7 Coconut Gadgets put to the Test

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    PANDA 3 hours ago +1

    In Russia gadgets are gadjiks

  • I like Chicken
    I like Chicken 8 hours ago

    Why is no one talking bout how he got those wierd looking coconuts

  • MiquelFX
    MiquelFX 12 hours ago

    "Dosen't need to push to hard" Almost punches through the coconut. lol

  • Juriel Sierra
    Juriel Sierra Day ago


  • BriBear//DxjfdAJ

    *hElO eVrIbUdY aNd WeLcOm BaK tO mAlAbAlAtOy*

  • Mr. Face
    Mr. Face 2 days ago

    Share with me? Plz lol I'm hungry

  • Jazmie Hamizan
    Jazmie Hamizan 4 days ago

    Coconut water: the juice that he's been drinking

    Coconut milk: the liquid that you get when you press the white grated stuff.

    Coconut oil: the oil that u get when you baked the white grated stuff and press it

  • AndriTheGamer
    AndriTheGamer 4 days ago +1

    What kind of coconut is the white one!!!!!

  • M H
    M H 4 days ago

    Coconut milk!

  • Tathagata Guha Sobuj

    Welcome Back To WHAT ?????

  • Ryuken
    Ryuken 5 days ago

    i realy like the 2nd one it's jsut looks like a wierd knife and it's probably would be my best friend if i finde myself in tropical Island where are coconut trees can founded.

  • Niroshan Peter Perera
    Niroshan Peter Perera 6 days ago +1

    1:05-1:06..... close ur eyes to hear the magic....

  • Cyborgchild
    Cyborgchild 6 days ago

    coconut oil, coconut water, coconut milk.... WHAT IS IT?!?!?!?!?

  • dinololtijger
    dinololtijger 6 days ago

    Last 1

  • Sinci ;D
    Sinci ;D 7 days ago

    Mai feyvorit gadjek was de griin thin

  • Extreme COD player
    Extreme COD player 7 days ago

    you can just use a knife....

  • WaterYaDoing? ?
    WaterYaDoing? ? 7 days ago

    Now I want to go to the store and Buy a coconut lol that's the closest thing I get to a wild coconut lol

  • Tycho Verdiesen
    Tycho Verdiesen 7 days ago

    6:57 kinda looks like an owl

  • Ps4gamesGR
    Ps4gamesGR 8 days ago


  • darin_ouk
    darin_ouk 8 days ago


  • Raea'sioeli Ausage
    Raea'sioeli Ausage 8 days ago

    I love watching your videos its funny and its AWESOME, My favorite gadgets were the 2 last ones!

  • Gaylon Poindexter
    Gaylon Poindexter 8 days ago

    Can you send me one of them by coconuts for the first Gadget you used please I'll never try one and I'd like to try one with the milk in it

  • kroka player
    kroka player 9 days ago

    your cool

  • lala world
    lala world 9 days ago

    For the second one you can just use a knife

  • Typhoon Reaper
    Typhoon Reaper 9 days ago

    10 cocunut gajics

  • bhumit chauhan
    bhumit chauhan 9 days ago


  • ItsLennyGames
    ItsLennyGames 9 days ago +1

    He sais the coconut oil , milk, water

  • lavabut R
    lavabut R 10 days ago

    What Sid the coconuts ever do to you

  • FLRECON130
    FLRECON130 10 days ago

    It pours slowly cuz u need another hole for it to flow better

  • silverspade 8
    silverspade 8 10 days ago

    Nuts in a but

  • Esteban Lolo Mireles
    Esteban Lolo Mireles 10 days ago

    "super easy"

  • afradh mohamed
    afradh mohamed 11 days ago

    coconut milk😂

    its called coconut water...

    but great job i like it😊

    MAGGOT VOMIT 11 days ago

    Ask your local Emergency Room Nurse, how many lil old Ladies come in during the Holidays, from "Diggin' Coconut".

    MAGGOT VOMIT 11 days ago

    "You put the Lime in the Coke u Nut"

  • Steven Deleon
    Steven Deleon 12 days ago

    In solvit Russia coconut smacks you on head

  • Steven Deleon
    Steven Deleon 12 days ago

    In solvit Russia coconut stabs you in mouth

  • its edward
    its edward 12 days ago +1

    In russia gadget tests you

  • Hi Guy
    Hi Guy 12 days ago

    In soviet Russia coconuts eats you

  • Phillip Hurlburt
    Phillip Hurlburt 12 days ago

    When cut in half the shell becomes the cup for everything else if you're in survival mode

  • chee may ng
    chee may ng 13 days ago

    "Just stab it in the mouth" ... the next day...news: a guy in black costume is running around stabbing peeped in the mouth

  • Daimien Martinez
    Daimien Martinez 14 days ago

    0:49 juicy that's for sure

  • Shaye
    Shaye 14 days ago

    he is going to have too much coconut water now

  • Anthony jadan
    Anthony jadan 15 days ago

    This looks like you are 20

  • Keturah Koopu
    Keturah Koopu 15 days ago

    Mum:what are you doing
    Me:watching a guy with coconuts
    Me:yeah coconuts

  • Drew Hunter
    Drew Hunter 15 days ago

    You are my fav youtuber

  • søren hulemose
    søren hulemose 15 days ago

    Taras you Can save the Shell to make a bra for Kathrine

  • Devraj Singh Sandhu
    Devraj Singh Sandhu 15 days ago

    Someone tell him it's coconut water, I guess.

  • Devraj Singh Sandhu
    Devraj Singh Sandhu 15 days ago

    "Look at that milk!"

