A Friend Gets in Trouble with Our Military Tour Guide in North Korea

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  • Sir Charles
    Sir Charles 2 days ago

    Either these guys are idiots or don't know any better. Clowning around in NK? Asswipes...when you're about to board a plane but they drag you back, then I'll bet you'll stop laughing. Fucking idiots.

  • Lataco Grande
    Lataco Grande 3 days ago

    Its all fun and games until you end up in 15 years of hard labor like otto warmbier. Then you also realize you American jail free card does not exist in real life.

  • SuperMisterjonny
    SuperMisterjonny 3 days ago

    who was the rat who couldn't wait to give his mates name "it's Andre"

  • Alienman1212
    Alienman1212 4 days ago

    fucking idiot

  • suzan z
    suzan z 4 days ago

    Looks like you can't put a foot out of place. It's a good thing that your friend did not get detained at the airport, especially that she asked for his name. At least, I hope he didn't.

  • StephenWestSyd
    StephenWestSyd 5 days ago

    She's going to send Andre to the gulag

  • charlenetech Usa
    charlenetech Usa 6 days ago

    you are an adult. you and your friend should act more mature.

  • 007tubeless
    007tubeless 6 days ago

    anyone who unfollows the guide will be shot dead.

  • Lan Mernardo
    Lan Mernardo 8 days ago

    The cringe...

  • Team Antiislam
    Team Antiislam 8 days ago


  • Giraffe
    Giraffe 9 days ago


  • Theguyperson578
    Theguyperson578 9 days ago

    Andre looks kinda like Chiellini

  • Guy
    Guy 9 days ago

    Andre was never seen or heard from again

  • Taklamakan
    Taklamakan 9 days ago

    This kind of NK sub sunk modern Southkorean ship only 7 years ago:


  • EscapeNewJersey
    EscapeNewJersey 10 days ago

    North Korea is ending soon.

  • EscapeNewJersey
    EscapeNewJersey 10 days ago +1

    People that go to North Korea are idiots.

  • girish sahu
    girish sahu 10 days ago

    A man don't like when women treat them like this.

  • Hedonistic Thrill Seeker

    What kind of dumb@ss decides to travel to North Korea anyways ? lmao Warmbier did and ended up not being too happy bout it...

  • youtert
    youtert 11 days ago

    She's pretty. I wouldn't mind having her subject me to a little discipline.

  • Adrian Job
    Adrian Job 12 days ago

    U.S.A has made an impression showing how powerful and impossible it is to win against them that north Korea has a display of a submarine stating it took out a war ship, pretty sad. I understand how proud they are but at the same time it shows weakness. North Korea wouldn't win a war against U.S.A. its like a cand soda against a train.

  • Alf
    Alf 14 days ago

    Lucky he did not get brain damaged as punishment.

  • charles martel          -PACK
    charles martel -PACK 14 days ago

    If you want to disrepect them, why did you go there?

  • Tim
    Tim 17 days ago

    Lmao what bullshit about that north korean ship

  • jasper mcmillan
    jasper mcmillan 17 days ago

    Arrogance and stupidity. This is how idiots like this end up in a cell getting the crap beat out of them.

  • Kevin spacey
    Kevin spacey 18 days ago

    Seriously why would you act like morons in a country that kills people like you ?

  • Hendrik Hendrikson
    Hendrik Hendrikson 18 days ago

    I'd hit it though.

  • Indra IN
    Indra IN 18 days ago

    she's hot

  • richter75
    richter75 18 days ago

    It should be illegal to visit North-Korea and everyone visiting it should be thrown to jail when coming home. What is wrong with you people??!!! Its like visiting Auschwitz as a tourist in 1944... NOT OKEY!. Stupid ppl!

  • jugheadthejones
    jugheadthejones 19 days ago

    Andre was about to get his ass whooped

  • Null Llun
    Null Llun 19 days ago

    She's not a bad looking tour guide xD

  • Armen Shinnokyan
    Armen Shinnokyan 20 days ago

    that dude could end up in a labor camp.

  • Zach Haus
    Zach Haus 20 days ago

    what's so special about these 70 year old Russian T-34's....

    they prob still use them

  • Xohetzal
    Xohetzal 20 days ago

    I think it's safe to assume that Andre was spied on during his entire time in NK with more intensity than the rest.

  • The TDM HNIC Ghetto News Network

    Careful man they will put you in prison

  • Organized Stalking
    Organized Stalking 21 day ago

    You were treading in a fine line, the tour ppl look military. Trust me, there was a sinister reason for wanting to know his name. If you weren't tourists that laughing would have landed you in prison. Laughing at the regime is very risky.

