David Guetta ft Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne - Light My Body Up (Official Video)

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    Directed by: Benny Boom
    Executive Producer: Luga Podesta & Brandon Bonfiglio
    Producer: Andrew Lerios, Luga Podesta & Brandon Bonfiglio
    Edited by: Devin Blakeney
    Production company: London Alley Entertainment

    David Guetta feat Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne - Light My Body Up
    (David Guetta, Julien Martinez, Ester Dean, Onika Maraj aka *Nicki Minaj*, Nick van de Wall aka *Afrojack*, Dwayne Carter aka *Lil Wayne*, Kirill Slepukha aka *KIIDA*, Danil Shilovskii aka *KIIDA*)
    Produced by David Guetta & Julien ‘Drek’ Martinez
    Additional Production by Afrojack & KIIDA
    All Instruments by David Guetta & Julien 'Drek' Martinez
    Recorded at Cruise Control Studios Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Nicki Minaj vocals recorded by: Aubry ‘Big Juice’ Delaine
    Lil Wayne vocals recorded by: Manny Galvez
    Vocal Producer: Nick Cooper
    Assisted by: Nick Valentin and Brian Judd at Hit Factory Criteria Miami, Florida
    Mixed and mastered by Daddy's Groove at Test Pressing Studio's Naples, Italy
    Music consultant: Jean-Claude Sindres
    Publishers: What A Publishing Ltd (SACEM) Administred by Bernstein Shapiro (ASCAP); Piano Songs/BMG Talpa Music for Europe (BUMA) / Rest of The World COPYRIGHT CONTROL (BMI); Damn Dat Music admin by Universal Music (ASCAP); Young Money Publishing/Warner Chappell Music Publishing (BMI); Money Mack Music; DLG Publishing/BMG Talpa Music (BUMA)
    Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne appear courtesy of Young Money/Cash Money Records
    (P) & (C) 2017 What A Music Ltd, Under Exclusive Licence to Parlophone/Warner Music France, a Warner Music Group Company

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  • Runtime: 3:46
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  • Mariam -
    Mariam - 10 hours ago


  • Mimis Welt
    Mimis Welt 14 hours ago

    i love you Nicki Minaj

  • Thιαкιм 恨爱与诱惑

    je ne comprends pas pourquoi on dit que exo a plagiat cette chanson...

  • Kristina Di
    Kristina Di 16 hours ago

    Крутая песня 🎶🎶🎶👍👍👍👍💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Minkook
    Minkook 19 hours ago +1

    Exo plagió está canción

  • Jamal Jananka
    Jamal Jananka 19 hours ago +1

    Lil Wayne 🔥🔥

  • Gabby Lencina
    Gabby Lencina 19 hours ago

    Nicki eu te amoo

  • Lilly Lacerda
    Lilly Lacerda 20 hours ago

    I think Nick is scare she's awful, but that music is good 👺👺👺👺👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👻👻👻 I'm afraid of her, is David lost there? Is he looking the toilet? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • kim jeon vkook
    kim jeon vkook 22 hours ago

    Its not similar in ko ko bop

  • Nikhil kumar
    Nikhil kumar 23 hours ago

    rip ppl ...who r comparing this song with kokobob

    NITIN NARAYANKAR 23 hours ago

    this time david guetta fire 💥

  • Lamissducentre France

    Moi ce qui m'énerve c'est de dire que exo à plagié cette chansons alors que pas du tout !! Le refrain n'est pas du tout le même !!! Personnellement avant de dire des choses comme ça Vaux mieux écouter et réécouter la musique !!! KOKO BOB IS THE BEST !!!

  • DragonSoul România


  • Shiraz Tarash
    Shiraz Tarash 1 day ago

    nice song

  • Michał1222
    Michał1222 1 day ago +1

    Lil Wayne fucked up the whole song...

    GOLDEN_NOCHU 97 1 day ago

    hahaha , nicki eunni , u should listen to exo's song 😂😂 its the same beat omg , exo-l stop lying its the same kkkkkk

  • Sonia Pacheco
    Sonia Pacheco 1 day ago


  • Даша Бутко
    Даша Бутко 1 day ago +1

    It's my favorite music video! 🎀

  • bae sehunee
    bae sehunee 1 day ago +1

    EXO : Kokobop : July 2017
    Nicky Minaj : My Body Up : May 2017


  • Lucia Alejandra Rosas Ormachea


  • Qua Yun
    Qua Yun 1 day ago

    Check this video just because EXO - kokobop.
    Sorry not sorry

  • Nang Xanh
    Nang Xanh 1 day ago +1

    This DOES sound like Ko Ko Bop

  • Pierre T
    Pierre T 1 day ago

    Sounds like Beez in the Trap bitches.

  • Draw Kanal
    Draw Kanal 1 day ago

    I only see exol's here😅😂😂😂

  • FunKy GirL
    FunKy GirL 1 day ago

    Such a queen👑

  • John Paul Benlayo
    John Paul Benlayo 1 day ago

    Light My Body Up <3 <3 <3

  • BTS is Life
    BTS is Life 2 days ago

    plagio kokobop exoo ._.

