Tracking the Xenomorph - New Alien Covenant Clip

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  • Artifice Prey
    Artifice Prey 20 days ago

    You know, if your looking for a good time that involves your brain not functioning for a while, you could just do drugs or drink alcohol...

    Instead of making movies mediocre...

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 1 month ago +1

    0:09 to 0:11 the funny part is no one patched that up in the final product the cgi still clips through the floor.

  • Paul Razvan
    Paul Razvan 1 month ago

    To all displeased fans. Go make your own Alien movie.

  • erock676
    erock676 1 month ago

    Jesus Christ what is this The Mummy Returns?

  • John Lowry
    John Lowry 1 month ago

    Holy shit at 0:08 the tubes on the aliens back clip through the floor, how did that get past post production!?

  • Klonoa
    Klonoa 2 months ago

    That CGI is horrid, and why is the Xenomorph so well lit?

  • TheRetroGamest
    TheRetroGamest 2 months ago

    Look, I'm really excited to see this tomorrow, but eh, I wish they kept the Xenomorph more mysterious. And the POV looks cheesy. Either way thanks Ridley for bringing it back!

  • Tache 67
    Tache 67 2 months ago

    well I have yet to see, and regardless of difference of opinion in like and dislike. I find some films are good especially when someone rubbishes it. So anyone thinking of giving it a miss because of shit reviews, just go and watch it and make your own mind up on it. Now Personally I can't wait I don't think it starts till Friday here.

  • MattWagnerMovies
    MattWagnerMovies 2 months ago +1

    You guys the CG IS NOT FREAKING FINISHED HEREIn the actual film it is polished and complete Reserve judgment until the full release

  • ros1tony
    ros1tony 2 months ago

    This movie was terrible.

  • shock shell
    shock shell 2 months ago

    I am waiting for the bluray for not see the fucking backpipe akward CG

  • TF Deadpool 117
    TF Deadpool 117 2 months ago

    Hello david...

  • Cytron1515
    Cytron1515 2 months ago

    I hate that they're showing the whole xenomorph right away. Kinda ruins the suspense and creepiness. A great creature feature shows a little of the creature was possible until the final confrontation. Simple formula: less is more.

  • Actual T R A S H
    Actual T R A S H 2 months ago

    You'd think this was a render preview and they fixed the clipping in post. Nope! The alien's back spines/ pipes (I'm sure someone with some understanding of xenomorph anatomy has an actual name for those things) do the exact same in the final product. $111m budget right here folks, smh.

  • Joseph Mora
    Joseph Mora 2 months ago

    They could had used a puppet for taken out the camera. The CGI still looks fake.

  • Ricsi's-World
    Ricsi's-World 2 months ago

    its absolutely awful... the part where the Alien glitches through the tube its actually in the movie.... horrible HOW DID THEY MISSED THIS???!!! I expected more from this movie, really... not just because of the bad cgi but because of poor script writing too.... so sad....

  • Richard Simms
    Richard Simms 2 months ago

    nipples in space

  • LKVideos
    LKVideos 2 months ago

    that's so cool !
    though the cgi is rather good game level than cinema, no offense. It's till pretty dope !

  • herrlogan17
    herrlogan17 2 months ago

    CGI reminds me Alien Ressurection. Good job guys, really :)

  • Obliteradon
    Obliteradon 2 months ago

    I didn't like Prometheus and from the moment they announced Covenant, I had a bad feeling about the movie. The more images I see from it, the more pessimistic I am. It seems to me like Ridley Scott has no idea (or no will) how to deal with his own mythology anymore. This scene, for example, I don't have the context (probably in the last 20 minutes though), but it looks poor. The first Alien movie (and the best) was scary because the creature was a real, tangible and yet unpredictable thing ; they managed to make terrifying a guy in a latex suit just with lightings and camera angles, it stayed mysterious, always in the shadows. Here ? 2017 in your face bitch, the creature is all CGI, all shiny and shit, and you can see it ANYWHERE and you can see all its moves and glances. To me, it looks like they are now more trying to appeal to the people who played Alien Isolation than trying to make a great, original, self-sufficient movie.

  • jurassicmon334
    jurassicmon334 2 months ago

    Walter when he flinched I laughed.

  • lalaland
    lalaland 2 months ago +1

    Oh no this is going to be shit isn't it? :-(

    EDUARDO BALBUENA 2 months ago

    Really hope the movie has practical effects

  • Zoe Kavanagh
    Zoe Kavanagh 2 months ago +2

    You would think if they couldn't sort out the proportions of the Xeno and had it clipping, that simply just show Walter and let him describe it. If it looks bad dont show it.

  • Nicholas Mazaras
    Nicholas Mazaras 2 months ago +6

    Wow I been so excited for this movie for so long, but this scene makes me really worry... what happened to practical effects? It looked better in 1979

  • Mind Quake
    Mind Quake 2 months ago +6

    Looks. So. Baaaaadddd...

