Korean Magic Straight perm on 4a-4b afro-textured hair and air dry

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    SALON: Family Hair Shop located in Itaewon.
    HELLO GUYS!!! SO!!!! Some people have been asking about my hair ever since I got the Magic perm! Im happy that it looks so good! LOL!! But I love this perm! I cant live without it now!

    I got it about 1 month ago at a hair salon called Family Hair shop located in itaewon. it costs about 200$ for my hair. After it grows out and the roots need to be touched up it will run between 40-60$.

    The process was quite long for me since I have African American/Black hair. The Korean perm is like the Japanese straightening and the thermal reconditioning treatments. They just wash your hair and then apply some solution to break the bonds. Then they wash and flat iron it and reform the bonds on the flat ironed hair. So it's also very similar to a curly perm except rods are not used, and instead the flat iron is used to create the desired hair shape.

    The main thing that I wanted to know before I got the perm was, will it dry pin straight with my hair texture?!? The answer is partially. Its straight enough that I can just wear it out. It can also be straightened by blowdrying with a round brush. Its very soft and shiny, and SOOO EASY TO MANAGE NOW!!

    Before it took me 2 hours or so to flat iron and blow dry my hair.. not its takes less than 30 minutes. Also, now I don't have to rely on heat tools to style it. I can braid it at night and have a heatless wave/curl in the morning. I am SUPER GRATEFUL FOR THAT!! BEcause heat tools used on a regular basis are damaging, and because they are so damaging and it takes too much time to do my hair, didn't straighten it that often. Now I can have straight and easy to manage hair every day.

    ALSO!! The rain is no longer my enemy! I AM GRATEFUL FOR THAT!! My hair is pretty much straight when it dries..so the rain cannot ruin it.

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  • Thaliana Paul
    Thaliana Paul 12 hours ago

    Your hair is not 4a or 4b it is not an afro texture

  • Terese Berry
    Terese Berry 7 days ago

    gomabseubnida megan❤

  • Indiegirl007
    Indiegirl007 11 days ago

    Girl, this sounds terrifying to me. All of that blow drying and chemicals, and then repeating it, and then having it STUCK like that.......I'll just stick to my flat iron and continue avoiding the rain and humidity. Which is hard. Because I live in Houston.....which is basically swamp territory....so....very humid. :-|

  • Qara Anna
    Qara Anna 17 days ago

    What is It??? You haven't shown the product or done a demonstration.

  • w leonard
    w leonard 23 days ago

    u are so funny

  • kiera
    kiera 25 days ago

    lmao um do other countries not have this??? bc in australia we've had permanently straightened hair for quite a while...

  • lexus4u82
    lexus4u82 1 month ago

    I need this 😩

  • Ananya Neralla
    Ananya Neralla 1 month ago

    In the beginning:
    me: She couldv'e used Willow's " whip my hair"🙎
    At the end:
    me: I knew she wasn't a disappointment for sure...😏

  • Technews
    Technews 1 month ago

    Meg, when are you gonna rock the Afro?

  • Patrick Russell
    Patrick Russell 1 month ago

    Well, I hope she marries a handsome guy and they have beautiful kids together.

  • alexis Flowers
    alexis Flowers 1 month ago

    coming to this video because i almost forgot how you looked with long hair love ya regardless😄

  • Tahany Zaki
    Tahany Zaki 1 month ago

    Is it possible for bleached colored hair my hair is afro also

  • Symone Rumay
    Symone Rumay 2 months ago

    Its 3a

  • Symone Rumay
    Symone Rumay 2 months ago

    Your hair is not 4a or 4b

  • kelly Goodman
    kelly Goodman 2 months ago

    they should do this in America it's a damn shame people are still doing perm the same way

  • J. Murdock
    J. Murdock 2 months ago

    What was the song in the beginning?

  • MsAlexCCS
    MsAlexCCS 2 months ago

    I loved your curly hair. :/

  • Keyla Salas
    Keyla Salas 2 months ago

    i died when you ripped that bag open😂😂

  • Soleil Agresta
    Soleil Agresta 2 months ago

    I really need this omg
    I'm black and white and my hair is very thick and curly and it's just very out of control when it's natural and I don't know how to deal with it so I always have my hair straight. I straighten my hair so much my hair probably has so much heat damage which isn't good
    :( sometimes I wish my hair was permanently straight because it's better to handle. Hopefully in America they have this one day because I would definitely get it and will make my life much easier.
    On the other hand though my family likes my curly hair especially my grandma and she wants to see me have curly hair but I always have it straight :/

  • SaySiiryn
    SaySiiryn 2 months ago

    As this intro is bringing back memories from when I first subscribed to you haha

  • glucose
    glucose 3 months ago

    I had a feeling you were black but I didn't know for sure

  • Feyre Archeron
    Feyre Archeron 3 months ago

    Wait so this is permanent and stays
    I know u have to get touch ups but it's permanent??

