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  • DIY Creators
    DIY Creators  Month ago +46

    I was asked to make a makeup vanity here it is :D. One thing I didn't think to mention, which I saw in the comments, it could also be used a desk. MMM two in one how about that.
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    • MrMaacin05
      MrMaacin05 22 days ago

      my wifes birthday is today and as soon as this video was posted I knew I wanted to make her this. I wrapped it in gift paper she just got home from work. she opened it and freaked out. she asks me where I got it from and I laugh and say remember the weekend I was at my parents helping my dad? well I was using his garage to make you this. Thank you for this video it made her day and itll make my night ;-) haha

    • pilot Kevin
      pilot Kevin Month ago

      DIY Creators Do a house tour🖒

    • MrCarrootPlays
      MrCarrootPlays Month ago

      Would you ever consider selling some of these items? I'm sure a lot of people would want to buy something

    • meso06
      meso06 Month ago

      DIY Creators i think you should have painted the vanity lid gloss black. That would have gone so well with the legs.

    • Zac Efron
      Zac Efron Month ago

      DIY Creators yoooo can you tell me how you learn to do all this!!! How did you get so good at the precision and attention to detail as well?

  • Joe Gray
    Joe Gray 2 days ago

    Swap out the bulbs with LED bulbs and that will get rid of the heat and save some money.

  • Dolly Hafez
    Dolly Hafez 3 days ago


  • Sandersgang23
    Sandersgang23 9 days ago

    Hey Glen, how much would this cost

  • Kevine Wetshokonda
    Kevine Wetshokonda 10 days ago

    Soft closing hinges on your next build 👍👍👍👍

  • Julianne Garcia
    Julianne Garcia 13 days ago

    Hiii good job guy!!!!

  • Morgan Hobbs
    Morgan Hobbs 14 days ago

    This. Is. AMAZING.

  • Ammar Bayan
    Ammar Bayan 16 days ago

    you are amazing
    i like your test

  • cathy d
    cathy d 16 days ago

    Come to Dublin,Ireland and Make Me one please :p

  • Matthew Reed
    Matthew Reed 22 days ago

    Genuine ideas, excellent build videos, great products.

  • t feeney
    t feeney 22 days ago


  • Jason Faulhefer
    Jason Faulhefer 23 days ago

    Glen, Just came across your channel. Thanks for the awesome how-to's and inspiration. You rock brother!

  • denoro
    denoro 28 days ago

    How far from the margin you drilled the holes for the hinge cups? It looks to me they're a little too far, but still it look like the covers are closing just fine so i'm just a little curious about that.

  • Barbie Rashen
    Barbie Rashen Month ago

    please make a freelance makeup trolley, with bulb ,mirror and stand out of this wood .

  • Laura Kathryn
    Laura Kathryn Month ago

    Love this

  • Christian Caudle
    Christian Caudle Month ago

    Does this just plug into an outlet into the wall or does it require wiring?

  • Hana Tuaine
    Hana Tuaine Month ago

    i would so buy this if there was a store i could, but like this model

  • h o e u t s o p h e a

    I love to have one that in room omg I love it so modern n my style too

  • Agus Gondrong
    Agus Gondrong Month ago

    I think he sould sell it we love to buy it too

  • dannylobo209
    dannylobo209 Month ago

    I love it! I'm going to make this for my wife. Thank you 😊

  • Thomas Wahahauw
    Thomas Wahahauw Month ago

    can make a tutorial for a bed table. and as cheap as possible pleaaassss?????

  • Brett Proctor
    Brett Proctor Month ago

    Really enjoying the content on your channel!
    So my grandpa died a while back but left me a few copies of a magazine called "Leatherneck" which is a military magazine. The copies are from WW2 and I want to build a display frame or two but not sure where to start. I wanted the frame to look vintage since magazines are quite old and classic. Also wanted to illuminate the magazines inside of the frame. Wondering if you have a build that could capture just that?

  • Leah Dijon
    Leah Dijon Month ago

    So glad I found your channel! Thank you for the vids, dude.

  • Barzeight Project
    Barzeight Project Month ago

    Great Job!

  • yo wassap
    yo wassap Month ago

    i like you

    KALASHNIKOV786X Month ago

    youre an artist with wood work, amazing work.

  • Laurie Marie Mansfield

    Ur Amazing!!! Can I hire u to me a wall shelf open vanity with a glass top with drawers so I can see my makeup??? If not any suggestions?

