Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs iPhone 7 Plus Drop Test!

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  • Daniele Bortolussi
    Daniele Bortolussi 2 hours ago

    8:44 "what in tarnation?"😂😂

  • Hero Malik
    Hero Malik 3 hours ago

    I want iphone 7 pluss

  • Myla Hunter
    Myla Hunter 3 hours ago

    I did not even drop the Samsung on 20 or 25 ft like the iphone

  • Dani Raja
    Dani Raja 4 hours ago

    hey bro iam pakistani i subsacibe your cahnnel take i am have iphone 6 and 5c and 5s and 4 black

  • Otaku Gamer
    Otaku Gamer 7 hours ago

    Samesung Galaxy was fake

    GAMER ZONE 8 hours ago

    I like samsung

  • Kawser Khan
    Kawser Khan 9 hours ago

    Bro Can you give me a Phon Pls.......😞

  • Raphaella Haralambous
    Raphaella Haralambous 9 hours ago

    Apple for days!!

  • Anita Edet
    Anita Edet 9 hours ago

    My heart broke everything time he dropped it

  • Waynextel
    Waynextel 12 hours ago

    everything apple pro here , wears a Samsung shirt.

  • J⃟O⃟N⃟A⃟T⃟H⃟A⃟N⃟ S⃟C⃟H⃟U⃟L⃟T⃟Z⃟

    You are always the only person that can get a galaxy to break from a drop and have Apple phones barely shatter
    Oh yea Apple sponsored level over 9000
    Galaxy uses gorilla glass that is like insanely durable plastic type magic.
    Where Apple still uses glass... glass breaks from a foot fall

  • Thomas Cruz
    Thomas Cruz 16 hours ago

    Booooooooiiiiiiiii the only reason samsung cracked first was because he dropped it mostly because in the begining he seemed very triggered about the fact that samsung didnt pay for the phone therefor he tried hiding his anger by wearing a samsung t shirt but he dropped the samsung phone b4 the test even started to make samsung products seem like complete garbage even though samsung is better than apple for the most part , so that way the people that watch this video wont buy the gs8 or gs8+ . I rest my case

  • Alma Sanchez
    Alma Sanchez 18 hours ago

    Apple is the best but Samsung phones come out every year iPhone comes in3 2 yers

  • Tanvee Priyadarshan
    Tanvee Priyadarshan 18 hours ago

    Anyone else noticed the water damage on the iPhone

  • anthonie avila
    anthonie avila 19 hours ago

    I tough my iPhone esa fake cuz por real my iPhone dropped from my bed and it craked like that

  • Pulseiras de Elástico
    Pulseiras de Elástico 20 hours ago

    cara como tu tem coragem de destruí um s8 isso e desumano

  • Josefina Hilomen
    Josefina Hilomen 20 hours ago +1

    My mommy dropped her phone accidentally at work and it didn't break but my iPad broke!! The samsung is good and unbreakable you can't kill the queen of the phones......SAMSUNG GALAXY S8

  • Rayan ouranos
    Rayan ouranos 21 hour ago

    It's fake phone

  • The Mega Hamster
    The Mega Hamster 21 hour ago

    How does this guy give the win to the iPhone

  • Michael Vourdoubas
    Michael Vourdoubas 23 hours ago

    If you actually think about it, the s8 wins double cause if the LCD breaks you pay nearly double the price of the phone itself while if the glass screen and back cracks, you will pay around 50-100$ so yeah the Samsung Galaxy S8 beats the iphone 7 plus by 1000000000000000000000000 times!!!!!!

  • Michael Vourdoubas
    Michael Vourdoubas 23 hours ago

    You went too far.......... 2F4R

  • Michael Vourdoubas
    Michael Vourdoubas 23 hours ago

    Samsung in all 2016/17 devices uses tempered glass but not the type that is solid and all, but the type of car windows when it's a mix of glass and plastic... Not sure why but they just do so...

  • Michael Vourdoubas
    Michael Vourdoubas 23 hours ago

    But if you compare the two, S8 has a fantastic while iPhones have the same crappy look they always had and always will have!!!!

  • Idrees Khan
    Idrees Khan 23 hours ago

    U do not throw Samsung from 25 feet

  • Yusra Khan
    Yusra Khan Day ago

    Es besa e matai 😓 mungla de raki kna khair dy 😓😓

  • Khushal Pawar
    Khushal Pawar Day ago

    Hey brother and talk to Hindi mujhe English nahi aati hai mujhe Samsung Galaxy S8 plus they do na please yaar mujhe chahiye yeh mera mobile number hai please yaar main India se baat karta hoon

  • Victor Rykowski
    Victor Rykowski Day ago

    Your name is everythingapplepro and you are wearing a samsung tshirt plus calling the s8 better come on man

  • Gogamez TV
    Gogamez TV Day ago

    Well you drop your iPhone 7 many time and the first fucking time I drop it I gotta buy a new damn phone

  • Mateus Delavy
    Mateus Delavy Day ago

    olha so querido se vc nao vio a parte de tras do iphone nao eh de vidro eh de plástico

  • dwi sumardiyanti

    dont your money

  • Deana Flanigan
    Deana Flanigan Day ago

    That was awesome! Thanks for the entertainment. iPhone 7 plus owner.

