5 Camping Gadgets put to the Test

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  • GalaXy808
    GalaXy808 19 days ago


  • Mohammed Ahmed
    Mohammed Ahmed 21 day ago

    We wanna see u go camping pliz

  • Abbyan Parekh
    Abbyan Parekh 22 days ago

    Your Gadgest are awesome

  • nikhil singh
    nikhil singh 22 days ago +1

    8:00 that lamp is used quite often in India

  • MonoType
    MonoType 24 days ago

    I like the part when is said boom

  • moviefanperson
    moviefanperson 26 days ago

    6:40 it looks like a post period thing that bitchez use

  • sabah laaouej
    sabah laaouej 26 days ago

    Beach life hack

  • Zhen Zhang
    Zhen Zhang Month ago


  • Margaret Haines
    Margaret Haines Month ago

    i like the stove that looks like the Starship Enterprise!

  • Reptile Mystery
    Reptile Mystery Month ago

    taras do knife gadgets

  • Atharva More
    Atharva More Month ago

    it is jetboil water boiling gadget

  • Orbital4High20
    Orbital4High20 Month ago

    I wonder if I could cook
    *B O N E L E S S* pizza with that gas burner

  • VIPER410
    VIPER410 Month ago

    They're all pretty cool I like the lanterns and the bipod stove. Would be nice to have.

  • I'm Pickle Rick!!!
    I'm Pickle Rick!!! Month ago

    i came here for the Boom!, Boom!, Boom!

  • Ultimate Scorpion
    Ultimate Scorpion Month ago


    AMMAR HASAN Month ago

    my favourite was the big stove top one

  • Melissa Ramirez
    Melissa Ramirez Month ago

    he should make a video where he goes into his woods and uses MREs and all his gadjiks and try to survive in the wild
    like if u agree

  • SkatingFox
    SkatingFox Month ago +1

    this video is lit!

  • ThrobbinHood
    ThrobbinHood Month ago

    Last gadget is the bestest!

  • Aiyub Noor
    Aiyub Noor Month ago

    Woah nice

  • Eric Jarvis
    Eric Jarvis Month ago

    can you tell us what are the gadgets names are or tell us were we can get them

  • apood
    apood Month ago

    7:45 we used to use that in the in the past when the electricity cut off

  • Rhys Adams
    Rhys Adams Month ago

    Says pot uses pan

  • Manachtron
    Manachtron Month ago

    The one gadget looks like the Enterprise, lol.

  • jugernautmitch
    jugernautmitch Month ago

    Why did you cover the 'Jetboil' logo?

  • Randy Autrand
    Randy Autrand Month ago

    Thanks for the post!!!! I am going to order some of the Lantern cooking attachments from Amazon. Looks awesome

  • Virtual Comedy
    Virtual Comedy Month ago

    just children in the comments.

  • Marilyn Alvarez
    Marilyn Alvarez Month ago +1

    Is it me or does that new stove at 3:50 look like the U.S.S. Enterprise from Star Trek? (beam me up Scotty)

  • Epparapally Chundan
    Epparapally Chundan Month ago +1


  • Professional Gopnik

    this guy is living meme

  • RoflCopter
    RoflCopter Month ago

    6:37 Yes Taras, we know you have the bigger hole

  • NoobGamingFTW
    NoobGamingFTW Month ago

    "Very beautiful design" then you realize if you look from top it looks like the swastika

  • Adi Sucks at Gaming

    at 4:51 the gas is just like the gas in india

  • Albi Nebo
    Albi Nebo Month ago

    Hello guys welcome back to my *laraboratory*

  • Harley Reynolds
    Harley Reynolds Month ago

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  • Ellastar74
    Ellastar74 Month ago


  • Varga Ioan
    Varga Ioan Month ago

    make a garrage review

  • Bill Clinton Moses Manullang

    are you always said boom in every videos?

  • TheGoodParent TheGoodParent

    Ni *B* *B* a

  • TheGoodParent TheGoodParent

    whats this wire do? oh i can hang it, *gets suicidal thoughts* oh thats cool

  • BuLL eTZ
    BuLL eTZ Month ago

    The 4th gadget is actually a portable heater. The last one is actually good also.

  • Farhat Naz
    Farhat Naz Month ago

    I think you have already showed that last one

  • TeeJay Scottzilla
    TeeJay Scottzilla Month ago


  • Azra'El
    Azra'El Month ago

    I love this set hope we have this in the Philippines

  • William Wren
    William Wren Month ago

    Anyone else think the third one looked like the ship from Star Trek

  • em4r99
    em4r99 2 months ago


  • ahmed Warshana
    ahmed Warshana 2 months ago

    hey taras can you make a camping video with your dogs

  • Captain Oblivion
    Captain Oblivion 2 months ago

    love your videos!

    TRILL CHRIST 2 months ago

    That's so veird boom

  • The Hero Software: Nat Hero14

    5:48 hit marker

  • Bulbasaur TV
    Bulbasaur TV 2 months ago

    I found your full name in Russian it's Тарас Кулаков

  • mal zakrove
    mal zakrove 2 months ago

    he changed the Russin Milita symbol to a star

  • Steffan Estrada
    Steffan Estrada 2 months ago

    You should go on camping trips and record them

  • William Denio
    William Denio 2 months ago

    is taras a communist?

