Joe Cartoon: Superfly Sings I'm a Little Catfish

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  • Hunter WB
    Hunter WB Month ago

    this song saved my life

  • joyeux rouge
    joyeux rouge Year ago +2

    this is a very sad song :(

  • Area711
    Area711 3 years ago

    this video is funny XD. you guys should check out our channel we also make cartoons. share it with your friends and subscribe. ^_^

  • Heather Berent
    Heather Berent 3 years ago

    I wish I knew the chords! :-)

    • Jon Nesbitt
      Jon Nesbitt 3 years ago

      C D G are the chords but put a capo on the 5th fret and chord a G A D.

  • MaggetTheFly
    MaggetTheFly 3 years ago +2

    I love superfly! He's so funny!

  • snapsnap2413
    snapsnap2413 4 years ago

    Where is he singing from? He has no mouth....

    • Trey Frye
      Trey Frye 3 months ago

      snapsnap2413 its a cartoon

  • eric ramirez
    eric ramirez 4 years ago

    dam thats a fish!

  • MaggetTheFly
    MaggetTheFly 4 years ago

    I love this video....thnx for sharing!

  • Sapphire Coyote
    Sapphire Coyote 4 years ago

    Awh awh awh, awh awh awh awh!

  • BLU Spy
    BLU Spy 4 years ago

    This is awesome! I like this better than the first version.

  • gag2man
    gag2man 4 years ago

    There is one. It's got most of the lines from the superfly episode in the office.

  • Mage Roman
    Mage Roman 4 years ago

    He's so cute!

  • Meagan Brugman
    Meagan Brugman 4 years ago

    whats the makers real name? i might know em

  • Hunter DeFraga
    Hunter DeFraga 5 years ago

    83 people think they are better than the catfish

  • Nazeem
    Nazeem 5 years ago

    ...I totally want to head on up to the U.P, but I need to know what's the hottest hang out spot there...

    and I need money....For some beer. :D

  • k a
    k a 5 years ago

    see my vids& learn herbs as coriander,pine,maca,dill,dock,dandelion,kelp ETC

  • BackFromHell
    BackFromHell 5 years ago

    LOL is all i have to say

  • percasex
    percasex 5 years ago

    im a little cat fish! XD!!!

  • Jolo gdum
    Jolo gdum 5 years ago

    @WorldStove the peopel are not thinking so far in 2 ther brains thets why the noth jet win the award sorry for my english from holland hichinthesky smoke weed all day peace peepsss greets holland

  • Watson C.
    Watson C. 5 years ago



  • Rebecca Bell
    Rebecca Bell 5 years ago

    When i get hungry i eat a duck...

  • MosAiK Usa
    MosAiK Usa 5 years ago

    Ric Form MosAiK USA love this stuff

  • 1V4N
    1V4N 5 years ago

    I demand for a Supah'Fly stuffed toy so everytime I squeeze it he says "waazuuup!" "who's yo daddy!" "El Markooooooo!" xD

  • Rob Johnson
    Rob Johnson 6 years ago

    justin beiber created 76 accounts and hated this because he cant sing that good.

  • Aleksandar997
    Aleksandar997 6 years ago

    Dude that was fucked up

  • Glowfer J
    Glowfer J 6 years ago

    His intro: " Yo man ssup!?" xD epic

  • gameover9224
    gameover9224 6 years ago

    Best Remix Ever

  • WorldStove
    WorldStove 6 years ago

    why o why has this not won a grammy yet?

  • Melissa Johnson
    Melissa Johnson 6 years ago

    i like the song nd super fly but to me it got ruined

  • MrFlufficans
    MrFlufficans 6 years ago

    that cool

  • Phillip D.
    Phillip D. 6 years ago

    so freckin' awesome!!!!

  • aleccia5569
    aleccia5569 6 years ago

    i thought he said daisy duck

  • KiteSwift
    KiteSwift 6 years ago

    errr, how...odd

  • AMajesticJoke
    AMajesticJoke 6 years ago

    best song ever known to man

  • Destiny D
    Destiny D 6 years ago

    69 people hate superfly and hate ducks D:

  • Stethacanthus
    Stethacanthus 6 years ago

    This song really speaks to me.

  • Algis Kemezys
    Algis Kemezys 6 years ago

    this is just tops.

  • thepatshowonwp
    thepatshowonwp 6 years ago

    Nice and catchy, I like very much! Good musicianship, cool lyrics, two thumbs up!

  • Big Boat
    Big Boat 6 years ago

    lol no ohh yea

  • Gta Rater
    Gta Rater 6 years ago

    Very better than Miley cirus

  • PumpkinPantees
    PumpkinPantees 6 years ago

    That fly is actully the best lol! GO SUPERFLY!!!!

  • Robyn Hill
    Robyn Hill 7 years ago

    65 people never found out super-fly was their dad !!!! poor poor idiots

  • hayhay461
    hayhay461 7 years ago

    he is almost as awesome as chuck norris

  • webratt69
    webratt69 7 years ago

    like the U.P. and lots o' Beer WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  • Breanna Lynn
    Breanna Lynn 7 years ago

    this is very catchy.
    and is now stuck in my head.

  • Freedom 35
    Freedom 35 7 years ago

    Superfly FTW!!!

    M CRUZZ 7 years ago

    this song kick ass!! XD

  • Cara E
    Cara E 7 years ago

    thats the CUTEST fly i ve ever seen!! Lol

  • MrBloggo
    MrBloggo 7 years ago

    he is WAY BETTER then miley cyrus! XD

  • MrBloggo
    MrBloggo 7 years ago

    BEST!! im a little catfish!

