New Rule: Stop Apologizing | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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  • Keegan Tamburello
    Keegan Tamburello 7 days ago +1

    This is why democrats cant win shit anymore

  • Richard Parker
    Richard Parker 12 days ago +1

    It's all true.

    During the election I wanted to do a series of politcal cartoons making fun of Trump and get people to vote democrat. But instead I found myself fighting off SJWS because my art style takes heavy influence from other cultures, which is "cultural appropriation" and somehow made me "racist" for being influenced by other cultures. So instead of being focus on fighting Trump and the Alt-Right, I found myself defending my own charater and right to artistic expression. When ever I defended myself from a far leftist, who I was supposed to be on the same team with, people would dismisse me for "whitesplaining". If I got Frustrated or even angery for being told I should just give up doing what I love because I'm a "f##ing white man" I would get accused of having "White fragility". Which somehow proved I was racist even more.

    I still voted for Hillary in the election, but all of this greatly turned me off from my own party and it was even more enranging seeing liberal leaning sources such as Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Salon, MTV, Everyday Feminism and worst of all, schools, push to normalize this behavior. It felt like a knife in the back and I could see why someone would vote for Trump just to give people who think like this the finger.

  • Zeeshan Mahmud
    Zeeshan Mahmud 13 days ago

    This is the real Bill Maher I know. When he went full on #beastmode.

  • Ken Baker
    Ken Baker 21 day ago

    I am a conservative and I agree with Bill. It seems that liberals don't believe they are "true liberals" unless they feel guilty about being who they are.

  • Batphink Fred
    Batphink Fred 25 days ago

    I refuse to apologize for anything my ancestors did so fuck all you races who dislike my heritage! We need MORE people like Bill Maher, not only is he super intelligent he is straight up no bullshit! Snowflakes bewares you dicks!

  • Jsmes Wagner
    Jsmes Wagner Month ago

    you should be offended the democrats lie to you at every turn..even when they have power they still screw will get noting and like it...

  • AlyssaQ420
    AlyssaQ420 Month ago +1

    I'll start by saying I'm a political centrist, neither Republican or Democrat (I voted for Jill Stein). I'm not racist or sexist (I'm a biracial female, so how can I be?). Racism and sexism shouldn't be a topic of concern anymore. You would think we evolved to the point that we've overcome it, but going on about race and gender breathes life back into what was once a dying issue. Quarreling over cultural and gender appropriation is nothing more than a distraction from all the wrongdoings done by the government elite. They don't want us to focus on the REAL issues, like our country being funded by greed and our planet being destroyed. Lighten the fuck up and wake the fuck up.

  • Michael Sullivan
    Michael Sullivan Month ago

    Libturds should probably listen to this advice

  • Batman
    Batman Month ago

    Best New Rules he's done in ages

  • Eduardo Lopez
    Eduardo Lopez Month ago +2

    This didn't age well did it?

    • 1202 Program Alarm
      1202 Program Alarm 28 days ago

      Eduardo Lopez yep, Bill went full hypocrite a few months after this

  • softail springer
    softail springer Month ago


  • LibertyJava
    LibertyJava Month ago

    and the fucking has just started :)

  • Solange Silverman
    Solange Silverman Month ago

    Right on. Although, he ruined it for me with the inevitable attack on Pres Trump in which he reacts in exactly the manner that he is criticizing. (I wonder if I should expect an apology.)

  • Carlos Juarez
    Carlos Juarez Month ago

    Mr. Maher should have seen this video before he apolgizes after he said "im more a house nigga", he did not follow his advice, that is a real shame.
    We should RT this video to him as much as we can se he can learn how to handle stupid people complaining.

  • Jonathan Bahr
    Jonathan Bahr Month ago

    Life comes at you fast.

  • Sparks727
    Sparks727 Month ago

    We Republicans won because everyone is tired of your cry baby tactics. If you're that frail and fragile, you shouldn't be running a country. We didn't get to be great by being pussies. The real world doesn't give a shit about your feelings. Your gender studies professor might care, but we don't.

