Moto G4 Plus Review!

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    What does the latest affordable smartphone from Motorola have to offer? We find out, in this in-depth Motorola Moto G4 Plus review!

    Itro & Kontinuum - Alive [NCS Release]

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  • Runtime: 9:54
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  • James Kennedy
    James Kennedy 3 days ago

    The music in the video is distracting.

  • Kylo Ren
    Kylo Ren 14 days ago

    Is the front facing camera better on this phone then on the IPhone SE?

  • Iain MacRae
    Iain MacRae 20 days ago

    Does anyone notice how hot this thing gets? The processor must be a fire breathing snapdragon

  • sanjeev gaur
    sanjeev gaur 21 day ago

    is it advisable to buy mg4 plus when there r many new fons available? what about heating problem of g4plus

    JS TATHAM Month ago

    I found this, is this similar?

  • New Media
    New Media Month ago

    Which other phone has the option Launch Quick Camera by twisting..?

  • daemonikwarrior
    daemonikwarrior Month ago

    So this or moto g5 or g4

  • Sexy scientist
    Sexy scientist 2 months ago +1

    I found out a new feature on g4 plus, don't know if it's an android feature or moto treat. When you swipe up on home button, you get into small screen mode which could be shifted to right by swiping again. Awesome feature. 👍

  • Elysse Mai
    Elysse Mai 2 months ago

    oh my. That last bit with the song. I think I just love you more.

  • salih pp
    salih pp 2 months ago

    ghost touch while turbo charging

  • حسن سعد الخماسي


  • siriki vivek thanmai
    siriki vivek thanmai 2 months ago

    hello, can u tell me the process for changing the caption (eg:my personal diary)on the lock screen

  • Daki The Gamer
    Daki The Gamer 2 months ago

    Moto G4 plus or Samsung J7?

  • MrProTechHD
    MrProTechHD 3 months ago

    Lenovo improved motorola's mobility big time

  • Gowri R.Pillai
    Gowri R.Pillai 3 months ago

    i am going to give my mom moto G4 plus for her birthday

  • rajkumar otte
    rajkumar otte 3 months ago

    cast shere options pettala

  • King Nikhil
    King Nikhil 4 months ago

    moto g4 plus diplay is very bad because the under seen is showing on the display

  • King Nikhil
    King Nikhil 4 months ago +1

    moto g4 plus diplay is very bad because the under seen is showing on the display

  • DC3
    DC3 4 months ago

    need a good phone to replace my Oneplus 3 don't want to spend another £400 would this make a decent replacement?

  • murfee 123
    murfee 123 4 months ago

    something I hate about Android authority is when they get budget devices to review they point out all the bad things (ie plastic build and bad camera) but when they get new flagship devices they completely ignore the bad things

  • Madhusudan Sharma
    Madhusudan Sharma 4 months ago

    Please give review for moto m

  • Alovon
    Alovon 4 months ago +1

    Question, if this phone gets a price drop when the g5 plus comes out, would it be reliable for 2 years?

  • Prajwal Bharadwaj
    Prajwal Bharadwaj 4 months ago

    I m facing lots of problem in moto g4 plus

    1. Clicking a photo- If I switch on the flash, it will click a dark image.
    2. Heating issue- even the cell is idle for few hours, it starts heating. this has happened few times.
    3. Switching off automatically- sometimes whenever I m in a call, it automatically switches off the cell phone. Even when using it gets switch off. For a day, -it happens around 7-10 times.
    4. Vibration- most of the time, the vibration gets disabled. Even though while calling the vibration is on, the phone won't vibrate at all. and I won't be aware of that call.

  • John Stots
    John Stots 5 months ago +4

    2:54 oh no! The square shape clashes with the rounded life is ruined.

  • kalpana g
    kalpana g 5 months ago

    can we use both Sims memory in Moto g4 plus mobile

  • Rizwan Khan
    Rizwan Khan 5 months ago

    lenovo zuk z1 lena chaiye ya moto g4 plus plz reply

  • Malicious Asshole
    Malicious Asshole 5 months ago

    Man mutherfuckas are sooooo, lazy, what do you expect from a $200.00 phone. I guess it depends On what you do with your phone, I rarely take pictures, and my phone is a research and communication center, not an entertainment hub.

