Guy Creeped Out After Opening Suspicious Container Floating Down River

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  • Megzoooooo Musicalys ♥
    Megzoooooo Musicalys ♥ 5 hours ago +1

    Who saw this on instagram, then came on YouTube to see the rest ? 😂😂

  • Adrienne Roberts
    Adrienne Roberts 19 hours ago

    It's a doll I think

  • Jodie
    Jodie 1 day ago

    Omg, such a fame, did u see that tape on the box? Brand new!

  • Salute And Peace
    Salute And Peace 1 day ago

    check inside the doll

  • Not uploading anymore

    Hes in maine i think

  • ToXic machine
    ToXic machine 3 days ago

    wata fak

  • Your Daily Sheep
    Your Daily Sheep 5 days ago

    What is it?!

  • Jackson Owens
    Jackson Owens 6 days ago


  • Zach Turner
    Zach Turner 7 days ago

    This is just so sad. It's such a tragedy to be enjoying yourself and then stumble onto the horrifying realization that pages like MrTechnicalDifficult have completely infested Youtube with cancer. RIP Youtube.

  • Nilavan Vijayakumar - Churchville PS (1436)

    That thing is possess

  • Ollie
    Ollie 8 days ago

    Omg it's Moses🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Papyrus The Skeleton

    they found my doll

  • lianni hank
    lianni hank 9 days ago +1

    look is chuki

  • Dr. Upgradepie 2
    Dr. Upgradepie 2 9 days ago

    This was freaking hilarious! Best Clickbait

  • Helen Pascoal
    Helen Pascoal 10 days ago

    se for boneca antiga possuída tu se fodeu

  • FlufflePufflefun4evs1206

    So... was some crazy doll lover trying to recreate Moses?

  • prathi prathu
    prathi prathu 10 days ago

    the dog never left the owner he went with him came back with him.. so many people there no one went along with him to see what's that.. so dog is great

  • qCoffeeq
    qCoffeeq 11 days ago

    ♡oh. y fluff what the heclk?♡

  • Nova&Thestars Miles
    Nova&Thestars Miles 11 days ago

    I hope it's cocaine. Wow.

  • Aisaiah Marelle Agustin

    nnooooooooo im not im die stopped the toy creepy get away go go get away 😩😩😩

  • Space Potato
    Space Potato 11 days ago

    nice thumbnail dick ur the click bait god

  • Mariano
    Mariano 12 days ago

    just a haubted dol

  • Yok Eng Lim
    Yok Eng Lim 12 days ago


  • Jaxine Dunn
    Jaxine Dunn 12 days ago


  • Aurora Mist
    Aurora Mist 13 days ago +2

    OMG AT 1:02 WHEN HE FLICKS THR CAMERA UP THERE IT A BLACK FIGURE IN THE DISTANCE PEEKING FROM THE BUSHES 0_o (pause during the split second when he flicks the camera upward)

  • unicorn channel
    unicorn channel 13 days ago

    its a haunted doll

  • A Kid from Africa
    A Kid from Africa 13 days ago

    That doll is HAUNTED, that's why its covered in tape in the river!!!

  • SeriouslyAndTrulyMe
    SeriouslyAndTrulyMe 13 days ago

    There was a doll in the cooler 1:05

  • RiannaDoes
    RiannaDoes 13 days ago

    " I hope its cocain " speechless

  • The Fandom Master
    The Fandom Master 13 days ago

    Imagine if it was actually a possessed doll and they just opened up the only thing keeping it from killing all those people. It makes this story a lot more interesting.

  • Jasmine Jasmine
    Jasmine Jasmine 13 days ago +1

    This was uploaded on my b-d

  • Junie Johansson Chavez

    Just a doll

  • Brooke Courtwright
    Brooke Courtwright 13 days ago

    I think I know why the doll was in there cuz it could possibly be a haunted doll

  • Dena Whitaker
    Dena Whitaker 14 days ago

    That's an American girl doll

  • Ariel Sziber
    Ariel Sziber 14 days ago

    What if its possessed and they put it out there for a reason

  • LaToya Lewis
    LaToya Lewis 14 days ago

    lol funny #thf

  • Universe Mudkip
    Universe Mudkip 14 days ago

    this is how horror movies start XD

  • Million Sherbert
    Million Sherbert 15 days ago

    anyone else here frome insta??😂😂😂

  • HuKPuK™
    HuKPuK™ 15 days ago

    Stupid Cunts

  • Galaxy Alex
    Galaxy Alex 15 days ago

    that dall is probably ment to stay in there for a scary reason

  • Thisguy
    Thisguy 15 days ago

    lol nice

  • Thisguy
    Thisguy 15 days ago

    lol nice

  • Itzz_ Dillz
    Itzz_ Dillz 16 days ago

    Click bait bruh I thought it was a dead baby

  • A07X5
    A07X5 16 days ago

    what a faker noob kill urself fuck ur mom

  • shadow45 jiu
    shadow45 jiu 16 days ago

    That needs to be throwen to the sea

  • T Smith
    T Smith 16 days ago

    Annabelles brother

  • -_-
    -_- 16 days ago

    Sees mysterious box floating down river

    Why would you open it dude just why

  • Royaale
    Royaale 16 days ago

    Happy April Fools Day!!!
    *checks date*


    It was probably haunted

  • Tara R
    Tara R 16 days ago

    Previously on supernatural:

  • Phoebe Yu
    Phoebe Yu 16 days ago

    that is a creepy doll

  • Jordan Goodman
    Jordan Goodman 16 days ago

    its annabelle little brother 👱

  • Plucked Chicken
    Plucked Chicken 16 days ago

    And they all died shortly after.

