Cars 3 - Movie Review

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  • Murpeet
    Murpeet 9 hours ago

    Cars: Great movie, one of my pixar favorites
    Cars 2: Not as good as the 1st but still enjoyable to watch...

  • RCN2820
    RCN2820 12 hours ago

    I like it a lot. prob because of nostalgia. execution could be better, but I thought they got the concept good. Overall, very nostalgic movie.

  • ok then
    ok then 3 days ago

    Didn't like the movie cause half of the movie was just useless training for something pointless in the end

  • zlGalolz Player
    zlGalolz Player 3 days ago

    To enjoy Cars 3 you have to enjoy Cars 1

  • Jaffa Jephson
    Jaffa Jephson 11 days ago

    Cruz was fucking stupid

  • Agusloquillo
    Agusloquillo 14 days ago

    This was the film I was expecting Cars 2 to be, and I greatly enjoyed it. Sure, it isn't as entertaining as Toy Story 3 for instance, but it tackles themes that make sense for the story and aren't usually seen in kids' films. Plus, that ending is pretty wholesome and makes the plot come full circle with the whole teacher-student relationship.
    I wanted a Cars film that explored what it's like to be at the end of your career, and I got just that. I really liked it.

  • Robno No
    Robno No 16 days ago

    I actually really enjoyed it.

  • tony2000and10
    tony2000and10 17 days ago

    all this hype for incredibles 2 is probably why It's delayed...

  • Pam Weathers
    Pam Weathers 18 days ago

    I grew up with this series

  • supersonic30555 gaming

    i loved this movie

  • Nemz
    Nemz 21 day ago

    Cars 1: prty good
    Cars 2: I want to cut off my penis, fill it with dynamite and plug it up my asshole
    Cars 3: I want to cut off my penis

  • Nemz
    Nemz 21 day ago

    Pixar is so shit at naming things

  • Petter Γ–stling
    Petter Γ–stling 22 days ago

    I feel like they could have made this movie the sequel.

  • MySweetCreationz
    MySweetCreationz 23 days ago +1

    I feel like I'm literally the only person out there who liked all 3 of the cars movies.... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • MyName is Jeff
    MyName is Jeff 23 days ago +1

    Forgotten in T minus 1 day actually means it's ok

  • Jake Ross
    Jake Ross 24 days ago

    I've seen only two cars films, the second one was the only bad one,i hope cars 3 is fun to watch i have not seen a good cars movie since the first

  • Miguel Silva
    Miguel Silva 25 days ago

    I liked it. Not fabulous but ok. Now what i would really want is a movie about Monkey Island.

  • nick colby
    nick colby 25 days ago

    I liked all the movies, and you left out how they had a tribute to Paul Newman(Doc) in 3. And Idk why so many people hated 2, I enjoyed it.

  • A.L.P Artistry
    A.L.P Artistry 26 days ago

    Here's how I would put it:
    Cars (2006) - 9/10 Excellent (and very underrated)
    Cars 2 (2011) - 4/10 Poor
    Cars 3 (2017) - 7/10 Good

  • SH5NK
    SH5NK Month ago

    whats up with everyone hating on the cars three fans i really liked the movie but i don't see a reason why they need to force it on us

  • Az Plasma
    Az Plasma Month ago

    Screw you. Incredibles suck dick. Cars is way better.

  • Connor McSaviour
    Connor McSaviour Month ago

    I like cars 1 and 3, hate cars 2

  • stacy nally
    stacy nally Month ago

    I thought cars 3 was really good. I think this should of been cars 2

  • Matthew Maldonado
    Matthew Maldonado Month ago

    He didn't even review the movie

  • Michael Rivera
    Michael Rivera Month ago

    completely hit and miss plot!!...they woulda had a great movie if mcqueen finished the race!..cruz should have gotten a short film on netflix!!

  • RileighLikes Stuff
    RileighLikes Stuff Month ago

    They moved Toy Story 4 to 2019 for the Incredibles 2 (understandable) and ANOTHER CARS MOVIE I never really liked Cars. I feel it gets too much credit and that there are better Pixar movies

  • Wesley I'oeuille
    Wesley I'oeuille Month ago +1

    cars 1 is still the best

    • fuknwastd
      fuknwastd Month ago

      Wesley I'oeuille JOHN CEEEEEEENA! XD

  • Icelanticore
    Icelanticore Month ago

    2:38 I'm gOiNg tO fOrGet AboUt tHiS moVIe In T-miNuS OnE DaY. *Mcqueen dies

  • JustinsWorld4U
    JustinsWorld4U Month ago

    Cars is my fav movie, I'm sure I'm not the only one bug cars 1 in my opinion is the best pixar movie ever, 2 was a let down I have to sa that, today I'm seing 3 and I HOPE not to be dissapointed....