  • Thomas Butler
    Thomas Butler Day ago

    This makes me uncomfortable that im holdin an s8 rn

  • Annie Lawrence
    Annie Lawrence Day ago

    every time i see iphone drop in slomo i see galaxy's screen fly everywhere

  • Leopeo
    Leopeo Day ago


  • Denny Joseph
    Denny Joseph Day ago

    Very well done! The only other person who would have done a better job would have been Cersei from GOT comparing Joffrey and Jon Snow

  • Johnboysbest 321

    I drop my phone on water and it breaks

  • tegy VG
    tegy VG Day ago

    7:58 I'M GAY!!!

  • Padmaja R.V.
    Padmaja R.V. Day ago

    its glitching because of the water test! 9:03

  • Junchi Zhang
    Junchi Zhang Day ago

    That cracked glass on Samsung is actually absorbing impact energy in each drop lol.

  • 송은호
    송은호 Day ago

    저 에스에잇 저럴거면 나주지 왜 구지 저런짓을 ㅜㅜ

  • Brooklyn Brockwell

    the exact same thing happened to me on my samsung within the first 3 foot drop

  • Martin Vigil
    Martin Vigil Day ago

    You drop the iPhone different than the Samsung

  • Z.L.A.T Gaming
    Z.L.A.T Gaming Day ago

    He should've used the Samsung galaxy s8 plus because he used the iPhone 7plus

  • Nicolle Serrano
    Nicolle Serrano Day ago

    Am the only one that saw the iPhone 7 plus go crazy check it out 8:38

  • PaulaMotta Dorigo

    Thank you, I was thinking of changing but I feel that I will stay in Apple for a while longer

  • daLeSeanboy
    daLeSeanboy Day ago

    "We obviously know which one of these phones are better, here,"

  • Luke Aguillard
    Luke Aguillard Day ago

    I hate putting my 7 on the cement or marble counter tops wit out the case

  • Luke Aguillard
    Luke Aguillard Day ago

    Samsung ur pitiful 💯💯💀

  • Sada Swaleh
    Sada Swaleh Day ago

    Can I get that phone

  • Parker Fincannon

    How come when I drop my phone off a couch it cracked but when he drops it 10 feet it's fine

  • Tim Winchester
    Tim Winchester Day ago

    Someone is a little bias , even though the iPhone was glitching and not working properly he still gave it the win !??? GTFOH lmao. The Samsung won in my opinion , because it's still completely functional..

  • Eve Knightly
    Eve Knightly Day ago

    This is the first time in my life seeing someone drop an iPhone and it not scuffing or cracking

  • Enrique Lopez
    Enrique Lopez Day ago

    how can the iPhone win if it broke?

  • ThatOneRainbowLlamaThatFarted Lol

    Im pretty sure i would rather have a working broken phone than a non broken that is glitchy as hell, i mean come on, just put a case on the s8 and it will literally be better than new.

  • YGYO - Ferhat Orjinâl

    Fuck s8 fake

  • Karoline Lemos
    Karoline Lemos 2 days ago

    Samsung em melhor

  • Pokemon girl
    Pokemon girl 2 days ago

    That why iphone is better I can got iphone

    • Pokemon girl
      Pokemon girl Day ago

      I hate Samsung because Samsung is ugly phone

  • HypoMoDz
    HypoMoDz 2 days ago

    Andriod sucks ios is better

  • Andrey Isaev
    Andrey Isaev 2 days ago

    "i like both of these companies"
    Dude you are wearing a Samsung shirt

  • Chaitanya Pattewar
    Chaitanya Pattewar 2 days ago

    Dude samsung was the clear winner.. Stop sticking to your name n being partial to apple.. Samsung has out powered the iphone this time man!!!

  • avinash devidas
    avinash devidas 2 days ago


  • Part KuN Rai
    Part KuN Rai 2 days ago

    samsung is hit pretty nice than iphone.
    this test sld be done wit machine not wit human.

  • Part KuN Rai
    Part KuN Rai 2 days ago

    bro u sld notice that iphone first hit the side then the back whereas samsung almost hit its back completly and bro wat abt the first drop of samsung that was pretty nic drop.