  • jenny Byun
    jenny Byun 2 days ago

    olm bunun kokobop ile alakası bile yok

  • Taila Ayla
    Taila Ayla 2 days ago +1

    Comfirmed:EXO Ko Ko BOP Plagied This Song

  • Mateus Felipe
    Mateus Felipe 2 days ago

    Y love

  • Harry PotterKlip
    Harry PotterKlip 2 days ago +1

    E X O ~ KO KO BOP

  • Kevin Puth
    Kevin Puth 2 days ago

    you burn stage......minaj

  • Kiệt Trần
    Kiệt Trần 2 days ago +2

    EXO who?

  • reksel lay
    reksel lay 2 days ago +1

    what the hell is this !!! this song doesn't like kokobop 😐so stop say thing like this

  • Kpopper On
    Kpopper On 2 days ago

    ko ko bop plagiou feio

  • 1 of the 2 girls
    1 of the 2 girls 2 days ago


  • Cansın ozkan
    Cansın ozkan 2 days ago


  • Silent Child
    Silent Child 2 days ago

    Some of the best Nicki vocals

  • nayeli perez
    nayeli perez 3 days ago

    khe, ko ko bop? ahr

  • xerdj evt
    xerdj evt 3 days ago

    Y Porque sólo 17 Millones!??

  • GheLLie Serrano
    GheLLie Serrano 3 days ago +4

    who else came here because of KO KO BOP by EXO ?

  • jocelyne garcia
    jocelyne garcia 3 days ago

    When producers dont make money on songs they tend to sell them to make money elsewhere, sometimes they may even still make royalties afterwards. So for people saying kokobop is plagiarized 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽

  • Cami EXO-L
    Cami EXO-L 3 days ago

    quien vino despues de escuchar que esta canción sonaba como kokobop?

  • Selinay Korkmaz
    Selinay Korkmaz 3 days ago

    Exo kokobop the better

  • Mary
    Mary 3 days ago

    Omg claudia alende?

  • kaylin lopez
    kaylin lopez 3 days ago

    Gold is definitely her color

  • veronica carter
    veronica carter 3 days ago

    nicki the ninja is back

  • Vania ARMY
    Vania ARMY 3 days ago +1

    como es que dicen que ESTO es similar con Kokobop de EXO, puede que las notas sean un poco parecidas, pero por favor, es obvio que los de S.M ni en cuenta con esta canción, por favor paren de criticar a EXO.

    pd: Esto es una opinión personal, no quiero ofender a nadie con lo que e dicho.

  • ATTIF Aziz
    ATTIF Aziz 3 days ago

    Fantastic song

  • Jennie Kim
    Jennie Kim 3 days ago +2

    Dope plagiarism! Exo-KoKoBop the best ! David Guetta= Bullshit
    David-👎🏻 💩
    EXO-👍🏻the best😍

  • Rose bud
    Rose bud 3 days ago +1

    How is KoKo Bop copying...? Like I understand the beat drop sounds similar and almost the same... but so does every other song out at the moment in America. I can think of so many other songs that legit sound EXACTLY the same but no one talks about them because they are not a Kpop band 🌚 idk like... Shut Up and Dance With Me's intro music being identical to Where the Streets Have No Name by U2??

  • ᄉᄉᄆ
    ᄉᄉᄆ 3 days ago

    but middle part same with kokobop. ,lol.ㅋㅋ

  • Kjeld Leander Harck
    Kjeld Leander Harck 3 days ago

    0:13 Bass

  • Leandra Oliveira
    Leandra Oliveira 3 days ago


  • detecтιve• ғιѕнoe•

    Can you people please quiet down about the Kokobop issue? It's getting annoying at this point.


    wow oh woh"haa haa haa.

  • Jose Villacis
    Jose Villacis 4 days ago +1

    para mi no se parecen en nada

  • Jeon Kookie
    Jeon Kookie 4 days ago

    shimmy shimmy ko ko bop

  • Johnny Wilson
    Johnny Wilson 4 days ago


  • Daniel J Greek
    Daniel J Greek 4 days ago

    if these two ever collabed to make a full album or mixtape with just david guetta and nicki. omg. you would all be welcome to my funeral <3


    This is the kind of music that really fits Lil Wayne

  • Dea Cantik
    Dea Cantik 4 days ago

    exo kokobop plagiat this song!!!!

  • Sean Y
    Sean Y 4 days ago +1

    ?? this songs drop has down 'light my body up, two stopping and downing again. Exo's has down up and down up sound. and its just an sound effect melody idea of whole song is different this is such a stupid controversy created probably by anti exo anti sm nerds

  • Maria Juli!
    Maria Juli! 4 days ago

    Ko Ko Bop

  • Franco Estrubia
    Franco Estrubia 4 days ago


  • Annie Vang
    Annie Vang 4 days ago

    Ummmmm.... what? KO KO BOP don't even sound like this.

