GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Vol 2 Deleted Scenes, Missing Characters & Vol 3

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    Hey. This video is all about the Deleted Scenes, Missing Characters and Vol 3 of Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2. That’s in the title. There’s a bit of concept art, clips of some of the deleted scenes, details on Adam Warlock and a bunch of other stuff. Thanks for watching!

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  • Mr Sunday Movies
    Mr Sunday Movies 2 months ago

    Hey. Anyone watching Fargo Season 3?

    • Angel Luna
      Angel Luna 3 days ago

      Mr Sunday Movies Angel R Luna 6709 Tulane Dr. Austin Texas 78723 512-926-9477

    • Sarah Wally
      Sarah Wally 1 month ago

      Mr Sunday Movies yes!!

      TYLER AUTEN 1 month ago


    • Hounddog Qix
      Hounddog Qix 2 months ago

      Yep. I have. Been watching Fargo since the first season. Season 2 (the 70's series) was my favorite so far.

    • Young Griff
      Young Griff 2 months ago

      I'm a couple episodes in, loving Ewan McGregor and Remus Lupin

  • Snakinator Gaming

    I just want more of Guardians in general, that's it really.

  • william reed
    william reed 4 days ago

    doesn't infinity have 't' in it ? Oh wait; it does. my bad

  • Audrey Eichel
    Audrey Eichel 10 days ago

    I cried so hard when he died why!!!!!??? why!!!?????

  • Micah Poythress
    Micah Poythress 18 days ago

    There was a scene where one of the drunk ravengers said "you're pretty" to one of the cyborg yellow girls. My friends dad played a ravenger and that's how I know

  • Sharah
    Sharah 25 days ago

    can you post only baby groot scenes. he is adorable. i want one.

  • GregO
    GregO 26 days ago

    Can't wait to see Adam Warlock!!

  • waszner
    waszner 28 days ago

    5:19 Wait... Pepper and Loki aren't dead? What?

  • Ipadboy 28
    Ipadboy 28 29 days ago

    This was my most favourite marvel movie

  • Kathryn Estrello
    Kathryn Estrello 1 month ago

    If anything I really hope rocket and groot at least stay around Bc I know he did in the comics right ??

  • Bean Morales
    Bean Morales 1 month ago

    I hope Adam Warlock gets his own series of movies

  • MickMoxley
    MickMoxley 1 month ago

    We need more Kraglin.

  • wasacacatv
    wasacacatv 1 month ago

    Arkon its a character from the comics!! from Weirdworld

  • Lunchable Cracker
    Lunchable Cracker 1 month ago

    how does ego not know what a fox is when he created earth?

  • Ng Anthony
    Ng Anthony 1 month ago

    Drax: "Yeah I know. It almost hit me" Got me laughing out my guts.

  • Cameron Mills
    Cameron Mills 1 month ago

    Anyone know where you can dl/watch the animated series?

  • Starfroot
    Starfroot 1 month ago

    "any comment"

  • Hollow114
    Hollow114 1 month ago

    I wanna see more world building in 3. The character building was taken care of in 2

  • Kevin
    Kevin 1 month ago

    Damn, does this mean no Adam Warlock for the Infinity War, was hoping he would be the one to take out Thanos

  • Kieran Somerville
    Kieran Somerville 1 month ago

    If i gotta hear pina colada again ONE MORE TIME i'mma thwap gunn :P

  • Jessica Nicole
    Jessica Nicole 1 month ago


  • Sonny Uno
    Sonny Uno 1 month ago

    this movie is a reference to Revelations 12 big red planet 7 angles fight it hello damass

  • Goohuman
    Goohuman 1 month ago

    If baby groot is a tree and it takes him a few years to be 4 inches tall, shouldn't it take him a century or so to mature to what he was in Vol 1?

    • Ezzi BA
      Ezzi BA 1 month ago

      Actually, the movie's timeline is only a short time after the first. I think it's around a couple months? Maybe less?

  • EtherealLove
    EtherealLove 1 month ago

    I'm probably the only "shipper" here but I don't care...

    Please let Peter & Gamora have a happy ending. It would be so refreshing.

  • Matthew Polito
    Matthew Polito 1 month ago

    holy meepin, loot crate

  • amanda russell
    amanda russell 1 month ago

    At 8:50 there's a spelling error.. *infinity 🤓

  • Crixus V2
    Crixus V2 1 month ago

    Howard the duck needs a new movie

  • Jamie Cauchi
    Jamie Cauchi 1 month ago

    it's Howard the duck going to become the 2nd Stan Lee for the GOTG series

  • Lauren E
    Lauren E 1 month ago


  • aLonelyDragon n
    aLonelyDragon n 1 month ago

    I'm excited for teenAge groot in the next one XD

  • Flashnight
    Flashnight 1 month ago

    Oh no. Looks like Yondu left every one a tape.....