  • undercop5567
    undercop5567 7 years ago

    then he would say"i am! because i did dis to yo mammaaa!!!!"

  • Shay Saleemi
    Shay Saleemi 7 years ago

    if i had a magic wand...

  • TheCelticFox
    TheCelticFox 7 years ago

    magic wand

  • sturlubatic
    sturlubatic 7 years ago

    duuude that was fucked up:)))) my favourite cartoon character:))

  • Angel Juliet
    Angel Juliet 7 years ago

    I'd kill to go out with super fly

  • sk8erboi66ericko
    sk8erboi66ericko 7 years ago

    Hahaha, superfly is my favorite...xD

  • Grand Warlock InSinkErator


  • fabyulosa
    fabyulosa 7 years ago

    Super flyyy! superfly would say to god: wazzap man? whos your daddy? xD

  • Teddy BROosevelt
    Teddy BROosevelt 7 years ago

    awesome viD!!!!!!

  • Amanda Rocha
    Amanda Rocha 7 years ago

    I love that flyy XD

  • Grand Warlock InSinkErator

    is there an mp3 for this

  • Gotrilliten
    Gotrilliten 8 years ago

    Maybe the punchline was that there was no punchline!

  • Cade Richardson
    Cade Richardson 8 years ago

    i want this on itunes

  • NinjaCyborgJesus
    NinjaCyborgJesus 8 years ago

    Super Mother Fuckin Fly !

  • Sparrow
    Sparrow 8 years ago

    great. love it!

  • FueledWithCaffeine
    FueledWithCaffeine 8 years ago

    Eh, who says you have to be Japanese to speak their language? There's nothing wrong with it. It's like telling others you have to be Spanish to learn or even speak it. Well, that's pretty stupid.

  • FueledWithCaffeine
    FueledWithCaffeine 8 years ago

    Aw, its so kawaii!

  • Moriah Todd
    Moriah Todd 8 years ago

    *sniffle* that was beautiful.

  • jcfynx
    jcfynx 8 years ago


  • guyveromega27
    guyveromega27 8 years ago

    If God and Superfly got into a fight, who would win?

  • LazyLiberty
    LazyLiberty 8 years ago

    thx! :D

  • Rodrigo Brambilla Gomes

    How can i make animations ?

  • Andrés Aguileta
    Andrés Aguileta 8 years ago

    hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahha lol

  • sexyoneshawty
    sexyoneshawty 8 years ago

    My Jam!

  • Tiang
    Tiang 8 years ago

    i dont even know he can sing so well!!!kudosto superfly!!!

  • Mikel Remmerswaal
    Mikel Remmerswaal 8 years ago

    Tasty tasty duck, tasty tasty duck...


  • XxMilenkoxX1989
    XxMilenkoxX1989 8 years ago

    lol i no how ot play the greefield version we need a tab of this!

  • alice0slasher
    alice0slasher 8 years ago

    i'm a little catfish
    la la la la la
    i like the song

  • Zachary Wilcox
    Zachary Wilcox 8 years ago


  • Sam Kryhe
    Sam Kryhe 8 years ago

    its not a douche bag its a duchy bag hahahaha lol

  • hollyfrog123
    hollyfrog123 8 years ago

    0,o ok about my previous comment about "tasty tasty duck", uh no i have never eaten duck and sorry if i gave ya'll the wrong opinion sorry ^^'

  • DeathWrench
    DeathWrench 8 years ago

    Your welcome.

  • Lord Meatpie
    Lord Meatpie 8 years ago

    Nope, but if someone set a Squirrel KaBob or a Raccoon Roast in front of me, Id chomp down on that shit ASAP.

  • DeathWrench
    DeathWrench 8 years ago

    You make no sense.
    I can claim victory on your illiterate-ness.

  • joegfjh
    joegfjh 8 years ago

    ever had squirrel or raccoon?

  • Lord Meatpie
    Lord Meatpie 8 years ago

    I luck Duck too :D and Rabbit as well.
    2 of the best meats in the world. And Buffalo too.
    Any meat is kick ass. I'd eat a fuckin' rhinoceros if I had the chance.

  • Soft Hogs
    Soft Hogs 8 years ago

    That's the weirdest stopping of a fight ever! "Listen to the fly" :D

  • Taliesen Weekes
    Taliesen Weekes 8 years ago

    cant we all just get along? you both sound like fuckhead now shut up and listen to the fly

  • DeathWrench
    DeathWrench 8 years ago

    I don't need to touch myself, I have your mother.

  • DeathWrench
    DeathWrench 8 years ago

    You like dick?
    Whoa man, I don't swing that way.

  • DeathWrench
    DeathWrench 8 years ago

    Did I stutter?

  • DeathWrench
    DeathWrench 8 years ago


  • Mikel Remmerswaal
    Mikel Remmerswaal 8 years ago

    XD hahahaha!

  • Ddanger101
    Ddanger101 8 years ago

    i know

  • spaceguitars
    spaceguitars 8 years ago

    These ads are a pain in the butt!

  • DeathWrench
    DeathWrench 8 years ago


  • hollyfrog123
    hollyfrog123 8 years ago


  • Jonathan Biondi
    Jonathan Biondi 8 years ago

    Super Fly is kickass! Keep it up, Joecartoon!

  • William Rowe
    William Rowe 8 years ago

    lol super fly was on weird al's alberkerkie song

  • Anthony J. Lucero
    Anthony J. Lucero 8 years ago

    hey joecartoon can u make a mp3 out of this cause it is awsome!!!!

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