'I Don't Want to Live With Any Regrets' Official Sneak Peek | Catfish: The TV Show (Season 6) | MTV

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  • I Control My Fate
    I Control My Fate 5 days ago +4

    Im sorry but the end of this episode really enraged me. I don't care if the guy is dying or not, the girl was a nice shy girl, and the guy just ditched her like trash when he saw her. He is a jerk

    • Wind Trax
      Wind Trax 4 days ago

      I Control My Fate yeah He is the first guy in this show that I couldn't feel sympathy for him....even when he was dying.

  • vintjus
    vintjus 7 days ago

    Aaaaalllllwaaaayyysss ask for video caaaaallll, aaaaaaaaaalllllwaaayyyysssss. OMG, I can't! If he or she refuse to vid call, well major RED FLAG!!!!!

  • Yamaira Acevedo
    Yamaira Acevedo 7 days ago

    el o

  • slyboy 1993
    slyboy 1993 8 days ago +14

    If this is a catfish who has nothing better to do i'm gonna be pissed.This kid is slowly but surely dying,and some piece of shit is playing with his emotions.

  • Fiq Buzz
    Fiq Buzz 8 days ago +2

    when is this gonna aired?

  • Montelo Payso
    Montelo Payso 8 days ago +7

    This show crazy but hilarious lol

  • Katelyn Brown
    Katelyn Brown 8 days ago +32

    WHHYY would you ask someone to marry you if you've never met them!?!? Some guys are too sweet they're actually naive. Guys should know their worth & be smart just like women should be.

  • Amie Sane
    Amie Sane 8 days ago +1


  • Shauna Beckles
    Shauna Beckles 8 days ago

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    ITS YO BOY CURRY 8 days ago +2

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