Space Oddity

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  • Rest in peace, Starman.

    Rare Earth Playlist (New Series!):

    A revised version of David Bowie's Space Oddity, recorded by Commander Chris Hadfield on board the International Space Station.

    Composition: “SPACE ODDITY”
    Written by David Bowie
    Published by Onward Music Limited

    (Note: This video cannot be reproduced and is licensed for online music use only.)

    With thanks to Emm Gryner, Joe Corcoran, Andrew Tidby and Evan Hadfield for all their hard work.

    Captioning kindly provided by CHS (

    From the album “Space Sessions: Songs From a Tin Can.” Available everywhere now.
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  • Runtime: 5:31
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  • Schastlivaya Alexandra


  • hay0fuck0you
    hay0fuck0you 3 hours ago

    lmfao made my day so fn good love it

  • william freeman
    william freeman 10 hours ago

    Bowie Bona Fides Confirmed...clear for ignition!!

  • Astor .M
    Astor .M 13 hours ago

    David you are in the space

  • E G
    E G 19 hours ago

    How it is to hold a guitar without gravity?:-))

  • ffairlane57
    ffairlane57 23 hours ago

    Take note, Flat Earthers!

  • Julia C
    Julia C 23 hours ago

    Bowie said this was perhaps the most poignant rendition ever; glad he helped keep it up

  • Mick H
    Mick H Day ago

    What a masonic wanker

  • miet vuon cao thu

    cho bác này làm ca sỹ được rồi , hát hay quá

  • Raphael Carvalho

    he got a really good singing voice :-)

  • sceptic
    sceptic Day ago


  • Guilherme Da Vinci


  • yard2010
    yard2010 Day ago

    What a time to be alive

  • Mariano De Lux
    Mariano De Lux 2 days ago

    anyone has the lyrics ?

  • Creative_Zach Gaming

    Was this rlly filmed in space?

    • iily
      iily 18 hours ago

      Creative_Zach Gaming yes

  • Degree Cause
    Degree Cause 2 days ago

    it seems the earth changes in size, and speed many times!

  • Degree Cause
    Degree Cause 2 days ago

    Who has the camera man, and lighting effects man on the ISS. The shoot the music in a studio than did the video?

  • Degree Cause
    Degree Cause 2 days ago

    watch the clouds get closer in the beginning

  • HatersGonnaHate
    HatersGonnaHate 2 days ago


  • Baran Batson
    Baran Batson 2 days ago

    I'm sorry but this is better than the original. Idc what you say.

  • Super Super Hero
    Super Super Hero 3 days ago

    I love space

  • Bagel Bean
    Bagel Bean 3 days ago

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  • kilp
    kilp 3 days ago

    Aight, im respect 2 amazing music video not using an CGI. Parkway Drive - Vice Grip, and this video

  • Cherry Bomb Studios
    Cherry Bomb Studios 3 days ago

    Man, humans have gone far.

  • Spencer Marchewka
    Spencer Marchewka 3 days ago

    This was posted before David Bowie died

  • KingdomofAtlantis
    KingdomofAtlantis 3 days ago

    Hollywood have come a long way to making a sci-fi movie look real. Well done Hollywood....uh, i mean Nasa.

  • Satanic Furry
    Satanic Furry 3 days ago +1

    Is he really in space if so.... that is fucking awesome

  • Purnettig
    Purnettig 3 days ago

    How fuckin cool is this?

  • Raptor2k
    Raptor2k 3 days ago


    you fucking idiots saying "photoshop cant edit video material"
    you do know that "video material" IS MADE OUT OF PICTURES (PHOTOSHOP) put frame by frame so it creates a "video" ?!
    So yes... you basically can edit video footage with photoshop by going frame by frame and correcting or deleting whatever you want.. dumasses

    • GameFormers
      GameFormers 2 days ago

      As you said.


    • GameFormers
      GameFormers 2 days ago

      Do you have any idea how long that would take? 30 frames per second. 330 seconds in the video. That's 9900 images. Being edited with consistency, and massive complexity. Nah. It'd be far too complicated. Near impossible.

  • Don Blair
    Don Blair 4 days ago

    Is it me or it just looks alike a cgi?