  • jourdan mcrae
    jourdan mcrae Month ago

    Hopefully we'll get a 4th adaption, Hudsons upcoming? Then a final 5th adaption on Mcqueens apprentice

  • sarah hayes
    sarah hayes Month ago

    this is the only movie I have ever walked out on!

  • Raiskader
    Raiskader Month ago

    This movie is just a big Deus ex machina with the wrong car winning at the end, gg to the wrong pixar team who made this movie, this is cars, not Vice Versa, and you failed hard.

  • Need4Gaming 1577
    Need4Gaming 1577 Month ago +2

    I just think people are way to over critical. All 3 of them are good movies. In the second one they went for something different. What's wrong with that? Honestly, I liked cars 2.

  • TheCantHole
    TheCantHole Month ago

    My parents house that they're trying to sell is depreciated because the floors are dented from me dropping toy lightning McQueens when I was about 4

  • Karim Banks
    Karim Banks Month ago

    Car 1 was gucci

    JOHN BOKO SHOW Month ago +1

    I have a feeling Jeremy that John Lasseter (Creator and director of Cars 1 and 2 ) directed the first and second half of Cars 3 and then the third half A.K.A the climax it was directed by Brian Fee.

    JOHN BOKO SHOW Month ago +1

    Jeremy: A sequel no one was asking for after Cars 2.
    Me: I ask for it because I didn't hate Cars 2 so much I think it's ok but not as good as the first or better than any other Disney-Pixar film out there for kids to watch and I'm glad they finish this franchise with a third film so they could move on to do better movies. ( Incredibles 2 coming in 2019 don't worry )

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez Month ago

    cars 3 was good not great, I knew I was watching scenes from rocky lol, yellow girl cars voice was annoying.

  • MyThoughtsBelow
    MyThoughtsBelow Month ago

    Remember the "spies"? Uh

  • Metalhead
    Metalhead Month ago


  • Mxdison
    Mxdison Month ago

    I loved Cars 3, it made me love the entire Cars franchise a lot. I really don't see why other people don't like it. Can anyone explain?

  • JackTVFilms
    JackTVFilms Month ago

    I heard a little kid ask his mum to go home 3 quarters through the movie

  • SonicHD7
    SonicHD7 Month ago +2

    Cars 3 wasn't even made for kids, or new kids...It was made for the fans that grew up with the originals. Besides, It's been over 10 years at this point. Also, isn't a sequel supposed to cater to the old audience? The developers even stated that The Cars franchise was on it's way out, so though everyone is entitled to their own opinion, It doesn't protect your opinion from being biased. And, it is.

    As a Sonic fan that is used to seeing a franchise labeled as terrible because of VERY FEW mistakes, (Sonic 06/boom) (Cars 2), it's just a bandwagon. Popular belief to join the crowd&become accepted, while loosing your identity as an individual in the process. This kind of thinking is pathetic.

  • Adam Osborn
    Adam Osborn Month ago

    juuuuummmannnnjjjiii 2 trailer revvvv!!!

  • Trevor Owens
    Trevor Owens Month ago

    End of Cars 3 was worth it to me

  • Ivonne Cuenca
    Ivonne Cuenca Month ago

    I enjoyed cars and cars 3 but cars 2 was a let down

  • Noop Nup
    Noop Nup Month ago

    For me, I grew up watching cars. I know to most people the movie will always be just that- a movie about cars. But the movie to me is my favorite movie of all time. I learned to love the atmosphere around the movie and the ideas behind it of loving to race. McQueen learned to leave behind the fame and money that would come out of winning and instead learned to love racing for what it is. He was able to do that and go on with his career with the town he learned to love and the people within-especially Doc Hudson. For the people who love the movie as much as I do, cars three is the sequel that we've always wanted. The feeling is so authentic it brings tears to my eyes. The movie is about McQueen realizing that his career is ending very soon and he fights himself mentally because he realizes he's shifting out of a beloved time in his life and career. He no longer has doc Hudson or the highest point of his career anymore. So instead of feeling butt hurt, he learns that doc kept going through his career by doing something he loved, which is teaching a rookie with the number 95. McQueen learns to do the same and give a new rookie the chance to have the amazing experience he has. It's the best and smoothest transition I've ever seen in an animated transition to the next movie. This movie brought so many years for me because it honored and respected the movie the way cars 2 should have. Bringing back old scenes and characters were the tear jerker moments and I can not love a movie any more than right now. So thanks to the directors of this movie for honoring what cars is

  • Maverick56
    Maverick56 Month ago

    So, Jeremy as a long term fan of your reviews...I wanna ask because this is the first time I find myself in disagreement with you.

