Kurtz: Breaking News - Prosecutor doing his job!

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  • Kadar Abdullahi
    Kadar Abdullahi 2 months ago

    So...what difference does it make right?

  • NutKracker215
    NutKracker215 2 months ago

    Are you serious! Quoting washington post. I've heard as many fake stories come out of there as cnbc :(

  • Robert Kempton
    Robert Kempton 2 months ago

    I usually never watch this idiot because of his anti Trump BS . again neving out all the facts.

  • Robert Kempton
    Robert Kempton 2 months ago

    librals getting a free pass, even the republican are pathetic.

  • Robert Kempton
    Robert Kempton 2 months ago

    but he's Comeys friend you idiot .so he should step down from this . this fox news guy, sure forgets to mention a lot of facts .

  • VoltronnortloV
    VoltronnortloV 2 months ago

    Blah blah blah blah blah. Fake news

  • Merilly Hughes
    Merilly Hughes 2 months ago

    Oh for Gods sake...Comey and Mueller are BEST buddies.

  • extra solar
    extra solar 2 months ago

    the 'concern' by the corrupt career clinton catastrophe crew and their 'legacy' is with revenge, image, pride and their
    'power' that trump has replaced without apology. what it will come to is can mueller 'soothe' enough hurt federal ego with the witch hunt to the point of where they are satisfied. to cross that finish line will depend not on the lack of evidence or lack of criminal violation which was obvious months ago, but instead when tabloid trash revenge fueled 'journalism' wants to move on to their next charade of sensationalized biased deception lies propaganda and negative 'persuasion'. mueller is not the 'bad guy' but his position and 'job' appointment are about damage control and 'sending a message'. lol unfortunately for deplorable dnc garbage and their discredited 'reporting', it is america that sends the message and more, not them.

  • Rebecca Miller
    Rebecca Miller 2 months ago

    Three important points, Mr. Apologist for Dems: There are no grounds for this investigation, which means the investigators will go on for years until they find people to charge; this is at the expense of us taxpayers; and none of this should have been leaked.

  • just in
    just in 2 months ago

    Mueller is clearly in a conflict of interest. He and Comey bff, are in collusion to take down the elected President of the United States. They are both deep state scum. They are the CLINTON Fixers and have no respect for real rule of law. They are the ones who need to be investigated. He needs to be fired yesterday.

  • Bob Strle
    Bob Strle 2 months ago

    AMEN......Kurtz. He is explaining why the left wing media screaming wolf everytime some NORMAL part of a job is being done indicates guilt. We USED to be a country where you were innocent until proven guilty, now you are tried and convicted by the left wing media the minute anything is mentioned about you. Pathetic

  • TipolJ Music
    TipolJ Music 2 months ago +1

    conflict of interest 101.Mueller shouldn't have take the investigation. His friendship with Comey disqualified him.

  • Scott Duncan
    Scott Duncan 2 months ago

    Just more bullshit, Comey should be the one being investigated, he didn't do his job and let Hillary Clinton commit treason with no charges and then she continues to run for the Presidency!! This is a rediculus waste of taxpayer money, and extremely childish behavior by grown men and women who are not doing there jobs!! Pathetic!!!

  • Ouroboros Null
    Ouroboros Null 2 months ago

    1st time we see more thumbs down than thumbs up (just barely) for this Fox News POS, snake oil salesman, Howard Kurtz. People waking up.

  • The Human Condition
    The Human Condition 2 months ago

    Mueller' political contacts are not being reported....that's the real news !!!! Bad Fox !!!

  • livydman
    livydman 2 months ago

    Doing his job would include Mueller pursuing LEAKS and LEAKERS--especially those on his own team.

  • duanecrump crump
    duanecrump crump 2 months ago

    How can the Special Prosecutor being doing his job when there is no job to do.
    First.....produce a crime.
    Until then Special Prosecutor is doing nothing but costing tax payers money.
    Stop Hiring of lawyers until you find a crime.

  • No Left Turns
    No Left Turns 2 months ago

    Hello - earth to Kurtz - earth to Kurtz

    Mueller should never have taken the job when Comey is involved

    Hello Kurtz

  • Barbara Vogel
    Barbara Vogel 2 months ago

    no no no, disagree!