  • angry bunny
    angry bunny Month ago

    it does my heart good to see someone use a nail gun correctly. keeps those pesky brads in place. :) thank you for an interesting build. this i am keeping away from the little woman. And your right those 45 degree cuts do look cleaner. 👍👍👍🍺 (3 thumbs up and a beer!)

  • Sadie B
    Sadie B Month ago

    You are my DIY idol!!

  • Arcanny
    Arcanny Month ago

    Can you make Corner Desk or L shape desk please!!

  • Mitch  Devita
    Mitch Devita Month ago

    Great build!! I really appreciate how you show alternative ways to build everything if you don't have a specific tool!

  • Diego Hm
    Diego Hm Month ago

    Amazing, just amazing.

  • Pete Bachman
    Pete Bachman Month ago

    Well, one more project for The Wife. Great build, Glen, and lots of stylish touches that we've come to expect for your builds. And over half a million subscribers? Rock on, duded!

  • Flordelyn Valle
    Flordelyn Valle Month ago

    I really love all your creation, wish i could buy some but since you are overseas then it will be next to impossible for me to get this item..😥

  • lm2ymolina
    lm2ymolina Month ago


  • Steve Gatzsch
    Steve Gatzsch Month ago

    well done, thanks for showing this, my boss asked me last week about something like that, now i have an idea, thanks bro

  • Michael Ciha
    Michael Ciha Month ago

    I can also see how a person could combine this project with your wall mounted desk project and have a wall mounted vanity.
    Nice projects and great video quality.

  • Papa Meech
    Papa Meech Month ago

    My dude I love your videos, definently gonna try make something similar to that concrete fire bowl you made a video on.
    Inspired me a bit to try out woodworking and such, so I'll definently be trying some of that out. Much love all the way from tiny Denmark.

  • Andrew Nguyen
    Andrew Nguyen Month ago

    i may not need a make up vanity but the concept be great for a pc gamer desk. the compartments be swapped out for space for pc components. the doors will allow easy access and future part upgrades. maybe an see through glass panel for them baller builders.

  • xxdjcharlierockxx
    xxdjcharlierockxx Month ago

    what was the ball park figure for this build? thinking of making it for a 1/5 bathroom. looks great

  • Dan The Maker Man
    Dan The Maker Man Month ago

    Your design aesthetic is always on point.  Nice build.

  • Ignacio Segarra
    Ignacio Segarra Month ago


  • NickyB
    NickyB Month ago

    this is so cool. i do vlogs every Wednesday about makeup tips and tricks etc and i just did my own vanity.

  • Summers Woodworking

    what would be real cool is if you used receptacles with USB plug ins.

  • Ali S
    Ali S Month ago

    Nice Job Glenn. I especially love the outlet box, dimmer, and light feature. Taking this as inspiration to work something out for my wife's vanity. Thanks again!

  • ThisIsAPrettyLongUserNameWhyTheFuckWouldHeDoThatSoThatEveryoneWouldThumbsUpIt

    I'll save this one till I have a fallout with wifey then build this, she'll forgive me in no time.

  • Rita J Makeup
    Rita J Makeup Month ago

    I wish I actually had the patience and skill to build this ahahaha

  • Mactriz
    Mactriz Month ago +1

    Great job ;-)

  • edgar cardenas
    edgar cardenas Month ago

    What's the budget on this?

    J LANDA Month ago

    Muy bonito.

  • Sniperop775
    Sniperop775 Month ago

    You definitely have to be my favourite DIYer! ;)

  • Scoop Pralines
    Scoop Pralines Month ago +4

    You are killing it with your projects! I'm always stoked when you post a new video.

  • Vinni Manilli
    Vinni Manilli Month ago

    I don't even know someone i could make this for, I just like watching your videos :)

  • Kitty Bell
    Kitty Bell Month ago

    Killed it! Great space design and I love that you can hide it all if you want.

  • wesnyanka
    wesnyanka Month ago

    awesome! great idea :)

  • Александр
    Александр Month ago

    провод можно было и меньшего сечения использовать, ручку потай делать надо было а так молодец

  • Kyle Durham
    Kyle Durham Month ago

    Great job! Don't know that I need a vanity, but I think this is a great starting point for a small maker's desk to use in the house. Perfect for small electronic, craft, or other projects that won't require me to go all the way out to the shop when inspiration strikes. And the fact I can keep it all hidden in a sleek exterior means my wife won't groan every time she walks by it. 😉

    Keep doin' what you're doin'!