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 months ago

    15516 project getting back into the house but share with me. the only way to get good condition family, - ?

  • Leo Ryan
    Leo Ryan 2 months ago

    Where did you get the new stove? I want to get a few of those.

  • Fahad Uzumaki
    Fahad Uzumaki 2 months ago

    you can find them everywhere in pakistan and you donot need to change the white thing that burns

  • Jayant Chaudhari
    Jayant Chaudhari 2 months ago +1

    I think he loves to say 💥boom

  • Thecrippledpotato 201
    Thecrippledpotato 201 2 months ago

    Guys the last gadget is called the jetboil

  • Jethro Banzouzi
    Jethro Banzouzi 2 months ago


  • Amos Crabtree
    Amos Crabtree 2 months ago

    the lantern was the coolest imo

  • Endr Warrior123 lol XD 420 69 1337

    The gas name was ISOPRO(I SO PRO)

    TEAM AAR 2 months ago

    Goodbye *what, oh what do I mean by goodbye. Just let me fall in the sea full of comments*

  • Ariz Wasseh
    Ariz Wasseh 2 months ago +1

    all i heard him say was
    turn it on on on and on and......

  • Mr.Death
    Mr.Death 2 months ago

    He Should Go Camping With All The Gadgets He Has. That Would Be Pretty Kuul

  • Rc Lewis
    Rc Lewis 2 months ago

    boom at 10:03

  • Robert Lynch
    Robert Lynch 2 months ago

    Those thermacell repellents pads will last at least three hours or more

  • GamerZoneArmy
    GamerZoneArmy 2 months ago

    I only came for my daily dosage of booms

  • rob bob
    rob bob 2 months ago

    Anyone notice that he changes his logo?

  • Heat x Wavve
    Heat x Wavve 2 months ago

    I love Russians xD

  • cowlover3355 hodwy
    cowlover3355 hodwy 2 months ago

    I lost my gramcracker in my milk noooooooooo

  • NeXtarProducts
    NeXtarProducts 2 months ago +1

    These are awesome gadgets! Thanks for sharing CRH!

  • Ryan Kent
    Ryan Kent 2 months ago

    The white box for the lantern looks like you put it on top of the glass so it spreads light in all directions

  • Mark Moncivaiz
    Mark Moncivaiz 2 months ago +1

    your smart

  • Mark Moncivaiz
    Mark Moncivaiz 2 months ago

    your cool

  • stumpjumper123 Gaming
    stumpjumper123 Gaming 2 months ago

    the stove from 5:40 looks kind of like a swastica

  • HistoryBuff2000
    HistoryBuff2000 2 months ago

    I Liked 'Em All

  • CoRgZz
    CoRgZz 2 months ago +1

    Do a Fishing Gadgets video

  • CoRgZz
    CoRgZz 2 months ago +1

    Do a gadgets video for Fishing

  • Sophia Stecina
    Sophia Stecina 2 months ago

    My new favorite thing is putting these videos at 2 times the speed...

  • cole mcleod
    cole mcleod 2 months ago


  • Rita Harmon
    Rita Harmon 2 months ago


  • william kim
    william kim 2 months ago

    Fight cell apple pvelhn inside guideline this legislative whom signal speaker.

  • Pug Life
    Pug Life 2 months ago +1

    He used to have a green camping stove.

  • Grizzly The Bear
    Grizzly The Bear 2 months ago

    Hey he is keep saying lantn , lantan and lanturn btw I like the video though

  • Anshav Pancholi
    Anshav Pancholi 2 months ago


  • clarence Ahhh ma skin
    clarence Ahhh ma skin 2 months ago

    Your house must be full of gadgets! Lol

  • Arthur Leon
    Arthur Leon 2 months ago

    I like the smell of winniger

  • Ass Burgers
    Ass Burgers 2 months ago +1

    5:48 NCC-1701

    • Jim Adams
      Jim Adams 2 months ago

      Now with Primary hull burners!

  • Mari Rolewicz
    Mari Rolewicz 2 months ago

    I love the big cook top

  • Ivan Martinez
    Ivan Martinez 2 months ago +1

    Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom

  • K_Diddly 31
    K_Diddly 31 2 months ago

    I think he's shown the last one before

  • Arjy Parjy
    Arjy Parjy 2 months ago +1

    One day he will say boom and the world blows up BOOM

  • Imnainggolan PM
    Imnainggolan PM 2 months ago

    i think he should name this video "camping-stove gadget" instead.

  • Иосиф Сталин

    Try serbian mre

  • lovely precious
    lovely precious 2 months ago

    5:20- Even a big pot. Boom, an even bigger pot......boom, an even bigger pot.....

  • Dhilan Rocky
    Dhilan Rocky 2 months ago

    what is he saying in intro.?..*whatsup everybody..welcome to motherfuckertoy#$@%&^%#%#%*

  • Thermal_Sniper X
    Thermal_Sniper X 2 months ago

    This is more like portable stove gadgets

  • TheDrunkCooks
    TheDrunkCooks 2 months ago

    What does Taras say when he cums?


  • Travis Shouse
    Travis Shouse 2 months ago

    hasn't he done the last one before

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