Gordon Ramsay’s Top 5 Steak Recipes

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  • Zante Paermo
    Zante Paermo 2 hours ago

    Gordon Ramsay: "Fucking delicious"

  • Nasto Hitesh
    Nasto Hitesh 4 hours ago

    2:43 harambe?

  • 691 Gaming
    691 Gaming 5 hours ago

    how to make gremolata sauce
    lemon zest.

    there you go

  • Isaac Bustillos
    Isaac Bustillos 8 hours ago

    Damn, Ramsey don't fuck around😕

  • BlackPaw
    BlackPaw 12 hours ago

    first... remove the fat..... NO!...

  • vincent gagnon
    vincent gagnon 13 hours ago

    damn gordon love garlic so much i feel like he put some in everything that he cook

  • N.V.Q Clip Hot
    N.V.Q Clip Hot 16 hours ago

    Chả hiểu gì nhưng được bác gọi Việt Nam là quá hạnh phúc rồi

  • madmike987655
    madmike987655 17 hours ago

    " Three finger rule, one in front, two behind " - Gordon Ramsay, 2017

  • madmike987655
    madmike987655 17 hours ago

    " Now those nuts are really toasted" - Gordon Ramsay, 2017

  • NeoN J
    NeoN J 22 hours ago


  • RobCod2012
    RobCod2012 1 day ago

    Fucking Delicious

  • Jacky Vang
    Jacky Vang 1 day ago

    Bet if he cook a kobe steak he'll be able to turn it into cotton candy

  • Jacky Vang
    Jacky Vang 1 day ago

    Gordon Ramsay the man who's able to turn cheap steak into kobe steak



  • Jush 1
    Jush 1 1 day ago


  • Josh Swann
    Josh Swann 2 days ago

    ok so i got the pan, now what

  • What ? That
    What ? That 2 days ago

    Vietnam - my homeland

  • mousikos123
    mousikos123 2 days ago

    Come at greece to see real cooked and grilled meat , not rose one :)

  • Mcsymm McSymm
    Mcsymm McSymm 3 days ago

    Worst food program ever!

  • Mr. Snake
    Mr. Snake 3 days ago

    The real question is: who the hell puts a frying pan into the oven?

  • Jose Vega
    Jose Vega 3 days ago

    What's the name of the 50s type song

  • Minja Resanovic
    Minja Resanovic 3 days ago

    What is the song in begining

  • rowsdower
    rowsdower 3 days ago

    I think the cameraman wants to fuck that gorilla.

  • Peter Njagi
    Peter Njagi 4 days ago +1

    my favorite dish

  • Arcy Stem
    Arcy Stem 4 days ago

    "...Fucking delicious!"

  • Dick Dick
    Dick Dick 4 days ago

    New series: bo2 gameplay Mlg 360 no scope trikshot head wallbang

  • Ferdie Barrientos
    Ferdie Barrientos 4 days ago

    Im almost about to see the atoms of those dishes

  • Dennis Damager
    Dennis Damager 4 days ago

    15:44 gordon are you even serious ... you know what i mean... ITS THE FUCKING WRONG KNIFE YOU FUCKING MORON

  • NicoooAR
    NicoooAR 4 days ago

    wtf eso esta crudo la concha de tu madre

  • youssyy boii
    youssyy boii 4 days ago

    how to turn a vegan: Gordan Ramsay.

  • I.plays
    I.plays 4 days ago

    You know the food is good when there's intense music and intense zoom-ins

  • Pikachewbacca
    Pikachewbacca 5 days ago

    my proudest fap

    SUCISOUNDS 5 days ago

    Wheres The Steak At? Clickbait

  • MoreFromDelo
    MoreFromDelo 5 days ago +2

    I can't see the molecules of the steak. ZOOM IN MORE!!!!!