  • hamidah duffus
    hamidah duffus 3 months ago

    Is this like a relaxer?

  • Miranda Priest
    Miranda Priest 3 months ago +2

    I love how people are complaining about people commenting she doesn't look black but, I don't see any of those comments.

  • J M
    J M 4 months ago

    Beautiful ♡

  • cheezz67
    cheezz67 4 months ago

    I love yr original hair!!!!

  • Dottie Jamison
    Dottie Jamison 4 months ago

    you look like Lisa raye

  • Yo Yo
    Yo Yo 4 months ago

    I just love you for who you are. I don't care about your race or the color of your skin. I just love you! You're so lovable!!!
    I really wanna meet you someday! Keep doing you!

  • TimeLIZZ Beauty
    TimeLIZZ Beauty 4 months ago

    I want my hair straightened with that magic perm 😍😍 .. can it be used on wavy frizzy hair??

  • Luis Burgos
    Luis Burgos 4 months ago

    She reminds me of Alicia Keys, very beautiful 😄

  • murph dirty75
    murph dirty75 4 months ago

    sit on my face

  • Amanda Orly
    Amanda Orly 5 months ago

    love them earrings

  • Amanda Orly
    Amanda Orly 5 months ago

    girl, that intro tew long...merr

  • Cerise Min
    Cerise Min 5 months ago

    Till this day I want to know what the song in the beginning is 😭😭😭

  • Sophia Kim
    Sophia Kim 5 months ago

    Do you still go to the same salon?

  • Monalefae
    Monalefae 6 months ago +1

    You look black...we come in all shades guh! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾💁🏾💁🏽💁🏿💁🏼💁🏻

  • Esperanza 9264
    Esperanza 9264 6 months ago +1

    I miss this Megan.

  • Shylah Simms
    Shylah Simms 6 months ago +1

    she should have gone with the liscio treatment. It is way more effective even for African American hair types. she is even more blessed to be mixed.

    • Teylor N
      Teylor N 5 months ago

      Ok but don't think someone is blessed or is better due to ethnicity. When you think this you only put yourself and other blacks down. There is nothing better about being mixed black than full.

    • Shylah Simms
      Shylah Simms 5 months ago

      Teylor N I am not saying that she is beautiful only because she is mixed. honestly, I have a lot of mixed friends and some of them are not beautiful. My best friend is mixed and she wishes that she had straight hair and she is paler than this girl.(sorry, I momentarily forgot her name......Megan right???😅)

    • Teylor N
      Teylor N 5 months ago

      Shylah Simms yes it was addressed to you.

    • Shylah Simms
      Shylah Simms 5 months ago

      Teylor N was this being directed to me? 😋. I wasn't sure since my name was not mentioned. or was thus a general comment?

  • Amsiri
    Amsiri 6 months ago

    Is this perm like keratine?

  • Elizabeth Knecht
    Elizabeth Knecht 6 months ago

    beginning song?

  • Helen Blakovich
    Helen Blakovich 6 months ago

    I love you...you're so funny!

  • Infiniti Shrum
    Infiniti Shrum 6 months ago

    how long does it stay straight? ? ? ?

    • Joanne Otineru
      Joanne Otineru 6 months ago

      Infiniti Shrum it stays straight forever until the roots grow out, which you will need a touch up to permanently straightness the roots.

  • MsBlackoreanlady
    MsBlackoreanlady 6 months ago

    I'm just seeing this! Girl the shopping bag is REAL! Hilarious but daaaaang your hair was long too. You keep talking about my hair! Yours was so long. I like both lengths on you though. Is this similar to a relaxer? Like if I wanted my natural curly hair back I would have to do the big chop and let it grow out?

  • Ice Queen
    Ice Queen 6 months ago +1

    00:00 Song??

  • MsShana G
    MsShana G 6 months ago

    any updates on this perm
    forgive me if answered, I just subscribed

  • jjmusiclover3
    jjmusiclover3 6 months ago

    Lolll I miss this intro sm

  • Rae Hoon
    Rae Hoon 6 months ago

    If i perm my hair. Shit ill be Bald as a clean crystal sphere

  • Monique Smith
    Monique Smith 7 months ago +1

    no suh thing as looking black

  • Kamra Arrington
    Kamra Arrington 7 months ago

    this seems similar to blowout or keratin treatment.