    • Brace Land
      Brace Land 2 months ago

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    • Mind Quake
      Mind Quake 2 months ago

      The Gentleman well how in the hell could i ever miss that?? Just thought I would point it out again just for the hilarity of it all. Btw, your uninteresting replies read like so: "blahhh blahh VIRGIN blah blahhhh blahh ".

    • The Gentleman
      The Gentleman 2 months ago

      +Mind Quake Well no shit, I confirmed it in a previous comment. Did that just slip your mind? More importantly, did you even read my comments in full? You can pretend all you want that having sex is like a badge of honor, but in reality its as valuable as a Chucky Cheese token. Its so much fun seeing you struggle to make a comeback! Insulting another individual's virginity is like the oldest trick in the troll book.

    • Mind Quake
      Mind Quake 2 months ago

      The Gentleman virgin confirmed! 😜

    • The Gentleman
      The Gentleman 2 months ago

      Mind Quake Hey look its my favorite butt hurt illogical man whore! I missed you so much! Your bad grammar brings back so many heart filled memories! Thanks for further proving my point.

  • JCORR76
    JCORR76 2 months ago

    Yeah the Alien Isolation Xenomorph was better done than this one! Besides, why not simply kill the creature by closing the door while it's crossing it? I can only imagine it's David and not Wawlter who's trying to lead the Xenomorph to Daniels and Tennesse

    • R co
      R co 2 months ago

      You know that xenomorphs have acid for blood right?

  • simple_enigma
    simple_enigma 2 months ago +2

    Doesn't this take place way before Alien? yet the tracking system is much more advanced....

    • carig121
      carig121 2 months ago

      so ripley was grounded in aliens for blowing a 40 million dollar antiquity good for scrapping in alien? how unfair lol

    • Pipboys and Lightsabers
      Pipboys and Lightsabers 2 months ago

      Steve L the ship in Alien is low tech compared to this. That's why.

  • Christopher Stratos
    Christopher Stratos 2 months ago +5

    WTF with the CGI...WTF WTF WTF...ARE you kidding me? is this a JOKE?

    luckily they didnt make it and low polly 3d model god......

  • Nick Burfield
    Nick Burfield 2 months ago

    FOX should just give the Alien movie rights back to Marvel.

    • TF Deadpool 117
      TF Deadpool 117 2 months ago

      I don't think you guys got the yolk.

    • topknot01
      topknot01 2 months ago

      While I think some of their movies are great (Winter soldier and civil war) they have a lot more bad (Thor dark world , iron man 2 and 3) to mediocre. With the exception of Winter soldier they play their movies way too safe by following the same basic family friendly formula. They have way to many jokes in their movies to the point were it sometimes feels like i'm watching a parody.
      I never want Marvel to get the x-men because if they did we wouldn't get movies like Deadpool and Logan.

    • Ian Levinson
      Ian Levinson 2 months ago

      Exactly, its so stupid that the mcu is the gold standard for the modern blockbuster

    • Spaceway Films
      Spaceway Films 2 months ago

      nah we dont need anymore of these pg13 bullcrap

  • The Ghost In the Machine

    You should probably correct that From Xenomorph to Protomorph

  • MechaG2
    MechaG2 2 months ago +11

    0:08 How can they allow the Alien's tubes to clip through the floor?! o_O It's incredibly unprofessional. I hope they're going to fix it before release.

    • Kaleb Laakes
      Kaleb Laakes 2 months ago

      Looking at it carefully, I think it could be explained as the tubes being flexible, and bending to fit through the gap. Consider how terrible it would be if they were rigid, they stick out so far that the monster would have a lot of trouble getting through tunnels! :P

    • Drake Jones
      Drake Jones 2 months ago

      Ofcourse, it's more important to put gays and black people in the movies, rather then make a good movie.

    • R co
      R co 2 months ago

      +George Hein Nocturnal animals, arrival, a monster call, lion, la la land, moonlight are great movies from last year. Split and get out are great horror movies from this year. Beauty and the beast, logan and Kong where all perfectly fine blockbusters. People like you just spout utter garbage and have no idea what you're talking about. And I would like to see you do a better job than highly trained professionals.

    • George Hein
      George Hein 2 months ago

      They're shit, that's why. Hollywood cares more about crying waycist nowadays than about actually producing top notch movies.

  • Michal Rojas
    Michal Rojas 2 months ago +9

    0:31 "Cleva girl"

  • DeperSogtnatch
    DeperSogtnatch 2 months ago +7

    This looks and feels like a TV show. Ridley has lost his touch.

    • Raul Duarte
      Raul Duarte 2 months ago

      DeterSnogpatch he lost his touch hard..... i'l watch it but if it dissppoints me i'm walking out.

