Backyard UNDERGROUND Apocalyptic BUNKER

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  • Cheryl Tham
    Cheryl Tham 4 hours ago

    U are so cool Colin I Wish we lived together 😪😪😪😪I want that house

  • Cheryl Tham
    Cheryl Tham 4 hours ago

    He can just take out the stuff and move and the steel and all those u know god gave u A brain

  • Mohsin Patel
    Mohsin Patel 5 hours ago

    you fucking legend

  • ML_Gaming
    ML_Gaming 8 hours ago

    Why are british people never organized....

  • thescript3r4lyfe
    thescript3r4lyfe 9 hours ago

    He's an overseer?

  • Snoop Guy
    Snoop Guy 9 hours ago +1

    Holly shit amazing 👍

  • Jānis Teodors
    Jānis Teodors 17 hours ago

    So cool

  • Danila Onlain
    Danila Onlain 20 hours ago

    Колин, Привет тебе из россии но как ты решиш проблеиу с воздухом.

  • Electronic 50
    Electronic 50 22 hours ago

    A SEGA Mega-CD! I wish i had one...

  • Jimmy Lopez
    Jimmy Lopez Day ago

    Did anyone notice The Sharks with Laser Beams 3:04 Underground Bunker or Evil Lair? 🤔

    SPRINGTRAP 1 Day ago

    Is this man a superhero..... he has an underground bunker a wall of weapons including wolfareens claws and he builds it all ....... I'm pretty sure this man is a superhero

  • J Rell
    J Rell Day ago

    3:04 Sharks with motherfucking lasers on their heads! @AustinPowers

  • CRB_x
    CRB_x Day ago

    Anyone else realise the amount of Dr.Evil references? 😂

  • Ya Boi Max
    Ya Boi Max Day ago

    just scrolling through bunkers because north korea is gonna bomb us

  • T.R.N
    T.R.N Day ago +1

    You should totally give it a sick red, black, and white paint job.

    • Patrick
      Patrick Day ago

      T.R.N ew no

      Edit: you liked your own comment

  • Taaha11
    Taaha11 Day ago +1

    Youre ready for 3 world war :,V

  • MusicPicture One

    This. Is. Awesome.

  • Seth Loewen
    Seth Loewen 2 days ago

    That Austin Powers laser shark reference tho

  • Shadow Slayer
    Shadow Slayer 2 days ago

    I know I'm a few years late but solar panels would be good for power put them up on the shed

  • Cameron S
    Cameron S 2 days ago

    How much did this cost

  • Devastating Joke
    Devastating Joke 2 days ago

    if i were you. i'd make a mall size. just for fun.

  • Blazk0
    Blazk0 2 days ago

    hand down, BEST apocalypse bunker ive seen! SO, will you consider renting it out?

  • Siva Shankar
    Siva Shankar 2 days ago

    phineas is that you

  • Zakaria Mahmoud Qashim Chowdhury

    please bulid me one. in loke 15 years. i'll give you my profile picture!!!!

  • Duong Bui
    Duong Bui 2 days ago

    Hay quá đi

  • Infernal_Jack cooper

    Perfect place to go if you saw a loan shark!!

    REAPER KING 2 days ago

    I live in America but if a zombie apocalypse happened well I guess im moving to England.

  • Itz Minecraft Wolf
    Itz Minecraft Wolf 3 days ago

    ummm is this only for u do u have parents

  • TheLegendary Chicken

    You should really get rid of the ak because what if a kid was knocking

  • Valor Boyd
    Valor Boyd 3 days ago

    I've gotta know how much this cost

    MR. OGMUDBONE 3 days ago

    Its amazing thoe

    MR. OGMUDBONE 3 days ago

    I wonder how much that costed????

