Zelda Violin Duet- Lindsey Stirling

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    Film by Devin Graham- be sure to check out his channel

    The original game music was composed mostly by Koji Kondo. I arranged this medley based off his amazing music.
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  • Runtime: 4:10
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  • GreenFlash Sunset
    GreenFlash Sunset 18 hours ago

    I had been watching this since it came out... nearly about 7 years ago. I had a low quality mobile phone then-- and I always thought the girl on the right was Lindsey's little sister :-/ lol

  • VEJN
    VEJN 6 days ago

    Is Lyndsey a Zelda-fan?

  • Тимур Хисамов

    Lindsay, I like your video's.

  • SuperHyrule64
    SuperHyrule64 11 days ago


  • Kien Pham Duc
    Kien Pham Duc 21 day ago

    I Love You ._.

  • Evelyn Brenes
    Evelyn Brenes 22 days ago

    i almost thought she had a twin sister or something

  • Brooks Larsen
    Brooks Larsen 23 days ago

    what violin does she use

  • Rian Cia 619
    Rian Cia 619 23 days ago

    How am I just seeing this? I am in love 😍

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 24 days ago

    She has more Talent in her Little Finger than I in my Hole body

  • BittyBoozle
    BittyBoozle 25 days ago +1

    double lindseys my world is now complete

  • Brandon Sword
    Brandon Sword 26 days ago

    Who are the Original Lindsey

  • vipassana chakma
    vipassana chakma Month ago

    it looks like lindsey on the right is looking towards the lindsey on the left.

    also stop at 0:31

  • Kawthar Q
    Kawthar Q Month ago


  • Nuha Omar
    Nuha Omar Month ago

    She isn't human

  • البطل
    البطل Month ago

    I love you .🌹

  • Alice Kim
    Alice Kim Month ago

    Does Lindsey have twin? Those two look EXACTLY THE SAME to me.

  • gir garbuja
    gir garbuja Month ago +1

    Wow she has a long bow

  • gir garbuja
    gir garbuja Month ago +1

    Wow she has a long bow

  • Will Smears
    Will Smears Month ago

    Ok but is it just me who keeps on thinking there's drums at around in 0:40 to 0:44

  • mingsmiles
    mingsmiles 2 months ago

    Anyone else thinks that she looks like lily in how I met your mother?

  • DragonSong
    DragonSong 2 months ago

    What is better than ONE Lindsey Stirling?


  • Daniel Pradhana Saputra

    Now you need phelba to make it 3.

  • Rogue-9
    Rogue-9 2 months ago

    Why do I keep getting a Lacoste ad with solo violin music before each Lindsey Stirling video? It can't be coincidence, right?

  • Oiram Bta
    Oiram Bta 2 months ago

    the minute 3:30 jejeje

  • Kravik
    Kravik 3 months ago

    For å si det på godt norsk: Det er vakkert!

  • Kevin Mark Barnes
    Kevin Mark Barnes 3 months ago

    I am glad to watch this.. made my day twice...
    the timid one <3

  • Eileen Zeng
    Eileen Zeng 3 months ago

    And turns out... Lindsey Stirling has an equally talented twin!

  • Simon Clarke
    Simon Clarke 3 months ago

    Mini ladd and Terroriser have duplicates of themeselves

  • Shou-Yick Ho
    Shou-Yick Ho 3 months ago

    Loving Dat Gerudo Vally

  • therealwhat..
    therealwhat.. 3 months ago

    I felt something weird about the video because even though it should be a duo and it look so realistic that as if 2 people were together in one room, but just something feels off. So I thought could it just be the technology not advance enough to make it look off? Then I realise it's not the technology, but the performance itself, it looked like 2 soloist playing rather than 2 playing together as one.

  • البطل
    البطل 3 months ago

    Hello I like your beautiful I love you thank you can you marry me please ؟

  • nayel campos rodriguez
    nayel campos rodriguez 3 months ago

    Lindsey, I'm spanish. I listen to you since last month and I can't stop. Your music is a melody for my mind and so sweet as honey . Thank you so much for exist

  • Melody Young
    Melody Young 3 months ago

    You look really good in yellow!!!

