South Carolina vs. Duke: Every second-half basket for Gamecocks

  • Added:  4 months ago
  • South Carolina scored 65 points in the second half as they stunned Duke 88-81. Relive every field goal as the Gamecocks stormed back in the second half!

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  • Runtime: 4:34
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Comments: 59

  • S B
    S B 3 months ago +1

    ACC teams are just too slow to compete against SEC teams.  If refs weren't so corrupt North Carolina would have been bounced in the second round with Duke, but it is what it is.

  • Junior Basketball
    Junior Basketball 3 months ago

    Chris Webber does a heck of a job as commentator.

  • paul mason
    paul mason 4 months ago +2

    Duke was outplayed...

  • Rodney Sessoms
    Rodney Sessoms 4 months ago

    Dook got picked apart

  • Carson Adams
    Carson Adams 4 months ago +12

    One trip left for Grayson Allen...the trip HOME

  • Dee Cee
    Dee Cee 4 months ago +3

    So happy that HB2 took away Duke's home-court advantage. Ignorance comes with costs, North Kacaklacki! Hats off to the Gamecocks. LOL

  • Jonah Brown
    Jonah Brown 4 months ago +12

    UNC fan here that attended the game last night, what USC did in the second half was amazing. I've never seen a team defend Duke like that, they were physical and shot 71% in the second half.

  • Ben Wronski
    Ben Wronski 4 months ago +4

    Duane Notice showing out.

    • Ben Wronski
      Ben Wronski 4 months ago

      He went to my highschool. can still remember him jamming home a sweet reverse after a smooth cross.

    • dkGamecocks
      dkGamecocks 4 months ago

      16-2 when he hits 2 or more threes this season.  He is a beast on D too.

  • Brandon Coley
    Brandon Coley 4 months ago +8

    Sindarius is that good. Sindarius is that good

  • jimmy smith
    jimmy smith 4 months ago

    KU wants you!

  • joricardinho
    joricardinho 4 months ago +3

    Good. I cannot stand these arrogant Duke pricks.

  • SwishDish720
    SwishDish720 4 months ago +16

    I can watch this over and over again congratulations on getting to the Sweet 16 for the first time in your program history SC :)!!

    • Kevin Tanksley
      Kevin Tanksley 3 months ago

      0 congratulations South Carolina

    • Marc Regal
      Marc Regal 4 months ago

      SwishDish720 i cant stop wat hing it

  • J.T. Fuller
    J.T. Fuller 4 months ago +5

    second half is what you call textbook basketball and heart

  • Jason Bell
    Jason Bell 4 months ago +7

    It seems like UNC fans were more happy than SC fans

    • Marshawnblackwell123
      Marshawnblackwell123 4 months ago

      Jason Bell foreal but it's good how we can get along. #GetCocky🔴⚫️ Go Gamecocks

  • MrKickass1988
    MrKickass1988 4 months ago +7

    0:56 mark gives me chills. Ahhh Gamecock nation let's goo. We got snubbed last year, my boys got something to prove.

  • Kallam Ashmore
    Kallam Ashmore 4 months ago +3

    this is the goat video

  • Tim Ash
    Tim Ash 4 months ago +1

    Go Gamecocks!!

  • Ben Kearney
    Ben Kearney 4 months ago +13

    After Sunday it's hard to say the ACC is the best conference

  • jackmodz
    jackmodz 4 months ago

    where arey antidepressants

  • Belle Marfori
    Belle Marfori 4 months ago

    what happened to Luke? he disappeared. i guess he won't be entering the draft this year, he didn't look like a 1st round pick out there. he'll probably be back for another year in duke. i hope Grayson will be back too.

    • The Shaolin
      The Shaolin 4 months ago

      Belle Marfori They're both headed to the draft

  • Forgotten45er
    Forgotten45er 4 months ago +2

    Make Duke great again.

  • A.J Anderson
    A.J Anderson 4 months ago +1

    kennards defense got exposed

  • Flight L Reacts
    Flight L Reacts 4 months ago

    Man I wish duke won their my fav team and my bracket is messed up but we need better defense

    • The Shaolin
      The Shaolin 4 months ago

      IcyBoi Gaming 😣😣😣😣😣😣

    • Citrus Punch
      Citrus Punch 4 months ago

      IcyBoi Gaming almost everyone's bracket is broke atleast in the east region cause Villanova and Duke lost

  • Randy Bailin
    Randy Bailin 4 months ago +4

    Some sweet passing and shooting for the Gamecocks in the 2nd half. Combination of bad Duke defense and excellent execution for Carolina.

  • NashST13
    NashST13 4 months ago +3

    Great game to watch and what a great team! GO GAMECOCKS!

  • Christopher Zequeira
    Christopher Zequeira 4 months ago +1

    Duke choked like crazy

    • jaxbys
      jaxbys 4 months ago

      or perhaps they just got outplayed by a hungrier, tougher team

  • Antbeast23
    Antbeast23 4 months ago +16

    anyone else rooting for the low seeds?

  • Thomas Alexandet
    Thomas Alexandet 4 months ago +3

    duke has a very Bad team this year
    No center

    • tom11zz884
      tom11zz884 3 months ago

      Duke is just overrated as always.

    • Mattington
      Mattington 4 months ago

      No..they had several centers this season. They just continue to play the same garbage 25-30 three point shots a game offense, and hope they make at least 10 of them. All the while Coach K is one of the worst coaches when it comes to getting his teams to rebound the basketball. You show me all the disappointing losses for Duke in the last 20 years and I'll show you the rebounding comparison where they get outrebounded and give up an absurd about of offensive rebounds. It's not just this season. It's year in and year out and it's the main reason Coach K doesn't have 8 titles. I mean yes, 5 is legendary and he is one of the greatest coaches ever. But his teams always fall the exact same way. Lack of will and hustle in securing defensive rebounds.
      I think Duke could have a lineup of all 7 footers playing against a team where their biggest guy is 6'7" and they'd still get crushed on the glass.

    • Ray Snut
      Ray Snut 4 months ago

      No center? How about no true point guard. The Dookies have a basket full of NBA lottery picks and no where to go. LOSERS!!!!!!!!!

    • Matt T
      Matt T 4 months ago

      You just won the ACC tournament in what was considered the best conference going into march madness and Jason Tatum is a top 3 NBA pick. Either you don't even watch your team play or you're just a whiny little sore loser or both. In any case doesn't detract from the win. GO GAMECOCKS

    • tpplatt3
      tpplatt3 4 months ago

      Thomas Alexandet just your typical duke fan whining when his team loses. Excuses...

  • ImBrokeMate
    ImBrokeMate 4 months ago +7

    65 point second half, pathetic performance by Duke. No excuses.

  • DylanxSebastian
    DylanxSebastian 4 months ago +52

    0:56 unc fan with a South Carolina Towel. Classic.

    • Kevin Tanksley
      Kevin Tanksley 3 months ago

      Cool Beans South Carolina play good no disrespect to the fans

    • Cool Beans
      Cool Beans 3 months ago

      SSS Highlights The Carolinas are Hot right now making it for some fantastic basketball.

    • SSS Highlights
      SSS Highlights 3 months ago

      Theres alot of carolina fans there!

    • Tyler Mohlenhoff
      Tyler Mohlenhoff 4 months ago

      DY123 haha that would be me

    SC SPUR 4 months ago +23

    65 points is the most ever given up in a half by a coach K Duke team.

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