Claude Giroux : Mic'd up

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  • Ryan Matthew
    Ryan Matthew 7 days ago

    1:27 we all learned that you don't mess with Lupul

  • fooglez
    fooglez 4 months ago

    They should honestly have an adult version of watching NHL where the best trash talkers are mic'd up.

  • Jennifer E.
    Jennifer E. 5 months ago +1

    Kessel with the coke gesture. Nice. Giroux loves the coke.

  • Leafs Fan
    Leafs Fan 5 months ago

    Phaneuf is solid

  • BejahiCanuckGuitar
    BejahiCanuckGuitar 5 months ago +2

    haha I just caught on that Kessel seemed to fire back at Giroux by pretending to snort coke. It's inaudible what he said, but it was probably a response to "did you a coke today?". Probably something like "Did you do some?". That would explain why G then said "I don't do that" (but let's be real, he does for sure haha).

    • italian1ist
      italian1ist 3 months ago

      BejahiCanuckGuitar I'm surprised nobody else has said anything about it!! I thought the same thing hahahaha!!

  • Tumbus
    Tumbus 9 months ago

    Claude is a great player and hilarious no doubt but a pretty shitty human being. I mean some enjoy the party animal moniker and I get that but this guy takes it too far. Big Coke head in the summer, I also heard he was hammered when he hurt his thumb golfing. When you sign a guy to a contract like his I think you'd hope hes a bit more responsible no?

  • Gabby Holt
    Gabby Holt 9 months ago +22

    I die at the peigon comment every time I watch this

  • Theroux
    Theroux 9 months ago +6

    'Hartsy' LOL

  • Ulterior Motives
    Ulterior Motives 10 months ago

    A lil odd claude giroux trivia, there's a group of flyers fans who call him Claudie Witch Trials, something to do with his name, anyone know why?

    • Altick 88
      Altick 88 6 months ago

      Josh Mc Maybe because he's magical? I don't know. My best guess. 😂

  • Reverse Cisco
    Reverse Cisco Year ago +3

    lol he was chirping jvr for fun cuz they were teammates for a while before the Luke schenn trade. Wish jvr was still in philly, instead we got that bust schenn who's in LA now

  • Jeff Pollock
    Jeff Pollock Year ago

    no he snorted coke!

  • Criss Gospag
    Criss Gospag Year ago

    Proud to be Canadian.

  • alecathesensfan
    alecathesensfan Year ago +32

    His Pigeon chirp was the best one lol

  • Breanna Foerster
    Breanna Foerster Year ago +3

    hes a great captain taking order and knowing that his teammates can get the puck

  • midge
    midge 2 years ago

    the pigeon noises oml

  • Thomas Wilfong
    Thomas Wilfong 2 years ago

    I like Kessel tho

  • Flapswitch13
    Flapswitch13 2 years ago

    What a beauty.

  • Ryder Vermilyea
    Ryder Vermilyea 2 years ago +1

    "Hurt it playing golf"

  • Ryder Vermilyea
    Ryder Vermilyea 2 years ago

  • Chaka
    Chaka 2 years ago +58

    hes calling him a pigeon because he always gets garbage goals just like how a pigeon picks up the scraps that others leave, if u feel me 

    • Criss Gospag
      Criss Gospag Year ago

      AKA A duster

    • Chaka
      Chaka Year ago

      +yupn not really lol. you must not watch much of the leafs. he gets garbage goals a lot. thats why they got him. a big skilled guy who can play in front and get the hard to get goals. of course he has hands and finesse and a good shot but he gets tons of garbage goals. at least he did when i actually watched the leafs 

    • FlyersGiroux -
      FlyersGiroux - Year ago

      +gakman41 Fucking pigeon

    • Brendan Rausenberg
      Brendan Rausenberg 2 years ago

      +gakman41 slender legs? hahahahaha

    • Chaka
      Chaka 2 years ago

      +StormyIceHD yee 100% ahahahah.

  • Deh_ B3ND3R
    Deh_ B3ND3R 2 years ago


  • Jshal
    Jshal 2 years ago +2

    What does how's your wheel mean?

  • Mike L
    Mike L 2 years ago +2

    Giroux is a pussy and an awful chirper

    • Mike L
      Mike L 2 years ago

      Whatever, let people stick to their opinion. I still think it's funny how no one believes I played hockey with JVR. I WENT TO CBA HIGH SCHOOL YOU FOOLS!!!

