10 Amazing Underground Homes

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  • From underground houses that look like hobbit homes or even a house that look like it was from the Teletubbies, these are amazing!

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    7. Stone Desert House - If you’re travelling through rural Greece, you might walk right past the Stone Desert House and not even know it. Situated between two adjacent hillsides, this simple, rectangular house looks more like an ancient bridge or ruin. It blends seamlessly into the landscape as grass and shrubs continue unabated down the hills and onto the roof. Strategically placed portholes illuminate the interior with natural light. And it takes advantage of the desert heat and cool cross-winds to keep the home at a comfortable temperature. If you’d like to go for a walk, just take the grass covered ramp that allows easy access outside.

    6. Flower Petals House - For famous soccer star Gary Neville, not just any home will do. He’s submitted plans for a futuristic luxury home to be built in Bolton, UK. The plans call for an 8,000 square foot subterranean home, with different teardrop-shaped living areas around a central hub. When viewed from above, the living areas resemble the petals of a flower, thus the home’s name. The architects claim it will be a zero carbon development, taking advantage of natural light and ventilation, rain water, heat pumps, and a wind turbine to power the house. Despite its environmentally friendly design, the plans have been rejected because residents think it will have too much impact on the surrounding protected land.

    5. Sedum House - Architect Tom Ground knew he wanted to build something special for his home in the village of Gimingham, England. He decided to build an eco-friendly house of the future, in his spare time, over the course of 4 years. He set the house in the side of a hill and oriented it based on the sun. He built a large curved roof that would block the rays of the sun in the summer but let the rays shine through in the winter, when the sun was positioned lower in the sky. The roof is covered in sedum, a living succulent plant, from which the house gets its name.

    4. The Underground House - Phil and Helen Reddy knew they wanted to build an environmentally friendly earth-sheltered home and when they found some available land in an old quarry overlooking Eden valley in Cumbria, England, they knew they’d found the ideal spot for their dream house. Local architect John Bodger designed a two story house that burrowed back into the hill, but still made use of natural resources for light, heat, and power. They were so happy with the house that they decided to build a separate structure for Helen’s clinic and veterinary practice, which seemed a natural fit given the beautiful location.

    3. The Hidden House - You’d better get an invite if you want to visit the Hidden House in Wroclaw, Poland, otherwise you may never find it. The driveway ends at a grassy field, which hides the huge grass covered trapdoor that allows entry into the house. The home is built partially underground, in the remains of an abandoned tunnel, with one side open to the countryside. Natural light illuminates the living areas and part of the structure is cantilevered to provide a panoramic view of the area. It also includes a grassy roof that is only accessible to the owners, via a set of stairs that rises up from the home below.

    2. Malator House - Malator House is a subterranean house located in Wales, built for a former member of the Welsh parliament. The roof of the house is completely covered in grass and the house itself is nearly invisible when viewed from above. The only giveaway is a large glass window that overlooks St. Brides Bay. The interior consists of an open plan concept, similar in style to a medieval hall. It is affectionately known as the “Teletubby House” by the locals, due to its uncanny resemblance to the Teletubbies home in the children’s television show.

    1. Cave House - Proving once again that you can find anything you need online, the Sleeper family did just that when they decided to purchase a cave they found on Ebay! Located in Festus, Missouri, the Cave House originally started out as a mine and later was used as a skating rink and concert venue before the Sleepers decided to use it to build their dream home. And it was a labor of love – the Sleepers slept in a tent inside the cave while the house was being built, but after four long years, they finally achieved their one-of-a-kind home. The house uses geothermal and passive solar systems to keep the temperature at a comfortable 70 degrees all year long. And storage isn’t a problem – the house only takes up 2,240 of the 17,000 available square feet in the cave.
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  • Stranger Happened
    Stranger Happened 21 hour ago

    *A good report, but the in-between-photos effects are super annoying.* As to all of the hobbit/ground houses mentioned there is always a risk of some drunkard driving a truck over it, so the internal frame of those has to be strong enough to sustain it. But even with that on such occasion some things might start falling in the house anyway.

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  • Zeba Mujawar
    Zeba Mujawar 2 days ago

    where are these house's

  • Zeba Mujawar
    Zeba Mujawar 2 days ago

    so beautiful!