    SONALARM7 3 days ago

    So am i

  • Gianni Van den Bosch

    i feel like you should make a super vault door

  • Jaxson Brower
    Jaxson Brower 3 days ago

    How the hell do you do this stough

  • Papoy Acao
    Papoy Acao 3 days ago

    Just in case of a zombie apocalypse

  • Hokage
    Hokage 3 days ago

    This was stupid so much flaws. End of the world haha

  • ylilful
    ylilful 4 days ago

    Lol this is mainly to party down there and avoid nosy neighbors hahaa

  • Cameron MM
    Cameron MM 4 days ago

    My... Fucking... God. Bad ass.

  • KaiSau
    KaiSau 4 days ago

    Why do you need so many plates?

  • Wiredrawn Cube67
    Wiredrawn Cube67 4 days ago

    How much did this cost to build

  • Evan-Jared Locaylcoay

    wow if nk attacked the uk with nukes you would survive the nukes

  • Goomby .
    Goomby . 4 days ago +1

    Holy shit dude you are a legend

  • Survival Steven99
    Survival Steven99 4 days ago

    what do you pay for bunker ???

  • Who you callin pinhead

    How much will I have to pay you to make me one?

  • CrimsonHazeTV
    CrimsonHazeTV 5 days ago

    That was legitness

  • Rigel Vilches
    Rigel Vilches 5 days ago

    He lives in england ENGLAND IS MY CITY!!!

  • keine031
    keine031 5 days ago

    For the incoming islamic apocalypse

  • Flightless Bird
    Flightless Bird 5 days ago

    Well he's ready for when North Korea attacks.

  • Martin Pombo Custiel

    No paro de reir ! Que bueno que hay gente tan loca 👍absolutamente asombroso , gracias

  • Alex Garza
    Alex Garza 6 days ago

    I wanna hire u to build one for me

  • ChaseDoes Music and Gaming

    How do you go about selling a home with a nuclear fallout bunker?

    KOLAFOEU 6 days ago

    I want to live there forever

  • Str8_Mystical
    Str8_Mystical 6 days ago

    This man has trust issues and is superstitious

  • Seal Benton
    Seal Benton 6 days ago


  • Chris Colmenter
    Chris Colmenter 6 days ago

    You forgot to show your personal nuke room, which I wouldn't be surprised if you were to actually have.

  • Joshua Walker
    Joshua Walker 6 days ago

    Anyone estimate how much this would cost?

  • FRAQ
    FRAQ 6 days ago

    I pay you if i can live in this

  • Paul Murphy
    Paul Murphy 6 days ago

    Image what happens when he sells his house. "Semi detached, large garden, garage, workshop, underground nuclear bunker..."

  • Jim Jones
    Jim Jones 7 days ago

    Cool. This guy has money apparently. I've seen him on outrageous acts of science like 9 times. If he's anywhere in UK guns are illegal except for the stinking rich, those are either fake AK's, Of course we all want bunkers, but you have to first OWN the land free and clear then have the money to build it....

  • Sarin Kim
    Sarin Kim 7 days ago

    Yo can I come to your bunker if the apocalypse happens

  • 박준하
    박준하 7 days ago


  • Kwaku Tabiri
    Kwaku Tabiri 7 days ago

    Collin im a bit concerned, as CO2 is heavier than O2, shouldn't the bad air vent be placed at the bottom and the good air at the top? the heavy co2 out and the light o2 brought in from the top?

  • PinchPeak5203
    PinchPeak5203 7 days ago

    Spends small fortune on fake not actually equipped bunker. Nice

  • alvaro parada
    alvaro parada 7 days ago

    Hello in your country they block the videos so that in my reguion we can not see it because they do that

  • lassefromDK
    lassefromDK 7 days ago

    I would hire Colin to build this for me

  • anttt69
    anttt69 7 days ago

    two ideas for you to try. 1. human hamster wheel / generator. 2. lightening collector vehicle machine, maybe using capacitors as storage.

  • Nikita Girfanov
    Nikita Girfanov 7 days ago

    Colin, do you like Russia?

