BIGGEST Animal EVER Recorded in the Ocean Depths?

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  • The Bloop Sound: Caused by the biggest animal or creature ever? An enormous underwater creature, many times larger than the blue whale, caused a sound so loud it was heard by scientists 3000 miles apart. Was it a blue whale, a kraken, megalodon, colossal squid or maybe even Cthulhu awakening from his slumber?

    In 1997, an array of hydrophones, special underwater microphones used by scientists to study happenings under the ocean, detected an extremely loud and low frequency sound that was able to be heard more than 3000 miles away from its source.

    It was calculated to have occurred a ways west off the coast of the South American tip.

    The sound, due to what it sounds like when sped up 16 times was dubbed "The Bloop" and sounds like this.

    Ill play the real sound for you, which is much creepier, at the end of this video.

    Due to the frequency signature of the sound, marine biologists believe the sound was not man made from something like a bomb or due to any sort of underwater volcanic or seismic activity. It seemed to moreso match that of some sort of underwater mammal - like the blue whale.

    The problem is the loudest sound detected by a blue whale could only reach a little under 1000 miles...thus whatever it is that caused this sound had to be several orders of magnitude larger than the largest known living organism.

    Take this size comparison chart. A school bus is about this size.

    A blue whale is about this size.

    Whatever produced this sound, assuming it was animal in nature had to be about this size....which is HUUUUGE.

    Just what made this sound? Was it really a giant underwater sea creature that we have yet to discover...or perhaps something even more mysterious and foreign?

    Could there of ever even been anything that lived before that made this sound? Let’s ask Adam over at Epic Wildlife.

    Could it have been a megalodon? Or a colossal squid? Unlikely – as they are both much smaller than a blue whale. And yet, no prehistoric animal ever discovered has been bigger than a blue whale.

    It’s scarey to think how much of our ocean depths are still completely unexplored.

    The problem with a blue whale being the culprit is that the loudest sound ever recorded by a blue whale could only just reach the range of 1000 miles.

    Thus, whatever it is that caused this sound had to be several orders of magnitude larger than the largest known organism, the blue whale.

    Take this size comparison chart. A school bus is about this size. A blue whale is about this size. Whatever produced this sound, assuming it was animal in nature, had to eb about this size, probably a little less than the size of the Eiffel tower.

    Just what made this sound? Was it really a giant underwater creature that we have yet to discover or perhaps something even more mysterious and foreign?
    It is said we know much less about what lurks in the depths of our ocean than we do about outer space.

    Here is an excerpt of what the actual Bloop sound sounded like without being sped up. Ill warn might spook you a bit.

    Use of the "The Leviathan" picture permitted by Jeff Chang. Check out the rest of his work at
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    Cristalina Hott Day ago

    Its a megladon 😿😱

  • Andrew Jackwaai27
    Andrew Jackwaai27 2 days ago

    I think bloop is real

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    لا اصدق

  • Casey The Unicat
    Casey The Unicat 2 days ago

    Ok so if there's that then there's got to be more bigger stuff than that who nose we don't only 100 of the sea has been looked at not even who nose there may be more bigger then that

  • Nebojsa Stefanko
    Nebojsa Stefanko 2 days ago

    My grandmother makes such a sound when she's asleep. And equally loud :-)

  • Van is
    Van is 2 days ago

    It's not a animal it's just volcanoes under water

  • N3eKI Channel#RINBOW

    ummm where's megalodon or mosasaurus

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    Who is scrolling threw the comment during the vid coz i am

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    Joel Zachrisson 3 days ago

    it wasent a whale they dont sound like that

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    Laurel Cook 4 days ago

    I'm creeped out at the fact that the actual source wasn't found

  • Delta Animations//Plus Gaming

    That was Billy's mother :D

    Pls like XD

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    Resi Van den abeele 5 days ago

    Jet feestje is het dinosaur die licht en water overtillende wil je Niki Ziggo

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    i hope i live to see this creature!

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    We don't talk about spongebob do ya

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    chuck norris farted in the water 😛

  • Ciril Achenkunju
    Ciril Achenkunju 6 days ago

    It's the sound made when an ice Berg breaks off of a big ass glacier in Antarctica or Arctic and hits the water. Not a giant Pokemon mystery

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  • Mangle Pants
    Mangle Pants 6 days ago

    I actually think it is a Alaskan bull worm bc when I saw so many comments about the worm I looked at the thumbnail I remember in SpongeBob the Alaskan bull worm is very similar to the mysterious creature

  • Brett Murphy
    Brett Murphy 6 days ago

    In his house in Ryleh, dead Cthulhu waits blooping

  • The Latest
    The Latest 6 days ago

    Got it back so while the time they heard the sound the ASSA something where testing underwater volcano eruptions after a tsunami in the Middle East there's a movie about it Surviving the impossible anyway the thing is the thing kinda went wrong and the volcano erupted underwater :l

  • The Latest
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    Sounds like a disoriented radio signal :l

  • kannan soso
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    (I'm just joking, but I'm really eager to know that if there is anything alive biggest in the world other than the 'Blue Whale'! A mysterious fantasy. That's all!)

