Sia - Elastic Heart feat. Shia LaBeouf & Maddie Ziegler (Official Video)

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  • jaspreet singh
    jaspreet singh 3 minutes ago

    Sia always conveys some message through her songs

  • TheMegaMan _YT
    TheMegaMan _YT 45 minutes ago

    Not sexual so get over it its art and it means something to sia so fuck off you bitch haters

  • luciano riquelme
    luciano riquelme Hour ago

    complexo de lolita

  • Destery Grimwood
    Destery Grimwood Hour ago

    I feel bad for Maddie...she has no boobs...

  • saofe javed
    saofe javed Hour ago

    How old is sia

  • tournication
    tournication Hour ago +1

  • Marco Antonio
    Marco Antonio Hour ago

    Soy el único que ama esta canción like si te gusto el vídeo click

  • Yeul Woku
    Yeul Woku 4 hours ago


  • Eduardo Valdez
    Eduardo Valdez 5 hours ago

    What Sam Witwicky was doing between Transformers 3 and 4

  • Ella Natalie
    Ella Natalie 5 hours ago

    My mom yelled at me cause she though they were naked lol.

  • jcee 123
    jcee 123 5 hours ago

    the only good modern art is shown in this video.

  • awesome fallout
    awesome fallout 6 hours ago +3

    This is such a spirit lifting song

  • fvoconnor
    fvoconnor 6 hours ago

    This is so beautiful.. the range of emotions is mesmerizing... definitely my favorite video ever

  • Ela Gurl
    Ela Gurl 7 hours ago


  • Chip53
    Chip53 7 hours ago

    This actor could be so much more than he is at the moment if he stopped whining about an election he can't do a damn thing about anymore. The man KNOWS how to act but he wants to waste his time and talent on pointless political protest. Presidents come and go. Make movies...

  • Oscar Bedoya
    Oscar Bedoya 7 hours ago

    Great Video !

  • Jenny Salvoni
    Jenny Salvoni 8 hours ago

    I recently estranged my entire family due to dangerous and horrible lives. None of them care that I left. It must feel nice to have a parent that fights for you.... especially when you're leaving them forever....

  • Millie Russell
    Millie Russell 8 hours ago

    Oh my god , Maddie is a spirit animal in literally every video of sia's ..... Shia is not a "pedophile" he's trying to understand his own spirit animal .. 🙂

  • Anna Blue
    Anna Blue 9 hours ago


  • Julia cara de agulha souza

    Bfff sia

  • therenaydin
    therenaydin 11 hours ago

    Bbbbbune amq

  • Virus The Robotic Dragon

    What... Is...happening...

  • Dandy RTS Gaming
    Dandy RTS Gaming 11 hours ago +1

    Why is Shia LaBeouf fighting a 9 year old?

  • joel bautista estevez
    joel bautista estevez 11 hours ago

    like, excelente sía

  • Taylan Naidoo
    Taylan Naidoo 12 hours ago +4

    This song is beautiful sia is beautiful and her videos are art beauty 🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉

  • lechevalier17
    lechevalier17 12 hours ago

    For some reason this video comes across like a metaphor for a father whose wife died and so he has to raise their little girl on his own and its a metaphor for the emotions hes going through. Shia was really good at conveying those emotions. In end the father realizes in his own mind that he needs to save himself from his own mental cage in order to be what his daughter needs

  • Yo Soy Amelie Star
    Yo Soy Amelie Star 12 hours ago

    Wow! Vídeo del año

  • TheSoaringThumb
    TheSoaringThumb 12 hours ago +5

    Everyone is talking about how deep it is and stuff while I'm looking at how Maddie has literally no boobs

  • Semen Semenych
    Semen Semenych 13 hours ago

    Моя жизнь..мои девочки как я Вас люблюююю

  • Semen Semenych
    Semen Semenych 13 hours ago

    Отношения Леона и Матильды...Обожаю просто!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tomaz
    Tomaz 13 hours ago +2


    Música top ... 🎵💚'

  • Belle Salau
    Belle Salau 13 hours ago +2

    In Dance Moms, Maddie said she was a wolf in the video...
    I thought it was about a father and daughter and they're both trapped in a bad mental state and then when Maddie escapes the bad state of mind, she tries to brings her dad out too, but the dad can't escape that mental state no matter how hard he tries.