  • Thomas Retro Games
    Thomas Retro Games Month ago

    looks cool! Thanks for the tip with the mock up at 4:05! You could also use a forstner bit at 4:39 to avoid the bit with the chisel.

  • Wanderley Forte Forte

    Thank you

  • mr charles
    mr charles Month ago

    Great project! I'm going to try to build this for my eldest, I think she will love it!

  • Josh Reynolds
    Josh Reynolds Month ago

    I am enjoying your videos. The projects you are presenting are fun and approachable for hobbyists like me. You are doing a great job of breaking these down and explaining each step.

  • Hyemin Lee
    Hyemin Lee Month ago

    You are so fucking talented!!

  • My deaf cat max and other forms of creative fun

    Its good but ummm not enough storage .

  • Denny A
    Denny A Month ago

    As always, I am impressed. You make it look so simple.

  • Jacquie Fuentes
    Jacquie Fuentes Month ago

    Could you please come and live with me and make things for me everyday!!?? You have great videos!

  • Eco Mouse
    Eco Mouse Month ago +2

    I always make the Air Nailer sound when I watch videos like these.

  • certioremfacere
    certioremfacere Month ago

    kick ass man. totally making one for my gf. only thing that will probably change is installing a USB/Outlet instead.

  • Jennifer Scanlon
    Jennifer Scanlon Month ago

    That looks so nice! I want one now.

  • Man in the Mirror
    Man in the Mirror Month ago

    I love these Videos. I personally don´t need a Makeup Vanity, but still this is interesting to watch. I hope you never stop making these Videos! Keep it up!

  • Franks DIY
    Franks DIY Month ago

    Very nice build

  • David Bishop
    David Bishop Month ago

    Always a pleasure to watch your projects. Looks great my friend.

  • Sergeant Rocky
    Sergeant Rocky Month ago

    My girlfriend has been wanting one and this was perfect. Thanks buddy.

  • Ariel Drucocu
    Ariel Drucocu Month ago

    I love your work, man, great creativity and what an awesome finishings, thumbs up from México mi hermano

  • Vaios Kaliakoudas
    Vaios Kaliakoudas Month ago

    You could also notch the previous holes w/ a router and reuse the panels w/o any problem w/ the bulb fitment

  • Devin Mejia
    Devin Mejia Month ago

    Is it possible to fit a larger mirror?

  • Crafted Workshop
    Crafted Workshop Month ago

    Awesome work, Glen. This turned out great, I bet your lady is super happy with it!

    • DIY Creators
      DIY Creators  Month ago

      Thanks, man! I'm home alone this week so she didn't even see the finished results in person.

  • D Hac
    D Hac Month ago

    Awesome build. I will have to do this with my daughter. She loved the looks and idea of it. She is 6, so it should be pretty cool. I think we will put drawers on the sides so she won't dump items behind the vanity. The great thing about plans is they can be adjusted. Again thanks for the awesome videos.

  • Estefânia Bettio
    Estefânia Bettio Month ago

    I'll build one for me, definitely!!!! I loved it!

  • Adam Davis
    Adam Davis Month ago

    love the channel, im subscribed. love the vanity too, my only concern is the lights. those should be in a electrical box as what you did is not to code. you could also consider those pot lights that have a built in box for the wiring.

  • Madame Daisy Love
    Madame Daisy Love Month ago

    Wow, great job! So much work and effort was put into this. Love how it turned out. :)

  • Josh Luijsterburg
    Josh Luijsterburg Month ago

    Glenn, I really don't need a make-up table, hmmm replace the mirror by a lcd screen, put your keyboard in and speakers in the 2 side panels ...... indeed I need such a table 😉

    • DIY Creators
      DIY Creators  Month ago

      +Josh Luijsterburg
      There you go, that sounds like a plan.

  • Viral Clown
    Viral Clown Month ago

    I'm making one for the wife. Might get some action

  • XZane
    XZane Month ago

    Alright Glen, yet another nice and detailed video, keep the level up!
    I'll add some "critics" (as always: rather second thoughts on my terms ^^) and an idea for videos like that afterwards.