  • DaveXBTube
    DaveXBTube 2 days ago

    70 degrees!!! Wow!! You would be unconscious within minutes and dead within an hour, surely.

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    Connie Freeman 12 days ago

    Do what I did I muted it, read the subtitles. Just a suggestion.

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    Rod Starnes 14 days ago

    yae i agree

  • Marie Duran
    Marie Duran 17 days ago

    All of them, I love the designs and the fact that they are environmentally friendly.

    2NRGART 19 days ago

    suka stulbā

  • Sandi Dunham
    Sandi Dunham 22 days ago

    Omg... I would so live in the. Cave house... Though the waterfall house runs a close second......

  • Eric Arthur blair
    Eric Arthur blair 25 days ago

    Window, door are modern amenities.????

  • Maggie Buchanan
    Maggie Buchanan 25 days ago

    I like the last home in the cave. I would however like to live in a Hobbit house, but not the one in this video. I've seen much better ones in other videos. Thanks for showing there are so many other choices of living rather than just what the " normal " homes are.

  • Maitrayan Ghosh Roy

    Cave in ebay

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    Priscilla Walker Month ago

    I love the last one. I would so love to live in a cave.

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  • Clowers Hiball
    Clowers Hiball Month ago

    The very first one was in Iran! Yeah, I'm American and going to Iran for vacation, I'll be in staying in the grey bar hotel for the next twenty five years and will be fed bread and water! Can't wait!

  • Walt McMahon
    Walt McMahon Month ago

    these houses are usually denied by state or towns because they cant tax it, so they make you build them in the middle of nowhere or just far away from the town

  • Tess Christie
    Tess Christie Month ago

    I love the Cave Home..

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    Lisa Martin Month ago

    I love these ideas. would love in that green house one any of them

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    The cave house house and the flower house were my favourites

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    a V73 Month ago

    I'm the One millionth viewer

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    kim osby Month ago

    number 1 I would like to live in.

  • HatedHero
    HatedHero 2 months ago

    I would live in the last one. They basically have more cave in their back yard.

  • cathy cooper
    cathy cooper 2 months ago

    Started to watch but cannot stand the voice

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    Ztertis 2 months ago

    Voice and music made me leave the video
    after litterally 2 sec xD!!!

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    LoversLane Hawj 2 months ago

    I love, love house #3 where the drive way ends at the grass lot and curved stairways underground to living space.

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    Lisa Alley 2 months ago

    Favorite Heiress

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    the teleatupes are real

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    jimforjzs777 2 months ago

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    mimsley5 3 months ago

    The cave house!!!!

  • Service Dog In Training Chopper

    The cave house for sure! I could dream up a ton of addtl things to use the remainder of the cave for! And it would be my income!

    ANA HERNANDEZ 3 months ago

    UM I dont want to live in no underground or nature houses

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    sincerelymajestik 3 months ago

    This makes me want to become rich just so to buy a house like this 🌿

  • Chillness
    Chillness 3 months ago

    #8 You say plenty of natural light but still in every picture all the lights are on. Looks pretty nice though these underground homes.

  • Fat Sam
    Fat Sam 3 months ago

    Cave house #1 is my top pick. great video and great voice.

  • chefgiovanni
    chefgiovanni 4 months ago

    Dad told me I was conceived in an underground orgy. This is why the Malatar house is for me. Time to cook.

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith 4 months ago

    anyone notice the first suggestion was butt fking iran and the rest were kinda normal....cave dwellings hahahha

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    #8 is perfect for me while #3 isn't far behind

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    FoxyNWolfy 5 months ago

    flower petal house is my fave

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    Larry Phischman 5 months ago

    Why haven't we ever hollowed out mountains, like Erebor? NORAD sort of does it, but we should do it more often.

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    gavino castillo 5 months ago +1

    you dont show enough of the homes from innside

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    one time 5 months ago +4

    i want the cave home

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    Google User 6 months ago

    Wait what? I didn't know you could buy a cave on Ebay.

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    Iluminada Williams 6 months ago

    I would love to live in the SEDUM HOUSE!

