Top WATER SLIDE Fails Compilation | Funny Vines

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  • aquib pasha
    aquib pasha 3 hours ago

    what the hell

  • Neo City77
    Neo City77 9 hours ago

    Those slow motion ones😂😂

  • Lissette Corona
    Lissette Corona 18 hours ago

    0:39 owwww

  • Nackies Passakorn
    Nackies Passakorn 1 day ago

    @1:50 emergency brake 😂😂😂

  • Isaiah- Roblox and more

    OMG SO FUNNY 10:31

  • ChallengeForThePeps


  • HAST - BoringContent

    3:39 professional pussy licker

  • Violet Gaze
    Violet Gaze 1 day ago

    Never ☺ or 😂 so not a good video

  • Layla Denham
    Layla Denham 2 days ago

    I will tell you from experience home made water slides are a lot more fun than store-bought water slides

  • Ally Marie
    Ally Marie 2 days ago

    All these people are examples of how i go through life lol 😂😊😊

  • Steve Johnson
    Steve Johnson 2 days ago

    lol at 6:17 I thought he died lol he wasn't moving 😂

  • flaming Turnip
    flaming Turnip 3 days ago

    All I see is spinal trauma

  • Nootmare likes Mettaton.

    I feel bad for everyone

  • Nurul Izzah Syafitri

    2:25 the girl didnt know wkwkwk

  • stephanie garcia
    stephanie garcia 4 days ago

    2:23 when the cool kids come and your inner kid goes away 😂

  • Elijah jordan
    Elijah jordan 4 days ago +1

    8:18 is me when I need to get out of my bouncer castle nightmare

  • Emily skycage
    Emily skycage 4 days ago

    3:25 he sounds like a Turkey

  • GaMiNG onion 123
    GaMiNG onion 123 5 days ago

    I wish these retards would stop laughing

  • Channel of Anything random

    Ay 1:43 he does a great pose

  • fuffybonbon 1
    fuffybonbon 1 5 days ago

    why do thy mostly show boys who get hurt

  • Stacy Fett
    Stacy Fett 5 days ago

    love your videos!!!!!

  • Maddy Hanson
    Maddy Hanson 5 days ago

    Hi can I dorow this video

  • Erik Renteria
    Erik Renteria 6 days ago

    00:40 😂😂

  • ;michelle ransom
    ;michelle ransom 6 days ago


  • ;michelle ransom
    ;michelle ransom 6 days ago


  • breezy panda
    breezy panda 6 days ago +3

    3:25 he sounded like a turkey 🦃😂😂😂😂

  • Tips 'n' Tec
    Tips 'n' Tec 7 days ago

    Is it me or REALY easy to get into a water slide video marathon?!

  • Debbie Wier
    Debbie Wier 7 days ago


  • Amy Harding
    Amy Harding 8 days ago

    6:21 😂😂😂🤦‍♀️

  • Vagabond Boutique
    Vagabond Boutique 8 days ago

    I felt bad for the guy who crashed into the fence

  • Rachel Goracke
    Rachel Goracke 8 days ago

    It seems like the aired up ones are the most dangerous

  • Rachel Goracke
    Rachel Goracke 8 days ago

    6:29 I feel bad for that kid

  • paul davison
    paul davison 8 days ago

    fat people have more fun

  • J Man
    J Man 8 days ago +1

    Pause the video then go to 6:48 lol

  • Tv Siêu Anh Hùng
    Tv Siêu Anh Hùng 9 days ago

    hay đó

  • Liza Creek
    Liza Creek 9 days ago

    Theses must have hurt a lot but I was there life disision

  • Ant Nol
    Ant Nol 9 days ago

    lol!!!those are some funny stuff

  • Aiden Fraz
    Aiden Fraz 10 days ago

    I mean I

  • Aiden Fraz
    Aiden Fraz 10 days ago

    If you heard said the can't get out! I need some help!

  • More Reactions
    More Reactions 10 days ago

    man them fucking squeaky slides burn my skin

  • Noor Alhadidi
    Noor Alhadidi 10 days ago

    that is not funny

  • Erwin Smith
    Erwin Smith 10 days ago


    I found a turkey.

  • Larry Henry
    Larry Henry 10 days ago

    who still watching in 2017

  • Maycee ann
    Maycee ann 10 days ago


  • sk8rgirl9403
    sk8rgirl9403 11 days ago +2

    At 3:25 the guy laughing sounds like a turkey

  • GoBlue576966
    GoBlue576966 11 days ago +1

    Too many hyenas behind the camera.

  • Saravanan Shanmugam
    Saravanan Shanmugam 12 days ago

    The kids always fall out

  • Dark Fischbach
    Dark Fischbach 12 days ago

    When mom fills up the water slide kids come running with swim suits and trunks then when parents go on... kids think its uncool. lol

  • Sports4 Life
    Sports4 Life 12 days ago

    OMG go to 7:48 is she okay!?!?!?!

  • BrianXD0807 Roblox, Geomtry dash, and more!

    Why do the dads have to ruin the water slides always?

