Top 10 Coolest Ben 10 Aliens

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  • Top 10 Coolest Ben 10 Aliens // Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOW ----------------------- CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF WATCHMOJO WITH OUR SPECIAL EDITION MAGAZINE, LINKS BELOW! What is the best alien in Ben 10? He can turn into and fights a lot of different creatures over the years, and Ben's Omnitrix is a powerful sci-fi device. From Wildmutt to Alien X, we're ranking these aliens based on not only on which is the mist powerful, but also the coolest and most iconic of all time. So join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the top 10 best aliens in Ben 10.

    00:37 #10. Ghostfreak
    01:16 #9. Blitzwolfer
    02:06 #8. Wildmutt
    02:50 #7. Four Arms
    03:38 #6. Alien X
    04:22 #5. Upgrade
    05:04 #4. Snareoh
    05:42 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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  •  3 months ago

    Watch a few seasons of Ben 10!
    Ben 10: The Complete Season 1
    Ben 10: The Complete Season 2
    Ben 10: The Complete Season 3

    • Memories/Snapchat
      Memories/Snapchat 5 days ago

      Ikr? Quran Where's Feedback?????? The definition of cool

    • Quran Mccoy
      Quran Mccoy Month ago

      Emmanuel Makoba No where's feedback

    • j8se a7iles
      j8se a7iles Month ago

      these were literally the most bull crap choices ever

  • Jayden Sawyer
    Jayden Sawyer 2 hours ago

    Make a update

  • Conner Patterson
    Conner Patterson 20 hours ago

    Bro big chill had to at least be an honorable mention

  • Mint Chan
    Mint Chan Day ago


    • Mint Chan
      Mint Chan 2 hours ago


    • Mint Chan
      Mint Chan 2 hours ago


    • Thekidofjudement Yeah
      Thekidofjudement Yeah 2 hours ago

      Mint Chan RATH MY MAN

  • Chamak Mandal
    Chamak Mandal Day ago

    chromastone is more powerful than four arms; wildmutt

  • Braydon Klassen
    Braydon Klassen Day ago


  • lizerd ninja
    lizerd ninja 2 days ago

    Wild mut and that speedy one was my dudes back in the day

  • The One Person
    The One Person 2 days ago

    Dude one flick from way big BITCH if you were planning going all around the world...... there'd you go ;)

  • Gaming warriors
    Gaming warriors 2 days ago

    the best aliens ever numbered in 1 as best and 2 is second best: 2:ghost freak 1:wildmutt

  • Anushrav Dutt Sharma

    Hey Alien X is no. 1 And way bigis no. 2 AND Diamond head is no. 3

  • Drawing Bee
    Drawing Bee 3 days ago

    Nostalgia... That's what this video is

  • vanessa moalosi
    vanessa moalosi 3 days ago

    guys ben 10 is boring

  • Chase XJ
    Chase XJ 3 days ago

    I liked Ditto. I don't know why but I loved the power of duplication.

  • William Wright
    William Wright 3 days ago

    Isn't Ben mummy originally from the first show in the space station episode

  • viliguns
    viliguns 4 days ago

    My faves were Diamondhead, Four-Arms, Heatblast, Uprgade, XLR8, Wildmutt

  • boss Ali
    boss Ali 4 days ago

    They should have put big chill

  • xxdragonloverxx potterhead

    My favourite Ben 10 forms were wildmutt, blitzwolf, XLR8 and ripjaw.

  • Jonathan Taylor
    Jonathan Taylor 4 days ago

    What about cannonball

  • Memories/Snapchat
    Memories/Snapchat 5 days ago

    Watchmojo got their facts straight.

  • Memories/Snapchat
    Memories/Snapchat 5 days ago

    Feedback better be on here. He's the definition of cool. And maybe Wildvine from Omniverse

  • Memories/Snapchat
    Memories/Snapchat 5 days ago

    Fourarms DOES have a simple name

  • [HY] Turkish History & Gaming Channel

    What? Your XLR8 is evolving!
    Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dununundunun
    Congratulations! Your XLR8 Evolved into Accelerate! Which is just XLR8 with eyes and mouth!

  • Gunnar Krause
    Gunnar Krause 6 days ago

    Upgrade my dudes

  • The Knight
    The Knight 6 days ago

    I love how most of them are og!