    • CB SC
      CB SC 2 years ago

      +Thisizmyname Only Eric Hartman is butthurt. Giroux probably pounded him too much, don't see why else he'd kiss the ass of such a shitty athlete. 

    • Mike L
      Mike L 2 years ago

      I didn't know a single comment could make so many people butthurt

    • CB SC
      CB SC 2 years ago

      +Eric Hartman Spezza was the tournament MVP, and he's a shit player. So nope, Giroux's doesn't count either. Try again!

    • CB SC
      CB SC 2 years ago

      +Eric Hartman He's also factually shit compared to Toews and Crosby. Had to ride Sid's back on Team Canada... and that was on the WORLD'S TEAM! NOT EVEN THE FUCKING OLYMPICS!

      Final verdict... Giroux isn't even in the top 30 players alive right now. Sorry, folks! Game over! Enjoy your early golfing next year.

  • J Kemper
    J Kemper 2 years ago

    hartsy laughing at the beginning kills me hahahaha

  • MaddRezz
    MaddRezz 2 years ago

    wtf, why isn't he on the senators right now

  • Mr.HAB50
    Mr.HAB50 2 years ago +15

    G is probably one of the funniest guys off camera.

  • Thundersports
    Thundersports 3 years ago

    lol ur profile pick cracks me up

  • Taylor Jackson
    Taylor Jackson 3 years ago +3

    You have to love hockey players.

  • bullet snipes
    bullet snipes 3 years ago

    Giroux is a gem

  • gleeson630
    gleeson630 3 years ago

    Lol I hear the some of the flyers though Reimsdyk was a faggot(not actually gay just reusing what i heard). can anyone confirm? haha

  • Jake Coon
    Jake Coon 3 years ago

    Lol. "Hey Phil. Did u have a coke today?"

  • Ryan
    Ryan 3 years ago

    Claude chirps and doesnt fight so that makes him a jerk ? Any of the bruins can break every rule in the book but as long as they fight its ok ? Stupid

  • Menessy27
    Menessy27 3 years ago

    fake tough guy, sad to see guys like this chirp a ton and then go completely quiet whenever anybody tough is on the ice. Its the same thing with Simmonds and Rinaldo

    • FatalisPRO
      FatalisPRO 2 years ago

      Rinaldo and simmonds constantly defend themselves and their team. So does giroux, only he doesnt fight that often. Stfu eh?

    • ryja88
      ryja88 3 years ago

      +coonjake6 I don' think you know anything. The broad street bullies are the flyers teams from the 70's.

    • Patrick FIsher
      Patrick FIsher 3 years ago

      Ya thank, ionno, maybe he obviously knew he was mic'd up and just generated "conversation"? I mean the only guy who says an expletive was the fucking ref. Fake tough guy? He messes around with a former teammate...and that's about all I see. Pretty boring overall.

    • Jake Coon
      Jake Coon 3 years ago

      Can you chill? He's just trying to get into the other teams heads. Ita called fuckin tactica not toughness. And besides if you dont know that the Broad Street Bullies are the toughest team in hockey then obviously you dont know shit about anything let alone Hockey.

  • James Mulenga
    James Mulenga 3 years ago

    "Fucking Pigeon, aw ha aw ha" 

  • Arjun Birring
    Arjun Birring 3 years ago


  • Kyle Anderson
    Kyle Anderson 3 years ago

    2:10 ad for 1 min video

  • tehawes0mesauce
    tehawes0mesauce 3 years ago +1

    What a fuckin cunt.

  • dvon1097
    dvon1097 3 years ago

    Ha he called JVR a fuckin pigeon

  • Vini Bhatt
    Vini Bhatt 3 years ago +1

    What was up with Coke/Pepsi comment?!?

    P.S. I am new to this if that helps

    • Eddie Adams
      Eddie Adams Year ago

      +Eddie Adams giroux*** not girlie

    • Eddie Adams
      Eddie Adams Year ago

      +DeeGee 23 people don't wanna believe that though. Everyone on this comment thread is fucking obsessed with nhlers and Cocaine, I don't get it. Obviously girlie was chirping cause Kessel has been caught drinking pop before games lmao, as well as other assorted treats.

