beta and decided to skip on this crap.

    • Михаил Найденов
      Михаил Найденов 2 months ago

      It was expected, seriously. Nothing looked right after the amazing initial trailer.

  • Adrian Ramos
    Adrian Ramos 2 months ago

    it's a 17.8. you're welcome

  • Masterasia
    Masterasia 2 months ago

    So let me get this straight, you DOW fan despised the tactical of DOW 2 back in the day (primary reason why DOW2 is a dead game) and now DOW3 come out you guys some how praised DOW 2? I mean are you kidding me?

    • arsetitstree
      arsetitstree 1 month ago

      To me it just looks even worse than DOW2 (graphically), and the gameplay looks completely uninteresting, whereas I have to acknowledge that DOW2 might be worth getting into at least for the campaign. Games don't have to be masterpieces thorugh the ages to seem kind of worth playing, that's all there is to it. This seems like it never got off, and like the design - no less the visual, or let's say visible design - sabotages itself. In other words, "what to think of this supposedly most advanced, modern installment?" It's not good to even ask this question.

    • Murat Alkeev
      Murat Alkeev 1 month ago

      DOW 2 is not dead, i still play the last stand and game is found really quickly

    • ShootAirsoftVideos
      ShootAirsoftVideos 2 months ago

      Just my two cents. But when people from DOW 1 back up DOW 2 over DOW 3 is because while DOW 2 took a huge turn from Base building RTS and instead went with a tactical RTS / RPG. it did have a nice cover system that worked and the look and feel of the game worked very good with it. However DOW 3 simply took SOME base building elements for the sake of trying to please DOW 1 fans. However with the game mode the game shipped out with it makes it redundant as it's not the main focus of the enemy to take out it's just a turret and a generator that are the core. I can't speak for everyone else but my ideal DOW 3 would have base building which allow you to train and upgrade units. Upgrade them by using the armory.
      if i wanted a flamer and a plasma unit i can Or with what ever weapon I needed for the battle head. Much like DOW 1 had. From DOW 2 I wanted the great animations and art style they went for. With units taking cover like a real soldier would instead of just standing in the open even if it's cosmedic . Heroes would be for the sole purpose of breaking lines and allowing you to position your forces for a better counter attack. Bigger maps would give you reason to expend your base too. The use of MEDICS would also play a role too and you'll want to protect them. However here units are just expendable units, cannon fodder.

    • MC Mark Markson
      MC Mark Markson 2 months ago

      What kind of Dow fans? I loved both games but Dow 2 even more.

    • Skodz Gaming
      Skodz Gaming 2 months ago


  • GrandeMage
    GrandeMage 2 months ago

    No Tyranids, no deal. lol :P

  • Marko Kos
    Marko Kos 2 months ago

    Am I the only one who loves Dawn of War 3 ?

    One of the best Rts game I have ever plaid.Dont listen people that give this game a very low score.
    Dawn of War 1 has its own fans.They hate Dawn of War 2!
    Dawn of War 2 has its own fans.They hate Dawn of War 3!
    Dawn of War 3 will also have a lot of fans that will love it for what it is.

    I think Im special becasue.I Like Dawn of War 1.I like Dawn of War 2.I love Dawn of War 3 !.This game is for me.

    • Melvin G
      Melvin G 2 months ago

      If they released more content, I would be happy.
      3 factions, lack of maps and no annhiliation game mode?

      Please, what were they thinking, rushing this. DOW 2 atlease had 4 factions and annhiliation on release.

      Also, they removed the Tyranids for what reason? Why not incluide chaos daemons?

      IOANNA VAMVAKA 2 months ago

      i LOVE this game i play it all the time!1!!

    • TheMasterDoom97
      TheMasterDoom97 2 months ago

      I like the new dawn of war and first series so far but i don't like the second series. I'm not gonna say that the second series is shit, i just didn't like it.

    • Marko Kos
      Marko Kos 2 months ago

      six of us so far and much more on Steam ;].

    • Sergey Mayorshin
      Sergey Mayorshin 2 months ago

      No, apparently there's six of you so far.

  • Andy Benji
    Andy Benji 2 months ago

    If you've never played a Dawn of War game do yourself a favour and pick up Dark Crusade.

  • Rojigami
    Rojigami 2 months ago

    I'm going back to the Ultimate Apocalypse...

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