Kids Who Were Raised By Animals

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  • MC Creeper 24 7 YT
    MC Creeper 24 7 YT 1 hour ago

    I wish I was raised by dogs other than cats

  • Axl H.
    Axl H. 16 hours ago

    Raised by party animals

  • Brandon Zuniga
    Brandon Zuniga 17 hours ago

    Here in America, you adopt dog, but in Russia, dog adopts YOU!

    HATCH MAN 17 hours ago

    This is the craziest shit I've heard in a while

  • Chuckles Too
    Chuckles Too 1 day ago

    Find The Difference

  • Suha Dheerey
    Suha Dheerey 2 days ago

    great what is going to be next alians raising human

  • ぎゃらみら gm
    ぎゃらみら gm 2 days ago

    I was raised by a one year old older than me cat

  • Kishmaybakk
    Kishmaybakk 2 days ago


  • pearl yousa
    pearl yousa 2 days ago

    😢😢😭😕 its sad 😭 I feel bad 😔

  • unknown name
    unknown name 3 days ago

    2:50 I hope u didn't hurt him

  • Christian Bacchus
    Christian Bacchus 3 days ago

    I'm raised by laptops and I phones

  • xXNickyPlayzXx Wolfgirl14

    damit I wish I was raised by Wolves Couse I LOVE WOLVES or imagine if u were raised by UNICORNS

  • Michael Awuol
    Michael Awuol 4 days ago

    you mean leaperds

  • Michael Awuol
    Michael Awuol 4 days ago

    I'm raised by wolf's

  • Zyrah Brinker
    Zyrah Brinker 4 days ago

    I think it's amazing enough but you don't know if they're alive or not because we don't know what time it was then or when they did all this so I'm guessing that their dad right now cuz I'm only 8 and I'm a preteen

  • Kasey Garris
    Kasey Garris 5 days ago

    i subscribed

  • Aubrey Mckim
    Aubrey Mckim 5 days ago

    is this really

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 5 days ago

    i'm raised by bleach

  • Logan for life
    Logan for life 7 days ago

    @therichest in 3:02 was my country it cambodia

  • Oneeka Singh
    Oneeka Singh 8 days ago


  • Kozmos One
    Kozmos One 8 days ago


  • Hilda And Ronaldo
    Hilda And Ronaldo 9 days ago

    Well they are so lucky rased by wovels

  • K A R V E Ymsp
    K A R V E Ymsp 10 days ago

    the richest was raised by animals

  • Kevin Hoyle
    Kevin Hoyle 10 days ago

    Every human is raised by an animal because humans are animals

  • Aliza Chillz
    Aliza Chillz 10 days ago

    i am glad she escaped in 2010 so she could live a happy life

  • manstul abratmx
    manstul abratmx 10 days ago

    I live in NY among animals

  • kiwi crusader
    kiwi crusader 10 days ago

    notice most of these were women in none american, shame everyone but murica is 3rd world

  • Alice B
    Alice B 11 days ago

    I'm raised by Cats and aliens.

  • Mahra Alkaabi
    Mahra Alkaabi 11 days ago

    i dont know how i got here actually but after watching bunch of weird animal videos, im starting to hate all the animals, and i WILL NEVER EVER GET A PET! CAUSE THEY MAY EAT ME :)

  • Koolcat. io
    Koolcat. io 13 days ago

    dose being raised by memes count

  • Andrea Garibay
    Andrea Garibay 13 days ago

    I want to be raised by wolfs they're my fav animals

  • olivia butler
    olivia butler 13 days ago

    I don't think this is real

  • lps and friends
    lps and friends 14 days ago


  • Paige Thomson
    Paige Thomson 15 days ago

    not true

  • Sophie Smiles
    Sophie Smiles 15 days ago

    I'm raised by my phone

  • Miss Crystal
    Miss Crystal 15 days ago

    what's next? raised by humans?
    oh wait..

  • Lps Mangle Productions

    I wish I was raised by wolves 🐺 cause I love him🖤🐺

  • NeverMorePlays
    NeverMorePlays 16 days ago

    i wanna be raised by huskies or wolfs

  • kingSize
    kingSize 17 days ago

    I was raised by a bed and tvs

  • Basketball_wagon2017

    Real fact!!!!! The ball brothers were raised by goats!!!!!! Lavar Ball

  • Silly Porkbelly
    Silly Porkbelly 17 days ago

    Those are weird stories that you told us

  • mary morrison
    mary morrison 19 days ago

    I know a girl who was raised by animals for two yewrs

  • Pie Face
    Pie Face 19 days ago

    I've been raised by the best animal....


  • Hope Hall
    Hope Hall 20 days ago

    i would love to be with animals for some of my life... ive never had a pet so that would be meh dream XD

  • Maria Barrios
    Maria Barrios 21 day ago

    is kids really raised by animals for real?? this is true or no and how the richest do you know this too?????? ;-;

  • Tiffiny Lytle
    Tiffiny Lytle 21 day ago

    Studied. STUDIED?! God, really. LEAVE THEM

  • Aniff Dookhun
    Aniff Dookhun 21 day ago

    I been raised by dragon

  • Regina Kollor
    Regina Kollor 21 day ago

    So cool

  • cυтє σякα
    cυтє σякα 22 days ago

    This is why I love animals 😊 They can take care of humans and communicate with them 😊😊

  • Avery Flatt
    Avery Flatt 22 days ago

    Poor children? They should be left with the species they know. I was happy when the girl escaped back into the jungle and when the boy escaped back to the wolves! 🐺 If they don't know humanity, let them stay with what they do know. Why force them back to where they originated? And most of these kids don't trust humans anymore.