  • theabstrakt84
    theabstrakt84 21 day ago

    and you guys are ignorant as fuck you just paid into the NK government so they can kill their own people and built more nuclear bombs...thanks

  • rixille
    rixille 21 day ago

    I wouldn't be sarcastic in North Korea or insinuate in any way if I am visiting such a crazy place. I would be a diplomat, being respectful, courteous and following their customs on their soil. When I get on the airplane and leave Korean airspace, I would be like: "Yeah there are better places to go."

  • Keno
    Keno 21 day ago

    I would have to use my whole willpower not to smack her on the ass, same feeling as looking down from the top of a building and being scared you suddenly might jump. Im weird

  • gr32008
    gr32008 21 day ago

    Tourists treat this place like Disney Land, but keep in mind how many innocent people have been killed/are starving under this brutal regime. Outsiders shouldn't give a dime of their money to this country.

  • Pat Ling
    Pat Ling 21 day ago

    you should be ashamed to visit north korea and support this regime with your touristmoney!

  • Huggy Bear
    Huggy Bear 22 days ago

    as a westerner, i'm ok with you sending Andre to a work camp.

  • Spycrab
    Spycrab 22 days ago

    00:55 German lifebelt? lol

  • Mary
    Mary 23 days ago +1

    Embarrassing, disrespectful idiot.

  • Hector Santiago
    Hector Santiago 23 days ago

    I was actually scared for the guy one wrong step and your ass is dead

  • 96NightRider96
    96NightRider96 23 days ago

    How can they just laugh like all is okay? I feel so bad for the citizens military on non military...sigh...

  • Lee W
    Lee W 23 days ago

    Well you can see one thing. Not one piece of trash or anything out of place.

  • Mikki Yeong
    Mikki Yeong 23 days ago

    that woman can beat all of you without problem so show respect western douchebag

  • Nnot
    Nnot 23 days ago

    Really? He thinks this is funny?

  • FalconBoxe
    FalconBoxe 23 days ago

    American tourists are always dumb and disrespectful

  • scienceboy20814
    scienceboy20814 24 days ago

    I thought she was pretty cool about it. The tourists were more being the jackasses.

  • Raymond Leggs
    Raymond Leggs 24 days ago

    Lol some of that old equipment is american I swar I saw a PT boat!

  • Matteo Prezioso
    Matteo Prezioso 24 days ago

    Wow, what a fucking mentally retarded cocky idiot we've got here. Some story he made for his friends, and grandchildren. Boring them to death in the meantime.
    Maybe he should have being picked instead of that poor bloke that returned braindead. He might have liked it.
    What a fucking idiot.

  • billy axler
    billy axler 25 days ago

    rules are rules. are anglos that braindead?

  • Di Tang
    Di Tang 25 days ago

    travelling in hell,stupid self-abusive behavior

  • Bigg Jeff
    Bigg Jeff 26 days ago

    its allowed to make vocations there?

  • windblowpass
    windblowpass 26 days ago

    i don't support the north korean regime. neither support people who goto north korea just to show disrepect to the people there or their history.

  • anjinsan
    anjinsan 26 days ago

    what the fuck are they doing in this country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    they will end up dead like that guy from usa student-were are they going next?=to afganistan to preach christainity to isis-fuckin idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Valoro85
    Valoro85 27 days ago

    Fuck NK.

  • Kmz Mass
    Kmz Mass 27 days ago

    You know the more I watch tourists pushing their luck in North Korea the more I am beginning to understand, people like otto warmbier. Just plain idiot's pushing their luck thinking nothing can happen to them.

  • Gino Perez
    Gino Perez 27 days ago +1

    North koreans are the worse asians on earth.

  • Melbin Bautista
    Melbin Bautista 27 days ago

    Fucking arab

  • Ben Baxter
    Ben Baxter 27 days ago

    i don't understand why you want to travel to the country of your enemy. you are asking people gently to be killed .

  • amc2525
    amc2525 27 days ago

    yeah, keeping fucking arround with the DPRK tour guide dumbass, you'll end up in prison.

  • Plumpstery
    Plumpstery 27 days ago +1

    rip otto

  • Anton Danić
    Anton Danić 27 days ago

    just shut the fuck up and listen why if you don't give a fuck even go and on top of that act like that

  • iluminati76
    iluminati76 27 days ago

    Fucking retard race if you ask me.

  • Marude Maru
    Marude Maru 27 days ago

    0:10-The lady was like "Bitch wtf you doing?"

  • Dean D.
    Dean D. 27 days ago

    Andre, you're an ass. And you wonder why a hostile attitude exists towards the US in parts of the planet.