  • punisher 3125
    punisher 3125 2 days ago +1

    So the galaxy won😇❤

    RED GAMINGHD 2 days ago

    This YouTuber is idiot because s8 is glass and iPhone is aluminium

  • Cinnamon Roll
    Cinnamon Roll 2 days ago

    4:03 anyone notice the faint spill look on the bottom of the iphone?

  • Cinnamon Roll
    Cinnamon Roll 2 days ago

    Am I the only one who really doesn't care about drop test? I always have a case on it so im fine, never take it out the case and 3 years later my S5 still looks new.

  • Daniel .Troelsen
    Daniel .Troelsen 2 days ago

    iPhone is just better than Samsung

  • Novi Fejker
    Novi Fejker 2 days ago

    Samsung are better than Iphone.

  • Daniil Trokhimenko
    Daniil Trokhimenko 2 days ago

    What the fuck is that bubble wrap in Samsung's box?

  • Gopi Krizz
    Gopi Krizz 2 days ago

    Ur cheating iphone will go in th first round

  • Lynxine
    Lynxine 2 days ago

    -You notice how he likes Samsung because he talks about it being amazing and winning the tests even though it cracked

  • علي سمير
    علي سمير 2 days ago

    Used he hre HFS HFS TDs yes✅ yes had UHF HFS JTF HFS

  • Ingineria Produselor Alimentare

    это же стекло даун, у айфона метал

  • Ayush
    Ayush 2 days ago

    I'm wondering how Samsung got all the hype.. maybe because of the exploding phones but who knows

  • FE İ
    FE İ 2 days ago

    Hiç mi için acımıyo lan

  • Barni :D
    Barni :D 2 days ago

    Everything Apple ín Samsung T-shirt

  • musica
    musica 2 days ago

    u r so cruel u dont feel sad when u break the phns....

  • muhammad luqman hakeem

    It wasnt a fare test because the iphone had water in it

  • Valeria Morales Baltazar

    Porque le vas al samsung ?

  • Brandt Moon
    Brandt Moon 2 days ago

    Thing is is that, the Samsung galaxy eight edge is made of really good material compared to the seven which is made out of plastic crap

  • Fredi Angon
    Fredi Angon 2 days ago

    Yeah but thats the seven what about the eight coming out

  • Eduarda Ferreira
    Eduarda Ferreira 2 days ago

    This is false.
    All lie.

  • JimBoss Studios
    JimBoss Studios 2 days ago

    I think its fake, watch other drop tesrs of samsung 8 and iphone 7

  • Miguel Segura
    Miguel Segura 2 days ago

    The back side of the iPhone is not glasss, so of course is not going to break.

  • hayden stoychoff
    hayden stoychoff 2 days ago

    Did anyone else notice the iphone screen discoloration

  • Princess Joelsen
    Princess Joelsen 2 days ago

    I wonder how's 2020 gonna be😧
    You people are arguing about a god damn fucking phone...
    Soon technology will eat you all without even noticing it!
    Its just a fucking phone...

  • Iron Alien
    Iron Alien 2 days ago

    The iPhone is unusual but I'll give it to the iPhone. ..........uh okay

  • Boujee Boi
    Boujee Boi 2 days ago

    Gorilla glass my ass 😂
    I'll never buy a Samsung

  • Jean-Pierre Tannous
    Jean-Pierre Tannous 2 days ago

    I ve scratched my fingerprint sensor on s8 but it works normally

  • Hadi Almoabr
    Hadi Almoabr 2 days ago

    I have right now iPhone 6 Plus

  • Hadi Almoabr
    Hadi Almoabr 2 days ago

    This was a proper mistake humane might make for their phones

  • Gabriel Castro
    Gabriel Castro 2 days ago

    eu entendo q esse é o trabalho dele mas meu coração tá partido eu doido pra ganhar um celular desses e minha mãe n compra por que n temos condiçoes de comprar enquanto outros tem e n dao valor

  • #unicorn msp
    #unicorn msp 2 days ago

    who else cringed when it fell?

  • #unicorn msp
    #unicorn msp 2 days ago

    Its everyday apple bro like if u get it!

  • Ameer AL Kaabi
    Ameer AL Kaabi 2 days ago

    ولله حرامات عله هل المبايلات جاي تكسر بيهن ولله لو عندي احطه بعيوني اليفون 7 بلص

  • dharani Matheetharan

    You should have given the s8

  • tyler Nguyen
    tyler Nguyen 3 days ago

    So its specs vs durability

  • SeoIn 서인
    SeoIn 서인 3 days ago

    죄송한데... 한국심성폰은 말이죠 그렇게 안들어있거요 글쿠 아이폰처럼 상자아닙니다 그리고 뽀뽁이에 안들어 있음

  • asad farooq
    asad farooq 3 days ago

    why u didnt drop s8???😏😏

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