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  • Today Carter Sharer and I (Stephen Sharer) decided to hydro dip a giant Lego Fidget Spinner!  This was such a crazy idea but we always have so much fun hydro dipping fidget spinners.  We went to the basement to find the Lego fidget spinner Carter made in the “LEGO FIDGET SPINNER!!” vlog.  Once we found that we went to the storage closet to find the hydro graphics that we then used to hydro dip the Lego fidget spinner.  Once we found the hydro dip materials we hydrodipped the custom lego fidget spinner.  Remember this lego fidget spinner was built from 100% Legos in the “LEGO FIDGET SPINNER!!” vlog.  I had some practice with hydro dipping from the “1000MPH FIDGET SPINNER (HYDRO DIP!)” vlog.  Once we were done hydro dipping the lego fidget spinner we set it aside to dry.  Then we went back to the basement to make another huge lego fidget spinner.  Once this was complete we then set up the hydro dip supplies on the drive way.  Then we attempted to hydro dip the biggest Lego fidget spinner ever.  Watch the rest of the vlog and find out if the hydro dip on the Legos was successful or not.  Comment #Lego #FidgetSpinner #HydroDip if you think it will work.

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    1000MPH FIDGET SPINNER (HYDRO DIP!) (tvclip.org/video/-_isaQ5YJtU/)
    LEGO FIDGET SPINNER!! (tvclip.org/video/TStzo_UTwVU/)
    MCDONALDS BIG MAC (HYDRO DIP!) (tvclip.org/video/9WsnoGOvT6g/)

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