    What were the multiple plots of this movie? If there were multiple plots, then why was the second half the better half, resulting in the wrap up of said many plots? And why does it seem you are less interested in reviewing this movie and more interested in getting upset over the existence of Cars 2 and the lack of Incredibles 2?

    I normally wouldn't care...but I love you and your work too much not to say something.

  • Ishaan Gaur
    Ishaan Gaur Month ago

    cars 1 and 3 are actually great films. Cars 2, not so much

  • Jonathon Chavez
    Jonathon Chavez Month ago

    cars 2 was actually really good!

  • ririenko
    ririenko Month ago

    can they just hurry up and give us Incredibles 2!!!! That is what we want since Incredibles came out yet we are stuck here waiting and getting sequels of other movies that aren't needed

  • Mighty Kamina
    Mighty Kamina Month ago

    I haven't seen any of the Cars movies. I would like to see an Incredibles sequel (Come on, Pixar. Listen to fans' demands) I also liked A Bug's Life, so I wouldn't mind a sequel to that. Name it "Another Bug's Life" or something.

  • Danolo Callao
    Danolo Callao Month ago

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  • SimonDP
    SimonDP Month ago

    The only reason Cars movies get made is because of $$$ from toys

  • oshsiidsda
    oshsiidsda Month ago

    Not a fan of the cars movies

  • betrix3000
    betrix3000 Month ago

    cars tryna be like fast n furious...

  • Justin hern
    Justin hern Month ago

    We do need more incredibles

  • FootInYourFaceMovies

    30 second unskippable ad for furious 7. This is unacceptable

  • AlbertWesker203
    AlbertWesker203 Month ago

    I didn't mind the cars trilogy.

  • Jonny Cat
    Jonny Cat Month ago

    I don't get why these movies keep getting made. Totally not a fan and never seen any of these films and don't care to! To kiddie for me plus I wouldn't be entertained.

  • Kapil Bhardwaj
    Kapil Bhardwaj Month ago

    Reviewer sounds gay.

  • Nature Boy
    Nature Boy Month ago

    my son was pissed after watching this... He literally told me girls have everything... he's 10.

  • Johnson Rayes
    Johnson Rayes Month ago

    There making incredibles 2

  • Michael David
    Michael David Month ago

    Honestly yeah they should have just stopped with cars 1. It was good but wasn't great. And then 2, I was just like why? Just stop. It's sort of like the taken movies lol.

  • Mario Ballestero
    Mario Ballestero Month ago

    I loved this movie

  • Andrea Smeelie
    Andrea Smeelie Month ago

    I really didn't like the review that Jeremy did for this movie. I thought I was coming in and was going to see him praising it on how much better it is than Cars 2 (Don't hate it, but still) I really don't understand why he found a lot of it boring it all seemed pretty good to me and my brother when I saw it a couple days ago. I felt like it had a pretty good storyline and a very good happy ending. I'm shocked that Jeremy perceived it like this honestly. Normally, I see a movie and then see Jeremy's review and I agree with him, but here, I don't agree.

  • Roxmarn
    Roxmarn Month ago

    Cars 3 was amazing

  • SniperShot295
    SniperShot295 Month ago

    i enjoyed cars 1 and cars 3 but cars 2 I'd much rather watch my dog take a shit then realize i have to clean it up then to watch that movie

  • FLINT Gaming
    FLINT Gaming Month ago

    my favorite part was actually the first part, it was like Cars 1

  • FLINT Gaming
    FLINT Gaming Month ago

    Cars 3 is my favorite movie!

  • MyName is Jeff
    MyName is Jeff Month ago +1

    Will everyone stop saying that Cars films are for merchandising. All u retards base your claims on rumors because of ur cynical heads. John lasseter himself denied making Cars films only to sell toys. Not every Pixar film is a flawless masterpiece

    • Noop Nup
      Noop Nup Month ago

      MyName is Jeff the idea behind cars was not for it to be the source of money, but to teach a lesson. And there were many within the movie.

  • BeastUpp
    BeastUpp Month ago

    Its a Pixar movie, it has to be good

  • Justin Tyler
    Justin Tyler Month ago

    In theaters now!

    Cars 3...better than Cars 2!!!!!!