  • Butterflyfly away emoji

    You do look black because you talk and act like one

  • jd jade
    jd jade 7 months ago

    Oh this explains

  • Rine 문선영
    Rine 문선영 7 months ago

    Can your hair revert to your natural state?

    • Joanne Otineru
      Joanne Otineru 6 months ago

      Rine 문선영 no, the only reason it'll ever revert back to its natural state is that the person that gave you service didn't perm your hair properly. OR your roots are growing out, which you might want to re-touch up on if you want your hair to continue to be straight.

  • PrincessKoriandr
    PrincessKoriandr 7 months ago +1

    Bag on the head when it rain? #BlackGirlProblems

  • petitefraise
    petitefraise 8 months ago +3

    I wish EVERYONE could chill about the race crap. She obviously has mixed ethnicities in her bloodline..can we leave it to that??? Why argue about someone else's bloodline..if she claims black then ok, if not then who the hell cares. Her hair looks good.

  • Butterflyfly away emoji

    The natural straight perm is here in New Zealand

  • Butterflyfly away emoji
    Butterflyfly away emoji 8 months ago +2

    I can still see some of Meghan's curly bush side burns

  • Jonathan Telles
    Jonathan Telles 8 months ago +1

    people saying she looks black are so self hating and delusional

  • classychrizzi99
    classychrizzi99 8 months ago

    I love your skin color. It has a natural yellow undertone and not too pale. That lip gloss is perfect.

  • Nabil Valenzuela
    Nabil Valenzuela 8 months ago +1

    hahahahahahah you're so "stupidly" funny... I love you <3

  • Jennifer Slambert
    Jennifer Slambert 8 months ago +3

    Hi I know this video is old, but can this be done on previously relaxed hair?

    • Jonathan Telles
      Jonathan Telles 8 months ago

      I'm not a hair stylist and I have only relaxed my hair once (I'm currently embracing my curls) but I'm pretty sure relaxed hair is not compatible with any other chemicals

    • Jennifer Slambert
      Jennifer Slambert 8 months ago

      Jonathan Tellers, if I may ask: Are you a hairstylist or have you experienced this before?

    • Jonathan Telles
      Jonathan Telles 8 months ago

      i doubt that

  • MrK
    MrK 8 months ago

    Are you black?

  • Joshua Witcher
    Joshua Witcher 8 months ago

    Yo fine ass

  • The lifeof Jonnelleoh TV

    do you monetize your videos?

  • love jones
    love jones 9 months ago +16

    when your hair is in natural state you looked like a regular lightskin. The straight hair you can tell you are biracial but it just looks like you took more of the Caucasian genes but you still look mixed.

    • AnastasiaLUVSU
      AnastasiaLUVSU 3 months ago

      J J She lives in freaky ass Asia. blame them.

    • AnastasiaLUVSU
      AnastasiaLUVSU 3 months ago

      NICOLE LEWIS She's actually 65% brown. she's predominately brown. Which is what she's been telling haters all long.

      NICOLE LEWIS 4 months ago

      Based on the ancestry DNA Yt videos, I highly doubt she's 90% black. It's funny, because in the black community you can be considered absolutely black even if your lineage is a multi generational mix. Back in the day, some black only married other blacks who were noticeably mixed. It's akin to present day biracials only marrying each other for 100 years. So, in cases like these it's not just cut and dry or it doesn't mean if she's not biracial, then she's not mixed.

    • iAmB2stful
      iAmB2stful 5 months ago

      love jones for the

    • love jones
      love jones 6 months ago

      Danaija Robinson you are a month late and never read the comments before yours

  • Choi Haneul
    Choi Haneul 9 months ago

    Is there any place that does this in Japan ? For African textured hair ?

  • Shalea Shaw
    Shalea Shaw 9 months ago +3

    Wow your hair is beautiful both ways so lovely!

  • ExoAmiK
    ExoAmiK 10 months ago

    it looks great is it the same as a relaxer in America? because relaxers just make ur heart straight but stuff but urs is Bella silky

  • Sherwet Mhd
    Sherwet Mhd 10 months ago

    Hi! Please make an update video! Does it dry out hair? Does it cause hair fall? does this treatment use chemicals? Also does it include ammonia? (I am allergic) :) thank you!

  • Sassy Sassou
    Sassy Sassou 10 months ago

    I miss the old intro T.T

  • Heidi Hardisson
    Heidi Hardisson 11 months ago

    are you from north Africa?

