Gordon Ramsay: "You Don't Put Pineapple on a F**king Pizza!"

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  • meme whore
    meme whore 46 seconds ago

    “Whats the secret behind them”


    Well ill be damned

  • Jason Bilideau
    Jason Bilideau Hour ago

    pineapples on pizza are for leftist cuck communist free loaders

  • Max äh
    Max äh 2 hours ago


  • MMHH
    MMHH 2 hours ago

    Stfu pineapple on a pizza is the best!!!

  • DT Jackson
    DT Jackson 3 hours ago +1

    4:30 and pause. "Oh f*** me."

  • Alex M
    Alex M 3 hours ago

    Hope he got more than 19$ tip

  • Michael Winther Andersen

    Some of the best pizza's Ive had were with pinapple, the sweetness it brings, is yummy for my taste buds, but if you wanna be booring and eat booring Pizza you go on ahead.

  • Sky The Angel :3
    Sky The Angel :3 4 hours ago

    Yes, angered Ken doll. Tell me, pineapple pizza is gross and you are absolutely right.

    THECHIEF AMP 5 hours ago


  • Impregnifyed
    Impregnifyed 5 hours ago

    obv fake look at gordon typing the numbers

  • Kitty_ Screamz
    Kitty_ Screamz 5 hours ago

    No. Hes wrong asf

  • SimplyGaming24
    SimplyGaming24 5 hours ago +1

    Any1 see the bottle of lambs sauce in the corner?

  • Ayanah Shah
    Ayanah Shah 6 hours ago


  • VeniVidiVici
    VeniVidiVici 7 hours ago

    Why is Gordon such a Jew only tipping the dude $20?

  • buragarawa
    buragarawa 11 hours ago

    "You Don't Put Pineapple on a F**king Pizza!"??? Ramsay, I will fight you.

  • Taylor Russell
    Taylor Russell 13 hours ago

    This multi millionare is complain about £148😂😂😂😂

  • Leo Zhi
    Leo Zhi 14 hours ago

    To all those who believe fruit does not belong on pizza: EXPAIN TOMATOES THEN YOU DOUGHNUT!!!

  • David Lin
    David Lin 16 hours ago


  • Syahid Jaafar
    Syahid Jaafar 17 hours ago

    Oscar act fuckin natural tho... And when Gordon say "delicious" u know that pizza fuckin delicious

  • Moon Emoji
    Moon Emoji 20 hours ago

    The pizza guy

  • Blue Shard
    Blue Shard 21 hour ago

    F*ck off

  • Tiaraphosphere -
    Tiaraphosphere - 22 hours ago

    That moment where gordon is pissed all the time in front of a chef bcs they can't cook properly but finally said delicious to a fast food pizza and give him a huge tip

  • Orange Monkey
    Orange Monkey Day ago

    What's if he said it sucked

  • R0bG
    R0bG Day ago +1

    Oscar should be a co host

  • straightedge Punk

    I love pineapple and ham on pizza, its my favourite

  • Claire Philpott
    Claire Philpott Day ago

    I dont get it. They ordered 10 margarita and pepperoni. What is that pizza?

  • hugh mungus
    hugh mungus Day ago

    Gordon Ramsey is a hater

  • Nemanja Neksunj
    Nemanja Neksunj Day ago

    Make my shit 🅱ONELESS

  • Mo Fo Got trolled

    Am i the only one that likes Hawaiian Pizza?

  • *ҡıռɢ_ɢѧṃєr*
    *ҡıռɢ_ɢѧṃєr* 2 days ago +1

    SEE! Even gordon agrees with me!

  • Azrael
    Azrael 2 days ago

    Dad how could you

  • Supa D
    Supa D 2 days ago

    Damn! Did Gordan only tip him $19?? Lol

  • Morgan Burt
    Morgan Burt 2 days ago

    It's delicious suck my cock Gordon

  • Scarlet Fire
    Scarlet Fire 2 days ago +1


  • borderex
    borderex 2 days ago

    What hair product does Gordon use to keep his hair standing up without looking too shiny?

  • anna james
    anna james 2 days ago

    No tip?!

  • leticia chan
    leticia chan 2 days ago

    I agree you don't put pineapple on pizza

    In my opinion I don't like it
    I'm so sorry any of you if I offend you *I'm sorry im sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry...*

  • leticia chan
    leticia chan 2 days ago

    Man he causes too much XD

  • Brennan Munoz
    Brennan Munoz 2 days ago

    he has a fucking talk show now?

  • Daveonarave
    Daveonarave 2 days ago

    Lydon has certainly mellowed, once he'd have likely walked out of the studio if he'd been told to be quiet!

  • Sara Aljarrash
    Sara Aljarrash 2 days ago

    Chef u said it .. true chef

  • Chief Wanga
    Chief Wanga 2 days ago

    Yes you do

  • TØP Addict
    TØP Addict 2 days ago

    The hell I don't! I put Pineapple on new York slices, a big slice of new York style with pineapple, mmmmmm

  • Rekts
    Rekts 2 days ago

    Waitttttt GORDON LIKED SOMETHING??????!

  • Akasgma
    Akasgma 3 days ago

    But it tastes good

  • 2xtreem4u
    2xtreem4u 3 days ago

    I only order pizza with ham and pineapple everything else is disgusting

  • slayer_379
    slayer_379 3 days ago

    Imagine if the pizza delivery guy just gets back at the restaurant the owner just calls him and just the owner just in a dark room just one candle there and he just spins his chair to see the delivery guy and just say "I saw the show last night"

  • Dank Memer 57
    Dank Memer 57 3 days ago


  • Chu
    Chu 3 days ago

    He actually like the take away pizza? AMAZING

  • Jon Brady
    Jon Brady 3 days ago

    "It's fucking RAAAAAAW!"

