Homer Simpson Gives Jimmy Kimmel a Tour of Springfield

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  • This coming Sunday night will mark the 600th episode of “The Simpsons.” In honor of their anniversary, Jimmy gets a private tour of Springfield from none other than Homer J. Simpson himself.

    Name That Famous Celebrity - Matthew Perry vs. Nas Live tvclip.org/video/aWkdZulprl0/

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    Homer Simpson Gives Jimmy Kimmel a Tour of Springfield
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  • creamy
    creamy 10 days ago

    Jimmy Kimmel>Jimmy Fallon>>>>>>>James Corden

  • d9 playz
    d9 playz 17 days ago

    This my birthday

  • Dizzy Stone
    Dizzy Stone 20 days ago

    only dan castwlleneta characters spoke

  • John Ylitalo
    John Ylitalo 25 days ago

    I would like a tour to Springfield from the Simpsons.

  • Andy Munoz
    Andy Munoz 25 days ago

    Jimmy is awful dude.

  • TheSuperMarioPlushybros

    Omg I love this show

  • Lena Janssens
    Lena Janssens Month ago

    Arrest expense horizon lecture role.

  • Fernando Correia
    Fernando Correia Month ago

    Simpsons is one of the most boring TV shows ever

  • Kermit the frog Show

    Ya that's me

  • Extravaganza RBLX
    Extravaganza RBLX Month ago

    *In your face, Jesus Family!*

  • Extravaganza RBLX
    Extravaganza RBLX Month ago


  • Petr gromotovič
    Petr gromotovič Month ago

    - jimmy kimmel says something thats not funny

  • Cezar De Paula
    Cezar De Paula Month ago

    Just amazing!

  • N8R T8R
    N8R T8R Month ago

    Please do Jimmy Kimmel visits Quahog

  • Atia Nadira Lumban Tobing


  • Junior Zoaryan
    Junior Zoaryan 2 months ago

    I'm in Springfield right now Massachusetts

  • Taylor Lewis
    Taylor Lewis 2 months ago

    I just clicked the button to unsubscribe, is that the same

  • Sarkasumus
    Sarkasumus 2 months ago

    Conan and archer was better

  • gay and lesbian is a disease gokumlg

    better than family guy

  • Moritz Weber
    Moritz Weber 2 months ago

    Wow Soviet This work really sounds deeply awesopenessschedule

  • OfficialDjSyko
    OfficialDjSyko 2 months ago

    it would of been funnier if he said "in ya face futurama" lol

    • OfficialDjSyko
      OfficialDjSyko 2 months ago

      Kayla Blair Colgan i liked both but simspons better lol

    • Kayla Blair Colgan
      Kayla Blair Colgan 2 months ago

      OfficialDjSyko I miss Futurama! 😭😭😭😭😭

  • TechDark
    TechDark 2 months ago

    i wonder how he's acting this when you're at the scene

  • Lee Isaacs
    Lee Isaacs 2 months ago

    Jimmy asking if his entrance back into the studio looked real at 2:16 😂😂

  • Jordan Mahe
    Jordan Mahe 2 months ago

    cant play with people emotions like that i thought it was a terriost attack ahahaha

  • jearss
    jearss 2 months ago

    Oh man so fun

  • Adam Dow
    Adam Dow 2 months ago

    He should've bought Guillermo with him. Cool to see what Guillermo would look like in The Simpsons universe.

  • Ishmael Moh
    Ishmael Moh 2 months ago

    looks like Jimmy has downs syndrome

    • Ishmael Moh
      Ishmael Moh 2 months ago

      Kayla Blair Cockan
      I don't care what you think. shut your ugly self up

    • Kayla Blair Colgan
      Kayla Blair Colgan 2 months ago

      Ishmael Moh that's not funny.

  • Toni Is Awesome
    Toni Is Awesome 2 months ago

    Is Springfield like the Luton of America?