  • Jakub Zeidel
    Jakub Zeidel 4 days ago

    I love this video this music is best iam from the CZECH REPUBLIC AND MY FRIENDS wery wery love this

  • Teemo Inquisitor
    Teemo Inquisitor 4 days ago

    sorry but i liked more this cover than the original , also rip david bowie

  • Mike K
    Mike K 4 days ago


  • João Sérgio da Silva Costa

    almost 8 thousand people thik that the Earth is flat

  • Fallen DaPrimeiraGuerra

    r.i.p cod

  • Keyboard Krazy
    Keyboard Krazy 4 days ago

    The Starman is up there now watching this and smiling.

  • RAF Barkway
    RAF Barkway 4 days ago

    Possibly even cooler than the original......Await flames.

  • ReinBo Chicken Productions

    Seems like David did get to go to space in a way :'(

  • Ryan Christoffersen
    Ryan Christoffersen 4 days ago

    Awesome video. Came here after reading the book. I teach martial arts to kids, and when it comes to preparing for belt tests, I often like to use your story about how you were basically blind in space because of the cleaner that was used inside of the helmet. There are always going to be unknown variables in self defense as well, but the more prepared you are the more variables you are prepared to overcome.

  • Brian Concepcion
    Brian Concepcion 4 days ago

    7,000+ people don't know that he was actually a fucking astronaut xD

  • Frozen Yeti
    Frozen Yeti 4 days ago

    The cooolest music video ever!!!

  • Ella Pep09
    Ella Pep09 5 days ago +1

    I used this song for my p3 assembly and I'm going in to p4 ps I'm crying

  • Per Greenkvist
    Per Greenkvist 5 days ago


  • FLJBeliever1776
    FLJBeliever1776 5 days ago

    Why do the Canadians seem to be having all the fun?
    I got to find this guy's soundtrack so I can listen to it on those starry night drives.

  • Mallku BC
    Mallku BC 5 days ago

    So good

  • Trimodic
    Trimodic 5 days ago

    One word for history
    One word for future

  • Jane Ww
    Jane Ww 5 days ago

    you can the life from the voice. that's something young ppl cant achieve
    this is beautiful

  • George Holt
    George Holt 5 days ago

    36M view, 35 million Canadians... coincidence I think not!

  • Andrei Ivanov
    Andrei Ivanov 5 days ago

    What a Hero this man! They Orbital men are, onece and forever, since the One Gagarin.

  • Jonathan Guest
    Jonathan Guest 5 days ago

    This song deserves more views. Such brilliance.

  • TheFloppyHardDrive
    TheFloppyHardDrive 5 days ago +1

    At the time of writing, this video has 36,767,378 views.

    The entire population of Canada is only 36,290,000.

  • Fracchia
    Fracchia 5 days ago

    So impressive!!!

  • BakedProtato
    BakedProtato 6 days ago

    I can't believe you copied MineCraft Awesome Parodies!

  • Gentleman Potato
    Gentleman Potato 6 days ago

    The chills I get when he is in the cupola... Can't explain the feeling, man I wish I could get to space, even dead or dying in the process

  • Vincent Constantineau

    That must be complicated to upload from space X)

  • Tarobrob
    Tarobrob 6 days ago +2

    Am I the only one crying... Like I'm proud to be human.

  • Tarobrob
    Tarobrob 6 days ago +1

    It makes me cry

  • M
    M 6 days ago

    So intimate, deep, soul down
    You are great Chris, from space you gift emotions to earth 🌏

    No one knows he sang this song before leaving the command of the ISS after 6 months.

    You are great. You have all my respect and admiration

  • Automatik
    Automatik 6 days ago

    Just now, I've noticed that this is basically a "happy ending" version of the song.

  • Rest in Crowd RIC
    Rest in Crowd RIC 6 days ago

    this is my dream...singing in space.....

  • mac
    mac 6 days ago

    isnt this the dude who snuck weed into space

  • Steven Polanco
    Steven Polanco 6 days ago

    Perfect space song my dream has always been to visit the stars

  • Werner Braun
    Werner Braun 6 days ago


  • Erwin Rommel
    Erwin Rommel 7 days ago

    my god his voice

  • Евгения figi
    Евгения figi 7 days ago

    Крис! Ты настоящий человек!!!