  • Brad Foster
    Brad Foster 3 days ago

    if its genuine, Oscar is a fucking legend.

  • russ117044
    russ117044 3 days ago

    I find it hard to believe that any pizza place would make that order with out advance payment.

  • Hauyne
    Hauyne 3 days ago

    Ramsey: *Eats pizza*

  • Mattias Jansson
    Mattias Jansson 3 days ago

    Maybe he's right morally, but you can't beat a pizza with pineapple, banana and curry.

  • it's just Kira.
    it's just Kira. 3 days ago

    What a lucky guy..

  • slaughter ur daughter

    i love gordon

  • Adalis Pabon
    Adalis Pabon 4 days ago

    Lol pizza guy is adorable

  • 50doctorwho
    50doctorwho 4 days ago

    He didn't give them an address though

  • muhammad40000
    muhammad40000 4 days ago

    Wow Gordon earns like £5m a year and doesn't even give him a tip 😂😂

  • BritishBr0
    BritishBr0 4 days ago

    Damn nearly every comment got 300 likes

  • Carly W
    Carly W 4 days ago

    Woah woah woah touchy subject

  • Apex Acer
    Apex Acer 4 days ago


  • Rikka Plus one second

    Hawaii pizza is the best, irreplaceable pineapple topping xd

  • Id Gaf
    Id Gaf 5 days ago

    Fuck you gordon.

  • Cassy Sida
    Cassy Sida 5 days ago

    all dem damn napkins

  • Cassy Sida
    Cassy Sida 5 days ago

    hehe so cute

  • Cassy Sida
    Cassy Sida 5 days ago

    2:58 bahaha omg his face

  • Bruno Matassini
    Bruno Matassini 5 days ago

    4:55 *Fuck me, this pizza's worse than a monkeys arse in the summer. Pissing with garlic and bland as all fucking hell.* "Its delicious."

  • jupii_
    jupii_ 5 days ago

    idk what pineapples yaw eating but Hawaiian pineapples on pizza is fucking delicious

  • Eclectic
    Eclectic 5 days ago


  • sexntuna
    sexntuna 5 days ago

    I think Gordon was pretty rude.
    He complained about the price - He actually got a 20% discount.
    He complained about it taking too long - He came with 20 freaking pizzas within 29 minutes!

  • Blitzofthereich
    Blitzofthereich 5 days ago

    Rectangular pizza like that is very common in Europe. I was in Toulouse and had one like this and it was delicious although it had a bit too much.

  • CantoneseAnimes
    CantoneseAnimes 5 days ago

    You don't put pinapple on a fucking pizza :D 100% true xD but to each their own I guess, as long as no one puts pinapple on my pizza we are good xD

  • Ibrahim Tahir
    Ibrahim Tahir 5 days ago

    My first time delivering pizza and this happens, Lol I would've died

  • Jackfinchbro
    Jackfinchbro 5 days ago


  • SGT Fred
    SGT Fred 5 days ago


  • Yarnz
    Yarnz 5 days ago

    fake and gay

  • TheLegendaryMinecraftian TLM

    i have never seen a pizza shaped like that my entire life.

  • KiMLoKO1
    KiMLoKO1 6 days ago

    Someone with some respect for Italy... if you like your pizza with fucking pineapple its not a pizza!

  • Ben Sharp
    Ben Sharp 6 days ago

    Well fuck Dominoes im..... nah im still buying from Dominoes

  • Agent.N.47
    Agent.N.47 6 days ago

    I like pineapple on pizza though...

  • Just some satanist.
    Just some satanist. 6 days ago

    He is damn right.

  • TheFacebiters
    TheFacebiters 6 days ago

    🖕😲🖕 pineapple goes well in anything

  • Based God
    Based God 6 days ago

    Yeah how about you go fuck yourself ? Ever thought of that ?

  • The channel that is no More

    This is obviously fake, his phone wasnt even on.

    • ForzaCalum
      ForzaCalum 6 days ago

      The channel that is no More Phones screen eventually turns off she you are on it you fucking moron

  • Maximuss
    Maximuss 6 days ago

    The delivery guy walks in like FAAAAAACK

  • 5HAr8U eE26xb
    5HAr8U eE26xb 6 days ago

    don't you all realise its just an advertisment for the restaurant?

  • Jana Roos
    Jana Roos 6 days ago

    I do fuck of its yummy

  • Martin Bakov
    Martin Bakov 6 days ago


  • Roos Brand
    Roos Brand 6 days ago

    What's wrong with pineapple on a pizza


    Nice tip asshat

  • Ronney Pascoal
    Ronney Pascoal 7 days ago

    i live in houlborn. the nightlt show is litterally 2 min away from my house. im just not bothered to go there

  • jade moreton
    jade moreton 7 days ago

    Gordon have you had a ham and pineapple pizza also Hawaiian pizza is great also

  • Xer0Gaming
    Xer0Gaming 7 days ago

    "What's their secret?"
    "Uh, me."
    Jesus, giving Gordon's ego a run for its money.

  • HCPentz
    HCPentz 7 days ago +1


  • MrderpyShark 21
    MrderpyShark 21 7 days ago

    Oh yes you fucking do

  • Domas Taujanskis
    Domas Taujanskis 7 days ago

    Oscar the tv-star

  • Don The Psycho King
    Don The Psycho King 7 days ago

    I must say quite the promotion for GOOOOOOOOOD pizza

  • Kevin Lam
    Kevin Lam 7 days ago

    $10 tip, c'mon Gordan lol.

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