  • Malicious Asshole
    Malicious Asshole 5 months ago

    I just ordered one of the to replace my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

  • The Matt
    The Matt 5 months ago

    so can someone advise me on how to disable the voicemail passcode? I enabled it when I got the phone but find it a time consuming annoyance . been trying to disable it for about an hour now with no luck and I'm ready to throw this thing against the wall. I really don't want to waste any more of my time

  • Monique Pelchat
    Monique Pelchat 5 months ago

    Very good, in depth video. Helped immensely with my new phone shopping experience

  • Samarth Gupta
    Samarth Gupta 5 months ago

    I have some issue on my Moto g4+ with Nougat. In roaming, apps won't download in Play Store when using mobile network, although it works fine on wifi. In Settings, everything's allowed and internet works flawlessly - even Play store itself uses this connection to search, show app descriptions and pictures etc.
    Formal bug description:
    - On mobile network, and
    - In mobile network roaming mode, and
    - Mobile data enabled, and
    - Usage of mobile data in roaming enabled, and
    - No data restrictions like Data saver etc. are in effect,
    - Updating apps in Play Store or downloading new apps won't progress
    - It shows the "Downloading..." progress bar that spins forever
    - At the same time, mobile data works for every other app including Play Store internal search etc.
    - Download resumes immediately when connected to a wifi network.
    Expected behavior:
    Apps should update and install using mobile data in roaming.
    Please helpto resolve this.

  • deepak kumar
    deepak kumar 5 months ago

    buy at this link

  • luciu constantin
    luciu constantin 5 months ago

    l use this phone right now and I love it

  • Bflo23
    Bflo23 5 months ago

    About a 1/2" above the finger print sensor is the on-screen home button. It would be silly to have 2 home screen stacked on each other. Using finger print sensor as a lock screen actually makes more sense.

  • own creation
    own creation 5 months ago

    this is not a mobile this is mini micro Owen.headset not working . mobile hanging all are available in this mobile.
    if you use 10 min then mobile get 41°c temperature . please please please friends don't buy this

  • Jeson Elric
    Jeson Elric 5 months ago

    Sir can I still use Share it or Bluetooth on devices that dont have NFC like this one?

  • A M B I T I O U S
    A M B I T I O U S 6 months ago

    g4 plus or x pure?

  • mufloos
    mufloos 6 months ago

    Are you Christian ?

  • Shubham Gupta
    Shubham Gupta 6 months ago

    is replacing display of moto g4 plus resolve the screen burn issue or it is permanent .
    i am using blue light filter.
    please tell me any permanent solution .

  • Paras Mehta
    Paras Mehta 6 months ago

    please check the hotspot , i am facing the issue with hotspot which turns off automatically after some random time there is no any settings regarding turn off hotspot so kindly feedback accordingly.

  • Paras Mehta
    Paras Mehta 6 months ago

    please check the hotspot , i am facing the issue with hotspot which turns off automatically after some random time there is no any settings regarding turn off hotspot so kindly feedback accordingly.

  • Dzen Dzi
    Dzen Dzi 6 months ago

    What to buy
    Motorola Moto g4 plus or Huawei Honor 6x

  • Soumitra Nayak
    Soumitra Nayak 6 months ago

    I usually use my phone for browsing nd using apps for a long time and going through would moto g4 plus can give me a long performance nd smooth browsing?????

    • Soumitra Nayak
      Soumitra Nayak 6 months ago

      Price of g5??

    • Soumitra Nayak
      Soumitra Nayak 6 months ago

      What will be d price of g5???

    • Heeth Jain
      Heeth Jain 6 months ago

      Soumitra Nayak yes moto g5 is gonna be beast....buying moto g4 plus when g5 is just around the corner is a bad decisio ........

      G5 is gonnahave SD 625, may conclude with it........Moto G is amazing as always and now its gonna have SD 625 and first Moto G to have NFC

  • Soumitra Nayak
    Soumitra Nayak 6 months ago

    Would charging my g4 plus with Samsung or Microsoft charger affect it's battery?????

  • Charles W
    Charles W 6 months ago

    dont buy this piece of garbage i have owned a couple of moto x phones even a previous moto g this phone is a major step back lenovo showing they can take what was a great piece of tech and ruin it. i bought the g4 plus 64gb and what garbage build quality is horrible cheap feeling and looking. nothing but software issues and horrible lag on a stock version of android everything opens slow and crashes everything is just bad on it and a major step back on what was a great line of phones. i remember my previous moto phones i always felt like i got more then what i payed for with this phone i knew i should have returned it but i tried to give it the benefit of updates which dont seem to come at all.