    About the build:
    I was first wondering about the positioning of the bulb-equipment. You routed that out (naturally a good idea), but why not a little more, like adding depth into the wood? Just by routing, lets say an inch or two more to a degree, you could add some depth to the look (its a vanity after all ^^). also, I understand the design decision, but perhaps a touch of color would have fit here too. No less, I was also wondering second here, if this area couldn't be without paint and instead be marked by some kind of mirroring foil (around the depth) so that the "mirroring size" itself is enlarged.
    As for the mirror myself - as soon as it gets scratches or breaks to some part (e.g. hair dryer flying into it), you need to physically break it out. Why not a 'simple' screw-in holder? Or, perhaps - with some extra effort - a mirror on a guiding pole, that allows to be moved back and forth (e.g. like a pipe that goes vertically in the middle behind the mirror and that alows for it to move in a certain angle), so that the person using the desk can actually push it to the sides as needed. Not to mention a "slide into the background" function, in case it stands not (!) against a wall... and many other options...
    Also, I was a little worried about the structural integrity of the desk. Consider a person holding her elbows and her upper body on it, would it still stand? I am not entirely sure of the strength of the wood, so perhaps a little bit more extra stability might be necessary, for some users at least. ^^
    The side chests almost scream for an additional video called "additional compartment options for the vanity" :D

    As for the video itself:
    I was wondering, if you ever decide to build something bigger (in terms of time spent to build it, not necessarily dimensions) like a dining-room wardrobe, with all the open shelves for dishes, cabinets for the cutlery, design options, details etc... (or a whole series where you also add the table, chairs etc. in one fitting style for a whole room), you might want to split the video into multiple parts. Just add a little of your face and commentary, talking about issues and solutions, the material you used or problems that might occur if others copy it. What inspired you to build it (reasons) and so on... the length will always come up to this video, but due to the complexity, a multi-part-series keeps your viewers just as much at attention, as this. Plus: Bigger projects call for more creativity to unleash...

    Just my two cents worth of oppinion as always.
    Oh, how about a kids-toy-box next, or something like that? Have fun building!

  • Michael Sanders
    Michael Sanders Month ago

    That finish, on the junction box, is beautiful.

  • Michele Vaiarelli
    Michele Vaiarelli Month ago

    ciao creatore sei un grande ai una manualità pazzesca bravo continua cosi un saluto dall'Italia

  • ksp1278
    ksp1278 Month ago

    Looks great. but would need discipline to keep the top clear of stuff in order to access the side storage boxes. I think I would do it with drawers on the sides so at least you can still access the storage when things are laid out on the table

  • Michael Levi
    Michael Levi Month ago

    Wow wow wow beautiful work

  • Tweet Bot
    Tweet Bot Month ago

    Wooow U R the best

  • Diamond Cresswell
    Diamond Cresswell Month ago

    Fucking phenomenal ‼️‼️‼️ Excuse my French

  • Katyna Kahn
    Katyna Kahn Month ago

    Happy Fathers day , but i love the build, i just want to kno if i get the same look with led light strips ? I am really scared to mess around with wiring

  • Anjle Dube
    Anjle Dube Month ago +1

    Glenn you know I'm going to say something I absolutely love this but I have some ideas I totally forgot what I used to do for a living it only dawned on me as I was sitting here watching you do this and I smell the smell of wood I took shop class I took industrial Arts also took motor class how many girls do that and home a child that's a military brat God bless you and your hands but I have some things I would like to share with you if you hit me back up I will hit you with my email address then you will see what I'm talking about God bless you peace be with you I'm going to rewatch this one again

  • ManCraftingTM
    ManCraftingTM Month ago

    Glen, my oldest daughter would love this. Great design. I like that it closes up. That would hid a lot of the mess that her makeup area becomes. I'm going to consider building this very seriously.

  • Toxic Yoshi
    Toxic Yoshi Month ago

    can you make a DIY gaming desk

  • sillysausage72
    sillysausage72 Month ago

    Awesome build once again Glenn!😎👊

  • Music World
    Music World Month ago

    plss make a modern sofa set

  • Elegance on a budget
    Elegance on a budget Month ago +1

    Love it! :-)

  • 007AceX
    007AceX Month ago

    Thank you for this great project and for this very well-made video !

  • Erik E
    Erik E Month ago

    all dem chicks out here wet watching this video lol good job bro

  • mtbwill69
    mtbwill69 Month ago +1

    Don't let these cheap bastards get you down. I love what you do and if you have to sell the plans to recoop some of the costs for these project that YOU create then I really don't see the problem. I would have went a different way with the wood/paint combo on this particular project. It seems that the natural wood center clashes too hard with the paint and makes it look, well, unfinished. Maybe if you were not so good painting or used crappy legs it would look different. But as you said, it all comes down to personal preference on the finish. Keep up the good work!

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