Kid Rock - Tennessee Mountain Top [Lyrics]

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  • Lola May
    Lola May 14 hours ago

    LoveLoveLove💘Sweet Sugar #SweetSugar 👍🎸😎

  • Megan March
    Megan March 14 hours ago

    if you learn.

  • Megan March
    Megan March 14 hours ago

    if YOU dont you need to bc YOU alone if DO CAN pretty much save worlds souls.

  • Megan March
    Megan March 14 hours ago

    last verse of bible billy b. YOU get the biggest significance in it. WHAT word in it is key?? i KNOW

  • Jeff Condo
    Jeff Condo 16 hours ago

    How long has this been out and I only just found it. Rock on Kid

  • Rose Wright
    Rose Wright 21 hour ago

    Love it, Kid Rock never dissapoints

  • Duncan D McGrath

    Yep......I like it .

  • terese forward
    terese forward Day ago

    RUN BOB RUN !!!!!!



  • Alan Bailey
    Alan Bailey Day ago

    He just get. Better Each. Album. Tennessee!!!!!!!

  • Wendy Palmer
    Wendy Palmer Day ago

    YOU are Loved in Tennessee! Keep it rockin ...Much Love to you from the Volunteer State!

  • Joe Pastula
    Joe Pastula Day ago

    love me some kid Rock baby

  • silva J
    silva J Day ago +1

    I love kid rock I've been listening to him since I was four years old now I'm 17 he just keeps getting better kid rock you are the best there is and will ever be

  • RL Racing Garage
    RL Racing Garage Day ago +1

    This song reminds me of my stepdad!!!♡

  • robert shelton
    robert shelton 2 days ago

    Sounds like nickleback rockstar

  • Jan Wizzarak
    Jan Wizzarak 2 days ago

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  • Pumperella
    Pumperella 2 days ago

    Music is good 👍. Video not 👎

  • A. H.
    A. H. 2 days ago

    Same as nickelback

  • Willie B
    Willie B 2 days ago

    I love the fact kidrock is still keeping it real truly last of a dying breed keep it up

  • kentuckymae
    kentuckymae 2 days ago

    Love it !!!

  • Greg Elliott
    Greg Elliott 2 days ago

    Kid Rock 4 PRESIDENT!!

  • Richard Hays
    Richard Hays 2 days ago

    Calafornia here i come

  • James Hubisz
    James Hubisz 3 days ago

    Why does it sound like a country version of Rockstar by Nickelback??

    • cosme damiao
      cosme damiao 2 days ago

      This looks like so much with the NB song!

  • Outdoors with The valley fellars

    by god ye

  • All about Darts
    All about Darts 3 days ago

    Preacher man, prayin' for peace, but still packing a gun... 👍👍👍

  • Lisa Johnson
    Lisa Johnson 3 days ago

    Kid Rock for Senate and more rock

    POLARISMAN 1 3 days ago

    Tim montana and you did an awesome job writing this!

  • Mathew Pawluk
    Mathew Pawluk 3 days ago


  • Rhonda Painter
    Rhonda Painter 3 days ago

    Hey Skinner you're the one wasting time quit to quit texting and getting a hold of me get a f****** life

  • Jake Prestwood
    Jake Prestwood 3 days ago

    ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 all colors and creeds can get down to this

  • lee atwell
    lee atwell 3 days ago

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  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 3 days ago

    I love Kid.

  • h2oboater
    h2oboater 3 days ago

    Just Bloody Awesome !!
    👍 👍 👍 👍 👍


  • Miranda K.
    Miranda K. 3 days ago

    I love all of Kid Rocks songs I literally can't pick which one is my favorite.So all I'm gonna say is everyone one is my favorite.

  • Trey Lynn
    Trey Lynn 3 days ago

    If you people don't like kid rock then don't listen I come up with old school rock you just jealous that this Detroit guy has it all get over y pup yourselves tlf

  • Brent C
    Brent C 4 days ago

    Senator Kid Rock rules!

  • Kelly Swanty
    Kelly Swanty 4 days ago

    Kid Rock PLEASE keep it going you have a platform to speak for a lot of us who don't.

  • John Bollinger
    John Bollinger 4 days ago

    I love it that Kid Rock loves Tn

  • Cyndi Hulbert-Nichols

    I love this man!!! Omgosh what I cld and WLD do to him in, oh, give me 30 min alone w/him, PLEASE:):):)

  • John DeF
    John DeF 4 days ago

    Wow does this suuuuuuuuck! Horrible. As bad as the worst of Damn Yankees. Maybe you should try politics cause this shit is laughable. And somewhere a gopflake is shedding a tear....