  • Amit Shrivastava
    Amit Shrivastava 7 days ago

    Its NONE of these. The agency eventually said it was the ice-bergs breaking. See:

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  • Sif 101
    Sif 101 8 days ago

    Imagine if you heard that when you were deep sea diving

  • Sif 101
    Sif 101 8 days ago

    It might be a megalodon or a mosisaure we still have not discovered the whole ocean I think only 5percent of the ocean is like think about it scientist say those creatures are extinct bull they don't know that you know WY like I said the got 95percent still to discover so they better think before they say something that is not true

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  • 11
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    If it was a mammal it would have to come up to the surface lmao. If it was almost the height of the Eiffel Tower and had to surface we probably would've figured it out by now.

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    When Cthulhu eats Tacos

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    im going there to see if its real

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    nvm i could not find the imag -.-

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    Ever heard of mobydick? it was a real whale here is the image of it

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    It a UFO

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    C'thulu is real

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    The bloop dos not exist

  • Ghost Rider
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    It's ice breaking

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    Who knows , maybe it really is a giant creature

  • Cherilyn Garrett
    Cherilyn Garrett 11 days ago

    i was swimming and i heard the same sound

  • jonathan glick
    jonathan glick 11 days ago

    In the Jewish bible god says there is a big whale big as half of the world it had a female whale and God killed her because if that had babies thay would kill the world because thay are so big oh and there is a big bull that is inside a mountain

  • diego perez
    diego perez 11 days ago

    is the BLOOP

  • Dave Wood
    Dave Wood 11 days ago

    Couldn't it have been something geologic?

    LIL MUNCH 11 days ago

    It's a space ship

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    That big mouth u whale close up fucking big mouth

  • ILuvDucks
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    How did this rack up 37 million views?

  • High Power
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    What if it was a blue whale that was bit or experienced pain that made it make a louder than normal sound

  • GoOsE
    GoOsE 13 days ago

    It could have been a massive amount of air trapped under ground

  • Kiyoshi Amaterasu
    Kiyoshi Amaterasu 13 days ago

    Why do you make it creepy, you pig. A whale sound is not creepy.

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    its godzilla

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    roadie O'Donnell's O'Donnell's fat ass

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    Guys something to think about the only animal recorded in history to be bigger than a blue whale is a Jurassic water dinosaur it had 4 fins on each side of it and could eat Spinosaures whole it is is Seen eating the Abdominons in the move Jurassic World could it be that this ancient species be alive? Something to think about

  • startrek gaming/vlogs & more

    Big Scary Pink Loser Alaskan Bull Worm!!!

  • Slime Farm
    Slime Farm 13 days ago

    That's not a mystery. It was confirmed along time ago to be part of a glacier falling into the water.

    • Monsterkiller 418
      Monsterkiller 418 11 days ago

      He said at the end of the video that it was just a theory and it was retracted so it still mystery.

  • Jack Pro
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    Sorry guys i ate a burrito few hours before

    Its just a joke

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    That noice is terrifying

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    Whats a bloop

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    Its an alaskan bullworm

  • Tommie Chapman
    Tommie Chapman 15 days ago

    It was the Kraken

  • Joseph Camarillo
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    alaskan bull worm

  • Silly Girl
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    I want to be a marine biologist and discover what the bloop is

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    There's 17 thousand dislike I bet they were just like
    View:no I don't like that

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    My mom tolded me it is the biggest wale

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    Strange mysterious bills channel said that it's a iceberg what do you think

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    OMG u have completed 3 years of your youtuber carrier

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  • Will Smith
    Will Smith 17 days ago

    In 2012 they figured out what the bloop was. It was the sound of an ice shelf cracking as it broke off the Anarctic. So basically the bloop was an ice quake, not some huge, mysterious creature.

  • AncientEmbers
    AncientEmbers 17 days ago

    its not a living creature

  • imnuk sungba
    imnuk sungba 17 days ago

    no evidence. its just a guess lol

  • Phosphene Blitz
    Phosphene Blitz 17 days ago

    Actually,thats been debunked, it was just an ice shelf moving so u just got bamboozled

  • Adam GamingYT
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    its a ALASKAN BULL WORM (i hope...)

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    buenos vídeos de tiburones y criaturas que no sabía que existían bueno vídeos

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    I think a blue whales boyband was having a concert

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    It is a mega mouth

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    man I love clickbaits<3

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    Unexplained noise.......hey maybe its a extinct creature. Good speculation. lol

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    Sad monster

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    I don't get how glaciers breaking made that sound.

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    It a ma

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  • Chesron Jhakry
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    it is an animal that survived the death of dinosaurs by a asteroid and now it is so big that when science will discover it they will be left speechless

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    MAHIM KHAN 21 day ago

    That was not creature that was 2 ice crush toghether

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    Before I watch this video, is this channel appropriate?

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    Sounds like Mother Earth farted.

  • Bill Theripper all over but the bloodbath

    The sound certainly scares my cats when turned up loudly, their ears pique, tails puff up, it is probably just due to the frequency

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    Iceberg shifting

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    i really like it i want to know all about the BLOOP so pls let me know if ther is a inpormeshon

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    the video was creepy

    DR. GASSTERRR 23 days ago


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    I think it was horde of whales

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