5 Weirdest Cat Breeds You Will Ever See!

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  • 5 Weirdest Cat Breeds You Will Ever See!


    Cats have been domesticated in one way or another for thousands of years. The ancestors of today’s cats initially cozied up to humans because they found easy prey in the rodents and pests that were attracted to grain stores. Humans, in turn, welcomed the pest-controlling felines with open arms. Since then, cat breeding has become a specialized field, with new breeds constantly being developed. We’ve taken an exhaustive look through all of them to proudly bring you a rundown of the 5 most distinctive and weirdest breeds
    the world. Let’s begin!

    1. Highlander

    The Highlander is definitely one of the more interesting breeds out there. Highlanders are the result of a cross between the Desert Lynx and Jungle Curl. This has endowed these cats with short, bob-tails and curled ears, along with a very distinctive facial pattern. While these cats are considered to be larger cats, they are very playful and fond of humans. To further separate the Highlander from other, more traditional cat breeds, these cats are actually extremely fond of water. The one thing that Highlander owners need to be conscious of is that the breed’s ears can be very delicate and care must be taken to avoid damaging the cartilage.

    2. Japanese Bobtail

    This cat breed has an especially weird feature that sets them apart from the rest. While these are pretty much regular cats, their tail gives them a very unique look. They are also the inspiration for Japan’s maneki neko, the ‘beckoning’ or ‘inviting’ cat so prevalent in Japanese culture. The bobtail variety of cat breeds basically feature a shortened tail, with the Japanese Bobtail being one of the stumpier variants. Their tails have been likened to those of a rabbit and some Japanese Bobtails have even been observed running with a kind of bunny-like hopping motion. These cats are traditionally Japanese and are seen as good luck symbols. This may have been the case because Japanese folklore tends to view longer-tail cats as a form of evil spirit, while seeing short-tailed variants as more of a good omen.

    3. Khao Manee

    What makes this breed so special is their eyes. They are also known as Diamond Eye cats. The Khao Manee has a short, pure-white coat and is ancestrally similar to the Siamese. As mentioned, this breed is known for its amazingly-coloured eyes. These can be either blue or gold, with odd eyed Khao Manees being the most rare. This odd-eyed trait means that their eyes are one of each colour, making these cats incredibly distinctive. Originally hailing out of Thailand, this breed also hold the title for being the most expensive. This is partly due to its multi-coloured eyes and the fact that these cats are generally athletic and extremely intelligent.

    4. Ukrainian Levkoy

    These awkward-looking cats are undoubtedly weird and one look will tell you why. Hairless, with unusually large eyes, these cats are certainly attention-grabbers. Interestingly, the only breeder organizations that currently recognize the Ukrainian Levkoy are Ukrainian and Russian, with International organizations not accepting the breed as of yet. These cats, being hairless, don’t require any brushing or fur maintenance, but their skin does require special care to protect it from sun damage and colder conditions. Even though this cat has a judgemental expression, it is incredibly friendly and loves to be around people. Its other distinctive feature, albeit less so than its hairlessness, are its curled-forward ears, which seem to be so sought-after by cat enthusiasts.

    5. Minskin

    Minskin are actually a cross between the hairless Sphynx and the Munchkin, so called because of a genetic defect that caused a form of dwarfism affecting the legs. Afterward, Burmese and Devon Rex breeds were introduced to the mix to officially create the Minskin. These cute, little guys, while mostly hairless, do have small patches of hair all over their body. Being new, the Minskin hasn’t been officially recognized by the Cat Fanciers’ Association or any International organizations yet. Despite their diminutive size and appearance, these cats are known to get along well with people, being incredibly friendly and outgoing, and have even been known to cozy up to dogs and other animals.

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