  • Sadia Hussein
    Sadia Hussein 6 days ago

    Imagine if there was an ultimate alien x

  • MysterJumper GD
    MysterJumper GD 6 days ago

    I clicked on this laughing. I realised "Top TEN Coolest Ben 10 Aliens" Like obviously, now he has like a million, but it's because those are all of the aliens he is supposed to have xD

  • Theglitchedtrainer Memes

    If I was able to transform into any of Ben ten's aliens it would be XLR8

  • Toony Spoon
    Toony Spoon 7 days ago

    no goop :(

  • Jester Abella
    Jester Abella 7 days ago

    What happens if there's a ultimate ALIEN X?

  • Fire Tiles YT
    Fire Tiles YT 7 days ago

    hey wheres water hazard and overflow???

  • Fire Tiles YT
    Fire Tiles YT 7 days ago


  • It's Ya mum
    It's Ya mum 7 days ago +1

    Does anyone else think four arms should of bean higher?

  • Black Goku
    Black Goku 7 days ago

    how tf is diamond head and xlr8 honorable mentions? niggas should be top 3

  • # DandoDan
    # DandoDan 7 days ago

    Where is cannonbolt?

  • Zelda Girl Александра

    Alien X is badass

  • puzzles you
    puzzles you 8 days ago

    Where spider monkey at tho

    SIDNEY GAMER HD # 8 days ago

    Its hero time. Ahhh love that phrase

  • Beasty the man
    Beasty the man 8 days ago

    U know what so dum about your video ben 10 only has 10 aliens

  • Funtime Bonnie
    Funtime Bonnie 8 days ago

    Guys I think wildmutt is just plain dope like if you agree and respond if you agree

  • Daniel Edwards
    Daniel Edwards 8 days ago

    What about Feedback??

  • MrVideoKid: Extra Channel

    Up-grade just made the car into optimus prime

  • Perrin Shoebridge
    Perrin Shoebridge 9 days ago

    fun fact: Way big is a reference to the Tokusatsu series, Ultraman

  • Charles The destroyer

    Xlr8 was the best one

  • Ethan Williams hodder

    My favorite are heat blast and upgrade

  • Zubair Sadiq
    Zubair Sadiq 9 days ago

    Upgrade is my fav alien

  • Adrian St5
    Adrian St5 10 days ago

    Wildmutt will always be my favorite

  • Searching Things.
    Searching Things. 10 days ago

    Are you kidding?
    Heatblast on no 1??!!!
    That's strange.

  • Gregg Hooley
    Gregg Hooley 10 days ago

    Is it me or is humongousor is not on the list

  • Lp6814
    Lp6814 10 days ago

    Hold up where the hell is humungousaur

  • Deon Nel
    Deon Nel 10 days ago

    I sat through thinking plesase let heatblast be atleast 5 or higer when they said 1 heatblast i screamed like a goat on steroids

  • amar naath
    amar naath 10 days ago

    Heat Blast no 1!

  • Mysterious Entity
    Mysterious Entity 10 days ago

    the only good thing in omniverse are its alien designs

  • Mysterious Entity
    Mysterious Entity 10 days ago


  • crazybird
    crazybird 10 days ago

    "The most powerful alien in Ben's arsenal."

    Ranked number 6

  • Jordan Joseph
    Jordan Joseph 10 days ago

    My fave is xlr8

  • diogo camaliao
    diogo camaliao 11 days ago

    Am i the only one who think the order was wrong and the ones in honorable mentions should have been in the list?

  • Nothing Here
    Nothing Here 11 days ago

    If this was a top *TEN* why didn't you put all of them

  • JolactusJ5x5
    JolactusJ5x5 11 days ago

    This show was great, wish it would come to Netflix...

  • Super Heroes and Cars
    Super Heroes and Cars 11 days ago

    Video is great. Please like my video and comment. 😀

  • AP Productions
    AP Productions 11 days ago


  • Brandon Tinder
    Brandon Tinder 12 days ago

    Ok so they didn't even mention Ultimate forms and where is Big Chill.