  • Kameron Green
    Kameron Green 11 months ago +8

    you look like rashida jones

  • boop the snoot
    boop the snoot 11 months ago

    does it damage your hair?
    and can I buy it online?


    This was uploaded one day after BTS's debut T__T

  • StarShine
    StarShine 11 months ago

    3:51 I can tell u really like LaToya Forever 😂😂

  • Dylan Summers
    Dylan Summers 11 months ago +1

    When she fell in the beginning, I died laughing. I subscribed. I love her personality in her videos. :D

  • James Mathews
    James Mathews 11 months ago

    don't get weirded out by the name this is my brothers youtube... but you're so inspiring. you're a black girl like me living in korea and you picked up the language and everything and it seems that you're assimilating well. I'd love to do the same thing one day

  • Bonnie Vent
    Bonnie Vent 1 year ago +1

    this is so bad for your hair... in a few years you will see your hair thinning out..Trust

    • ButterfleeEllie
      ButterfleeEllie 11 months ago

      +Stephanie Ventura"in a few years you will see your hair thinning out..Trust" this is what I was responding to. OBVIOUSLY your hair pattern will change if you chemically alter it.... 

    • Bonnie Vent
      Bonnie Vent 11 months ago

      +ButterfleeEllie As a hairstylist exposing your scalp/hair to ANY chemicals gradually damages the scalp and alters your hair pattern

    • ButterfleeEllie
      ButterfleeEllie 11 months ago

      my mom is 55 and has permed her hair since she was in her 20's. Her hair is super thick and super healthy. No split ends, no breakage.. she has to cut it all the time because it grows so fast and she doesn't like it long anymore.

      Its not the same for everybody, you cant speak about how somone elses hair will react to things.

  • Hasana Guzmán
    Hasana Guzmán 1 year ago

    Is it permanent?

  • Gloria Xu
    Gloria Xu 1 year ago +2

    you look so so so good with bangs!! (and without them too! ;) )

  • Tsubaki hanazono
    Tsubaki hanazono 1 year ago

    I've been going through the comments but now I'm more confused than when I started. For one, I don't even know my hair type what is 2b or 3a? (just curious) and how does the korean magic work? I heard its permanent but in what way since you still blow it out after drying(?). And does it or does it not damage your hair because general census here says it does.

  • ms wasabi
    ms wasabi 1 year ago

    we are just crazy, love it.

  • Kany Touray
    Kany Touray 1 year ago

    is this like a relaxer? and is it chemicals?

    • Joanne Otineru
      Joanne Otineru 5 months ago

      +Kany Touray yep, it'll kill the curls until your roots start to regrow, which we reveal new curls. Meaning you'll have to get a touch up which will take away the new curls from the roots.

    • Kany Touray
      Kany Touray 6 months ago

      So will it kill the natural curls?

    • Joanne Otineru
      Joanne Otineru 6 months ago

      Kany Touray its not a relaxer, and yes it is chemicals.

  • iñes
    iñes 1 year ago +85

    She looks black to me, just light skinned, similar to Alicia Keys in my opinion.

    • iñes
      iñes 2 months ago

      petitefraise and looks pretty darn black...

    • AnastasiaLUVSU
      AnastasiaLUVSU 2 months ago

      Southpaw Correction. her mother is mixed.

    • Southpaw
      Southpaw 4 months ago

      petitefraise Jonathan Telles

      And so is Megan... her parents are mixed.....

    • petitefraise
      petitefraise 8 months ago

      Similar To alicia keys lol, alicia keys is biracial so...lol...

  • Melissa Mixes
    Melissa Mixes 1 year ago +2

    When you said two hundred thousand I was like damn girl that's must be some good stuff lol
    Then of course you stated what it was US dollars

  • anny shi
    anny shi 1 year ago

    I want to cut your bang for you… during the entire video I feel like oh it's about to stick into your eyes!

  • Nikki 7
    Nikki 7 1 year ago +4

    You said you don't "look black" but you do look Black! 😂 In fact, the ONLY reason I've been watching your videos for the last 30min is because I thought it was so cool to see a black girl living in Korea!

    • Joao Mahmud
      Joao Mahmud 8 months ago

      +ياسمين ! Exactly! Me neither.

    • NeverHadPorkB4 !
      NeverHadPorkB4 ! 8 months ago

      Joao Mahmud I wouldn't have known she was black if she didn't say...

    • Joao Mahmud
      Joao Mahmud 9 months ago

      Nikki 7 She definitely is not the usual look of a "Black American" girl. So, in a place like South Korea, they would not even think she was Black at all.

