The Lost And Damned Plane Cheat

  • Added:  8 years ago
  • I Found A Plane That You Can Fly....
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  • Runtime: 2:33
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  • Supporter
    Supporter 6 years ago

    i looked at my cheats and there is no plane cheat why?

  • Rajvir Singh
    Rajvir Singh 6 years ago

    fukin spanish people

  • G Filipelli
    G Filipelli 6 years ago

    @mrcaidenwebb hes on the pc so dont even bother

  • Bruno Graça
    Bruno Graça 6 years ago

    its ps3 or pc pd3 its online

  • DriftUltimatum
    DriftUltimatum 6 years ago

    just like in SA

  • Betaplayer366
    Betaplayer366 6 years ago

    It's a mod.

  • xaviercf09
    xaviercf09 6 years ago

    WTF at 1:38

  • Jacqueline Jarrell
    Jacqueline Jarrell 6 years ago

    how the hell did you do that?

  • LilxXR3APXx
    LilxXR3APXx 6 years ago

    "Dont Fuck up the first 3 time like i did" haha nice

  • VuurwerkNieuwegein
    VuurwerkNieuwegein 6 years ago

    where i can find it ?

  • bob obbob
    bob obbob 6 years ago

    its the gta sa plane
    memories of crashing that into a building

  • DCO Nightingale
    DCO Nightingale 6 years ago

    Of course it's a mod -.-

  • #DIESEL 2
    #DIESEL 2 6 years ago

    @MrLukeHD i think that its some kind of plane made by r star for multiplayer NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111

  • Keenan Devontae Sharif

    lame ass vid

  • Keenan Devontae Sharif

    any one gay

  • Harris Cole
    Harris Cole 6 years ago

    howed u get that

  • BigMike
    BigMike 6 years ago

    @MyTim1999 des isn mod sieht man doch :D

  • tom53332
    tom53332 6 years ago

    how did you get this to work? what mods did you use?

  • Sacto911
    Sacto911 6 years ago

    i was really expecting to be rick rolled. lol o the irony, the one time i was expecting to be rick rolled and i wasnt

  • Rainingblood180
    Rainingblood180 6 years ago

    ok,, weres the cheat?

  • Ross Watson
    Ross Watson 6 years ago

    i want this

  • Cqub3
    Cqub3 6 years ago

    AT LEAST Tell us how!!

  • Lee Marriott
    Lee Marriott 6 years ago

    ye right like u would be able to fly a plane that that and how come its not making any noise

  • Robert Cameron
    Robert Cameron 7 years ago


  • CJThorn
    CJThorn 7 years ago

    @SS09998 its not a cheat its a mod

  • SB Swagger #99
    SB Swagger #99 7 years ago

    whats the phone # of the cheat

  • Look
    Look 7 years ago

    A plane? That has the movements of an ovni

  • ArtemPL
    ArtemPL 7 years ago

    simple native player model adder -.- fuck u...!

  • ron19961
    ron19961 7 years ago

    Is what number of this code?

  • Leo781100
    Leo781100 7 years ago

    how the hell do u do this?

  • tonycool45636
    tonycool45636 7 years ago

    how u do cheat

  • thersaun18
    thersaun18 7 years ago

    Were did u get the plane can u do this on ps3

  • Andreas17fly
    Andreas17fly 7 years ago

    How did you do this?!

  • Edris Delveccio
    Edris Delveccio 7 years ago

    please tell me how to get this !!!

  • Mf Bras
    Mf Bras 7 years ago

    @thebeastybeast1 me to :o

  • Riley35271cp
    Riley35271cp 7 years ago


  • John Golden
    John Golden 7 years ago

    Its a helicoptor with mods

  • Dan Starns
    Dan Starns 7 years ago

    @PlaystationArchfiend GTA : IV :)

  • TheSlayerman7
    TheSlayerman7 7 years ago

    that plane is very zippy

  • chickenballs963
    chickenballs963 7 years ago


  • Lucas Kozynski
    Lucas Kozynski 7 years ago

    Comment a tu fais pour le conduire ?

  • Lipton
    Lipton 7 years ago

    @thebeastybeast1 omg

  • Nich Rigga

    why the fuck there are no flyable planes in gta iv? there were many of them in san andreas and now rockstar fucjed it up !!

  • Edris Delveccio
    Edris Delveccio 7 years ago

    Whats the cheat???????????????

  • Stormrage123
    Stormrage123 7 years ago

    @812dan No cheat it's a mod.

  • Nokitfer
    Nokitfer 7 years ago

    @teamup2 You forgot to say that the car flies :)

  • luna violet
    luna violet 7 years ago

    wish it was on xbox (mod)

  • driverjackboy
    driverjackboy 7 years ago

    ok lol

  • JMazterV112
    JMazterV112 7 years ago

    1:40 (pause) WTF!

    LKRTM 7 years ago

    @driverjackboy A car with MODS!!!!

  • driverjackboy
    driverjackboy 7 years ago

    if its a car with a mod how come it can fly :S

  • MegaSkaterDog
    MegaSkaterDog 7 years ago

    There is no cheat code you fuckin dick suckers

  • saxplayer07
    saxplayer07 7 years ago

    Whats the cheat codes you dickweed?!?

  • Michael K
    Michael K 7 years ago

    fucken dickhead malaka....

  • Dones Vienna
    Dones Vienna 7 years ago

    And where is the cheat where is the plane!???