  • SonKings
    SonKings 2 months ago

    What is he going to find about the conversation between POTUS and Comey that Comey did not already tell Congress?Stinking idiots!

  • TheDave570
    TheDave570 2 months ago

    Fox "Leftest" News channel, you are going down the shitter, turned left on us!!!! why report on "stories"?? If Mueller gives a press conference and tells us, the I'll believe that crap !!

  • Dibblydooda
    Dibblydooda 2 months ago

    Mueller is not lawfully allowed to investigate Trump if he intends to use Comey's testimony .....conflict of interest .....

  • Scott Trainer
    Scott Trainer 2 months ago

    Mueller needs to step down for multiple reasons, no crime, Comey connection etc.

  • Norwood Partz
    Norwood Partz 2 months ago

    Kurtz has no idea if the Washington Post anonymous sourced story is accurate. How accurate have similar stories been? Not very.

  • Miss Miami
    Miss Miami 2 months ago


  • Senor Cabeza de Grande
    Senor Cabeza de Grande 2 months ago

    Once again Kurtz the Socialist Jew comes out in you and you vomit the lies of the left. Stop giving liars and radicals a forum to feed off of.

  • Canto28
    Canto28 2 months ago

    Come on Kurtz, this is politics, not true investigation - which should be the FBI's job. Mueller was appointed as a special prosecutor on investigating Russian interference precisely to eventually go on a fishing expedition to find dirt on President Trump or at least his associates without having to specify any evidence up front against Trump. In other words, this was just a go after Trump scheme.

    Special prosecutors are always used as tools of the opposition party for fishing expeditions against the party in power.

  • remi sansfamille
    remi sansfamille 2 months ago

    Kurtz is clueless, naive and displays a lot of snowflakes attributes.

  • Mar immi
    Mar immi 2 months ago

    .@Liz_Wheeler: We finally have proof of inappropriate financial dealings with Russia

  • Mar immi
    Mar immi 2 months ago

    .@Liz_Wheeler: We finally have proof of inappropriate financial dealings with Russia

  • Sumbamotor1
    Sumbamotor1 2 months ago

    Howard Kurtz why can't you get things right?? You are an ass and a piss of shit reported who defends the demonrats that keep you there..You have all this story twisted and you should report the truth.. Stop selling your ass like a crack head for a news head line..

  • Yada Yada
    Yada Yada 2 months ago

    Fire Muller and you give the Democrats more fire power and some support from the congress Republicans and then they will have a more "bias" (Using that word because Muller isn't a political bias person) person in the investigation.

  • Frank Tessier
    Frank Tessier 2 months ago

    he got fired from cnn for to much fake news

  • rudai123
    rudai123 2 months ago

    Mueller is doing his job. Pretty clear.

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    *Let the investigation proceed, what a novel approach.*

  • worddunlap
    worddunlap 2 months ago

    This guy was on Podesta's dinner party list.

  • MAGA 45
    MAGA 45 2 months ago

    If mueller was doing his job he would recuse himself for conflict of interest!!!!

  • Brikkwall
    Brikkwall 2 months ago

    Yes, Kurt, WaPo is always 100% correct. THANK YOU FOR PROGRAMMING ME BACK INTO THE FOLD!!

  • C Johnston
    C Johnston 2 months ago

    Have a sense this investigation is rigged. Their may be a tiny merit to look into this but thanks to mueller being comeys BFF and the Washington post and NY Times and CNN hype and over the top coverage it is hard to believe any of this is legit.

  • merced256
    merced256 2 months ago

    Wow, kurtz says 'no possibly conflict of interest here' - time to move to CNN or Huffpo Howie.

  • Pamela Sue
    Pamela Sue 2 months ago

    easily the most annoying segment of the year.

  • Sam Nickerson
    Sam Nickerson 2 months ago

    Shouldnt the same be said about Trump? "Everything he does becomes a bombshell story, when he is just doing his job?"

  • Robert Landers
    Robert Landers 2 months ago

    Kurtz.....are you part of the deep state?

  • monkeygraborange
    monkeygraborange 2 months ago


  • King David
    King David 2 months ago

    Why aren't the real crimes investigated instead of this waste of time diversion. Don't be an idiot Kurtz.