  • Graham Harper
    Graham Harper Month ago

    The moral of the story, don't go on twitter. Even if I was on twitter, I'd tell people to go fuck themselves if they demanded an apology. Apologies mean nothing if they're for nothing. Learn to shrug things off that are trivial or matter very little.

  • FeroxCious
    FeroxCious 2 months ago +4

    Bill Maher could really learn something from this guy

  • UltimateXtreme
    UltimateXtreme 2 months ago +2


  • brevnovak
    brevnovak 2 months ago

    oh, hemsworth is really a wuss. how can we now root for his thor any more???

  • Isaac Campos
    Isaac Campos 2 months ago

    And now Bill apologized as well! Yeah stupid democrats apologize for everything and anything!

  • JohnQRandom
    JohnQRandom 2 months ago +2

    I love watching the left eat itself. PLEASE keep it up "progressives"!!!!!

  • No Name
    No Name 2 months ago

    He's so right about this apology crap
    Over sensitive Americans and law suit hungry

  • DonPeyote
    DonPeyote 2 months ago +2


  • Diego Amarosa
    Diego Amarosa 2 months ago

    Oops! Kinda different when you find yourself the one having to apologize isn't it Bill? It's tough to live by your own tough words sometimes.

  • Yoshi Garcia
    Yoshi Garcia 2 months ago +1

    😅😅😅 The Irony. 😩😩😩 #Liberals

  • Edwyrd Burj
    Edwyrd Burj 2 months ago +2

    So now you apologize for using a racial expression in accurate context? Come on Bill.

  • Critter
    Critter 2 months ago +1

    Bill Maher is a multi untalented mean spirited douche bag. He should work as Howard Stern's fluffer!

  • Alex N
    Alex N 2 months ago +1

    so stop apologizing, Bill. If you say something - stand behind it. That used to be one thing you could be respected for

  • UzuMaki NaRuto
    UzuMaki NaRuto 2 months ago +1

    Dammit Bill why the hell did you have to apologize for saying nigga?!??!? >:(

    You should've stood your ground and told those complainers to watch this video and show them that you were right about them all along with the reason why the libs and Dems keep losing. These people just can't seem to stop attacking their own unlike the Republicans who no matter how wrong they are usually stick together and get shit done even if it hurts most Americans.

  • saltypro
    saltypro 2 months ago +1

    Not a fan but you WERE a poster child for free speech. I respected that about you. So sad.

  • Kevin Browncoat
    Kevin Browncoat 2 months ago +2

    This video is ironic, notice how Bill isn't following his own rule after what happened this weekend

  • BCFC 29
    BCFC 29 2 months ago +1

    Ignoring your own advice Bill?

  • ThomasPaine
    ThomasPaine 2 months ago +1

    Oh, the irony!

  • TheTimbalanders
    TheTimbalanders 2 months ago +5


  • Bill Kohler
    Bill Kohler 2 months ago +4

    Bill- you just apologized for using the N word!!

  • Katy Paine
    Katy Paine 2 months ago +3

    That was a fast 180

  • The Law
    The Law 2 months ago +2

    Bill Maher couldn't even take his own advice. "I'M SORRYYYYY! PLEASEEE DON'T CANCEL MY SHOWWWW!"

  • Sandra Braithwaite
    Sandra Braithwaite 2 months ago +2

    and when your time came, what did you do? Apologize ... ooops

  • danbagnz
    danbagnz 2 months ago +3

    House nigga Bill apologized for two syllable word that we hear every damn day.

  • TheTranceCartel
    TheTranceCartel 2 months ago +1

    Oh you not know irony?

  • urmo345
    urmo345 2 months ago

    And now, you hypocrite, APOLOGIZED yourself. You made YOURSELF AN LIVING JOKE!

  • badgenome
    badgenome 2 months ago +9

    This video didn't age well.

    • urmo345
      urmo345 2 months ago

      LOL, indeed, . I did await eagerly how Maher reacts to this new scandal, and he succumbed. HOW PATHETIC! He lost way more than he won!

  • Lizzy Bennet
    Lizzy Bennet 2 months ago +1

    How ironic.... Considering the fact that he APOLOGIZED for saying, "nigga" in last night's show. Not only a Hillary apologist, but also a hypocrite. Real nice, Maher!

