Guy Creeped Out After Opening Suspicious Container Floating Down River

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  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget 57 minutes ago

    If they looked further upstream..... They would see a bunch of drunk/stoned teenagers laughing there heads off.

  • Kevin Spaulding
    Kevin Spaulding Day ago

    Fucking click bait

  • Matthew Kanode
    Matthew Kanode 3 days ago

    What if there's cocain inside the baby

  • Blue Cow
    Blue Cow 3 days ago

    I hope it's cocane🤑

  • Ash603Werewolf 306
    Ash603Werewolf 306 5 days ago +1

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I just got
    Click baited
    And so did u

  • Aras Sara
    Aras Sara 5 days ago


  • Kian11Frog Roblox & More

    It was trying to do the mailing self in box challenge trend ;(

  • Sherri Vonch
    Sherri Vonch 7 days ago


  • Caskz Vdz
    Caskz Vdz 7 days ago

    I smell a fake

    LFF HYBRID 7 days ago

    Lel but it could be possesed

  • Leger Boi
    Leger Boi 8 days ago


  • william goen
    william goen 8 days ago

    have you ever seen the conjuring or Annabelle nigga put that shit back in the water dumbass fuck that shit

  • bendy the cute demon ;3

    swagalicious244 that what i was thinking so drown that doll XD

  • Riley Shreve
    Riley Shreve 10 days ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I got click baited
    So did you

  • gabs s
    gabs s 10 days ago

    I guess scary movies are right

  • lil_cjm is awesome
    lil_cjm is awesome 12 days ago

    Oh hell no

  • Jasmine Lilly
    Jasmine Lilly 13 days ago

    That doll can be curse

  • Holly Hastie
    Holly Hastie 13 days ago

    The doll was in the river because it was a haunted doll and the owner new that so the wanted to get rid of it and made sure no one go haunted.

  • Sam Green
    Sam Green 14 days ago

    Ay yo burn that shit

  • Beebo Emo Trash
    Beebo Emo Trash 15 days ago

    I hope it's cocaine

  • Brinx
    Brinx 16 days ago

    Who came here from instagram?

  • Tatiana V
    Tatiana V 16 days ago

    Who came from instagram 💁🏽?

  • Maddie Laughlin
    Maddie Laughlin 16 days ago

    They Probz put it in the lake. So it was haunted

  • Domineke Shead
    Domineke Shead 17 days ago

    For a minute I thought it was a real person 😵

  • Memes Main
    Memes Main 17 days ago

    Of course On Instagram people are gonna shout out like this like they pause when they open and it says 18+ Follow idk to see the rest u follow them theres nothing

  • Ruby Stewart
    Ruby Stewart 18 days ago

    Now that's funny!!!

  • Mohd Afiq
    Mohd Afiq 18 days ago

    thats a spirit transfer to a doll. u just released one.

  • Kristiani Kristiani
    Kristiani Kristiani 18 days ago


  • Lea Rockwood
    Lea Rockwood 19 days ago

    Not funny

  • Ahood Tariq
    Ahood Tariq 19 days ago

    I think that doll is haunted, that's why it's taped in a container 😨

  • XxspazzattacxX
    XxspazzattacxX 19 days ago

    that dude really wants some cocaine

  • Lauren Lajara
    Lauren Lajara 20 days ago

    oh yah take off the tape. why dont you take it home with you.

  • AsianNightmare47
    AsianNightmare47 21 day ago

    Click bait confirmed

  • lit savage
    lit savage 21 day ago

    Thats prolly haunted

  • Brother Ronardo
    Brother Ronardo 21 day ago

    and the doll gets alive, this was the last time we see them....

  • Evabless 4Life
    Evabless 4Life 21 day ago

    Who came here from Instagram?!?😂😂

  • RayzFX
    RayzFX 21 day ago


  • Uvea 2012
    Uvea 2012 21 day ago

    white people" hey everyone come look at this doll we found floating in a lake"
    Black people, burn the doll, stab it a couple of times, go to church on Sunday"

  • Blue Swagger msp
    Blue Swagger msp 21 day ago +2

    Who's here because of instagram?

  • Ahmya Lynn
    Ahmya Lynn 22 days ago

    "What if it's cocaine." 😂😂

  • Jocelyn Nelson
    Jocelyn Nelson 22 days ago

    That's creepy

  • Fireball 58
    Fireball 58 22 days ago +1

    at 0:52 you can hear a scream

  • its Maria
    its Maria 22 days ago

    subscribe to my channel please! 🙏

  • Mashrab Eshbaev
    Mashrab Eshbaev 22 days ago

    Why did u guys open a lot of times the reason some put it in there because they had bad luck now u have bad luck coming your way
    If u watched chucky it's probably one of thos dolls

  • Trinity Floyd
    Trinity Floyd 22 days ago

    what the f***

  • Megzoooooo Musicalys ♥
    Megzoooooo Musicalys ♥ 23 days ago +1

    Who saw this on instagram, then came on YouTube to see the rest ? 😂😂

  • Adrienne Roberts
    Adrienne Roberts 24 days ago

    It's a doll I think

  • Jodie
    Jodie 25 days ago

    Omg, such a fame, did u see that tape on the box? Brand new!