  • M_Dachi 40
    M_Dachi 40 6 days ago +1

    Steak samwidge 😂😂😂 he says samwidje instead of sandwich 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Andrew Stovall
    Andrew Stovall 6 days ago

    Face shot, "fucking delicious" love this dude

  • TheAileZX2
    TheAileZX2 6 days ago

    I'm more of a gamer than a cook, but you inspire me. :D Stay famous!

  • Virulent
    Virulent 6 days ago

    I don't care if the camera work is on a microscopic level, it's " fucking delicious"

  • Poisonous Scorpion
    Poisonous Scorpion 6 days ago

    At 12:40 a random wow

  • Zidan Mozumder
    Zidan Mozumder 6 days ago

    I wanna shove that cameraman's face into the fucking pan.

  • Def Kumo
    Def Kumo 7 days ago

    S. A. L. T
    P. E. P. P. E. R
    H. O. T. P. A. N
    O. L. I. V. E. O. I. L

  • Red Vice
    Red Vice 7 days ago

    is it weird if I masturbated to this?

  • Alex Cantu
    Alex Cantu 7 days ago

    3:45 Harambe

  • CurlyAndNerdy101
    CurlyAndNerdy101 7 days ago

    These made my day in sick feels so much better, but damn it I'm hungry!
    I do this more with sausages, but if there's a certain sauce I'm making with a steak I'll do it there as well. I don't know if you'll approve of this, but I'm at uni and doing my best by me and my wallet.
    I get those important juices left in the pan and stick it in a cup with gravox powder and a small nub of vegemite. I then stir in the water I used for cooking the veg earlier, and I have a gravy for my meat and veg :)

  • Bert Henry
    Bert Henry 7 days ago

    The last one gave me a food boner

  • linda meanbean
    linda meanbean 7 days ago

    I love you Gordon Ramsey :)

  • LukeEmerald/ TheEmeraldMinecart

    Gordon Ramsay Where's Hotel Hell In Description

  • Frederick Freddy
    Frederick Freddy 8 days ago

    daaaaammmnnn, im super hungry

  • LoUDaHg_bEEn_a_JoinT

    The spicey beef salad looked fuckin delicious

  • David Vorobeichik
    David Vorobeichik 8 days ago

    In order for me to follow these videos in real life I have to tie binoculars to my face.

  • Damion Short
    Damion Short 8 days ago

    that gorilla smell them steaks

  • FOHater
    FOHater 8 days ago

    Gorilla is like *motherfuckers... ah fuck em i have my leaves*

  • FOHater
    FOHater 8 days ago

    The first dish looked divine

  • Wagner Music
    Wagner Music 8 days ago

    Fucking delicious 😂

  • Jeremy Aber
    Jeremy Aber 8 days ago

    that steak at the end is still RAAAAAAAAAAAAAW

  • Ален Асанбаев

    Fucking delicious

  • Kwanyang production
    Kwanyang production 9 days ago

    "fucking delicious" xD

  • lucgh2007
    lucgh2007 9 days ago

    I was expecting to see triggered vegans here. Im glad they didnt showed up.

  • Patocka Philipp
    Patocka Philipp 9 days ago

    Filet for a steak-sandwich...lmfao you stupid jerk!!!

  • Muhd Aliff
    Muhd Aliff 10 days ago

    rawwwww!! 😂

  • ProficentKiwi
    ProficentKiwi 10 days ago

    why is harambe here

  • cilthy funt
    cilthy funt 10 days ago

    10.20 lamp the size of the fuckin fillet and he's stickin' it in a sandwiches!!! C'mer Ramsey , I shop in tescos ,what planet do u think your viewers are livin' on?!

  • Insert Public
    Insert Public 10 days ago

    1:53 "Fucking Delicious"

  • Hard Candy-e
    Hard Candy-e 10 days ago

    "getting Hanna back on the road to recovery after her gluten free diet" lol too true

  • Jr Karatekid
    Jr Karatekid 10 days ago

    I love how passionated he cooks

  • CT Ying
    CT Ying 11 days ago

    may i know the music name?