  • joedude967
    joedude967 7 years ago

    obviously not a plane but it looks fucking sweet

  • ShawnieBoii21
    ShawnieBoii21 7 years ago

    @xMani389x yea, TLAD is fun but theres like dirt on your screen all the time for the rough look but that annoys me, and plus TBoGT has better stuff

  • ShawnieBoii21
    ShawnieBoii21 7 years ago

    @xMani389x yea, i like gta because even when u beat the game its fun to fuck with taxis and shoot cops,

    and when you get an episode GET THE BALLAD OF GAY TONY ITS WAY BETTER THAN TLAD

  • SimpleNEasy
    SimpleNEasy 7 years ago

    @mentallywhacked San andreassux -.- GTA IV OWNZ San Andreas :P

  • ShawnieBoii21
    ShawnieBoii21 7 years ago

    @conradcicero do u speak english much?

  • ShawnieBoii21
    ShawnieBoii21 7 years ago

    @xMani389x lol no its not

  • cameron downey
    cameron downey 7 years ago

    @conradcicero first its a mod second u dont even know how to spell real

  • Selim Tansel
    Selim Tansel 7 years ago

    comment ta fais sa tu peut me le dire stp???

  • Beau Van Eijk
    Beau Van Eijk 7 years ago

    omg where is it ..???????????

  • in heaven
    in heaven 7 years ago

    @Aquariusthehunter whats wrong with you???, look ant gta sandreas, u can land better than here, thats what i tryed to say, these days there are alot of angry peoples :/

  • Aquariusthehunter
    Aquariusthehunter 7 years ago

    @gytis156 STFU sheesh people used to think it was impposible for a human to fly LOOK AT US NOW WE HAVE HELICOPTERS AND PLANES BESIDES ITSS....AAAAAAA.....FRIIIICKEEEEN.....GAAAAAAAME

  • jengofrett
    jengofrett 7 years ago

    Respond to this video...
    should have crashed it

  • The111Company
    The111Company 7 years ago

    this might be on the might be a not on PS3 or on X BOX 360

  • Mihai Barbu
    Mihai Barbu 7 years ago

    where did you find it?

  • Tre' Black
    Tre' Black 7 years ago

    run into the empire state

  • in heaven
    in heaven 7 years ago

    its impossible to land normal with plane like that

  • Teamup
    Teamup 7 years ago

    yep its a car disguised as a plane with mods

  • Jamie Thomson
    Jamie Thomson 7 years ago


  • Rhys Tudur Davies
    Rhys Tudur Davies 7 years ago

    pc mod probably

  • Ariel Chavez
    Ariel Chavez 7 years ago

    wow is this francis intertanal

  • Illusive Prime
    Illusive Prime 7 years ago

    @LilThrillaGorilla They used a Trainer.

  • LilThrillaGorilla
    LilThrillaGorilla 7 years ago


  • Andreas TV
    Andreas TV 7 years ago

    when i go to airport how i can drive this?

  • Shredfordayzz
    Shredfordayzz 7 years ago

    can u do this on ps3?

  • Mya
    Mya 7 years ago

    How do you do that?

  • bimpinsam
    bimpinsam 7 years ago

    but how ?!?!?!?!?

  • Nelafix
    Nelafix 7 years ago

    Yeah, I rememeber doing something like this, I used trainers to get a car + I had changed handling on that one, I spawned an airplane on it, then I made me and the car invisible and I flought.

  • HLGShanDai
    HLGShanDai 7 years ago

    Huh. That aeroplane seems suspiciously responsive. And fast. And takes off in about 3 seconds.

  • michaeldemasi
    michaeldemasi 7 years ago

    san andreas

  • TheEmeraldGamingLeague

    its a mod

  • Ramon Pangan
    Ramon Pangan 7 years ago

    hey, i think you forgot to put your wheels up..

  • Marcos Andrade
    Marcos Andrade 7 years ago

    What's a mod

  • Jake Reid
    Jake Reid 7 years ago

    u guys its not a cheat its a mod

  • Maxim M
    Maxim M 7 years ago

    It's a Helicopter!

  • scotttinastephens
    scotttinastephens 7 years ago

    this is on the pc how come pc gets better things then xbox360 and all that it's just not fair that we have to go buy the pc just to fly a plane with out useing mod .

  • Chemizt.
    Chemizt. 7 years ago

    Ok if you notice he's not able to turn the plane completely around/ Upside down and also what he did is he got the plane skin from gta SA and put it over a helicopter on GTA IV.
    pretty simple mod,

  • embraceforever21
    embraceforever21 7 years ago

    nice mod, u should put it up for download

  • Emmanuel Leon Colon
    Emmanuel Leon Colon 7 years ago

    what line do i have to copy?!

  • Emmanuel Leon Colon
    Emmanuel Leon Colon 7 years ago


  • Ricy013
    Ricy013 7 years ago

    how i can play this airplane at OFFLINE modus?!

  • Andreas Myklebust
    Andreas Myklebust 7 years ago


  • Viikkasota
    Viikkasota 7 years ago

    Where do you found the learjet skin? or are you using trainer to attach plane to your vehicle?

  • onecheman
    onecheman 7 years ago

    Flaps and landing gear? Ailerons? Rudder? Too maneubrable for a private jet.

  • JorvettiDrums23
    JorvettiDrums23 7 years ago

    whts the cheat

  • Anthony Eleftheriou
    Anthony Eleftheriou 7 years ago

    a mod

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