  • Sexy Savage
    Sexy Savage 1 month ago

    Damn i want to see that starhawk helmet

  • Aleksi Ha
    Aleksi Ha 1 month ago


  • Alltwistedup
    Alltwistedup 1 month ago

    I'm glad it sounds like Gunn has an endgame in sight for the GOTG...keep the story arc cohesive!

  • Kaizoku Mugiwara
    Kaizoku Mugiwara 1 month ago

    Baby Groot was amazing.

  • Coke Cola
    Coke Cola 1 month ago


  • Trev and MoreTrev
    Trev and MoreTrev 1 month ago

    I want his list of songs.

  • Linda Swindell
    Linda Swindell 1 month ago

    I love baby Groot.

  • Omar Quinones
    Omar Quinones 1 month ago

    Or 7 or 8 or 9 or 10 or 11 or 12 or 13 or 14 or 15 or 16 or 17 or 18 or 19 I can do this all day or 20 or 21 or 22 or 23 or 24 or 25 okay I'm done

  • Diego Cruz
    Diego Cruz 1 month ago

    Howard the duck should've showed up more

  • Casey Billings
    Casey Billings 1 month ago

    I loved guardians vol 2 so much I'm most definitely going to watch it again while it's in theaters

  • sonicultra5 / gaming

    Hi friends

  • OmniGlobalFoundation

    Of course some clown in Hollywood has to think he's cool cuz he snuck in some occult Satan bs

  • The Snicklefritzed
    The Snicklefritzed 1 month ago

    5:54 pew pew pew! Every 3 year old who ever lived

    Also THANK FUCK they cut out Drax eating loudly. If that was in the final production I'd personally ask for Yondu to put his arrow through my head.

  • Zanderman
    Zanderman 1 month ago

    Rocket: haha taserface: what's so funny? Huh Rocket : I'm just imagining you waking up in the morning and looking in the mirror and saying My name is Taserface. Ravengers: Hahahahaha

  • Rachel K
    Rachel K 1 month ago

    I'd like to maybe see flashbacks of the Guardians members lives, such as when they were younger, with their families and have another opportunity to watch little baby Groot again!

  • Lord_Hamez
    Lord_Hamez 1 month ago


  • Ke'marcus
    Ke'marcus 1 month ago

    Wonder Man confirmed as the Mystery character Stan lee was talking about??

  • Moonlightburst Msp
    Moonlightburst Msp 1 month ago

    I tried to search up gardens of the galaxy once by accident

  • ReithRFX
    ReithRFX 1 month ago

    I really want to see Doctor Strange more incorporated into the MCU! He's such a good superhero !

  • John Morgan
    John Morgan 1 month ago

    deleted scenes make up less than 1 min of footage.

  • Word 2 My Nerds
    Word 2 My Nerds 1 month ago

    Mr. Sunday Movies has some of the best content on the tube. Keep up the great work, bro.

  • CptKillsteal
    CptKillsteal 1 month ago

    8:38 Infiniy :P

  • Ayden Burke
    Ayden Burke 1 month ago

    I saw this yesterday me and my dad legit cried during yondus death he was my fav

  • MrFacepunch33
    MrFacepunch33 1 month ago

    Link to picture at :28?

  • turquoiserose14
    turquoiserose14 1 month ago

    I'm surprised he didn't want to kill off Yondu for so long. I guess it does feel cliche to kill off the ~father figure~ at the end, but it was the right choice. RIP Yondu, Guardian of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Way Cooler Than Mary Poppins.

  • Team Ender
    Team Ender 1 month ago


  • Daniel C
    Daniel C 1 month ago

    "I know, it almost hit me" is a much better punchline

  • Daniel C
    Daniel C 1 month ago

    I hope the Guardians movies dont tie into the rest of the Marvel movies too much. They work really well as their own piece.

  • sans fan
    sans fan 1 month ago


  • Kevin Alford
    Kevin Alford 1 month ago

    How can they STILL not have Nova?

  • James Gilmore
    James Gilmore 1 month ago

    Mascot.  Mascot.  Mascot.  Mascot!  Mascot!

  • Hipnois
    Hipnois 1 month ago

    i want to see adam warlock 1v1 thanos

  • David P
    David P 1 month ago

    If there is a four there damn well better be a six.

  • A-team313 productions

    the flash of pictures at 5:18 in which five marvel characters died only to be resurrected.

    • Ezzi BA
      Ezzi BA 1 month ago

      Or, more specifically:

      Phil Coulson in the Avengers

      Pepper Potts in Iron Man 3

      Nick Fury in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

      James Rhodes in Captain America: Civil War

      Loki Odinson/Laufeyson in Thor: The Dark World

  • Jesse E1ford
    Jesse E1ford 1 month ago

    any comment bellow

  • Bryan Rooke
    Bryan Rooke 1 month ago

    Thank you for these little tidbits of information I've been eating up any Guardians of the Galaxy info I can find.