  • O Fira
    O Fira 17 days ago

    It was like someone was SO desperate to get rid of it, they resorted to doing this. Instead of just burning it.

    ...We all know it's possessed or just a really good prank

  • Elizabeth Santillan
    Elizabeth Santillan 18 days ago

    well if it wasn't clickbait and someone actually put the doll in there and duct tape it the doll might have been possessed or something

  • 「Blue Fox」
    「Blue Fox」 18 days ago

    I thought it would be body parts

  • Russellwoot72
    Russellwoot72 18 days ago

    Way to a white mans heart - few lines of cocaine and you got em'

  • Jazzy Bravo
    Jazzy Bravo 18 days ago

    That thing is probably haunted

  • Nevas CZ Slabý
    Nevas CZ Slabý 18 days ago


  • Just Celine
    Just Celine 18 days ago

    He released the curse...we're all done for now.

  • Francisco Duran
    Francisco Duran 18 days ago


  • CoCoAmy Msp
    CoCoAmy Msp 19 days ago


  • Velvet Grace
    Velvet Grace 19 days ago


  • Sully Ray
    Sully Ray 19 days ago

    fuckin morons. 😑 its obvious the guy w the cam set this stupid shit up. s.m.h. get a clue.

  • Ava Schwarz
    Ava Schwarz 19 days ago

    FAKE, that container looks new and the duck tape has recently been stuck on the cooler

  • MoonLight Wolf
    MoonLight Wolf 19 days ago

    that's a doll I think someone caught it moving and dad this to it. it's a haunted doll

  • Cryo_Heart
    Cryo_Heart 19 days ago

    it's a curse doll..😱😱😱

  • Gerardo Sanchez
    Gerardo Sanchez 19 days ago

    it's a haunted doll that why it's buried in the water to not let the demon out

  • Tyra Aquilla
    Tyra Aquilla 21 day ago

    its just an old doll why did you blured it you weard guy

  • Linnea Frick
    Linnea Frick 21 day ago +1

    if this was I the river that means it is hunted badley

  • Wonder Woman
    Wonder Woman 22 days ago


  • Emilly Mowle
    Emilly Mowle 22 days ago

    Some kids were probably playing a game and put a doll in that container then they placed it in the river it was probably duc taped to freak the people who found it out.

  • Masticatious
    Masticatious 22 days ago

    at least you got a nice new cooler..

  • Miki Barker
    Miki Barker 22 days ago


  • ACGH. 13
    ACGH. 13 23 days ago

    "I hope it's cocacine."

  • Lesa Disher
    Lesa Disher 23 days ago

    I hope it's cocaine lol

  • the lego sensei
    the lego sensei 23 days ago


  • BaristaZo
    BaristaZo 23 days ago

    maybe it was used for a one man hide and seek and they werent able to stop it

  • Puppy Dear
    Puppy Dear 23 days ago


  • YoLO_HyPE 78
    YoLO_HyPE 78 23 days ago

    Who's here bc of Instagram

  • Jurre Van Hoorn
    Jurre Van Hoorn 23 days ago

    Who else came here cus of insta

  • Rachaelponylover Loban

    That's creepy man

  • KittyKat
    KittyKat 24 days ago

    Them: omg wtf
    Me: Wtf nope put it back!

  • Trover19
    Trover19 24 days ago

    Couldn't they just have buried the cooler? Why float it in a river?


    Click bait retard

  • Mike .R.
    Mike .R. 24 days ago

    That's not a cheap cooler! BONUS!!!

  • Megan Towers
    Megan Towers 25 days ago

    that doll is properly posest

  • Laoun Mahal
    Laoun Mahal 25 days ago

    If a find that with a doll inside
    ME: -gets it-
    Me: -opens it-
    Me: A DOLL :O
    Me: im gonna sell it for 50 dollars
    Me:want this doll for 50 dollars???
    Person: ok
    Person: buys it
    When he's in the car...
    Me: bye bye !

  • smokahontas99
    smokahontas99 25 days ago

    oh hell no Annabelle

  • Michael La Coe
    Michael La Coe 26 days ago

    Haunted toy doll

  • Jeff Burns
    Jeff Burns 26 days ago

    yeah clearly instead of you know figuring out what the hell the deal was with it somebody's playing a sick fucking joke and all they can think about is getting fucked up on coke so it let you know what kind of people they are stupid mother fuckers sick

  • Jeff Burns
    Jeff Burns 26 days ago

    is it all you can say is what the fuck even the person that got snuck up on with it I would have painted the freaked-out reaching and red did you leave me out of the room and you guys are just as stupid sick mother fuckers in

  • Jeff Burns
    Jeff Burns 26 days ago

    I don't know what the fuck you dumb son of a bitch Azure lifenet that could be some real kid in their fucking idiots who ever done that shit some dumb bastards good what the hell is wrong with this fucking world

  • S4 G
    S4 G 26 days ago

    Horror movie fucking choices

  • Planted InaPot
    Planted InaPot 26 days ago

    realistic chance that could have been a meth box. Opening it was really stupid.

  • TaKu GaMingOfGame
    TaKu GaMingOfGame 27 days ago

    lỡ đó là con búp bê mị ma ám rồi sao anh người ta vức nó

  • Seifer Ruiz
    Seifer Ruiz 27 days ago

    creep me out shit

  • Pickes And Friends
    Pickes And Friends 27 days ago

    awww❤the dog was so cute following his owner into the water❤❤😍

  • Alex The Kid Of Random

    I feel like the doll is haunted like one of those horror movies

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