  • Oevanov
    Oevanov 6 months ago

    using it since weeks, no problems <3

  • Hit Trailers
    Hit Trailers 6 months ago +1

    which one i chose in your opinion
    nexus 5x
    moto G4 plus
    one plus 2

    • Hit Trailers
      Hit Trailers 6 months ago

      Heeth Jain thanks

    • Heeth Jain
      Heeth Jain 6 months ago

      Nouman Habib nexus 5x......obviously!
      G4 plus came with marshmallow and will get till android o.

      same is with nexus 5x however, you will get monthly security updates too and yes Nexus 5x will have a greater support than moto g4 plus since its a Nexus device.

      For rooting, cuetomizations, Nexus is the safest as Nexus has the safest rooting method with 0% chances of brickig

  • alpesh upadhye
    alpesh upadhye 6 months ago

    Hi there , do a re-review after the latest android n update recieved on moto g4 plus and also a price drop of 1000 rs. as it is still a competition to redmi note 4. did Moto solve the heating issue with android n or made it worse? moto g5 can be launched in march in india but until then it's Moto G4 plus vs Redmi Note 4. still people are buying this for android N

    • Heeth Jain
      Heeth Jain 6 months ago

      alpesh upadhye there were problems after android n however motorola fixed it around 25 days back with an OTA and with December security update in mid Jan....gonan get Jan's patch soon!😊

  • Tom
    Tom 7 months ago +4

    I am watching this on a g4 plus :)). I love the pace at which this phone charges....too fast.

  • PutPutGaming
    PutPutGaming 7 months ago +1

    Apple would have sued the heck out of them if they made it round thou

  • Madhusudhan K P
    Madhusudhan K P 7 months ago

    EMERGENCY !!!! Hello sir I'm Dr.Madhusudan..Sir after a lot of research , I decided upon Moto G4 to go for.... I have watched ur review on this phone which was before nougat update. Now that the update has come people complain of over heating(even more than what u hv said in the video) and hanging problems and so and so.... Please reply soon whether the problems have increased after the update.. I'm confused when I was on the verge of buying it..

  • Wasim Raza
    Wasim Raza 7 months ago

    I was having two options moto g4 plus or Htc 728G ultra edition. i chose htc ultra edn.

  • Anthony Raskin
    Anthony Raskin 7 months ago

    Good video

  • jack wilson
    jack wilson 7 months ago

    motorola seriously needs to make more phones!!!! (yes i realize it was bought by lenovo)

  • techstyle123
    techstyle123 7 months ago +1

    Does anybody know which is a good phone for taking low light photos

  • techstyle123
    techstyle123 7 months ago

    I have moto g2 it has 2 speakers on front where this only has one....
    Not much pushing really should be waterproof like g3 version....
    NFC should be on this seems like moto are slacking a bit im due for a new phone next month so I might go for Samsung this time

  • VIRAL Revival
    VIRAL Revival 7 months ago

    lol i see my favourite game CLASH OF CLANS

  • Samar Singha
    Samar Singha 7 months ago


  • Felipe Serrano
    Felipe Serrano 7 months ago

    No NFC!? Dealbreaker!

  • Rumman47
    Rumman47 7 months ago


    • Rumman47
      Rumman47 6 months ago

      +James Preedy well you should have told BEFORE I got an axon 7

    • James Preedy
      James Preedy 6 months ago

      i got a good name Moto G4 starts at around £169.99, Moto Play around £129 and Plus around £229

  • Zubin Malik
    Zubin Malik 7 months ago

    Loved your Crisp Review. How is CPU performing? Any Over Heating? Long Term Review?

  • Darkon Ookami
    Darkon Ookami 7 months ago

    I have a broken HTC One m9 laying around and I can't fix it in any way. I also just bought a moto g4. Is there a way to take the CPU, and GPU out of my m9 and put it in my moto g4? The m9 has a snapdragon 810 which is better than the moto's 617.