  • Devraj Singh Sandhu
    Devraj Singh Sandhu 15 days ago

    "Look at that!Two holes."

  • Z0vl Re34p3rz
    Z0vl Re34p3rz 15 days ago

    A Rabar Hamar ;0

  • Ryan Turner
    Ryan Turner 16 days ago

    How many more vids before he learns how to say gadget?

  • D.E.C
    D.E.C 16 days ago

    Bro eat with your mouth closed

  • Byron Villalta
    Byron Villalta 16 days ago

    just use a drill to open a coconut

  • Memz S
    Memz S 16 days ago

    CrazyRussianHacker will never learn how to say Gadget lol "Gadjeks"

  • Genesis Johnson
    Genesis Johnson 17 days ago

    This video is verry satisfying

  • Tokyo Ghoul
    Tokyo Ghoul 17 days ago

    He lookin fresh

  • Aarne Kinnunen
    Aarne Kinnunen 17 days ago

    Coconut milk, coconut water, coconut oil

  • Buco Escobar
    Buco Escobar 18 days ago

    The Gadget at 7:30 is probably used best when you make two holes and put both bottle caps in . The other hole should eliminate the pressure while pouring in. So its faster

  • Okasha Qadir
    Okasha Qadir 18 days ago

    Now I m confused that coconut has water or oil or milk or juice

  • Victor Chavez
    Victor Chavez 19 days ago

    Milk xD

  • Hamza Ali
    Hamza Ali 19 days ago

    My favourite one was the 6th one becuz it makes a nice hole and its nice and wasy

  • Iuliia Ferguson
    Iuliia Ferguson 19 days ago

    What kind of coconut is that :)

  • Jcigxicyihx Ohcigxkg igc


  • Mooing
    Mooing 19 days ago

    These videos are so unintentionally hilarious and endearing lol

  • Leo Bergström
    Leo Bergström 19 days ago

    lol coconut milk

  • Kamal _96
    Kamal _96 20 days ago

    BOOMS !

  • Jaiden Luciano
    Jaiden Luciano 20 days ago

    *stuffs mouth with coconut* 4:20

  • Jaiden Luciano
    Jaiden Luciano 20 days ago +2

    that's how you open it *savgely beats coconut with gadjek*

  • Gavson 83
    Gavson 83 21 day ago

    0:20 a spoon with a hole in it

  • ZeedoxGaming
    ZeedoxGaming 21 day ago

    he called the coconut water
    coconut juice
    coconut oil
    coconut milk
    and coconut water 😂

  • Rezan Thapa
    Rezan Thapa 21 day ago

    Coconut juice!!!!!!!!!!coconut milk!!!!!!!!!!!coconut water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!coconut oil!!!!!!!what else will you say

  • Nick Zaucha
    Nick Zaucha 21 day ago

    take a shot Everytime he says coconut

  • Dj Shiva
    Dj Shiva 22 days ago


  • Zac Douglas
    Zac Douglas 22 days ago

    I liked the one with the bottle caps!

  • The Diamondbacks
    The Diamondbacks 24 days ago

    It's really unhealthy to eat a lot of coconut

  • Scar Lett
    Scar Lett 24 days ago


  • Yannick Oostens
    Yannick Oostens 24 days ago

    7.00 "Look at that milk"

  • Bryan Le
    Bryan Le 25 days ago


  • Skate sLIMEer
    Skate sLIMEer 25 days ago

    I love ur ascent 😛😜😀😇

  • The random youtuber
    The random youtuber 26 days ago

    3:10 easy to use but struggles to use the gadjek

  • Paisley Campbell
    Paisley Campbell 26 days ago

    I like to use a hammer! 🤓

  • RowieIsBack
    RowieIsBack 26 days ago

    I wonder what the reaction when he bought all those coconuts xD
    *causal Russian man just buying a bunch of coconuts*

  • sergio markowski
    sergio markowski 26 days ago

    what kinda hat is that?, i want a same hat can anybody help?

  • Maseeha Ismail
    Maseeha Ismail 26 days ago

    CrazyRussianHacker its COCONUT WATER

  • troll face 27
    troll face 27 26 days ago

    What's the 7th one called, I want to walk around school with a coconut with a cap

  • firstSir William
    firstSir William 26 days ago

    coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut juice, anything but the right answer, which is coconut water.

  • William Nagore
    William Nagore 26 days ago +1

    Really easily while it hurts his hand to do.

  • Wyatt hays
    Wyatt hays 27 days ago +2

    i wonder what his amozon seaech history is

  • BlastingGink
    BlastingGink 27 days ago

    Tarus deserves 10 mil for his positivity

  • Ima Lemon
    Ima Lemon 27 days ago

    I came here for the booms

  • pink sheep fan 101
    pink sheep fan 101 27 days ago

    why does he say boom so much it funny no offense

  • Hazim Higa
    Hazim Higa 27 days ago

    he says

  • Vince Sabolboro
    Vince Sabolboro 28 days ago


  • Zac Mckendry
    Zac Mckendry 28 days ago

    Why was his hand blurred

  • eric123gamer
    eric123gamer 28 days ago

    Where did you gat that weird shaped cocanut

  • amy shindle
    amy shindle 29 days ago

    i have never hade conut

  • Ben Bro
    Ben Bro 29 days ago


  • Ben Bro
    Ben Bro 29 days ago

    That assassins creed weapon is the one I want :|

  • SeQuAd MoDDs
    SeQuAd MoDDs Month ago

    What is he saying at the start at the video?
    ''Hello everybody and welcome to...?''

  • Zayan Lalani
    Zayan Lalani Month ago +2


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