  • David Angulo
    David Angulo 14 hours ago

    Mi cancion favorita

  • Lain Liddell
    Lain Liddell 14 hours ago


  • Dany Gothkitty
    Dany Gothkitty 14 hours ago

    This video still makes me so sad 😔

  • Evan Sims
    Evan Sims 14 hours ago

    Shia: this shit is gay i dont wanna do it
    Sia: JUST DO IT

  • fernandina25
    fernandina25 15 hours ago +2

    3:02 Shia why u didn't escape.

  • isac bowen
    isac bowen 16 hours ago +1

    Romain burgher reminds me of us rn

  • JinxTheMoon
    JinxTheMoon 16 hours ago

    How crazy is it that this video was/is considered pedophilic?! There is nothing sexual in the way they treat each other, but because they are wearing minimal clothing (which would be considered fine if it was any other colour but skin coloured) and it's a man and a young girl dancing together, then that automatically makes it sexual? What does that say about our society and the people therein? - if we turn something innocent into something sexual, just because it has elements that can sometimes be associated with sex?

    This is a great video and song, and it saddens me that some people choose to see something bad, when the message I see in this video is about how important it is to find your inner strength and overcoming your fears.

  • Clara Malacord
    Clara Malacord 16 hours ago


  • Soltana Layal
    Soltana Layal 17 hours ago

    Good 😘

  • Marie S
    Marie S 17 hours ago

    Yup. Still love this video.

  • Jason Taylor
    Jason Taylor 20 hours ago

    This is about the cage we put ourself in as we get older. It's a performance of the reconciliation we have when we say "how did I get here" and "what happened to my dreams". And why do we do this - what happened to the 10 year old me?

  • xXNekoSenpaiXx
    xXNekoSenpaiXx 20 hours ago

    wait, shia lebeouf? isnt that the JUST DO IT guy or???

  • Special_FR
    Special_FR 21 hour ago

    donate to my paypal to help Shia get out of this cage.

  • Metin Bala
    Metin Bala 21 hour ago

    bu ne lan

  • Tim Zile
    Tim Zile 23 hours ago

    Yep the two weirdos

  • Taysha Brown
    Taysha Brown 23 hours ago +3

    Love the song love the video love sia 💜

  • Mandibular
    Mandibular 23 hours ago

    name one thing that makes this video pedopheliac.

  • ChickenFlamez Ashley
    ChickenFlamez Ashley 23 hours ago

    I haven't watched this once without crying

  • Andrea Balbino
    Andrea Balbino Day ago +3

    Olá Brasil...

  • Walt Muraca
    Walt Muraca Day ago

    People that criticize this video for "pedophilia" clearly don't understand how modern dance works

  • Fer Marcos
    Fer Marcos Day ago


  • awsome makeup tips for every ocasion

    How come the girl new she could just leave them didn't till the end

  • Sila Phopo
    Sila Phopo Day ago

    For a dollar a day you can help Shia LaBeouf

  • Abdullah A
    Abdullah A Day ago

    Why does she wear the same clothes ?

  • Nushysaurus
    Nushysaurus Day ago

    1:16 Jesus Christ

  • nibba they eatin yo spagoot

    Me through the entire video: *just go through the bars Shia you can fit*

  • Patricia Orso
    Patricia Orso Day ago

    Pelo mor de Deus alguém chama um padre

  • Miguel Zambrano
    Miguel Zambrano Day ago

    I love this song im from usa

  • Aykyou
    Aykyou Day ago

    Shia kest tu fout la ?!

  • Maya Magaña
    Maya Magaña Day ago

    I love you maddei ☺☺

  • Ibeth Jimenez
    Ibeth Jimenez Day ago +1

    jajaja ese video me fusta tanto

  • bumblebee
    bumblebee Day ago

    My life is like Sia

  • John Strat
    John Strat Day ago

    I was waiting for him to pin her up against the bars and bang her like a screen door in a tornado.