  • ShadowPlayer135 SP135

    What about Romulus and Remus they were raised by wolves

  • Syrupwaffles1
    Syrupwaffles1 22 days ago

    They should let the children stay. If it's family to them, let them be.

  • OverGrower 04
    OverGrower 04 24 days ago

    who is raised by siri?

  • underfell sans,undertale sans, and ink sans fan


  • Casey Gallien
    Casey Gallien 25 days ago

    I am an animal

  • Waseem Durrani
    Waseem Durrani 26 days ago

    moogly was raised by wolves

  • DashingWolf YT
    DashingWolf YT 27 days ago

    And here I am raised by WiFi, Gadgets, etc.

  • Lucia Huang
    Lucia Huang 27 days ago

    I find this so fascinating omfg

  • Malaysia Maxfield
    Malaysia Maxfield 28 days ago

    that is dum an this video

  • Malaysia Maxfield
    Malaysia Maxfield 28 days ago


  • Johan Arango
    Johan Arango 28 days ago

    i am going to bogata today

  • Krishna maniar
    Krishna maniar 29 days ago

    I was raised by a species named homo sapeins


    I'm proud that I'm from Buenaventura, Colombia!

  • Josh Rodriguez
    Josh Rodriguez 1 month ago

    I was raised by the legend called internet

  • wendy liu
    wendy liu 1 month ago


  • nature lover forever and ever

    I want to be raised bye lions

  • Seranky
    Seranky 1 month ago

    There was no reason to take them away from the animals, shoot if i could i'd live with any animal any day than spend more time in this shitty world

  • サンドリン悦子

    Omg is it just me or is this video making you jealous seriously I wish I was raised by monkey

  • Miss Dino
    Miss Dino 1 month ago

    I think its so sad :'(

  • Christa Rose
    Christa Rose 1 month ago


  • donna may
    donna may 1 month ago

    i feel so sad for them iwish they wacth them more so thay do not go but it is good animals did that

  • Kamara Ostos
    Kamara Ostos 1 month ago

    that made me cry

  • Kiwiworld A&N
    Kiwiworld A&N 1 month ago

    4th girl, I mean... She had 8 years right? when she should to know to speak...Ok...

  • Maddoblue L
    Maddoblue L 1 month ago

    I was raised bye wolves

  • Viel Padua
    Viel Padua 1 month ago

    WAIT HOLLD UP were did they came from if their raised by animals

  • Tuon Kolvadhthiny
    Tuon Kolvadhthiny 1 month ago

    and i claim its true because it was
    on news

  • Tuon Kolvadhthiny
    Tuon Kolvadhthiny 1 month ago

    in 2007 was when i was born and i am cambodian

  • Donaelle Petterson
    Donaelle Petterson 1 month ago

    I'm raised by a 🐻

  • Shannon Forster
    Shannon Forster 1 month ago

    lo e these facts and you vids

  • Seth Trail
    Seth Trail 1 month ago


  • sarmad sarmad1974
    sarmad sarmad1974 1 month ago

    im raised by chicken wings

  • Candace clegg
    Candace clegg 1 month ago

    if ther happy in the while they should be able to stay in the wild

  • Pug_life
    Pug_life 1 month ago

    It would be awesome to be raised by Wolf's

  • Juliet Sherfy
    Juliet Sherfy 1 month ago

    om raised by my mom

  • Damian Castizo
    Damian Castizo 1 month ago

    my brother damian

  • Kawaii _Time
    Kawaii _Time 1 month ago

    I have been raise by goodies and electronics

  • Mopokitty
    Mopokitty 1 month ago

    Lol me,I'm raised by my sis mostly,

  • Brenda Abelar
    Brenda Abelar 1 month ago

    I agree with vixy mix because there gonna die at a young age just let them be free

    TEAM JACOB 1 month ago

    id love to live with wolves with out any human to bother me

  • Zara Zuwairia
    Zara Zuwairia 1 month ago

    I am raised by laptop and tablet😆😜😛

  • Zender RBLX
    Zender RBLX 1 month ago

    I live in Cambodia

  • Zender RBLX
    Zender RBLX 1 month ago

    Monkeys are human

  • Elizabeth Blaskiewicz

    i was so surprised when i heard that a kid was raised by birds. idk y but i was xd its sorta cool that they actually had a good bond between deadly and sweet animals.

  • E.M. playz
    E.M. playz 1 month ago

    Humans are animals.

  • Frauzer35
    Frauzer35 1 month ago

    Wow...I'm surprised that human can be accepted among theoretically all animal but kind of hard among human themselves.

  • GD locc cruel
    GD locc cruel 1 month ago


  • Lost Robin
    Lost Robin 1 month ago


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