  • Dunlei 16
    Dunlei 16 1 year ago

    Just got your hair relaxed lmao.

  • Yandere Sama
    Yandere Sama 1 year ago

    this actually made me consider getting that perm o-o

  • Yehet
    Yehet 1 year ago

    Will you need touch ups if your hair isnt curly?

  • jellybeanz
    jellybeanz 1 year ago

    Megan, have you heard of the Japanese magic straight perm?.How is it different from the Korean style magic straight perm?

  • Unicorn Tacos
    Unicorn Tacos 1 year ago +6

    You look black, what are people saying.

  • Nia E.
    Nia E. 1 year ago +5

    Girl you look black to me. You look like my auntie 😂😂😂

  • Blasian Princess
    Blasian Princess 1 year ago +146

    That has not shit to do with it . My cousin looks completely white . But her dad is dark skinned black . But her papers at the doctor say "African American" her hair feels like a white persom when straight . Same with my other cousin that is mixed with Colombian . I'm also black Asian /south Korean and Puerto Rican but people think I'm ALL black . Even though it's a nationality, my mother doesn't look black she looks Puerto Rican , Anyways y'all are ignorant lmao trying to "unblack" her
    Anyways I don't feel like correcting my misspelled words. So I'm done with this ! Great video !

    • love jones
      love jones 5 months ago

      Lizzie Beth If thats you, you look black. You mad or nahhhh? lol. Girl Bye with that self hating coon ish. I didn't even read any of that garbage from you and lamb chop commenting.

    • Blasian Princess
      Blasian Princess 5 months ago

      Sappy Lam no.

    • Blasian Princess
      Blasian Princess 5 months ago

      Lizzie Beth and actually they do. Mexicans aren't even Mexicans as a nationality. They're races combined 😂 Puerto Rican's too

    • Blasian Princess
      Blasian Princess 5 months ago

      Lizzie Beth it didn't come from man. It came from god . I never said races can from other races how about re reading what the fuck I said , I said where it all started from . And that's Africa

    • Lizzie Beth
      Lizzie Beth 5 months ago

      +love jones First you need to learn the difference between scientific fact and pseudoscience. What you are spouting is pseudoscience. There are no pictures of Africans living in Mexico prior to Columbus. Paintings of dark skin, statues of thick lips do not equate Negroid or Sub Saharan African. Mansa Musa did not go to the America's before Native Americans.....I can't believe you just said something that makes no rational sense. And trust me boo...I know the difference between a lightskinned black and a light-skinned Puerto Rican, Dominican and any other Latina. Let these folks get up and win an African American beauty pageant or try to represent black beauty and black Americans will be the first to holla hell naw! We wanna claim any and everyone but don't want them reppin us. And yes I am black! By your account Rachel Dolezal should have been allowed to be African American but you see black folks weren't having all that!

      Do I think blacks were running in jungles....Interesting choice of words coming from a Black person. But anyway, I study Africa extensively and know the history and culture. So I know they weren't running in jungles! That was Your own Freudian slip right there..... that's what you think cause you, like many other self hating Black Americans don't know nothing about Africa! You're too busy running from Africa and trying to claim anything but Africans! You just proved that in your post!

      +Bladian Latina Princess​ No race comes from another race. God would never give man that kinda power. The races are a result of adaptation through natural selection or mother nature. Native Americans, Chinese, Japanese, Melanesians etc do not and have never had Negroid DNA. We as a black American really need to place a huge emphasis on science so we won't make such errors!

  • Jajajaja Pre
    Jajajaja Pre 1 year ago

    I like how your always so open and crazy, that's why I immediately subscribed!

  • Grizel Rivera
    Grizel Rivera 1 year ago

    I need this in my life! my hair is so thick and curly. it drives me nuts. I would love for it to be straight like yours and coming out of the shower still somewhat straight would be amazing!

  • Bea Mz
    Bea Mz 1 year ago

    they need to bring it to Germany 😱😱😍😍

  • Y/N
    Y/N 1 year ago

    The bag! The bag! I'm dying!

  • Aiden
    Aiden 1 year ago

    How long does it last? Showering doesn't curl it anymore or ?

    • GiraffeArt x
      GiraffeArt x 1 year ago

      +ishwaq liban nope it dries straight

    • ishwaq liban
      ishwaq liban 1 year ago

      yeah doesn't washing your hair with water make it curly again

  • Lanie Valentine
    Lanie Valentine 1 year ago

    omg I never thought she was black I thought she was like Hispanic or something lol

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