RC Pistenbully

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  • sm1lep0ny
    sm1lep0ny 6 years ago


  • jonathan parsons
    jonathan parsons 7 years ago

    what about my questions

  • jonathan parsons
    jonathan parsons 8 years ago

    so is this good for 3 feet of frese poder snow it wont sink in the snow or will it and how meany batteries does it use and what kind and how long do they last

  • TheStuffz
    TheStuffz 8 years ago

    TY! been looking for the name of this thing!! overall how do you like it?

  • Schokofreak123
    Schokofreak123 8 years ago

    from where you have this???

  • Jacoby Lev
    Jacoby Lev 8 years ago

    how much is this?

  • Jørgen
    Jørgen 8 years ago

    is this dickie?

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