  • Richie L57
    Richie L57 2 months ago +1

    ughhh why the fuck do we have to wait two more weeks to see this movie in the states

  • Forever_UT_ fan
    Forever_UT_ fan 2 months ago +1

    0:15 Alien 3
    0:30 Alien Resurrection

  • ulfingvar1
    ulfingvar1 2 months ago

    Ha ha it! when the beastie gives the camera some tongue. Little humour there.. great sequence, hop it's actually in the film and not some throwaway stuff they allowed online..

    • Adam Winn
      Adam Winn 2 months ago

      ulfingvar1 it has been rated in its uncut version so I imagine this will be in the movie

    • Forever_UT_ fan
      Forever_UT_ fan 2 months ago

      Like Alien Resurrection when the alien hits the window.

  • Jeremy Greenidge
    Jeremy Greenidge 2 months ago +31

    Jesus Christ, the comment thread just shows how fans are so hard to please these days.

    • Jeremy Greenidge
      Jeremy Greenidge 2 months ago

      +Drake Jones You saw it already?

    • Drake Jones
      Drake Jones 2 months ago

      Yeah, especially if old fart ridley desperatly trying to reproduce, or even overtop the original, but in the end it is a forgettable mediocre shit.

    • Jeremy Greenidge
      Jeremy Greenidge 2 months ago

      +MechaG2 I've gotta check out that scene again. It looked like it went down the ladder with its tubes bending back.

    • Jeremy Greenidge
      Jeremy Greenidge 2 months ago

      +Rob Scha Nay Nay Seriously? It's "The End" after that for you, huh?

    • MechaG2
      MechaG2 2 months ago

      Maybe they were short a million. lol

      Seriously, though. I hope the clipping isn't going to be in the final cut. :/

  • Jeremy Greenidge
    Jeremy Greenidge 2 months ago +12

    I think David is pretending to be Walter here. Walter wouldn't have jumped like that.

    • Jeremy Greenidge
      Jeremy Greenidge 2 months ago

      +Christian Dannie Storgaard True. David is something else.

    • Christian Dannie Storgaard
      Christian Dannie Storgaard 2 months ago

      It's clear that David has set up a small hair salon in his little cave and often dyes and cuts his hair in colours and styles matching the protagonist of his current favourite classic film. That's what makes Covenant so scary.

    • Joshua Hornbaker
      Joshua Hornbaker 2 months ago

      Jeremy Greenidge We don't know for sure if that's Walter or David because they are the same but with different hair and that is Walter to me

    • Jeremy Greenidge
      Jeremy Greenidge 2 months ago

      +Obscure Mammal True, but if you noticed in the trailers David's hair is still blonde. And I think in another screenshot, it grew out.

    • Obscure Mammal
      Obscure Mammal 2 months ago

      Jacob Conard - I'm pretty sure they both have brown hair. In Prometheus you can see that David dyes his hair blonde, I think it was in the beginning while he is watching Lawrence of Arabia.

  • Андрей Чепурнов

    Not scary or suspenseful at all.

    • Emidretrauqe
      Emidretrauqe 2 months ago

      Especially with the poor animation.

    • ulfingvar1
      ulfingvar1 2 months ago

      It's 32 seconds, dude, who knows what leads up to it and what the payoff will be

  • Joshua Hornbaker
    Joshua Hornbaker 2 months ago +11

    I like the part of Katherine and McBride are working together to stop the Xenomorph and the CGI Xenomorph looks so amazing and cool can't wait to see the whole movie

    • Klonoa
      Klonoa 2 months ago

      It looks fucking awful, are you blind?

  • bb941314
    bb941314 2 months ago +5

    david hijack walter ?

  • LodossWarz
    LodossWarz 2 months ago +15

    I hate the technology gap between Alien and alien 79 their motion tracker looked like pacman without the years before Alien, they have a detailed tracking system in Alien C, and someone is going to say..."but they were miners"

    • Cuntboy McCuntface
      Cuntboy McCuntface 2 months ago

      I think they justify it as a "reimagining." Would have been cooler as a post war, cold war remake than a modern take on Bond.

    • Kei Kurono
      Kei Kurono 2 months ago

      Thats the shit thing with prequels that are made decades after the originals.
      The james bond movies bothered me as well. Casino royale suposedly being a bond origin movie, but they have the new aston martin and the world was set in modern world.

    • Cuntboy McCuntface
      Cuntboy McCuntface 2 months ago

      Ah I see where you're going, they should have kept it retro tech and industrial to a degree to tie in with what would follow rather than flat screen holographic tech. I could see why the Nostromo and Fury 161 would been run down but LV-426 would be fairly top of the line albeit lived in so yeah the tech doesn't make sense from a art and design standpoint.