  • 오수연
    오수연 2 months ago


  • Ju
    Ju 2 months ago

    The Simpsons with fake laughs 🔫🔫🔫

  • Mic Blobfish
    Mic Blobfish 2 months ago

    This is so cringey

  • Alex Jiménez
    Alex Jiménez 2 months ago

    It would be better if the simpsons was on abc

  • Hadephiobia
    Hadephiobia 2 months ago

    Does he have a fake laugh in cartoon form too?

  • Lord Bilbo
    Lord Bilbo 2 months ago

    The simpsons feels weir with a laugh track

  • Jasper
    Jasper 2 months ago

    Thats the first time in a while that the simpsons made me laugh.

  • jose Lopez
    jose Lopez 2 months ago


  • lowaces
    lowaces 3 months ago +1

    jimmy is new world order scum,

  • Dy T
    Dy T 3 months ago

    Funny until the "certainty of death" remark, that was a downer for ageless cartoon people.

  • Michael Hummel
    Michael Hummel 3 months ago

    1:26 weird eyes

  • dibujos guerrero
    dibujos guerrero 3 months ago

    horrible draws , the recent simpsons suck

  • Farren Amarah
    Farren Amarah 3 months ago +1

    family guy is better... let the war commence in 3....2.....1

  • Mohab El-KINGOS
    Mohab El-KINGOS 3 months ago

    Jimmy! I'm still not happy,you lied you son of a....

  • TEC1
    TEC1 3 months ago

    ABC is promoting a Fox show? wut

  • audreycade89
    audreycade89 3 months ago

    car nil

  • Alec Gany
    Alec Gany 3 months ago

    Wow I cant believe they left Fox

  • SWProductions
    SWProductions 3 months ago

    This is so cool !

  • Raven 77
    Raven 77 3 months ago

    Why does every celebrity in the new seasons have asian-like eyes

  • Man In Magenta Wig
    Man In Magenta Wig 3 months ago

    The laugh track would work if you didn't suddenly cut it off every time. XD

  • Kitty McPuss
    Kitty McPuss 3 months ago

    his cartoon eyes hurt my eyes lol!!

  • S a I n T s S t N i A s

    Damn this was boring and that shitty laugh track

  • Diego Paul
    Diego Paul 3 months ago

    Guys, Oh My Gosh compound truly sounds like heavily%bizarredeath :

  • Carlos De La Cruz
    Carlos De La Cruz 3 months ago

    Did anyone else hear him say did that look real

  • Jean Loup T
    Jean Loup T 3 months ago

    Jimmy's voice dosent sound like Jimmy's voice...

  • funshine97
    funshine97 3 months ago +1

    "Aw that's cute. He's an alcoholic."

    LOL! 😂

  • 2 Virgins, 1 Man
    2 Virgins, 1 Man 3 months ago

    This was so cringey, they thought that no one would notice that they only used characters that Dan Castellenata voiced

  • RezzyATL
    RezzyATL 3 months ago

    Jimmy, stop trying to be Oprah.

  • Kipster
    Kipster 3 months ago

    I would've enjoyed this more if we didn't have to hear the laugh track

  • mason methot
    mason methot 3 months ago

    Never thought I would see the day of The Simpsons with a laugh track...makes it so bad.

  • Autumn Cooper
    Autumn Cooper 3 months ago

    "I love my family. Except him." XD

  • RRoJ
    RRoJ 3 months ago

    Homer Simpson the goat

  • Dezpektor Alex
    Dezpektor Alex 3 months ago

    that's jimmy Kimmel? really? stop licking ""famous"" people's ass

  • ÁUß Code
    ÁUß Code 3 months ago

    0:47 i thought he was going to say griffin family lol

  • Gorgonzola4president
    Gorgonzola4president 4 months ago

    Why didn't Conan get this?

  • Lego motion Picture studios

    I was insulted when homer said IN YOIR FACE JESUS FAMILY

  • Robert Threadgill
    Robert Threadgill 4 months ago

    Does anybody think its cute seeing Jimmy hod baby Maggie.