  • John DeF
    John DeF 4 days ago

    From the snowflake who got his ass beat by Tommy Lee: kid cock. More corny pseudo- country crap 💩.

  • John Vessenmeyer
    John Vessenmeyer 4 days ago +1

    Kid never fails to rock the fuck out.

  • larry axelson
    larry axelson 4 days ago

    Awesome !

  • eerereps
    eerereps 4 days ago +1

    who was the engineer in this record?

  • Mike Garland
    Mike Garland 4 days ago

    fuck yeaa kid this is yet another badass song from the American Badass!

  • Megan March
    Megan March 4 days ago

    if ya doing karokee in a double wide and you aiming be home better NOT forget sing AMAZING grace till sun start shining. .. reverse THE fallen Times

  • Matt V
    Matt V 4 days ago

    KR for prez. Straight outta The Hand Of The Good Lord! Wolverines!

  • Вера Калинина

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  • Total Eclipse
    Total Eclipse 4 days ago

    Great single !

  • External power
    External power 4 days ago

    Pff. Lol.

  • oilburner389 thunder
    oilburner389 thunder 4 days ago +1

    Tennessee baby...home sweet home...

  • Kat TheFanEnthusiast

    "I turned up the radio and heard a bunch of organ that's got no soul" XD...

  • Angie Score
    Angie Score 4 days ago

    Awesome! My next door neighbor TN; I love the mtns of TN I live in the mtns of n Cakalacky

  • ThunderSi
    ThunderSi 4 days ago +1

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  • Kraze Products
    Kraze Products 4 days ago

    The ANTIFA chimps and the snowflake bitches are fucking hilarious! They supposedly despise future President Ritchie, (yeah... watch and see), but they sure lurk and troll on his youtube videos. Bunch of leftie safe-space whining little cunts.

  • Bill Sargent
    Bill Sargent 4 days ago

    Good One!

  • Joseph Wilson
    Joseph Wilson 4 days ago

    This song has so much potential to be a great video. I have some ideas if you need some. I'm on a Tennessee Mountain top now after going through my own California hell... lol

  • Laura O.
    Laura O. 4 days ago

    Great song!! 🍺🎵😎

  • John Galt
    John Galt 5 days ago

    Great Melody, but the refrain? "Fall in Love with an Angel, you'll end up in California" I don't get it, can someone explain it to my hick ass.

  • Lynyrd40
    Lynyrd40 5 days ago

    Heard him do this acoustically on The Big Interview with Dan Rather, came together quite nicely with the full band! Sounds great, another awesome Kid Rock tune!

  • Pam Abbey
    Pam Abbey 5 days ago

    love it!!!

  • thirdeyeblind405
    thirdeyeblind405 5 days ago

    I like to have sex with Eskimos

  • GasSubWild
    GasSubWild 5 days ago


    NICO FLOSS 5 days ago

    Die slow you fuckin redneck piece of shit cousin fucker

  • Hulyuh MadaKant
    Hulyuh MadaKant 5 days ago

    redneck anthem yo

  • Tom Fisher
    Tom Fisher 5 days ago

    For all of you people calling him a Yankee I remember back in 2005 he was at the Stanley Cup games in Raleigh when The hurricanes won it all. Out of all the country music stars and famous people from that area he was the only one who came rooting for the hurricanes... that makes him a southern boy in my book.

  • Ruth March
    Ruth March 5 days ago

    Love it!!!

  • superextremelaser
    superextremelaser 5 days ago

    please dont run for office

  • Angel Rose
    Angel Rose 5 days ago

    Voting for him in Mich. can't wait to see u in office! God bless and good luck!🍀🌷❤️🌎

  • sixtykillers
    sixtykillers 5 days ago

    Nice to see they're releasing his music after his death

  • readallen
    readallen 5 days ago +1

    Worst music video ever. Its just a commerical for "Napoleon Dynamite's Taxidermy Services"

    • Justin Williams
      Justin Williams 3 hours ago

      hay dume ass. kid rock is the best singer ever.

  • jose montes
    jose montes 5 days ago


  • esmokebaby
    esmokebaby 5 days ago

    when the new alblum drop

  • Fook Nagga
    Fook Nagga 5 days ago +1

    Sounds like rockstar by nickleback

    • Sean Gillooley
      Sean Gillooley 5 hours ago

      Sounds like country era Rolling Stones meets Black Crowes ( the organ) written by Tim Montana so def sounds nothing like Nickleback.