    SHADOWNINE79 27 days ago

    Lucky they didn't execute him on the spot.

  • Red Gamer
    Red Gamer 28 days ago

    then this retard gona cry like otto the american killed gor taking a poster and laughing about it , this gaytard is so retarded

  • longducdong
    longducdong 28 days ago

    is he in coma?

  • Slyde InfinitySpinCasts

    oooohyeah and like the tour guide has great hair it would have been a pleasure probably to behave.What was the submarine again, it still looks lovely anyway also. The hard stuff isn't funny as you can kind of sense in this incident, remember the country is majority Korean for Koreans. As there's other things to do , hey maybe there are Dem Republic Koreans about who aren't suspected of wandering away from the love of living together on the world.Well anyway thanks for sharing this quite normal excitement.

  • Will
    Will 28 days ago

    Sees his friend get in trouble for abandoning group *abandons group*

  • Elmer Henriquez
    Elmer Henriquez 28 days ago

    that's why you idiots end up in jail in North Korea

  • Chun Qiu
    Chun Qiu 29 days ago

    North Koreans deserve their fate, look at this guide who intimidates in asking the man name. There are good and bad people everywhere, it's strange the North Koreans inspire few or almost no sympathy.

  • schlamben1
    schlamben1 29 days ago

    An American taking a vacation in North Korea is like a Jew taking a vacation in Hitler's Third Reich.

  • Entity of Existence
    Entity of Existence 1 month ago

    You mock them without considering how many millions of them the Americans actually killed. How stupid is OUR patriotism?

    You're a douchebag.

  • David
    David 1 month ago

    Anyone else thinking the guy recording this better catch up with the group or he gonna get got!?

  • Count Lovula
    Count Lovula 1 month ago

    " Smart ass tourist aggressors . One more criminal action and I will turn all of you into Soylent green" !

  • Gio Verde
    Gio Verde 1 month ago

    I would never go North Korea ever!

  • XAVI68S
    XAVI68S 1 month ago

    north korea is shit i wont go never there.

  • Red88Rex
    Red88Rex 1 month ago

    Considering what happened to Otto Warmbier, who m ight not have even committed any crime...this is scary. Don't go to NK and if you are that "adventurous" certainly don't misstep lest you be used for political bargaining...or worse.

  • Elias Dolinsek
    Elias Dolinsek 1 month ago

    I would never go there!

  • john williams
    john williams 1 month ago +1

    who the fuck willingly travels to North Korea as a tourist?

  • Black Tiger
    Black Tiger 1 month ago

    Andre wants to die!!

  • Ms Visio
    Ms Visio 1 month ago

    Why would someone go to North Korea even if offered a free ticket!

  • Supreme Clientele
    Supreme Clientele 1 month ago

    Sounds like a substitute teacher when they're getting acquainted with the bad kid in class... it always starts with 'can I have your name'... from there on they have their eye on you

  • Jason Hu
    Jason Hu 1 month ago

    What kind of camera / set up did you use?

  • MalonsMilk
    MalonsMilk 1 month ago

    Way to act like an overprivileged jerk. You go to one of the most dangerous countries in the world and act with the same disrespect you show your own people. This woman has to do her job because her life and her children's lives depend on it. Give her a break and act like a human being. And some Americans wonder why they hate you so much...

  • Eamon O'Reilly
    Eamon O'Reilly 1 month ago

    Fuckwits lol

  • Nonesense Speaker
    Nonesense Speaker 1 month ago

    Lesson to anyone wanting to visit North Korea. Do not F*ck around. They aren't going to take it lightly. A kid ripped a poster and a year later he was let out of jail brain damaged and died the next morning after being delivered home to America and his family. He was a student.

  • Servidores Del Evangelio

    better not to take this things too soft, north Korea is not a joke

  • Jah P
    Jah P 1 month ago

    its kinda like going to visit cambodia during the khmer rouge...

  • Sprezza Tura
    Sprezza Tura 1 month ago

    Great idea. Go to North Korea and act like a bunch of assholes. What could go wrong? Like that guy who went there and started screwing around with some restricted area in his hotel. They kept him for a yeah and a half then sent him home with a fully erased mind. Ask that guy about how cool it is to prove you can go to North Korea and act like a delinquent. Well, you can't any more than you can ask a piece of broccoli or a clam.

  • MegaLangosta
    MegaLangosta 1 month ago

    Yeah. Go on a tour group to NK. Then goof around. ... Jesus wept. Andre ain't long for this world.

  • bradOLF pittLER
    bradOLF pittLER 1 month ago

    the tour guide's cute though.

  • Takomi Kanaki
    Takomi Kanaki 1 month ago

    she's being nice👍

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