  • black skull emo kid
    black skull emo kid 4 months ago

    Jimmy Kendall looks like an alien on The Simpsons

  • Kevin Walker
    Kevin Walker 4 months ago

    Now do Ed Edd and Eddy!!

  • GeneralMcBoss
    GeneralMcBoss 4 months ago

    How come so many talk shows have a guy name jimmy as the host

  • Graublitz
    Graublitz 4 months ago

    I can't understand how Jimmy's audience can laugh at this.

  • funshine97
    funshine97 4 months ago +1

    Could you believe how awful the 500th episode of The Simpsons was a few years ago? I mean, I think most fans of that show thought the 600th episode would be better.

  • Games Links
    Games Links 4 months ago

    great show and by the way if anyone want games subscribe me abd download it

  • DogblogGirl Forever
    DogblogGirl Forever 4 months ago


  • Jordan Little
    Jordan Little 5 months ago

    LOL. This is funnier than anything Seth MacFarlane has ever made... EVER!

  • Scarlett Franks
    Scarlett Franks 5 months ago

    This was awesome! May the Simpsons never end!!!

  • Steve Jobs
    Steve Jobs 5 months ago

    Conan and Archer was much Better.

  • avnub
    avnub 5 months ago

    You know each time I see a clip from the new Simpsons, I hate it even more

  • liam Boyle
    liam Boyle 5 months ago

    Who else hates the new YouTube update

  • Deathstroke
    Deathstroke 5 months ago

    whats with the sitcom laughter

  • funkydanieluk
    funkydanieluk 5 months ago

    Cartoon Jimmy KImmel looks horrifying. WHat's wrong with his eyes?

  • Namukolo Situmbeko
    Namukolo Situmbeko 5 months ago

    listen to my song called ohohoh by moesha you tube.show Ur friends

  • Fleur Maes
    Fleur Maes 5 months ago

    Ugly actually event external.

  • Critic Fan
    Critic Fan 5 months ago

    Wow. As if Jimmy Kimmel's long, tiring, and stupid running joke of treating Matt Damon like garbage is bad enough, (might as well have made like Eric Cartman's threats and "kicked him in the nuts" at the Oscars) now they got him insulting an entire race by animating him to look like an Asian guy!!

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 5 months ago

    1000 comment

  • MrGoldFlake
    MrGoldFlake 5 months ago

    My comment just made this video 1000 comments!

  • Blukeyy
    Blukeyy 5 months ago

    The simpsons have done jimmy dirty

  • Jorge Rodriguez
    Jorge Rodriguez 5 months ago


  • Red 7 standing by
    Red 7 standing by 5 months ago

    Yeee I'm 1000 coment

  • DanCaller123
    DanCaller123 5 months ago

    1,000th comment

  • Marian Linse
    Marian Linse 5 months ago

    now my TV is broken because I hit him... :(

  • Dario P.
    Dario P. 5 months ago

    This sketch is just as funny as the newest simpsons seasons

  • Bananadog5
    Bananadog5 5 months ago

    am I the only one who thought this wasn't at all funny?

  • RollandB
    RollandB 5 months ago

    Just put this once great show out of its misery already.

  • ubsessedfananime
    ubsessedfananime 5 months ago

    they should do a simpsons characters read mean tweets

  • Mr Bakemona
    Mr Bakemona 5 months ago

    Am I one of the only people who think Jimmy Kimmel is boring? I don't hate him or anything like that He just isn't funny.

  • Reallyfuckingbored likealot

    Man, The Simpsons got terrible.

  • Lanwarder
    Lanwarder 5 months ago

    I'm still subscribing and still not happy!!!!!! :( :( :( :( :(

  • Gray Leprechaun
    Gray Leprechaun 5 months ago

    Jimmy's too nice in here. 😂😂😂

  • Brandon Bills
    Brandon Bills 5 months ago

    That was cute

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