  • Anders Püschel
    Anders Püschel 2 months ago +1

    And now Maher has apologized himself, for something he didn't even say. He's a miserable coward.

  • Jay J
    Jay J 2 months ago +2

    I'm not a fan of Maher but he makes some good points. now he's apologizing for a harmless comment. keep eating your young liberals!

  • Fooey Yu
    Fooey Yu 2 months ago +1

    Bill Maher is a Hypocrite Asshole. Stupid Maher, and Stupid Blacks should have figured it out a long time ago that Bill profits off BLACK BEHAVIOR & STEREOTYPE. Fuck You Bill Maher and all the people that think he is relevant !

  • Tine Woodbe
    Tine Woodbe 2 months ago +5

    Now that Bill said ""I'm a House Nigga" in an obvious joke, he should hold true to his convictions! -- DO NOT APOLOGIZE Bill! It was a joke, and a good joking response at that, to such an asinine statement by the GOP rep.

    • Yanis Lukes
      Yanis Lukes 2 months ago

      I lost the regained respect of this segment after he apologized. That Senator is sure to lose some future political debates. RIP George Carlin & Words You Can't Say On TV

  • acidjunkies
    acidjunkies 2 months ago

    Maher said Indian instead of native Americans! *** SHRIEKS ***

  • saxnot1980
    saxnot1980 2 months ago

    Wtf is this seriously Bill Marr Speaking! Im stunned. Conservatives have been saying the left is rediculous about this shit for decades. A little late to the party Bill

    OSKAR A 2 months ago

    Bill is so right. I couldn't have said it better.. We all need to get over this I am so Sorry!!  America Comes first!!

  • jorge ruiz
    jorge ruiz 2 months ago

    Who is the chick

  • Eduardo Lopez
    Eduardo Lopez 2 months ago

    I come from the future to warn you that you'll become Jack Thompson.

    Oh how the mighty have fallen!

  • Abraham Empire
    Abraham Empire 3 months ago

    celebrities make everyone dumb

  • Andrea Meshek
    Andrea Meshek 3 months ago

    I can't stop laughing! love you Bill. lol 😂😂

  • Bob Klahn
    Bob Klahn 3 months ago

    We are losing largely because of people like Bill Maher who make a big deal about the most stupid people saying stupid things. Guess what, I never knew about the Lone Ranger party or Carrie Fisher being beautiful or witty, and it didn't make a difference in my life one bit.

    If you think that's a big deal that's you, not the real world. Do you really think Steve Martin or Hillary Duff makes a damn bit of difference in the real world? No, Chris Helmsworth is not really Thor, and he only makes a big noise in the real world if he drops a stack of dishes. Justin Timberlake should apologize for being Justin Timberlake, isn't that enough?

    If you think this country really is a melting pot you are the one out of touch. It is working up to it, but it's far from done.

    There is no significant difference between German and English people in this country, nor Irish nor Polish nor Greek. Yet there is a big difference between black and white and Indian. When marriage between black and white is as common as between English and German, or at least Irish, then you can call this a melting pot, until then the term is a lie.

  • Kevin Daskal
    Kevin Daskal 3 months ago

    "Facts don't care about your feelings... And neither do I" - Ben Shapiro

  • VaterOrlaag
    VaterOrlaag 4 months ago

    I think Hemsworth should apologize to all scandinavians for making Thor look like a giant pussy. It's a religious figure, after all!

  • Michael Miller
    Michael Miller 4 months ago

    This rant, along with Jonathan Pie's, are what the Left needs to hear.

  • ScorpionRegent
    ScorpionRegent 4 months ago

    I unapologetically endorse this message. Bill is right, champagne liberals buying the democratic party out from under the blue collar working class has made them a soft target and cost them dearly. Having a spine and being polite aren't mutually exclusive. Leave automatically saying "sorry" to the Canadians, and repeat after me, "Get over it!"
    Oh the irony of Steve Martin publishing a apology and make a retraction when he simply could have said. "Excuse Me!" I am still trying to wrap my head around how what he said was a gaff. Face it, for quite a while, Carrie Fisher was a young actress known for wearing a gold bikini top, a loincloth skirt and a bondage collar. When that is combined with a predilection for cocaine, she was prime fantasy material. Yes, in time, she kicked her habit and wrote books so then people noticed her character and intellect. So what is to apologize for?