  • Clash Gaming
    Clash Gaming 12 days ago

    i thought #1 would be humungasaur

  • Speedy playz
    Speedy playz 13 days ago

    Way big is just like a remake of Dragon Ballz Goku vs frezia

  • jhonny bravo
    jhonny bravo 13 days ago

    I think toepick should be on this list, along with clockwork and humongasaur but great video and please more Ben 10

  • Raage Roar
    Raage Roar 13 days ago


  • Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo 13 days ago

    Spidermonkey is the best

  • Heinz Doofenshmirtz
    Heinz Doofenshmirtz 13 days ago

    3. Way Big2. SwampfireHonorable mentions: Diamondhead, XLR8 and Eye Guy1. Heatblast

  • Donovan Curb
    Donovan Curb 13 days ago

    Big Chill

  • Osman Calom
    Osman Calom 13 days ago

    Back then the transformations of Ben 10 was so scary now it's so childish.diamond head is my favorite

  • Airien Saimbang
    Airien Saimbang 14 days ago

    Transform and rollout!!!

  • Le' Artistique
    Le' Artistique 15 days ago

    Snare-oh? Before Big chill? Humungasour? Echo echo? SNARE-OH?!

  • Epic of ways
    Epic of ways 15 days ago

    Heat blast or four arms should be number 1 Edit: Oh one of them are

    DEADPOOLII 15 days ago

    Ah, no wrath in the honorable mentions

  • Zackary Jackson
    Zackary Jackson 15 days ago

    0:36 Nuuu I like ghost freak put him at top 5!

  • JakeBakedACake
    JakeBakedACake 15 days ago

    I kinda expected Humongousaur to be on the list, or at least an honorable mention

  • Crash Bandicoot
    Crash Bandicoot 16 days ago

    They should have done it the tv shows.

  • TheHeadbandBird8
    TheHeadbandBird8 16 days ago

    Toatally agree

  • Corentin Hambenne
    Corentin Hambenne 16 days ago

    way big isnt bens biggest alien that's ultimate way big (then again thats an ultimate)

    • Donovan Curb
      Donovan Curb 13 days ago

      Corentin Hambenne ,but why weren't the ultimate mentioned

  • OG Fearlessboss
    OG Fearlessboss 16 days ago

    What about spider monkey???

  • Thanakorn Tanampon
    Thanakorn Tanampon 16 days ago

    The honorable mentions should've been in the goddamn list

  • Christopher Powell
    Christopher Powell 16 days ago

    who else guess who number 1 was and got it right

  • Alex J Ravencroft III
    Alex J Ravencroft III 16 days ago


  • Ralph Adelphin
    Ralph Adelphin 16 days ago

    I have a omnitrix

  • James Olarte
    James Olarte 16 days ago

    4 arms is top 5 because it looks like a classic!

  • Mackenzie Berryman
    Mackenzie Berryman 16 days ago

    Four arms has four forearms

  • Minor Tatu
    Minor Tatu 16 days ago

    The episode that introduced Rath was hilarious though 😂 Why no put him?

  • Minor Tatu
    Minor Tatu 16 days ago

    If number one's Heatblast you should get off YouTube

  • Angel Calzada
    Angel Calzada 16 days ago

    I like wildmutt

  • RocketJ
    RocketJ 17 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks that nrg should have been in this top 10 😡

  • The Capuchin King
    The Capuchin King 17 days ago

    I prefer the Sick variation of Heatblast

    MOHD KAIF 17 days ago

    Alien x is number 1

  • kai board
    kai board 17 days ago

    Ten years and I just got the joke for xlr8

  • Nathan Herholz basketball is life

    Love Ben 10

  • Termination Nation
    Termination Nation 18 days ago

    Since the Omnitrix can copy all alien DNA, then... are Superman and Goku fair game? They ARE technically aliens, and combining their DNA would be cool as FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TheFirstGamer
    TheFirstGamer 18 days ago

    four arms was always my favorite and way big

  • Zach Riley
    Zach Riley 18 days ago

    Ultimate echo echo was super strong.

  • Janelle V
    Janelle V 19 days ago

    I just got XLR8s name..

  • Aum
    Aum 19 days ago

    Ghost freak definitely would have been higher for me.

  • Dylan Heiartz
    Dylan Heiartz 20 days ago

    Where is big chill

  • Brezzybear98
    Brezzybear98 20 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who doesn't like Kai? Why does she even have to marry Ben? Anyone else could have married Ben excepted Kai!

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