    • DeeGee 23
      DeeGee 23 Year ago

      He asked Phil if he drank a coke or a pepsi today because he is heavy looking. Out of shape. No drug reference here.

    • Sweetbutterflykripperino
      Sweetbutterflykripperino Year ago


    • thehypermidgit
      thehypermidgit 2 years ago

      +Vini Bhatt He meant cocaine, you saw Phil and his hand with his nose scratching it? yeah He lowkey said he did a line and asked G if he did and he said ina low voice no and then said I dont do that

  • cche16
    cche16 3 years ago

    that was a dumb chirp

  • David Lemieux
    David Lemieux 3 years ago +2

    nothing like hockey chirp

  • Philly Chimp
    Philly Chimp 3 years ago +37

    "fucking pidgeon" lmao

  • Steven Smith
    Steven Smith 3 years ago +2

    Its a inside joke between JVR and the flyers players

  • Teabagonyou
    Teabagonyou 3 years ago +1


  • collingoat
    collingoat 3 years ago +40

    G definitely just fuckin with JVR with the pigeon comment...they're friends & that's G's sense of humor...remember his "fuck you raffl" in an on air interview? haha. JVR is a talented power forward but he never developed consistency...that's why he was traded from philly & that's part of the reason why the leafs aren't in the playoffs. 

    • Joanne Clarke
      Joanne Clarke 4 months ago

      collingoat how about now?

    • Sidney Crosby
      Sidney Crosby 2 years ago

      +Eric Hartman Oh, sweet, thought you were gonna reply with something like "just like you." 

    • Sidney Crosby
      Sidney Crosby 2 years ago

      +Eric Hartman It was a joke. 

    • Sidney Crosby
      Sidney Crosby 2 years ago

      +Eric Hartman Tell me about it, had to fuckin' drink myself to sleep over that fucking OT winner by the Rangers in game 5.

    • Sidney Crosby
      Sidney Crosby 2 years ago

      +Eric Hartman Saw a Philly fan in an interview who was being asked questions related to the topic of "Philly V.S. Pittsburgh" and he was asked why he thinks Philly is better and he literally just yelled out "BECAUSE... IT'S PHILLY!", and when asked about Crosby he yelled "HE SUCKS!".
      Dumb drunks. 

  • Gabe Perry
    Gabe Perry 3 years ago +14

    gotta love Giroux and the Flyers. fuck the leafs they can go back to their stupid Air Canada plane hangar

    • Chad Brah
      Chad Brah 2 years ago

      +Eddie Adams wat

    • Eddie Adams
      Eddie Adams 2 years ago

      Nice comment you douche, did ya have a blast when my rangers beat you the fuck down in game 7? Shut the fuck up fuckboy

    • Chad Brah
      Chad Brah 2 years ago

      teams like pens, ducks, coyotes, panthers would never exist without the big fucking revenue of toronto and montreal

    • DrunkLiLIrish
      DrunkLiLIrish 3 years ago

      yea flyers are great, should be a great round 2 against the pens.... oh.... wait 

    • Jesse Lloren
      Jesse Lloren 3 years ago

      +Jake Andrews haha, well I'm a Crosby fan and a leafs fan. So hopefully pens get that

  • YAhabsYA
    YAhabsYA 3 years ago


  • gdnemec0
    gdnemec0 3 years ago +11

    HAHA when he started making pigeon noises, I cracked up, that's great.

    • gdnemec0
      gdnemec0 3 years ago

      I'm sure he was haha. Just had to hide it.

    • Ron Volovnik
      Ron Volovnik 3 years ago

      JVR was cracking up,lol

  • Brutally Merked
    Brutally Merked 3 years ago +29

    He's not being a dick to jvr they're friends lol

  • blockland30
    blockland30 3 years ago +1

    NHL players a such jerks to eachother

    • Niko Sexton
      Niko Sexton 2 years ago

      it's chirping and its a key factor in hockey to get in the other players head, and its funny

  • Aquariuskudo
    Aquariuskudo 3 years ago

    Why is giroux being a dick to jvr?

    • Aquariuskudo
      Aquariuskudo 3 years ago

      Ok cool, thanks for clearing that up.

    • Aquariuskudo
      Aquariuskudo 3 years ago

      I knew that, i thought he was being serious cuz jvr was ignoring him.