  • VeeTea
    VeeTea 4 months ago

    You stupid fucking Americans.

    adj. Not limited to or by established, traditional, orthodox, or authoritarian attitudes, views, or dogmas; free from bigotry.
    adj. Favoring proposals for reform, open to new ideas for progress, and tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others; broad-minded.
    adj. Of, relating to, or characteristic of liberalism.

    Don't redefine a beautiful meaning to fit your shit political land(mine)scape.

  • Max Lee
    Max Lee 4 months ago

    The survey that asked native Americans if they cared about the redskins. But that study was self identifying native Americans. We know every white persona thinks their Native American.

  • Wesley Williams
    Wesley Williams 4 months ago

    Honestly, not a majority of liberals are like this.

  • Hooptie Hamburger
    Hooptie Hamburger 4 months ago

    That offended me, and it's not fair. I'm about to go tell.

  • JamesNT
    JamesNT 4 months ago

    Bill Maher, you complete me.

  • yuuswho
    yuuswho 4 months ago

    1,761 people were triggered LOL

  • Bobbi Curtis
    Bobbi Curtis 4 months ago

    I love you, Bill!

  • David Whitt
    David Whitt 4 months ago

    Bill Maher should run for President in 2020 and kick Trump out of the White House!

  • Anthony Glen
    Anthony Glen 4 months ago

    Please don't say anything but between me and you um Carrie um,never mind.

  • MrJustonemorevoice
    MrJustonemorevoice 4 months ago +1 now a cesspit of SJW progressives immediately posted a trash article on him.

    Gotta love how he called it.

  • Ua Nemhnainn
    Ua Nemhnainn 4 months ago

    Maher for president!

  • Mianora
    Mianora 4 months ago

    If you really are liberal and stand for the basic fundamentals, then ffs fight back against this SJW/Feminist/Leftist-BULLSHIT that is plaguing todays western cultures! As if we did not have real problems, we have to give up with this shit. But we need to take a stand - else these babies who cry the loudest keep getting their damn way...

  • John Smith
    John Smith 5 months ago

    No Bill, liberals lost because they put up a psycho as their candidate. I agree that the fact SJWs are liberals doesn't bode well for the party but I believe a more important factor was Hillary.

  • Hi-keeba
    Hi-keeba 5 months ago

    I love it how leftist sites like Cracked are now attacking Maher as well. I guess he hurt their feelings.

  • Dustin Wyatt
    Dustin Wyatt 5 months ago

    Liberals keep it up. You'll keep losing.

  • Playstation Pookie
    Playstation Pookie 5 months ago +1

    That was fucking good. Thank you colin moriarty for sending me here.

  • SuperBry23
    SuperBry23 5 months ago


  • Hale Hardy
    Hale Hardy 5 months ago

    When the DNC turned into a huge cringefest of white guilt pandering to brown idiocy when they elected their new leader

  • Kenny Westman
    Kenny Westman 5 months ago

    what's this? a liberal with a backbone? finally! a real classical liberal

  • rancho grande
    rancho grande 5 months ago

    Is this guy con crack !!! ''WE KEEP LOSING ELECTIONS'' !!! WE UST WENT THTOUGHT * YEARS OF LIBERALISM A LA BAMA ! wake the fuck up Bill Manure !

  • Stefan Schneider
    Stefan Schneider 5 months ago

    I love that show!!

  • Ang badang
    Ang badang 5 months ago

    I just had this argument in my college sociology class as apparently everyone in the room (not a single Indian) was truly and deeply upset by the fact that someone dressed as a Native American Indian at a Halloween party.

  • Sean McTiernan
    Sean McTiernan 5 months ago

    It's sorta like with the Occupy movement. On the face of it, I agree, as would most Tea Partiers: The sheer fact that NO ONE went to jail for what was clearly embezzlement on a grand scale, was an absolute shit-show, and we should have seen arrests. We should have seen companies labeled as "Too big to fail" hit with anti-trust suits, which is PRECISELY what the anti-trust laws were written to combat. Had it stopped there, and remained focused on those key points, they likely have gotten much further, and we'd already have a much reduced wage gap.