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    Adelto Celestino 6 months ago

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    I love the cave house. There's room for everything.

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    Lorry Buehler 6 months ago

    The Last one L❤VE the Cave house ! I've seen a few of these makes perfect sense !

  • Appolyon99
    Appolyon99 6 months ago

    Wasn't built but the hidden cliff house is an amazing concept. Also, honorable mention to the Therme de Vals spa (though its not a home).

  • Assefa Gashayeneh
    Assefa Gashayeneh 6 months ago

    i admire architects

  • Journey4Sure Knowledge-N-Wisdom

    Gross! Did you see the first homes.... those rectangle cut-outs in the walls are where they laid the dead! Yeah go ahead and say "what's the big deal, it's not like they didn't clean them" as if that really changes things for most people.

  • Bea Beng
    Bea Beng 7 months ago

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    APOKOLYPES 7 months ago

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    Nene Fondo 7 months ago

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    SSlowMotion 7 months ago

    Narrator sounds like she is continuously salivating at the mouth. Very unpleasant to the ears. Should Fix that. Mouth full of spit girl. Not a good look...needs to go, or, get the bitxh a spittoon can and tell her lay off the dip.

  • PenelopeDinkledong S.
    PenelopeDinkledong S. 7 months ago

    Number 6: "It's time for Teletubbies, time for Teletubbies!"

  • Ashley Xu
    Ashley Xu 7 months ago

    I want to live in the one called estate lattenstrasse

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    Luci Paradise 7 months ago

    I want one. 😏

  • Machi Akhtar
    Machi Akhtar 7 months ago

    I love number 3 as it's hidden away from people.

  • Paweł Gliniak
    Paweł Gliniak 7 months ago +4

    Unfortunatelly 3. the Hidden House is not exactly what was shown. Drawings were showing its concept but the photos are from different houses of te same architect Robert Konieczny. You can read more details on his design company webpage here: www.kwkpromes.pl/dom-ukryty-2/1984 but there is no pictures available anywhere and the page doesn't tell if it was actually completed.
    Nevertheless other underground designs of R.Konieczny are really briliant and many are public buldings.

  • Ellen Lipinskl
    Ellen Lipinskl 7 months ago

    Number 1

  • AquarielCharms
    AquarielCharms 7 months ago

    My favorite is the Lattenstrasse homes in Switzerland. I also like The Hidden House in Poland. I prefer round shape homes and most, if not all materials made of Hemp. Hempcrete, hemp fiberglass, hemp plastics, Hemp built cars, Hemp food, Hemp garden and 50,000 other beneficial uses of hemp. Hemp does a planet good!

  • Nari G
    Nari G 7 months ago

    all of those houses

  • Rick Royal
    Rick Royal 7 months ago

    I would love to live it Enio if one is for sale please let me know

  • The Moonlit Quill
    The Moonlit Quill 7 months ago +6

    If I were to live underground then my house would be a massive network of tunnels and large rooms. Skylights are a great way to light the home, but I would also want it to be completely hidden. No point in living underground if the house is visible.

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    Prashant Chhonker 7 months ago

    Someone please ask this bitch to talk like a normal woman.

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    thiery572 7 months ago

    The cave house is interesting. But is it safe?

  • Donna Lincoln
    Donna Lincoln 7 months ago

    there is no way I could choose just any one house there all so unique, I like them all.

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    Pertinent Paradigm 8 months ago

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  • Lynette Shaw McKone
    Lynette Shaw McKone 8 months ago

    I live near number 4, the Underground House overlooking the Eden Valley, and yes, it really is Eden: I call it Paradise because it is so beautiful. I wouldn't live anywhere else but here.

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    Veronica veney 8 months ago +1

    cave home,just love it!

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    denise jordan 9 months ago +1

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    Lars Jönlid 9 months ago +1

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    Fringe Wizard 9 months ago

    Perhaps one of the strangest videos I've fapped to.

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    I know, let's carve out the interior of a volcano, WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG

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      Emilia Rusnack 6 months ago

      You would be surprised how much an inactive volcano shakes the ground!

    • Fringe Wizard
      Fringe Wizard 9 months ago

      Nothing if the volcano is dead and inactive.

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