  • Justin Rutherford
    Justin Rutherford 3 years ago

    Fuckin thief, steal shit and put it up under your name. You're pathetic.

    • Pacebeats
      Pacebeats 3 years ago

      who fucking cares , like he think this guy filmed it or something

  • abelizer
    abelizer 3 years ago +1

    what a short little fucker

  • GfromAB
    GfromAB 3 years ago

    Fucking pigeon lol

  • kevster422
    kevster422 3 years ago +3

    awful chirps.

  • tendersl21
    tendersl21 3 years ago

    I don't get the Pepsi thing he said to kessel

    • Chaka
      Chaka 2 years ago

      +Patrick McCann yeah like kaner and seguin and mike richards. wouldnt be surprised if some players played on coke

    • Patrick McCann
      Patrick McCann 2 years ago

      Lol it means Phil Kessel has done and probably still does a lot of coke. A lot of NHL guys are into that shit actually. Leaves your system pretty quick. 

    • Chaka
      Chaka 2 years ago

      +Patrick McCann i thought he meant coke as in the drink since he said pepsi and i dont know why he wouldnt have just writen cocaine im not retarded i know what coke means...

    • Patrick McCann
      Patrick McCann 3 years ago

      +gakman41 Cocaine genius 

    • Chaka
      Chaka 3 years ago

      +Johnny Bispels what the fuck does that even mean

  • Neb Neerg
    Neb Neerg 3 years ago +5

    What a fucking goof

  • Christopher Camden
    Christopher Camden 3 years ago +4

    one of the worst chirpers ive ever heard tbh

  • Matt D
    Matt D 3 years ago +105

    Fucking pigeon!

    • Altick 88
      Altick 88 6 months ago

      Matt D Cooo Cooo 😂😂😂

    • Al Capwned
      Al Capwned 2 years ago

      +RawHim9591 To be honest, there are many variables you can add to skew numbers left and right. I mean, obviously the Leafs missed the within all those years except last season so perhaps that could explain a difference. Idk. And you are 100% correct, its very close. I mean, Kessel was in the top 20 with points in that same  time frame and that's obviously out of hundreds of players.
      But yeah, with JVR, I don't doubt him one bit. Late bloomer perhaps with points but still a remarkable player. And in 5 years, well I don't see him being a 100 point kind of guy, that's a tall order for any player, but I can see him being atleast 70 points per season. 

    • Chad Brah
      Chad Brah 2 years ago

      +Legion Of Eclaires a 25 point difference over 4 years is a difference of 8 points a year so any AINEC arguments are nuts. Also JVR is a late bloomer. You look at last year's production and both had about the same. Let's see what they do in the next 5 years. I can give you Giroux is better than kessel but it's still pretty close it's not like he's in another league or something lol

    • Al Capwned
      Al Capwned 2 years ago

      +Don Levi Well actually, there is fact with Giroux. Judging from 2010-11 to 2013-14 seasons: Giroux has 303 points which is greater than any player currently active and who has played within those seasons. Sure, guys like Stamkos and Crosby, and others probably could have out paced Giroux within those years had they been injury free but they weren't.  Kessel only managed 278 points within those years. Sure, you can make arguments left and right but the numbers don't lie. Giroux has been more productive within those years.
      Don't get me wrong, Kessel is a damn good player but those are the factual numbers.
      Now comparing, JVR and Voracek, yeah... Voracek scored 203 points while JVR has a whopping 157 points. Again, both being judged from 2010-11 to 2013-14. Personally, I see them as totally different playing styles so I wouldn't compare them all that much. But if you are judging purely on points, Voracek is significantly better than JVR...

      Now, I'm not a big fan of comparing players and then gloating so I will not! I can tell you right now, if the Flyers had the cap space, sure, I wouldn't mind taking Kessel.

    • Don Avan
      Don Avan 2 years ago

      +RawHim9591 I agree too. I like giroux also and think he's one of the leagues stars but to make claims and statements like the ones he came up with just makes himself look like someone that putting all the factual numbers in front of his face won't change his mind.

  • Michael Brisbay
    Michael Brisbay 3 years ago

    Haha fucking pigeon

  • Daaturre
    Daaturre 3 years ago

    Roo is pretty stupid guy

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