  • #1 grunlifen
    #1 grunlifen 4 days ago +1

    Stop it! It's not similar, maybe a little bit? idk but that's not EXO's Music video. Stop comment about exo's new song kokobop. (Keep stream in melon!)

    Our baby haters, Exo will your oppas down.

  • Isi Bridges
    Isi Bridges 4 days ago


  • David Guetta
    David Guetta 4 days ago +1


  • Luna Giraldo_26
    Luna Giraldo_26 4 days ago +1

    This not sound the same, SORRY but Ko Ko Bop sound different, I think is just paranoia.

  • Taenin Meleği
    Taenin Meleği 4 days ago

    Hiç mi aranızda türk yok mu yha where is the turkısh

  • Katie Tye
    Katie Tye 4 days ago +3

    I didn't come here because people were saying it was similar to Ko Ko Bop, I saw this performance at the Billboard awards and then listened to the Ko Ko Bop release by EXO and thought they sounded similar with the chorus. You can't deny that there is no resemblance for that drop...

  • felicia chessa
    felicia chessa 4 days ago

    it's different from exo kokobop-,-

  • uri lee
    uri lee 4 days ago

    Kokobop was created before this song came out so ???

  • Kim Gordon
    Kim Gordon 4 days ago +1

    Stop talking Kokobop in here..Exo is just old fashioned group since Chinese ran away. They are not big anymore in Korea..Believe or not no one paying attention to them.

  • Armand Hysa
    Armand Hysa 4 days ago

    i am the only that thought that they were 2 voices XD ? dat minaj XD

  • Weekly Taehyung Episodes

    this is the same bgm on exos kokopop but the rest is not

  • Maknaeroni And Cheese

    I see how people say it's similar like kokobop, cause the beat drop and melody. But that's really it. Plus. wasn't kokobop made before this song was released?

  • d.
    d. 4 days ago

    I'm sorry but I think the one who said this song similar with Kokobop, I suggest you to go to otologist.

  • Syaril Zulhisham
    Syaril Zulhisham 4 days ago

    yes its different to kokobop. Very different. But the music at the chorus are little same. I repeat LITTLE SAME. Please dont be so imma exol

  • Martin Djmusic
    Martin Djmusic 4 days ago +2

    kokobop es una copia descarada de esta canción 😠

  • Lailinrmrt _
    Lailinrmrt _ 4 days ago

    Very different with kokobop. I came here bcs of exo.

  • Little Miss Anonymous

    Ryuseralover should do a mashup with kokobop just for the lols

  • Real Pcy
    Real Pcy 4 days ago

    I'm only here because people say this sounds song like exo kokobop, I think not, it's so different, not similar .

  • Laura Calero
    Laura Calero 4 days ago

    ko ko bop :v everywhere

  • Sensei Monari
    Sensei Monari 4 days ago +1

    Ko ko BOP ? Wfk Nikki better.

  • Zuzka
    Zuzka 4 days ago

    Who is exo-l ? ;)

  • Elsa Elsa
    Elsa Elsa 4 days ago

    beat drop in chours is little bit same but kokobop is not doing plagiarisme at all

  • EEXO
    EEXO 4 days ago

    EXO-L here, so no personal attacks are needed. i must admit the beat sounds different at first but if you have a musical ear it also sounds alike if you listen closely to the notes. This song is Americanized (or whatever the name is) and the EXO's is ofcourse K-Poped. We shall see who wrote it first, let #TheWar begin. P.S: We all know EXO's destiny is somewhat already written, and it's possible they wrote it first.

  • i got no jams
    i got no jams 4 days ago

    BTS reaction to this is 👍

  • W 내 사랑
    W 내 사랑 4 days ago


  • Jungkook has Jams
    Jungkook has Jams 4 days ago +1

    please kpop fans prevent from commenting about EXO & kokobop :-( please David Guetta's and Nicki's fans might get angry :'< please stop this is Nicki's video stop please.

  • Solenn Cloud
    Solenn Cloud 4 days ago

    Y'all notice whenever David Guetta collabs wit Nicki he slowly turns into a daddy

  • jdjxjdhd nsjxjxj
    jdjxjdhd nsjxjxj 4 days ago

    This song better than Kokobop

  • lkj67 jkl56
    lkj67 jkl56 4 days ago


  • Sarah Dilariza
    Sarah Dilariza 4 days ago

    This doesn't like kokobop

  • SugandCandy
    SugandCandy 4 days ago

    I didn't realise how many exo fans were out there till I read the comments.

  • Rizqi Fajria Zahra
    Rizqi Fajria Zahra 5 days ago

    Stop streaming guys😂
    Lets streaming kokobop!!!

  • Aroem Bia
    Aroem Bia 5 days ago

    nonton nih mv gara2 #kokobop..wkwkwk

  • Ilma Shaharin
    Ilma Shaharin 5 days ago

    Even if some people think of the close similarity between this song and Ko Ko Bop, I'll always prefer Ko Ko Bop. This song doesn't seem my type!

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