miss ladyboy manila

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  • Rod Fleming
    Rod Fleming 3 years ago


  • Northatlantic2012
    Northatlantic2012 5 years ago

    They're really beautiful.

  • WaySlicka
    WaySlicka 5 years ago

    Hell eagerly awaits..

  • iDislikeNames
    iDislikeNames 6 years ago

    do they have dicks?

  • EMERSON Silva
    EMERSON Silva 7 years ago

    É uma cilada Bino!

  • Thiago Teixeira Coelho


  • Sandar Pewin
    Sandar Pewin 8 years ago

    they look better than me

  • SitcaLovTonio
    SitcaLovTonio 8 years ago

    i had no clue that they had this...my friend was telling me about it shes from the phillippines. they all look sooo cute

  • GH4L
    GH4L 9 years ago

    man this is fucked up

  • progay
    progay 9 years ago

    Long live the Philippine lady boys!

    I hope you can watch my videos about gay and trans life in Manila, thank you!

  • kristan bernabe
    kristan bernabe  9 years ago

    in manila during our town fiesta in some cities in the philipines and all cities in manila always have this pageant,there are professional and non professional pageant like this one.A lot of people in the philipines enjoy watching ladyboy pageants .

  • jeffery walton
    jeffery walton 10 years ago

    You are all lovely ladies. Thanks for sharing this video with us.

    I would like to see one of these pageants in-person. Can you tell us were they are held?

  • ajaycee98
    ajaycee98 10 years ago

    what beautifully stunning girls.
    thank you so much for posting.
    do you hae any more clips like this of pretty girls from Manila ;-)

  • kristan bernabe
    kristan bernabe  10 years ago

    ganda ni optimus paerang artista taga bernabe yan!!!

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