  • tree man 1965
    tree man 1965 11 days ago

    Gordon is a doushbag

  • Paradox Verdoxius
    Paradox Verdoxius 11 days ago

    1:52 You know its the best when the camera zooms in and Gordon says "Fucking Delicious" xD

  • Logan Poindexter
    Logan Poindexter 11 days ago


  • Ishia Marquez
    Ishia Marquez 11 days ago

    Before i watched this vid...i have a ad from mcdonalds i was like "Gordon would be mad at me.. i believe he's telling me that the chicken is raw😭" LMAO😅😂😂

  • DivinePhoenix
    DivinePhoenix 11 days ago

    This dudes family always will have the best meals

  • Walid Amarache
    Walid Amarache 11 days ago

    Lemon zest with a steak ? The serious question who put this cook as a celebrity ? The British are the worst when it comes to food.

  • Jasmin Villagomez
    Jasmin Villagomez 12 days ago

    steak is not casual, I wish I had money to make A FUCKEN STEAK sandwich

  • Jason Canoran
    Jason Canoran 12 days ago

    at 1:10 i thought someone broke their neck or bone lol

  • vyvo channel
    vyvo channel 12 days ago

    Welcome Cambodia

  • Jade Marin
    Jade Marin 12 days ago

    I just eat and now i'm hungry again.
    Thank you mister Ramsay.

  • Ikhwan Anuar
    Ikhwan Anuar 12 days ago

    3:16 - harambe

  • Ikhwan Anuar
    Ikhwan Anuar 12 days ago

    Jack: nice

  • Frequency Garden
    Frequency Garden 12 days ago

    what kind of vinegar for the steak sandwiches?? I cant hear what he said

  • Austin Negron
    Austin Negron 12 days ago

    Can anyone tell what kind of frying pan he uses?

  • LK-4D4
    LK-4D4 13 days ago

    Every fucking time he says basil he says it like "bazzle" so I get confused for fuck all.

  • Tito Maquito
    Tito Maquito 13 days ago

    wow Ill never remember any of this

  • ferna2294
    ferna2294 13 days ago


  • MusicIsLife
    MusicIsLife 13 days ago

    I wonder what brand of olive oil he uses. Or abuses. Too much for me.

  • Dylan Stewart
    Dylan Stewart 13 days ago

    1:52 *F U C K I N G D E L I C I O U S*

  • Dylan Stewart
    Dylan Stewart 13 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay ASMR maybe?

  • ZarEx
    ZarEx 13 days ago

    "The secret is to get them NICE and MOIST" 😭😭😂

  • William Kethon
    William Kethon 13 days ago

    what even is a "nob" of butter tho

  • BlueBoy 67
    BlueBoy 67 14 days ago


  • Laura Rodriguez
    Laura Rodriguez 14 days ago

    Goddamn, this is so good it's almost sexual

  • MrLichphick
    MrLichphick 14 days ago

    Gordon has a serious hard on for olive oil

  • 19HajimeSaitou91
    19HajimeSaitou91 14 days ago


  • Paolo is the biggest Fan of funny swirl

    Who ever had the idea of zooming the video should be fired

  • Andy Cyr
    Andy Cyr 15 days ago

    I wish I had the money to buy a filet that big that looks amazing.

  • Nepudding
    Nepudding 15 days ago

    so many secret ehh,,, !!!
    Fucking Delicious..

  • Binding Science
    Binding Science 15 days ago

    He cooked 5 meals in record time

  • Declan Peterson
    Declan Peterson 15 days ago

    replace the tomatoes with PEach

  • Carlo Magallanes
    Carlo Magallanes 16 days ago +3

    1:53 Me everytime I cook... 😂😂

  • Go for It outdoors
    Go for It outdoors 16 days ago +1

    I wish I was his son

  • Kuro Kage
    Kuro Kage 16 days ago +3

    Does anyone else have a problem with the zoom in cuz im actually getting sick from the view like my eyes actually hurt?

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