  • Helmet Stories
    Helmet Stories 7 months ago

    is this amoled display

  • danpearson
    danpearson 7 months ago

    should i get this or the oneplus 2? i can get them at the same price

  • Sappige kaas in je keel
    Sappige kaas in je keel 7 months ago +1

    I want to get a moto g4 but it's quite big and I don't know if i'd like that very much

    • Sappige kaas in je keel
      Sappige kaas in je keel 7 months ago

      I just tried to order one and i found out that they dont ship to europe.. thanks though, haha

    • Shane Farley
      Shane Farley 7 months ago

      Sappige kaas in je keel I just got the 16gb g 4 plus today and so far I like the size. the 1080p videos on YouTube look awesome. only thing I wish would come out would be new accessories for the G series like the new projecter and stuff like that

  • Adrionna Clift
    Adrionna Clift 7 months ago

    funny how he copied another video lmao

  • Sandeep G
    Sandeep G 8 months ago

    the finger print scanner is capacitive or button ?

  • Late Night Cereal
    Late Night Cereal 8 months ago

    I've got the Moto g4 play, and for 150 dollars, it should be considered one of the best phone's you can buy! $150! not perfect, but I'm perfectly satisfied. I am thinking about getting the Moto g4 plus, because this is lacking a gyroscope, and the rear facing camera isn't great. so for 250 dollars I think you've scribed something better. the price is crazy consider 6 and 700 dollar flagship... moto x pure is cheap now too... Motorola is the best company out

  • Landrew MacKinnon
    Landrew MacKinnon 8 months ago +1

    just bought this and am one week in. got the us 4 gig version. it does heat up,but for me that causes no issues. but the sound crackles, especially for phone calls. terrible sound

  • Pranav Kenjale
    Pranav Kenjale 8 months ago

    Stick a Transparent tape on your Moto G4 plus camera.. !! the camera is not scratch proof and it ends up getting way too many scratches and later gives problem to focus.....I was late !! u can still save your camera !! Overall Moto G4 plus is an amazing phone !!

  • Super Saiyan 3
    Super Saiyan 3 8 months ago

    3 weeks after owning this phone the on/off button has fallen off. what a disgrace that the side buttons are so flimsy. I had the g3 and the buttons were great. the ones on the g4 are pathetic. anyone else had problems? mine has to go in for a repair

  • Nidhin Anthraper
    Nidhin Anthraper 8 months ago

    When will my Moto G4 plus (XT1643) get Android N update ? I bought via Amazon India 4 months ago.

  • SpunkTvPlus
    SpunkTvPlus 8 months ago +4


  • Jeppe Rito
    Jeppe Rito 8 months ago

    i think this is the best budget phone

  • Da_Sup Rahik
    Da_Sup Rahik 8 months ago

    thnx man. really helped

  • Coozy
    Coozy 8 months ago +3

    i have this phone and i was realy impressed by it

    • Tuur Van Rostenberghe
      Tuur Van Rostenberghe 6 months ago

      but does it hase a glas screen? if not it isn't worth it

    • Coozy
      Coozy 7 months ago

      i meen not in canada...

    • ImpendingDisaster Guy
      ImpendingDisaster Guy 7 months ago

      Leonard Fiddler around 200 dammit. You can buy far far far better phones with 400. You can even get a op3 or maybe even an s6 with 400.

    • Coozy
      Coozy 7 months ago

      around 400

    • Leonard Fiddler
      Leonard Fiddler 7 months ago

      Coozy how much will this phone cost without a contract ?

  • 834382 Sniper
    834382 Sniper 8 months ago

    I am watching this on moto g4 plus black

  • Hex Core
    Hex Core 8 months ago

    moto g4 plus or lg g3?

  • siva chilukuri
    siva chilukuri 8 months ago

    Nothing special about camera?, I am sorry for camera app review, the camera is on par with high end mobile phones. To prove the point check dxomark rating for camera is 84, equivalent to iphone 6S plus.

  • Saitama
    Saitama 8 months ago

    7:52 I felt like yawning and a second late he does the same lol...Seriously like I'm not even kidding

  • Gallus
    Gallus 8 months ago

    I assume none of the reviewers have experienced the overheating issue that took out the part of the board that handles calls and stops incoming and outgoing transmissions? It's cheap for a reason, so glad I ditched mine and moved on to Oneplus3.