  • Salute And Peace
    Salute And Peace 25 days ago

    check inside the doll

  • Not uploading anymore
    Not uploading anymore 26 days ago

    Hes in maine i think

  • ToXic machine
    ToXic machine 26 days ago

    wata fak

  • Your Daily Sheep
    Your Daily Sheep 28 days ago

    What is it?!

  • Jackson Owens
    Jackson Owens 29 days ago


  • Zach Turner
    Zach Turner Month ago

    This is just so sad. It's such a tragedy to be enjoying yourself and then stumble onto the horrifying realization that pages like MrTechnicalDifficult have completely infested Youtube with cancer. RIP Youtube.

  • Nilavan Vijayakumar - Churchville PS (1436)

    That thing is possess

  • Ollie
    Ollie Month ago

    Omg it's Moses🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Papyrus The Skeleton

    they found my doll

  • lianni hank
    lianni hank Month ago +1

    look is chuki

  • Dr. Upgradepie 2
    Dr. Upgradepie 2 Month ago

    This was freaking hilarious! Best Clickbait

  • Helen Pascoal
    Helen Pascoal Month ago

    se for boneca antiga possuída tu se fodeu

  • FlufflePufflefun4evs1206

    So... was some crazy doll lover trying to recreate Moses?

  • prathi prathu
    prathi prathu Month ago

    the dog never left the owner he went with him came back with him.. so many people there no one went along with him to see what's that.. so dog is great

  • qCoffeeq
    qCoffeeq Month ago

    ♡oh. y fluff what the heclk?♡

  • Nova&Thestars Miles

    I hope it's cocaine. Wow.

  • Aisaiah2012 Agustin

    nnooooooooo im not im die stopped the toy creepy get away go go get away 😩😩😩

  • Space Potato
    Space Potato Month ago

    nice thumbnail dick ur the click bait god

  • Mariano
    Mariano Month ago

    just a haubted dol

  • Yok Eng Lim
    Yok Eng Lim Month ago


  • Jaxine Dunn
    Jaxine Dunn Month ago


  • Aurora Mist
    Aurora Mist Month ago +3

    OMG AT 1:02 WHEN HE FLICKS THR CAMERA UP THERE IT A BLACK FIGURE IN THE DISTANCE PEEKING FROM THE BUSHES 0_o (pause during the split second when he flicks the camera upward)

    • CocaineWhiteCrocs
      CocaineWhiteCrocs 22 days ago

      Of course it is cuz its FAKE!!! meaning like they all KNEW like a prank.
      GOOOOOD EYE tho👁👁👁 1:03.

  • unicorn channel
    unicorn channel Month ago

    its a haunted doll

  • A Kid from Africa
    A Kid from Africa Month ago

    That doll is HAUNTED, that's why its covered in tape in the river!!!

  • SeriouslyAndTrulyMe

    There was a doll in the cooler 1:05

  • RiannaDoes
    RiannaDoes Month ago

    " I hope its cocain " speechless

  • The Fandom Master
    The Fandom Master Month ago

    Imagine if it was actually a possessed doll and they just opened up the only thing keeping it from killing all those people. It makes this story a lot more interesting.

  • Jasmine Jasmine
    Jasmine Jasmine Month ago +1

    This was uploaded on my b-d

  • Junie Johansson Chavez

    Just a doll

  • Brooke Courtwright
    Brooke Courtwright Month ago

    I think I know why the doll was in there cuz it could possibly be a haunted doll

  • Dena and Fia Ag dolls

    That's an American girl doll

  • Ariel Sziber
    Ariel Sziber Month ago

    What if its possessed and they put it out there for a reason

  • LaToya Lewis
    LaToya Lewis Month ago

    lol funny #thf

  • Universe Mudkip
    Universe Mudkip Month ago

    this is how horror movies start XD

  • Million Sherbert
    Million Sherbert Month ago

    anyone else here frome insta??😂😂😂

  • HuKPuK™
    HuKPuK™ Month ago

    Stupid Cunts

  • Galaxy Alex
    Galaxy Alex Month ago

    that dall is probably ment to stay in there for a scary reason

  • Thisguy
    Thisguy Month ago

    lol nice

  • Thisguy
    Thisguy Month ago

    lol nice

  • Itzz_ Dillz
    Itzz_ Dillz Month ago

    Click bait bruh I thought it was a dead baby

  • A07X5 NEver aGAI,N
    A07X5 NEver aGAI,N Month ago

    what a faker noob kill urself fuck ur mom

  • let us play minecraft

    That needs to be throwen to the sea

  • T Smith
    T Smith Month ago

    Annabelles brother

  • -_-
    -_- Month ago

    Sees mysterious box floating down river

    Why would you open it dude just why

  • ZombieCrusader
    ZombieCrusader Month ago

    Happy April Fools Day!!!
    *checks date*


    It was probably haunted

  • Tara R
    Tara R Month ago

    Previously on supernatural:

  • Phoebe Yu
    Phoebe Yu Month ago

    that is a creepy doll

  • Jordan Goodman
    Jordan Goodman Month ago

    its annabelle little brother 👱

  • Plucked Chicken
    Plucked Chicken Month ago

    And they all died shortly after.

  • O Fira
    O Fira Month ago

    It was like someone was SO desperate to get rid of it, they resorted to doing this. Instead of just burning it.

    ...We all know it's possessed or just a really good prank

  • Elizabeth Santillan

    well if it wasn't clickbait and someone actually put the doll in there and duct tape it the doll might have been possessed or something

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