    But they DIDN'T stop there, now did they? It became about every single little thing, and with no meaningful leadership of the movement, there was no one to restrain the self-destructive impulses of its own membership, nor anyone to properly explain it to the masses who wanted clear, straightforward answers about their goals.

    BEFORE YOU BRING IT UP: Yes, the Tea Party got co-opted by moneyed interests in the form of the Koch Brothers. That certainly happened, and it was horrible that it did happen. I am in no way argument that point, or presenting any point that could possibly lead to saying that didn't happen, or didn't happen that way.

  • David R.
    David R. 5 months ago

    I think the issue of people leaving the Democratic Party simply because of "PC culture" is of bigger concern. Really? You're going to leave the political party which aligns with your beliefs because some of it is weird compared to more mainstream culture? What the actual fuck?

  • spun defiant
    spun defiant 5 months ago

    The Michael Keaton quote sounds kinda sarcastic to me.

  • projectbaum
    projectbaum 5 months ago

    I can't tell if I love or hate this man. The answer is probably yes.

  • Matthew Swanson
    Matthew Swanson 5 months ago

    I couldn't agree more. I'm so sick of other liberals pouncing on every little word people say. Often, they do it to each other. I can't tell you how many liberals have jumped on me for keeping it real. It's like "fuck you, do you want to be offended or do you want to work with me to protect this country from fascism?!"

  • blog2038
    blog2038 5 months ago

    That's how I remember Bill Maher - Politically Incorrect.

    Where did it all go along with the country ...

  • marcy Denville
    marcy Denville 5 months ago

    Bill, you're worth at least $40 million. Like you really have any sympathy for the rest of us poor democratic suckers. Can you get in touch with me and send me a few million?

  • Ecléctico Iconoclasta
    Ecléctico Iconoclasta 5 months ago

    As a fan of Bernie i couldn´t agree more with him. This is basically what happens when the left allows itself to be lead by corporate neoliberals such as the Clintons. Basically worrying about trivial things while the country is more and more in the hands of Wall St. and billionaires. Corporate america just enjoys this sort of entertainment in trivialities while they destroy the social fabric and get richer in the process

    • DerrenBrown100
      DerrenBrown100 5 months ago

      What a regressive comment. You Bernie or busters are pathetic.

  • CrazyMunky84
    CrazyMunky84 5 months ago

    Is Eminem guilty of cultural appropriation for being a rapper.

  • Mike2500L
    Mike2500L 5 months ago

    One of the main reasons I watch is to hear him put liberals in their place. Whiny pc fucknuts.

  • Eli Nascimento
    Eli Nascimento 5 months ago

    That survey (the Anaheim survey) was bullshit. It allowed anyone who was 1/16th Cherokee to identify as Native American

  • Max Errixon
    Max Errixon 5 months ago

    man, I love this guy so much. He's such a blessing to listen to. It's so incredibly liberating to hear some mainstream guy say things that I consider normal but that here in Sweden and Europe in general are considered outrageous. I wish I could talk like that without being ostracised and looked upon like someone who is undeserving of being taken seriously and who's opinion doesn't matter because I am not politically correct, whatever that's supposed to mean.

  • Jhonny Appleseed
    Jhonny Appleseed 5 months ago

    So he couldn't even criticize the broken left-wingers in the country without engaging in tiresome, predictable, completely false stereotyping of conservatives?

    And, sad news for you Billy, the "majority of the country" does not agree with every Democrat position on all the policies you listed. The country is, in fact, majority conservative. It's your little bubble of friends who back everything the Dems do because they don't have to deal with the repercussions.

  • theMidsizeLebowski
    theMidsizeLebowski 5 months ago

    Goddamn brilliant!

  • Lord Vladimir
    Lord Vladimir 6 months ago


  • nrrork
    nrrork 6 months ago

    Anyone pissing their pants over Milo being on the show need to rewatch this.

  • wood rackets
    wood rackets 6 months ago

    Millennial fuk-tards. Can't shoot 'em, can't kick them outta the party.

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