  • SJLR7
    SJLR7 1 month ago

    I want teenage groot to vine whip some ass

    GIVE US MOTHER 3 1 month ago


  • doro626
    doro626 1 month ago

    Ive gotta say, Guardians has the strongest franchise record to date. Ironman 2 and 3 not great. cap 1 not great, Thor 1 and 2 not great even Avengers 2 struggled a tiny bit. Best record in the MCU.

  • punipunipyo
    punipunipyo 1 month ago

    I was sad, because I was totally ready for a scene of Nebula on her ship in the end, trying to fix her broken robotic hand, and pulling out a roll of scotch tape from her thigh compartment... that'd be a stronger gag than the Teen Groot one

  • ShantupWOG
    ShantupWOG 1 month ago

    Marvel COSMIC Universe?

  • swordwhale1
    swordwhale1 1 month ago

    Not sure if a future Guardians team could have the heart and diversity of a half Celestial 80s Earthling, a blunt and hilarious "destroyer", a wicked green chick, an anthropomorphic procyon lotor and a talking tree...

  • James Powell
    James Powell 1 month ago

    If Adam Warlock is a big part of Volume 3, then I assume he is not where Thanos gets the final infinity stone from?

  • Fluffyhowl24 AJ
    Fluffyhowl24 AJ 1 month ago

    I miss that guy from the Nova Core

  • Doragon Kurosu
    Doragon Kurosu 1 month ago

    Anyone else would love to see cosmo fight side by side with the guardians? 👀

  • Doragon Kurosu
    Doragon Kurosu 1 month ago

    Anyone else would love to see cosmo fight side by side with the guardians? 👀

  • patrick macmillan
    patrick macmillan 1 month ago

    It is good to note that in recent news, Gunn has mentioned that he will be getting away from the nostalgic 70's / early 80's themed soundtrack and move to something more current. While, this might please a millenial group of movie goers, those who have come to love the music choices so far may feel more skeptical in the next movie...

  • sswgm
    sswgm 1 month ago

    It would be grand to see a line up of all the wonky weapons that the GotG chars use.

  • Samuel Bailey
    Samuel Bailey 1 month ago

    I was hoping there would be a thanks deleted scene

  • NimbulBlack
    NimbulBlack 1 month ago

    what an irritating voice

  • Omegaroth666
    Omegaroth666 1 month ago

    I love how real you are! Thank you for your awesomeness.

  • Pedro Gonzalez
    Pedro Gonzalez 1 month ago

    i dont this team to end! thats just evil

  • mason davito
    mason davito 1 month ago

    I wish thanos would pop up or at less get one scram in guardians of the galaxy vol.2

  • Jon Harper
    Jon Harper 1 month ago

    Wasn't miley cirus supposed to be gotg vol.2?

    • Ezzi BA
      Ezzi BA 1 month ago

      She is, but you never see her actual person. She is Mainframe, the metal Ravager leader from Sylvester Stallone's - Stakar Ogord - crew.

  • Parallaxus
    Parallaxus 1 month ago

    8:56 He said "Kevin Faggy".

  • Roamy Camilo
    Roamy Camilo 1 month ago

    I have no worries for Vol 3, I have trust in Gunn that he will knock it out of the park again.

  • Arthur White
    Arthur White 1 month ago

    no mention of Eternity?

  • Adrian Casados
    Adrian Casados 1 month ago

    Why they kill Yondu?

  • Cat Natho
    Cat Natho 1 month ago

    I just went to motor city comic con and Michael Rooker was there, and I was really disappointed I didn't get a chance to meet him, his line was always so crowded it was insane

  • Christian Washington

    Demonstrate bag straight total indicator correlation blind repeatedly hay

  • Trent Rozycki
    Trent Rozycki 1 month ago

    Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 4, (Hear me out) A prequel with the original Guardians(Yondu included)..........then those 3 films (GOTG4 - GOTG6) are all prequels, up until they split and become their own ravager captains. THEN in GOTG 7: The final Volume, they team up with each other (Originals and Prequels) to take down the antagonist...........All in all we just George Lucas/JJ Abrams their MCU asses *drops Mic*

  • Pastor Al Descheneau

    I'd love to see a video on ways they could screw up Infiniti or GotG3.

  • EvenFlow406
    EvenFlow406 1 month ago

    I don't know if Stallone will make it to any movies after Vol. 3.

  • Ben Wilson
    Ben Wilson 2 months ago

    In guardians 24.528 I want to see baby groot again

  • spacesheep69
    spacesheep69 2 months ago

    A Yondu flashback would be nice in the next Guardians. Such a good character

  • Heath Settle
    Heath Settle 2 months ago

    the last for this iteration? That means we'll get a starhawk-martinex-charlie27 guardians movie after with Stallone!

  • Xak D
    Xak D 2 months ago

    vol 6 better be the Howard the Duck remake or I'm flipping a table or ya know whatever table like thing we have in the future

  • Rich Stitch
    Rich Stitch 2 months ago

    Are you suggesting Yondu isn't dead and will return? Hopeful face emoji.

  • PrinceAfrayu
    PrinceAfrayu 2 months ago

    I'm shur someone else said it but whatever, VERTIGO

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