  • Maj
    Maj 13 days ago

    9:25 girl in top left. "are you ok"

  • bija0501
    bija0501 13 days ago

    obesity and water slides are a perfect combination for a good laugh

  • Prinsesspopcorn Pop
    Prinsesspopcorn Pop 13 days ago

    why do all these kids that fall on their faces have perfect feet form

  • Eaglefeathergirl 28
    Eaglefeathergirl 28 13 days ago


  • Richard Melo
    Richard Melo 14 days ago

    Boa viagem

  • Tara Coleman
    Tara Coleman 14 days ago

    I feel as if the same middle aged woman is in every funny video, you hear that laugh in every video and it just makes it that more funny 😂

  • Brian Gillick
    Brian Gillick 14 days ago

    4:56 he got knocked the fuck out!!! DAAAMMMM

  • Odell 4
    Odell 4 14 days ago +1

    camrea man is ass

  • Ivonnna felisha
    Ivonnna felisha 15 days ago

    09.11 LOL

  • Maddie Amos
    Maddie Amos 15 days ago

    why why do people think this is shiny I mean it's should be freaking funny how these fails Are

  • LivingCheerStyle 11
    LivingCheerStyle 11 15 days ago

    8:04 to 8:09 LMAO!!

  • Tom
    Tom 15 days ago

    yawn...haha...fat drunk entertaining.

  • Megan Mitchell
    Megan Mitchell 15 days ago

    You sound do a video of Bouncy Castle

    JORDAN 16 days ago

    its funny how most of these are adults on kid slides

  • lkjyuiop
    lkjyuiop 17 days ago

    I want to go to water park stoned I love chubby girls

  • Slime Girl
    Slime Girl 17 days ago

    Not to be harsh but the adults a pretty stupid and I feel bad for the kids too

  • GoryTarrafa
    GoryTarrafa 17 days ago

    4:50 first time full splits :DDD

  • Yoly Perez
    Yoly Perez 18 days ago


  • Rekell Simmons
    Rekell Simmons 18 days ago

    lol I bet won't do it again

  • Louella Simpson
    Louella Simpson 18 days ago

    omg lol o my god laugh out loud

  • Flo Bauer
    Flo Bauer 19 days ago +1

    3:40 that nigga eatin' ass?

  • Ravi Sharma
    Ravi Sharma 19 days ago

    too funny loved it

  • Derek Martinez
    Derek Martinez 19 days ago +1

    9:48 got me dead

  • awesome _erika
    awesome _erika 19 days ago +2

    when adults are drunk this happens:)

  • Michael Bisceglia
    Michael Bisceglia 19 days ago

    A man Sued another man years ago because he thought he was chocking and tried to save his life by performing the Heimlich maneuver on him. It turned out the man just laughed like a cat being tortured or something and he sounded like he Was chocking. The man who was trying to save his life! Broke one of his rib in the process so from then you have to Ask the person if they're chocking! Like they can answer you. So they had to make the universal sight for it.all that time wasted when the person could die. Sorry for the educational message. Lol. It's just the way some of these people laugh sounds like they're having a heart attack or chocking. There should be classes at grammar school on how to laugh . 😂

  • Michael Bisceglia
    Michael Bisceglia 19 days ago

    Or guys who sound like hyenas. When you laugh you should laugh and have fun but some people just go way too far.

  • Michael Bisceglia
    Michael Bisceglia 19 days ago

    Don't you just love woman who cackle like witches when they laugh. Makes my eardrums so happy 😁.

  • Happy Cupcake26
    Happy Cupcake26 19 days ago +10

    this is Timmy 🐠
    Timmy is tiny
    1 like - 1 inch

  • A Random Wombat
    A Random Wombat 20 days ago

    These arnt vines

  • Greg Wallace
    Greg Wallace 20 days ago

    @4:48 I can't believe those things did not flop out?

  • The lonesome Courier
    The lonesome Courier 20 days ago +5

    Please don't reply or like

  • Rejhan Kurtovic
    Rejhan Kurtovic 20 days ago


  • Lazy The Wolf
    Lazy The Wolf 22 days ago

    4:51 atleast she learned a split

  • RealityIsTheNow
    RealityIsTheNow 22 days ago

    Fat people on waterslides. Bad idea. Physics, remember? Fatties? Remember physics?

  • Ps4Cl1pz
    Ps4Cl1pz 22 days ago

    That kid was enjoying that view 3:40

  • Cristian Membreno
    Cristian Membreno 22 days ago

    who else is watching this because ur going to a water slides party!!!!!

  • DaInsaneNerd
    DaInsaneNerd 23 days ago

    There's not many things hat make me laugh out loud and this vid is one of them

  • Kevin Solo
    Kevin Solo 24 days ago +1

    4:55 that kid knocked himself the fuck out.

  • CLEnforcer
    CLEnforcer 24 days ago

    Why are there so many fat people in Amerika??

  • Dance Moms
    Dance Moms 24 days ago +1

    I feel kinda bad for the kids you know? Most of these are their inflatable slides that they're breaking 😂

  • Ash G
    Ash G 25 days ago

    haw is this funny no

  • dave101t
    dave101t 25 days ago

    every other clip is a fat, stupid, american. i should have known....pass.

  • Hermione Granger
    Hermione Granger 25 days ago +1

    Most of these probably started with "here hold my beer"

  • Derpyv23
    Derpyv23 26 days ago

    americans are stupid

    ALLYSA JACKSON 26 days ago

    that last guy but yeah this is going to be a awesome compilation video u were right

  • Katie Duhr
    Katie Duhr 26 days ago

    Pause at 6:48 🤣

  • Vashuni 129 productions

    All of these: My life

  • Eva Eva Masie Shaw
    Eva Eva Masie Shaw 27 days ago +4

    HAHA Pause at 6:48

  • Raffy Lumugdan
    Raffy Lumugdan 27 days ago

    stop at 6:48

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