  • Matthew Stark
    Matthew Stark 2 months ago

    Why can't he admit Mueller is conducting his investigation based on fake news! Total witch hunt. Mueller is another swamp monster!

  • Q Vet
    Q Vet 2 months ago

    I'm so sick of this Bs nonsense. There are more important things going on in his world. Leaks from the investigation are illegal and wrong. Mueller needs to go.

  • Anita Gehret
    Anita Gehret 2 months ago


  • Anita Gehret
    Anita Gehret 2 months ago




  • Geral Hammonds
    Geral Hammonds 2 months ago

    If i ever get in trouble i hope it will be one of my friends like comey got his friend to investigate him and his "emeies" (what are friends for). And president Trump should hire 100s of lawyers they've been out to get him since election night.

  • Ha Ha
    Ha Ha 2 months ago

    slap the snot out your nose boy.

  • Ha Ha
    Ha Ha 2 months ago

    Comey was an honest guy, unlike the pussy grabber. Impeachment coming soon. I would bet all my $$$ on it. Gump's resignation or firing is going to be epic. Just wait. Get your cameras ready FOX news. Report that shit. You bitch ass mother fuckers.

  • brian f
    brian f 2 months ago

    the conflict of interest is that Comey and Mueller are close personal friends and this matter is going to be a he said he said. He also helped cover up Watergate and has been holding water for the clintons for years like comey

  • Wayne Cooper
    Wayne Cooper 2 months ago

    Why are you guys focusing on Mueller's "optics" on a job he shouldn't have? Of course he appears correct at the outset..... He's COMPROMISED and has huge conflicts of interest, in the form of his obvious long standing relationship with Comey, ties to HRc, etc. If you understand that this is a coup, you have to know that this is a part of that coup. Fight it!!

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe 2 months ago

    Kurtz needs to go back to CNN

  • luis quinones
    luis quinones 2 months ago

    who give shit hi is corrp

  • Patrick Reagan
    Patrick Reagan 2 months ago

    He's been hired by the establishment, your a f#%*+#g liar Howie putz

  • Shiwanokia
    Shiwanokia 2 months ago

    FOX NEWS FAIL!! Comey and Mueller are just part of the criminal cabal and Fox News won't say it. FOX NEWS IS FAKE NEWS because they lie by omission.

  • C5Ron7
    C5Ron7 2 months ago

    I have NOT heard anyone mention the fact that Comey Met with Mueller BEFORE his time in front of the Senate Intel Committee, wouldn't this be a Conflict of interest? Comey seemed to KNOW Mueller was going to Special Prosecutor, there must have been many conversations in the Justice Dept about WHO they would choose for that position in the event the Left got it's way for a Special Investigation! Also much has been said about the relationship between Comey & Mueller, BFFs for many years both in and out of the FBI, and Mentor! Also a rumor about Mueller giving Comey a "Get Out of Jail Free Card" before he even spoke with the Senate Intel Committee, protecting himself from prosecution & JAIL TIME! Just a couple things that REALLY bother me about Mueller & Comey, there is much more but these are the most obvious to me!

  • Hector Morales
    Hector Morales 2 months ago

    this guys is a moron

  • Okemicco
    Okemicco 2 months ago

    Seditious, fake journalists have no place in this country.

  • Bob Beckel
    Bob Beckel 2 months ago

    Anyone who thinks Mueller is just doing his job needs to read "Licensed to Lie" by
    Sydney Powell. Especially how the Justice Department destroyed Arthur Andersen,
    for no good reason other than because it could. If the establishment can bring
    down an innocent man, it will, just so show it can. We need to drain this swamp.

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones 2 months ago +1

    Mueller slept with Comey. Now he's in too deep. One way in, no way out

  • Lydia Stanford
    Lydia Stanford 2 months ago +2

    because after 1 year plus,there's no proof,just hillary propaganda. maybe he's secretly investigating Hillary,podesta,McCain,pelosi,pocohantus,Maxine waters,Schumer,guy with a pronounced widows peak, and other OBSTRUCTIONIST.. riebus is pecular as well

  • Bryochemical Intuition
    Bryochemical Intuition 2 months ago +5

    Howard Kurtz is an absolute bafoon. An obvious Democrat operative and belongs at CNN or MSNBC

    • Dew PM
      Dew PM 2 months ago

      twylasfaves Exactly! Muller was the best choice for everyone, until he started doing his job. Now he's a corrupt because he's doing exactly what he was hired for. It's easy to make assumptions and judgements sitting behind a screen based on 5 min of biased news everyday. I would love to see one of the cult members in his place and watch them solve everything as easy as their almighty president.