  • DarthVader21
    DarthVader21 Month ago

    Cars 1 was good
    Cars 2 sucked

  • Max the Scarecrow
    Max the Scarecrow Month ago

    I am calling it now, Cars movies are sequels to Maximum Overdrive.

  • neosnipe
    neosnipe Month ago

    I didn't even like the 1st one

  • intL Bloodshot
    intL Bloodshot Month ago

    I loved the first one

  • Blanca Servin
    Blanca Servin Month ago

    i saw this πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„

  • MimiMadness94
    MimiMadness94 Month ago

    My nephew LOVED this movie. I hated it. It really let me down. I wanted a triumphant win for lightning and it never came.

  • Carlos Izcoa
    Carlos Izcoa Month ago

    This movie had too many plots? It had like, one. Maybe one and a half.

  • Max Dmytriyev
    Max Dmytriyev Month ago +1

    Bbbut the kids who watched the 1st cars are older, I liked the story. There were lessons to be learned too

  • Wesley Traore
    Wesley Traore Month ago

    again fuck you you selfish mother fucker.

  • alex cruz
    alex cruz Month ago

    What? ign gave it a 9.5

    • B R
      B R Month ago

      alex cruz They gave it a 7.8

  • Roman Gerard
    Roman Gerard Month ago

    you're so smart bro. you should write a screenplay yourself

  • Squire Whitney
    Squire Whitney Month ago

    Cars 1 was amazing, Cars 2 was bad, Cars 3 was solid enough

  • RikkTheGaijin
    RikkTheGaijin Month ago

    The first Cars is my 5yo son's absolute favorite movie, which means I had to watch it about 100000000 times. We watched it so many times, the DVD stopped playing properly. But It's a good movie. WAY better than Cars 2, that wasn't very good, with all that spy crap. I look forward to see Cars 3, I'm sure my son will love it, and probably I will too.

  • InvaderRChris
    InvaderRChris Month ago

    My rankings:

    Cars 1 = 8/10
    Cars 2 = 4/10
    Cars 3 = TBD (From what I hear it's an improvement over Cars 2)

  • Nick Pa
    Nick Pa Month ago

    Well I haven't seen the third one yet but I am pretty sure I liked the second one enough in order to want a third one

  • Jocelyn Pace
    Jocelyn Pace Month ago

    I've hated Cars since I saw the first one in elementary school. Never found them funny

  • Mr. Mackery
    Mr. Mackery Month ago

    I feel like no critic or audience actually enjoyed this movie, and have enjoyed movies, ( I won't say any), that don't deserve to be highly acclaimed, ha ha Sing ha ha Transformers: The Last Knight ha ha The Boss Baby.

    • Mr. Mackery
      Mr. Mackery Month ago

      Whether by scores or how much money they make, or even both.

  • Elseworld Media
    Elseworld Media Month ago

    So that's it huh? We some kinda....Cars 3?

  • GDS Studios
    GDS Studios Month ago

    My main problem with this movie is that it kept referencing back to things that came earlier, some big plot points like (spoiler) Lightning becoming a crew chief like Doc (end spoiler), or even small stuff like the "I am a fluffy cloud." It works well at first, but they kept using that same technique over and over, to the point where it started getting sloppy.
    Also, there was the crash that all the trailers were focusing on and hyping up, when it actually had no purpose in the movie and could have been cut out without making a single difference.

  • Near theEdge
    Near theEdge Month ago

    Incredibles came out in 2004 and we've had three cars movies and two spin off movies (Planes). ITS BEEN 12 FREAKING YEARS IVE BEEN WAITING FOR INCREDIBLES 2!

  • AliceDorthy
    AliceDorthy Month ago

    I liked cars 3. I saw it and there were a bunch of kids in the theater and they were super excited about. Yes they talked during the film, but it was about the film. It was a nice experience and I left the theater feeling very happy. Cars isn't a super mind blowing franchise, but for what it is i really enjoyed it.

  • Smiley Dude
    Smiley Dude Month ago

    I got a Toyota ad

  • Grizzly4
    Grizzly4 Month ago

    Are you gonna review rough night?

  • Landon Bangerter
    Landon Bangerter Month ago

    Good time, no alcohol required.

  • SenpaiDentai
    SenpaiDentai Month ago

    Cars 3 was like a "win win" remember on the first movie he wanted to be a part of Dinoco so then he became a Crew Chief of Dinoco and Cruz got to be a real racer :0

  • Nate Vids
    Nate Vids Month ago +1

    Am i the ONLY ONE who loved Cars 2

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