  • funny video's
    funny video's 8 months ago

    please help me my phone is just getting switch off when I use it for 5 min

  • funny video's
    funny video's 8 months ago

    please help me my phone is just getting switch off when I use it for 5 min

  • Mykell Aquino
    Mykell Aquino 8 months ago

    1:24 - 1:25
    so me

  • Joker Maus
    Joker Maus 9 months ago

    I got really slow charger with my Moto G4, it takes up to 6-8h to charge!!
    Can I use my previous 2.1 10w charger? No damage to the battery?

  • Jagannath l Dhiman
    Jagannath l Dhiman 9 months ago


  • BlueEyedTV
    BlueEyedTV 9 months ago

    So what is a "Bench marking beast" at that price?

  • Sharon Lester
    Sharon Lester 9 months ago +3

    The Moto G4 is great easy to use and just plain all I need, all the features are there.  It is fast feels good in hand graphics are great and you can learn it quickly.  Keep up the good work Motorola.

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku 9 months ago

    u guys play coc tell me your player tag

  • Vidaa Joon
    Vidaa Joon 9 months ago

    single speaker instead of the previous two is a deal breaker for me.

  • waqar khan
    waqar khan 9 months ago

    thanks men nice review

  • Delta596
    Delta596 9 months ago

    It seems like everyone is having issues mainly with Moto G4 Plus, with the performance and the sensors. Meanwhile, I am perfectly fine with my Moto G4, no heating issues, no ugly sensors...

    • kDev
      kDev 9 months ago

      Hey, would you recommend I get this and use it as an iPod? Mainly just for music and basic games no high end

  • andyfoz
    andyfoz 9 months ago +1

    Coming from the Samsung s6 edge::: the only thing i am missing is the
    camera, the G4 has double the bluetooth range, the battery lasts 30%
    longer, pages and text are easier to see, i prefer the bigger screen, in
    day to day usage i find this phone more natural to use because of the
    physical size and the screen. i went to the store to get the edge s7
    @£672 - incredibly i can get 4 x moto g4's and have £20 left for
    beer.............. after a week of usage i am not missing my s6 edge in
    the slightest.

    • andyfoz
      andyfoz 9 months ago

      If you can live without the 4K camera I totally rec commend. I have stopped the yearly smart phone race now. Go buy

    • Brys D
      Brys D 9 months ago

      andyfoz this will be my next phone, do you recommend it?

  • Vesco
    Vesco 9 months ago

    I've been using a Moto g4 for a couple months now and I have to say it's a good phone for it's price. The software is up to date, has a good amount of battery life for a day's worth of use. (Love the fast charge it came with) and everything works fine. A couple things I'm not used to and really don't like, is the pulsating screen whenever I pick up my phone and I have my time and missed messages on since it confuses me sometime (it's just me personally). The power button is too high even though is has a bedazzled power button it dose not mean anything once you have a case on. I tend to mix between the power button and the volume button. Lastly the animation is so annoying and slow which drains battery usage. So I turn my animation off or lower the speed. In conclusion it's an amazing phone for it's price everything works really well, but things I would've liked to see where a better camera stabilization and color correction, (haven't had any updates) and trying to improve the software from using unnecessary battery (animation speed) life as much as possible. I would rate it 6/10 (kind of slippery in the hand)

  • Adon Romadhon
    Adon Romadhon 9 months ago

    love that dumpling!

  • hey who fro dat?
    hey who fro dat? 9 months ago

    this phone sucks dick. 3 pages?reallly? tf, I'm taking this back and reactivating my note 3

  • Shibu Vijau
    Shibu Vijau 10 months ago

    Moto g4 +.
    5 inch screen mobile . You can watch vedeo only 5.5 inch screen.because Reverse button on screen. Cheating from moto.

  • Shane Horne
    Shane Horne 10 months ago

    my moto g buttons are good

    • Super Saiyan 3
      Super Saiyan 3 8 months ago

      dude literally the on/off button fell off today :( have to go get it repaired.

  • xvx4848
    xvx4848 10 months ago

    Where can i buy a slow charger for the moto g4 plus? I don't really like the turbo charging and i don't want to damage battery

    • Samuel Reitenbach
      Samuel Reitenbach 8 months ago

      xvx4848 dude the best charger for your phone is the one it comes with. Also the turbo chaege doesnt hurt the battery any more than a normal battery does.

    • Jagannath l Dhiman
      Jagannath l Dhiman 9 months ago

      xvx4848 by

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