  • Carmel Apple Blossom

    Kid rock sounds like he has a dildo down his throat

  • Soren Leaver
    Soren Leaver 5 days ago

    Glad it had subtitles. Would never been able to follow the song's complicated message...

  • erik aaron
    erik aaron 5 days ago +1

    I'm from Tennesse and we don't want you attempting to sing about our state. And please, don't embarrass this country by running for a political seat. Just go away. #MALTGA = Make Assholes Like Trump Go Away

    • erik aaron
      erik aaron 5 hours ago

      I think it's pretty obvious I'm not a fan. But, I wouldn't expect a fan of his music to be able to figure that out. Enjoy your Skid Mark music.

    • Sean Gillooley
      Sean Gillooley 5 hours ago

      Sings bout Tennessee plenty where you been. I mean I Am, Blue Jeans And A Rosary,Other Side Of Me,Midnight Train To Memphis,Rock N Roll Jesus etc

  • Lisa Gooch
    Lisa Gooch 5 days ago

    Love it!

  • Kushy Smokes
    Kushy Smokes 5 days ago +1

    💯👊🔉🍻🚬💯....Ku$h¥ iN ThiZz MuDDaFuKKa ...✌

  • Great White7
    Great White7 5 days ago

    I got so caught up buying crypto that I forgot to listen to this song until now. Was busy buying cheap alt coins but now 3 days later, I finally get around to it. Good song, worth the wait.

  • Amy Kruger
    Amy Kruger 5 days ago

    Love it

  • Raymond Conroy
    Raymond Conroy 5 days ago

    Keep Rocking Kid! Been listen to you since my Daddio threw the New Cocky CD in the radio 16 years ago, Keep on Keepin on!

  • Rhonda Painter
    Rhonda Painter 5 days ago

    Hey Skinner I can't help it that I like Kid Rock he rocks he's got good music if you don't like that that's not my problem that's yours you have you have the choice you can move your fingers you could turn the station it's not that difficult you don't like it don't listen everybody has a right

  • Lori Mahlstede
    Lori Mahlstede 5 days ago


  • Max Fidyk
    Max Fidyk 5 days ago

    Hey, hey, I wanna be a rockstar

  • gtarman62
    gtarman62 6 days ago

    He Kid , Sorry I love you man but it sounds alot like Rock star from nickle back. Hope to hear more from you soon. I play guitar and have some cool ideas and would love to jam with you.

  • David Pickering
    David Pickering 6 days ago +1

    Stupid lyrics

    • Sean Gillooley
      Sean Gillooley 5 hours ago

      He didnt write it Tim Montana a local nashville country artist did.

  • Dennis 2956
    Dennis 2956 6 days ago

    This is a bad ass song, makes me PROUD to be born and raised in the Tennessee mountains here in Bristol. GOD and give those Dems hell in Michigan

  • Jean Mitchell
    Jean Mitchell 6 days ago +1

    Love this😊

  • Chris Sass
    Chris Sass 6 days ago +1

    Sweet knuckle-dragging christ this is awful. Kid Rock is like a caricature of a musician who was created for the sole purpose of pandering to white trash... which he's excelling at.

  • bro guy
    bro guy 6 days ago +1

    this crackhead thinks he's gonna be a senator bawahahaa

    • Justin Williams
      Justin Williams 3 hours ago

      he is very very popular ,come on he is kid rock so getting the most votes want be a problem

  • michael kellly
    michael kellly 6 days ago +1

    sounds like nickleback...

  • jon sparrow
    jon sparrow 6 days ago

    I like it

  • Will Lean
    Will Lean 6 days ago


  • DakotahCree Bison
    DakotahCree Bison 6 days ago +1

    Racist bastard! Profited off black culture and now is showing his true racist colors. Foh trash

    • Justin Williams
      Justin Williams 3 hours ago

      DakotahCree Bison he ant racist he has a half black son

    IVIUT3D 6 days ago

    Dude ... You from Detroit ...

  • Illtempo 1980
    Illtempo 1980 6 days ago +1

    Wtf? This song is terrible

  • Ann Bertoli
    Ann Bertoli 6 days ago

    Tennessee Born Tennessee Pride Peace

  • deadhand23
    deadhand23 6 days ago +1

    White people will make fun of rap but listen to this trash 😂

    • Justin Williams
      Justin Williams 3 hours ago

      the best rapper of all time. and stands up for white people like me. I am a person who fly's a rebel flag in my yard

  • Merl Ball
    Merl Ball 6 days ago +1

    Heck yeah! Nice. Kid Rock is one of those few musicians who actually gets better with age. Best new song I've heard in almost a decade.