  • IxI Oryx IxI
    IxI Oryx IxI 3 months ago

    lindseys twin ;3;

  • Andrew Knoll
    Andrew Knoll 3 months ago

    i like the one on the right a bit better she a better violinist. ha

  • Welligton Silva
    Welligton Silva 3 months ago

    I love Zelda :)

  • CaldoGallego
    CaldoGallego 3 months ago +1

    that´s so awesome :)

  • Jeanne Dézard
    Jeanne Dézard 3 months ago

    Rewatching this video five years later, I can finally see the line where the two pictures meet !

  • Rodrigo Roger
    Rodrigo Roger 3 months ago


  • Alessia Lightbell
    Alessia Lightbell 3 months ago

    Double trouble. For sure =D

  • Fredex
    Fredex 3 months ago

    Could not have chosen a worse background to do this on - editing must have been a nightmare but the timing of the two shots was pretty impressive.

  • r0b690
    r0b690 3 months ago

    She is perfection

  • Dennis Khovan
    Dennis Khovan 3 months ago

    Amazing as usually!

  • xNightHawk32
    xNightHawk32 3 months ago

    That was a pretty cool trick! I was seeing double. Love your music Lindsey!! Keep it up girl!

  • Mia Wonderland
    Mia Wonderland 3 months ago

    two Lindseys YAY!!!

  • Morganedz
    Morganedz 3 months ago

    very pretty interpretation !

  • Eung Peter
    Eung Peter 4 months ago

    Haha. This is awesome! You are truly gifted!

  • aasdasfafsagdshasd
    aasdasfafsagdshasd 4 months ago

    duet with himself

  • Mr Licorne 1210
    Mr Licorne 1210 4 months ago

    memories XD

  • Luis Dominguez
    Luis Dominguez 4 months ago

    excelente 😊🎬

  • Jouy
    Jouy 4 months ago

    Super Crazy Guitar 2?

  • John Porter
    John Porter 4 months ago

    would love to see Lindsay do something with Maraide Nisbit. she's the fiddler of the group Celtic Woman. love ya lins, wish you the best always.

  • Jonathan Velazquez Simón

    nada como ver a lindsey ft lindsey xD

  • Danee G
    Danee G 4 months ago

    It'd be cool if you played Link and Zelda's Duet (or any Lokomo song) from Spirit Tracks.
    Since....y'know, those songs are actual duets.
    But, that's ok, since this revolves around OoT.

  • Sophie Burns
    Sophie Burns 4 months ago

    I can only play the piano, the harmonica, the drums, the recorder, the saxophone and the kazoo. I want to learn the violin because it's such a beautiful instrument.

    • Sophie Burns
      Sophie Burns 4 months ago

      I can only play the piano, the harmonica and the kazoo though because I learned the rest at school and i lost the mouthpiece to my recorder

  • Ocarinaot 4
    Ocarinaot 4 4 months ago

    I couldn't decide which one was prettier, but then I realized that they're both the same person

  • tjorgensen2007
    tjorgensen2007 4 months ago

    Lindsey, You are always great and fun to listen to as well as watching all your great videos!!! This video is right up there...top of the line as always

  • Ashley Wan
    Ashley Wan 4 months ago

    Duet with simply three plz!

  • Jelly Bean
    Jelly Bean 4 months ago

    Oh nostalgia

    ASHLEY'S LIFE LOVE 4 months ago

    is that her sis🙄🙄

  • chris garver
    chris garver 4 months ago


  • yudi taroco
    yudi taroco 4 months ago

    you'r awesome!!!

  • Daniel Bustillo
    Daniel Bustillo 4 months ago

    YouTube have You the partiture??

  • Kawthar Q
    Kawthar Q 4 months ago

    a duet .. with herself ?

  • Mangel la' ahad
    Mangel la' ahad 4 months ago

    C mamo :v

  • Marilou Gosseau
    Marilou Gosseau 5 months ago

    vous êtes la meilleure 💙💚💛💜 artistes préférés 😍😘et meilleures musique j'espère que vous verrez ce message je vous adore vraiment vous êtes la meilleure j'espère aussi que vous essaierez de traduire que vous comprendrez 😍😘😍😘💙💚💛💜

  • Captainkitty buttleelee

    I cant find the music for the Duet! D:

  • Benjo Banjo
    Benjo Banjo 5 months ago

    I was like: woah Taylor Davis looks exactly like Lindsey Stirling

  • Remington Wright
    Remington Wright 5 months ago

    there's..... there's two of her!? ..... am I dead?