    • Rickm R
      Rickm R Day ago

      John Strat with 1.6 billion views I'm sure a lot of viewers thought the same thing.

  • Jocelynn Marshall

    This is so awesome

  • Ziad Al-Ghanaian


  • Israel won't get away with this

    *_I can masturbate to young girl and listen to music at same time. Good._*

    • MagmaGoon
      MagmaGoon 22 hours ago

      Rickm R what the fuck

    • Rickm R
      Rickm R Day ago

      Israel won't get away with this I'm sure alot of viewers masturbates to this video. Girl has a nice body. Dat ass

  • Random Reel Entertainment

    This is art in one of its many pure forms, not pedophilia! Great Song Sia!!❤️

  • Iris Invisible
    Iris Invisible Day ago

    3:03...he definitely could have fot through😂

  • Iris Invisible
    Iris Invisible Day ago

    I don't care what anyone says, this song and video absolutely amazing.

  • Ju Ju
    Ju Ju Day ago +5

    I used to think Shia was some rapist in this video and Maddie beat his ass and ran😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Songeenf's Mini Filme

    Who thought this man was naked

  • roberto alcazar
    roberto alcazar Day ago

    she scares me

  • Mrs. J
    Mrs. J Day ago

    I will never not giggle when the girl rolls over on her back like a potato bug.

  • Artemis V
    Artemis V Day ago

    From the bottom of my heart, I wish Muse would cover this.

  • Μελινα Σαρα

    The girl is Maddie Ziegler???

  • kris u
    kris u Day ago

    love this video

  • Sample GAME
    Sample GAME Day ago +1


  • vikesmoney
    vikesmoney Day ago +1

    Brilliant video, many interpretations.  In my opinion, Maddie is Sia (the reason she is represented by a young girl is to show Sia's vulnerability, particularly to her lover) and Shia is the wrong lover.  The cage is the relationship they built and the interactions (the multifaceted relationship is shown through their facial movements as much as their bodily movements) is the relationship.  At least that is how I see it.  As a recreational poet myself, having multiple interpretations to a piece of art is what makes it great.  I only recently discovered Sia (I am 49), and I am glad I did.  I find her brilliant and beautiful.  I find her so relatable given our similar background.

  • Krombopulous Michael

    This song was number one when I was in a psychiatric ward. I always interpreted as fighting your demons into submission, then making peace and learning to coexist.

  • อ.ปฐวชล ชูทิพย์

    Karim Benzema.... hahaha

  • Jocey L.
    Jocey L. Day ago

    Only genius's or people who are visual in art will understand this piece of work because I just don't get it.

  • D Harlo
    D Harlo 2 days ago

    This video really moves me. I mean you can really see and feel the emotion behind these two. Shia has some real torment/issues

  • Miguel Vidal
    Miguel Vidal 2 days ago +1



  • Nora Silva
    Nora Silva 2 days ago

    parecen cavernicolas

  • Marc Simon
    Marc Simon 2 days ago

    love you maddie <333333

  • Efrain aguilera
    Efrain aguilera 2 days ago +1

    WTF! Are they trying to do

    • Rickm R
      Rickm R Day ago

      Efrain aguilera mate???

  • Roy M
    Roy M 2 days ago

    I love everything about these these video hit me deep and made me tear up ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Samuel Barrera
    Samuel Barrera 2 days ago

    Such a great video for a great song!!! Shia Perfect!!!

  • Silvermist The Hegdehog


  • WeirdoAddy
    WeirdoAddy 2 days ago +1


  • Ferran Gaspar
    Ferran Gaspar 2 days ago

    Soy el único que ve algo sexual aquí, ok no :´)

  • Nada96 hobiii
    Nada96 hobiii 2 days ago +1


  • yveskc1
    yveskc1 2 days ago


  • mama star
    mama star 2 days ago +1

    Are they supposed to monkeys or are they just on crack

  • J Luton
    J Luton 2 days ago

    Well done. Song, video, those bars at the end, their expressions. Perfect.

  • Azy Chau
    Azy Chau 2 days ago

    Is it just me or after 2 mill times of watching it u still think wtf

  • Mathieu Mansire
    Mathieu Mansire 2 days ago +1

    very sad song

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