    • twylasfaves
      twylasfaves 2 months ago

      Bryochemical Intuition maybe he just speaks a different language than you sheep. I see a pattern here...you're all for someone til they raise questions about Sir Crotchengrabber, then they're evil a d corruptly unqualified. it doesn't work for Trump or for you, sorry.

  • Bacchus Johnson
    Bacchus Johnson 2 months ago +3

    The probe is clearly an insider witch hunt. Mueller is an unlawful appointee and has only the legal obligation to recuse himself.

  • think correctly
    think correctly 2 months ago +1

    , as has been said, if you have nothing to hide, why be scared to be investigated.

  • Veronica Gallo
    Veronica Gallo 2 months ago +16

    Mueller shouldn't have take the investigation. His friendship with Comey disqualified him.

    • Bald Men Win
      Bald Men Win 2 months ago


  • Mr Le
    Mr Le 2 months ago +3


  • Vannessa Coonrod
    Vannessa Coonrod 2 months ago +6

    Mueller has lost credibility due to leaks.

  • Alain Roccamo
    Alain Roccamo 2 months ago +2

    Dear Mrs Donal trump ..Your administration need to clean up all that

  • 32shumble
    32shumble 2 months ago +2

    Kurtz is one of the few voices of reason and sanity on Fox - of course he gets a bit of flack because there's a lot of snowflakes in this world who hate it when someone bursts their orange bubbles.

  • Chris Pyves
    Chris Pyves 2 months ago +3

    When is someone going to start a criminal investigation into the Clinton campaign where there is plenty of evidence rather than chase bogus allegations where no evidence has surfaced after 12 months? Meuller is not doing his job if like Comey he avoids looking at real evidence and spins fake insinuations. Trumps lawyer has stated quite clearly that the President is NOT under investigation. Should he be suing Fox News for false reporting?

  • George Jenkins
    George Jenkins 2 months ago +2

    Mueller is corrupt and evil

  • steven caskey
    steven caskey 2 months ago +9

    Republicans need to start dragging in Democrats and asking them about their Russian connections. They can start with Warner on the Intelligence Committee and his 6 million dollars worth of Russian stock. Has he had contact with any Russian diplomats, businessmen, or nationals in the last year?

  • Jeanie Delgado
    Jeanie Delgado 2 months ago +2

    Muerller needs to recuse himself from the situation because of his relationship with Comey and his ties to the Clinton investigation. OF COURSE it is being brought out! He is trying to steam roll the President and the United States of America!! What an idiot Kuttz is!

  • dragon76kjpl
    dragon76kjpl 2 months ago +2

    Shouldn't even be there COMEY leaked IN ORDER to get him appointed!! What a shame ... His Job as you say should be going after the real problem here.....and its Not President Trump Its The Corrupt people who got him appointed !!

  • Preahchunpehnwong
    Preahchunpehnwong 2 months ago +2

    So you're obsessed with Russia too mr. Kurtz? I thought you'd be more honorable than that. Maybe you should talk about the real duties those people aren't doing, investigating real criminals...

  • bassman5123
    bassman5123 2 months ago +3

    But here is the problem, Kurtz! Not only do major conflicts of interest exist here which violate several laws, like Comey and Mueller being joined at the hip (and that's according to many FBI employees). But both of these men aren't impartial or law abiding themselves. For example, back in 1995, Mueller did exactly what he's accusing Trump of doing. Former Georgia Congressman Bob Barr was on a committee investigating the Branch Davidian massacre in Waco when he says Bob Mueller came up to him and said, "take it easy on these guys." (the guys on his watch) And James Comey is not clean either. In fact, he was on the board of directors for HSBC bank (the preferred bank of money launderers, drug cartels, and mobsters at the time) during their banking scandal, the largest banking fraud scandal in U.S. history. Does that sound like an honest man? He also had ZERO law enforcement experience, yet Obama still appointed him to FBI director. Furthermore, both of these men helped cover up the crimes and illegal wars related to 911. Read all about it in an excellent article entitled, "No, Robert Mueller and James Comey Aren't Heroes," by former FBI special agent Coleen Rowley. She is an absolute hero who warned her superiors about the 911 attacks prior to that fateful day, only to have her evidence, both suppressed and ignored. If we had only listened to her it may very well have never happened. So let's listen to her now!