  • Matthew Duncan
    Matthew Duncan 8 days ago

    Make it solar powered

  • BetterThanAverageFilms

    England is his city

  • The Gaming Dice
    The Gaming Dice 8 days ago

    plz make a martian tripod!

  • SpeedDemonIndo TM
    SpeedDemonIndo TM 8 days ago

    wow hes lucky when the world ends

  • Hitman gaming
    Hitman gaming 9 days ago

    Won't last a year

  • Minh Nguyen
    Minh Nguyen 9 days ago

    You need visit Cu Chi Bunker in Vietnam

  • EnderGamer 1257
    EnderGamer 1257 9 days ago

    I live in England so if there is a zombie apocalypse I know were to go ;)

  • Israel Cutz
    Israel Cutz 9 days ago +2

    And make safe with guns cameras

  • Israel Cutz
    Israel Cutz 9 days ago +1

    And make those wepones

  • Israel Cutz
    Israel Cutz 9 days ago +1

    Can you build that at my house plz all pay you

  • jan kowalski
    jan kowalski 9 days ago

    You have bunker with tv and Electricity its kinda stupid cuz if there will be a war or smth your generator will work for maybe 1 week, what next XD ?

  • Owen Cole
    Owen Cole 9 days ago

    You could put a curtain around it the toilet I mean

  • Mila Holmes
    Mila Holmes 11 days ago


  • Sleuth
    Sleuth 11 days ago

    Colin should make the Tardis where the police puplic call box is at the entrance way near the back door and dig it underground so the tardis is underground when you go down the steps. how cool will that be haha!!

  • _Preston_Frickin_Garvey_

    Did I see a reference to Austin Powers? (Sharks with lasers)

  • Taylor Robson
    Taylor Robson 12 days ago

    This is so awesome, I live in Kansas where we have tornados. Besides being ready for the apocalypse lol... that would be the worlds coolest storm shelter. It's on my list of things to do... but would probably use cinder blocks and rebar concrete etc for the walls. Awesome idea and it looks great good job Colin.

  • Peanut Budder Kookie
    Peanut Budder Kookie 12 days ago

    Now cement holds water and releases it slowly over time, so nice rust bucket you got there boss...

  • Roy Xu
    Roy Xu 12 days ago

    I think I can survive a nuclear explosion with that

    • Roy Xu
      Roy Xu 12 days ago

      If the door and other things under there are all made of metal and hard metals

  • Phosphene Blitz
    Phosphene Blitz 13 days ago

    This guy can legit fucking survive a apocalypse or even a nuclear bomb lol

  • Roizad nuri
    Roizad nuri 13 days ago

    this guy to over playing all series of fallout!!!!!!!!!

  • Undyne Dreemurr
    Undyne Dreemurr 13 days ago

    The Backyard Scientist

  • Nitron Chaneel
    Nitron Chaneel 13 days ago

    Кто русский

  • Jono Rezzillo
    Jono Rezzillo 14 days ago

    Can't believe this, awesome☠️🎸☠️

  • Paper Please
    Paper Please 14 days ago

    that generator would probably kill you

  • TheRealNoob isuchnoob PS4

    You should have tried to make it nuclear proof so if there's a nuke go in it

  • AJ'sGamingVideos
    AJ'sGamingVideos 14 days ago

    DISLIKES??? Why would anyone dislike this?

  • Eren Ayan
    Eren Ayan 14 days ago

    adam hayalimi yapmış aq

    NAPSB 14 days ago

    looks like the safest place to watch porn

  • Ben Phipps
    Ben Phipps 15 days ago

    Mace a bicycle 🚴

  • Anthony Vigil
    Anthony Vigil 15 days ago

    Imagine his son plays hide and seek with his friends and he is like they will never find md

  • Nathaniel Salmon
    Nathaniel Salmon 15 days ago

    Wow so cool!

  • Brooklyn Smith Vlogs
    Brooklyn Smith Vlogs 15 days ago

    You would really survive a zombie apocalypse or may a disease.

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