  • Blueyesredragon
    Blueyesredragon 5 months ago

    Left Lindsey, wow👏👏👏👌

  • Hector Dorador
    Hector Dorador 5 months ago

    NO Lindsey, don't cross the line or you'll disappear! there are other dimension with other you challengin... you?

  • Kerstin Ortner
    Kerstin Ortner 6 months ago

    Lindsey i love she!!!

  • kirito 6400
    kirito 6400 6 months ago

    it's nul

  • Mark Denny
    Mark Denny 6 months ago

    Its like A Capella singing but the violins at singing!

  • Yukki NekoKun
    Yukki NekoKun 6 months ago +1

    If you don't find an equal skilled duet partner, just take yourself, why not

  • TheAlwaysGamer
    TheAlwaysGamer 6 months ago

    I didn't even noticed this video was uploaded on my birthday. I'm such a noob xD

  • RdeIncognito
    RdeIncognito 6 months ago

    how did you manage to duplicate yourself D: D: D: D:

  • Zachary Forer
    Zachary Forer 6 months ago

    it's a song form zelda on the wiiu

  • Zachary Forer
    Zachary Forer 6 months ago

    I can't tell the difference to you two

  • dunia salmeron
    dunia salmeron 6 months ago

    Ma encanta yo toco violin y espero llegar como ustedes ya que tengo 13 añosapena

  • SerFilms
    SerFilms 7 months ago

    If I use a clip of this in a fan film I'm working on, would I get copywrite claimed for that?

  • MUSUME breaktherules
    MUSUME breaktherules 7 months ago

    waaaah ....my favorite is Lindsey then Lindsay 😂

  • x TheStormKitsune x
    x TheStormKitsune x 7 months ago

    did she ever get neck problems?!?! my dad did when he played

  • TerraBlaze
    TerraBlaze 7 months ago

    Nobody is good enough to be in a duet with Lindsey Stirling but herself :)

  • Balázs Dukát
    Balázs Dukát 7 months ago

    Idea, and might be a bad one, but I'd give it a chance:
    Lindsey Stirling + Emilie Autumn Liddell ( + possibly Vanessa Mae?) = ??? Unpredictable result, but I'd expect something great!

  • Medianoche 99
    Medianoche 99 8 months ago

    whaaat? where is te cut

  • fox gaming127
    fox gaming127 8 months ago

    music rules

  • Jesus hurtado
    Jesus hurtado 8 months ago +1

    Dude like a boss

  • Norma Gutierrez
    Norma Gutierrez 8 months ago

    awesome! !!

  • Max Lusaya
    Max Lusaya 8 months ago

    They both look alike

    • Katelynn Huck
      Katelynn Huck 7 months ago

      Max Lusaya same person, she just has good editing skills to add both videos of her into the video.

  • Edvin Pehlic
    Edvin Pehlic 8 months ago +14

    Whats better then one Lindsey Stirling?

  • Danawanna
    Danawanna 8 months ago

    Hey Lindsey, (I know you probably won't reply. but ANYWAYS) what did you use to record this? I'm trying to do something similar if I can get around to it but I don't know a good app or website to use!

  • AkwadTypo YT
    AkwadTypo YT 8 months ago +1

    She looks like the violin noobie

    • Arnaud N
      Arnaud N 8 months ago

      Let's rather say that the violin noobie looks like Lindsey ;)

  • sideswipe147
    sideswipe147 9 months ago

    she's just too adorable...

  • jujucampl qui aime mc
    jujucampl qui aime mc 9 months ago


  • jujucampl qui aime mc
    jujucampl qui aime mc 9 months ago

    you ave a sister

    • Elinfluyente
      Elinfluyente 9 months ago

      They are the same person. She just put 2 clips of herself in the same time.

    • Elinfluyente
      Elinfluyente 9 months ago


  • Rebeca Flores
    Rebeca Flores 9 months ago +2

    💗te quiero 😘

  • alejandro muñiz andrade


  • Reece Fish
    Reece Fish 9 months ago

    it's really good and that to u a lot to practice

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