  • Ashraf Olkeh
    Ashraf Olkeh 2 months ago +5

    so how come he doesn't investigate Clinton's??

  • Smiley Gladhands
    Smiley Gladhands 2 months ago +10

    Why are you doing this segment without mentioning the close ties that Muller has to Comey and the conflict of interest this causes? Do you think your propaganda is going to make us forget that?

    • Veronica Gallo
      Veronica Gallo 2 months ago

      Not to mention all the "leaks" coming from his "investigation"

  • Christien Scheepers
    Christien Scheepers 2 months ago +1

    Very good piece ! All these word ......SHOCKING, BAD, TERRIBLE, AMAZING .......when you read it, it is that other word...NOTHING -BURGER !

  • Hhh Hhh
    Hhh Hhh 2 months ago +2

    So your getting a divorce and the judge is related or a friend of one party it's all ok there will be no bias MY ASS.

  • Joe Noi
    Joe Noi 2 months ago +1

    Never Trumper masquerading as a neutral

  • Trump2017
    Trump2017 2 months ago +2

    We know that America is divided and people need to pick witch side they're on .
    BECAUSE this is the true evil of left against those that
    want our Nation to be great.

  • Johnf275
    Johnf275 2 months ago +6

    Mueller needs to step down due to personal conflict of interest

  • jamicwe55
    jamicwe55 2 months ago +2

    Muller and Comey are good buddies.

  • Kerkopes
    Kerkopes 2 months ago +2

    Kurtz has rattled the Trumpanzee cage. lol They don't know who to throw shit at first: Fox News (for hiring Kurtz), or Kurtz for speaking the truth, or Mueller for doing his job. lol Total chaos in Fox-Trumpland.

  • Reinhold Koltes
    Reinhold Koltes 2 months ago +6

    Notice? He doesn't talk about the relationship between Mueller & Comey

  • Patrick Denham
    Patrick Denham 2 months ago +1

    Lets hope he does not take 3 years to do his investigation, we need hill to close all these rubbish and close done the silly senators

  • NFOPlanet
    NFOPlanet 2 months ago +2

    witch hunt! but will he gets on Hillary huh? huh hhuh.

  • Ta-mater
    Ta-mater 2 months ago +2

    MSM and the Democrats want to destroy Trump that is their goal! they will do anything and everything they can to accomplish this!

    • Sed
      Sed 2 months ago

      Trump is destroying it all by himself

  • White Face
    White Face 2 months ago +2


  • wiseass 5000
    wiseass 5000 2 months ago +3

    trump supporters are killing our country. shove that in your pipe and smoke it. LOSERS

    • wiseass 5000
      wiseass 5000 2 months ago

      +GilbertoTX don't cry

    • GilbertoTX
      GilbertoTX 2 months ago

      lol the losers I see are liberals acting like spoil children, just because they loss and protesting, and rioting like cry babies. 😂

  • wiseass 5000
    wiseass 5000 2 months ago

    trump supporters are killing our country. shove that in your pipe and smoke it. LOSERS

  • Eye Am
    Eye Am 2 months ago +2

    then expand the investigation to Hillary, Lynch and Bill and Obama, why not repeat that talking point? and why not opine our concerns with his friendship with Comey and his investigative team's ties to the Clintons with the donations they gave her? which is plainly not fair, he should be asked to recuse himself because of that, we all know who the Wich is.

  • Raman Razrola
    Raman Razrola 2 months ago +3

    Ofcourse he is and in a more better way .. I just want him to not back down and its good to use all the tools in the pocket to get the victims and what you want from them with in time doesn't matter who he is or what he does..

  • DB Cisco
    DB Cisco 2 months ago +5

    The Clintons, Lynch and Comey himself (!) are also under investigation. Nothing said about them though.

  • Jaguar
    Jaguar 2 months ago +5

    Asshole shout your stupid mouth.ok

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