  • Vallen Vega
    Vallen Vega 7 days ago

    the bass makes me like this version more than Bowie's original

  • TritonComedy
    TritonComedy 7 days ago

    The dislikes are from flat earth believers

  • Ramy 216
    Ramy 216 7 days ago

    Freddie Mercury is in Soace now?

  • Lurcher
    Lurcher 7 days ago


  • Jan Tiefenthaler
    Jan Tiefenthaler 8 days ago

    This has potential to be played at my funeral...

  • Marisol Burgos
    Marisol Burgos 8 days ago


  • MultiSuperstreet
    MultiSuperstreet 8 days ago

    Nothing's more EPIC than a real astronaut singing Space Oddity....

  • Rhi Bear
    Rhi Bear 8 days ago

    R.i.p David Bowie. Such a great person. :)

  • xJoe90
    xJoe90 8 days ago

    what's it all about ay

  • Vaporeonus
    Vaporeonus 8 days ago

    How fast is the wifi up there?

  • Tiago
    Tiago 8 days ago

    I'm coming for my daily view, I'm obsessed with this song's video

  • AlphaMineron
    AlphaMineron 8 days ago

    36.7 mil views and no ads!

    That's how Space Exploration works!
    Honestly, I'm not a theist but space exploration is a totally divine experience... actually the only true divine experience possible

  • Dimas Rizki N.I.
    Dimas Rizki N.I. 8 days ago

    As-salāmu 'alaykum. Peace be upon you 😊

  • V1CT0RMus1c
    V1CT0RMus1c 9 days ago

    1:18 there's something about that chord progression that I just find so nostalgic. I love it.

  • isya tuan haji ahmad

    the valerian movie brought me here 😭. i'm from Malaysia ❤️ and love this song

  • McGhee Foulmouth
    McGhee Foulmouth 9 days ago

    But this is fake gihick the earth is flat read the bible ya idiots it's a fooking conspiracy

  • John Smith
    John Smith 9 days ago

    Do you guys know David Bowie reacted to this???? Can someone answer me?

  • Chizy Cheesy
    Chizy Cheesy 9 days ago

    Mine oddity

  • Danielle Naomi Uy
    Danielle Naomi Uy 9 days ago

    i really like his voice. i feel very folksy on this one.

  • I'm not goodbye
    I'm not goodbye 9 days ago

    I have one question how did you get the far away shots of the ISS

  • Gangsterion93
    Gangsterion93 9 days ago

    Heeeeeeeeeeeere I'm siting in a tin can... above the world... lalala lalala this is Mahor tom to ground control....

  • Miruna Cercel
    Miruna Cercel 9 days ago

    His veins scare me.. preassureless space, man..

  • Shion Yazawa
    Shion Yazawa 9 days ago

    It's just Epic, right? I love it ,and this song too !!!

  • Kenso
    Kenso 9 days ago

    You can never loose your pick in space, that's cool

  • claudio figueroa verschueren

    Que buen video, de uno de mis grandes heroes.

  • Julian
    Julian 9 days ago

    fuck my life

  • anna sangiorgio
    anna sangiorgio 10 days ago

    love 😍

  • DynamicoDesigns
    DynamicoDesigns 10 days ago

    This is just like the movie 'Life', except no alien. :-)

  • Ljubomir Mihailovic
    Ljubomir Mihailovic 10 days ago

    Earth heroes. We salute you.

  • Luffythedodo 7
    Luffythedodo 7 10 days ago

    Who has read his book?

  • DizzyWillow \
    DizzyWillow \ 10 days ago

    I$$ priceless

  • Alexzander Garcia
    Alexzander Garcia 10 days ago +1

    Like honestly , imagine how fucking lonely you would be up there

  • Łukasz Gawryluk
    Łukasz Gawryluk 10 days ago +1

    It's so cool that there's a guitar in space :D

  • Cloaked Eye Game Dev Group

    2013 4 Years Ago?! Goddamn! This is Like a Staple of 2013 its Great.

  • JesusLover12
    JesusLover12 10 days ago


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