    • Austin Vanderheyden
      Austin Vanderheyden 2 months ago

      +Cuntboy McCuntface But still though, that doesn't account for the colony on lv426. It was the state if the art operation, but still had old tech. Even in the last alien movie which takes place 150 years after alien 3, they had outdated tech. I personally think it was just a bad design joice impart by Ridley. This whole series feels more comfortable with 80's tech as I find it adds more suspense, ie the radar used to hunt the xenomorphs in alien and aliens, and how with the who biomechanical appearance of xenomorohs I find it just suits it better with 80's like tech.

    • Cuntboy McCuntface
      Cuntboy McCuntface 2 months ago

      Why would a tug have sophisticated systems like a state of the art colony ship? It would make no sense to do that financially for the simple task it was to perform. The age of the ship which for all intents and purposes was probably coming to the end of its service. It was a refurbished cruise ship retrofit to haul large cargo. Any tech like that would have been gutted out of the ship to reduce total mass and sold off or sold on. They "were blind on B and C decks" which Ripley says to Dallas in the first act. It's like fitting a beat up, 40 year old freight truck with the same tech that should be in a concept super car despite a few decades difference technologically.

    ULTRAWIDE 2 months ago +76

    Are the the tubes on the back of the alien clipping through the floor?! Lmao what the fuck

    • Tactical Burrito System
      Tactical Burrito System 1 month ago

      In the novelization the spines clip through the floor, Walter alludes to this fault in the production by drinking from a cup of coffee that has the visual effect company logo on it. :)

    • notpongkong
      notpongkong 1 month ago

      Im sure its been said, but i saw the film in the theater recently and it happens quite fast, but im certain they fold back in the final version. Id have to see the film again to confirm, but the whole animation looked better and the spines were in a slightly different position

    • 1r0zz
      1r0zz 1 month ago

      the people noticed it in the first place is because it's a 32 secondo clip... there are worse mistakes in modern movies that people happily ignores...

    • Mr 2me
      Mr 2me 2 months ago

      +TheAuthorsFiles I think everyone is overeacting, it's such a small part in the film. Even then, I thought the scene was effective because it shows how agile the alien is, hence why the shot is so short. I don't know what you mean by 'retracting' its tubes, because in the final product the tubes are forced backwards as they come in contact with the vents perimeter, which is what I meant by 'peel', simple as that. You fuckers are just nitpicking as this point.

    • TheAuthorsFiles
      TheAuthorsFiles 2 months ago

      Regardless of whether they peel or not, the fact that people find the shot distracting proves it was a poor animation job. If the alien was actually supposed to be retracting its tubes, they could have made that evident a second before it descended, rather than right as it was going through the hole. Just one of many easy fixes they could have applied to this movie.

  • Drake Jones
    Drake Jones 2 months ago +16

    Wow, this looks cheesy AF

    • Man Beadle
      Man Beadle 1 month ago

      It might be somehow less cheesier if he has a wedge of cheese stuffed in his mouth.

    • FlashMeterRed
      FlashMeterRed 1 month ago

      @Man The hoodie makes it cheesy as fuck?

    • The Gentleman
      The Gentleman 2 months ago

      Your grammar is cheesy as fuck.

    • davefan16
      davefan16 2 months ago

      Jacob Conard yes

  • toffee20
    toffee20 2 months ago +30

    I wish they'd be more selective with the CG shots. Some look great but some look plain cartoony.

    • dkflwhsk 77
      dkflwhsk 77 2 months ago

      As the person i saw first, this video's exactly same with the theater version.

    • Jacob Conard
      Jacob Conard 2 months ago

      not at all

  • Joleke22
    Joleke22 2 months ago +15

    omg this CGI suck so much... Covenant will be another dissapointed.. fuck you Scott

  • theshadowX14
    theshadowX14 2 months ago +24

    what the fuck ?
    holy jesus
    what the fuck was that ?
    What was that ????
    Why the CGI look so regconizable ????

    • Christian Dannie Storgaard
      Christian Dannie Storgaard 2 months ago

      It's not quite that simple. Every Xenomorph shot in Alien 3 was with either an analogue composite of a puppet or a suit, but the cracking of the dome near the end of the film was a digitally animated composite and marked the first use of CGI on the creature. But yes, Alien: Resurrection was the first time the xenomorph was animated as a full CGI creature.

    • Mike M
      Mike M 2 months ago

      @Mark, no it doesn't. You don't know what you're talking about. It used composited puppeteering for the Alien, That movie pre-dates cg. Resurrection does, and looked good for the time, but is dated, also a shit movie. The cg in Covenant looks great

    • Eric Fierro
      Eric Fierro 2 months ago

      Mark Gasto eh

    • Mark Gasto
      Mark Gasto 2 months ago

      You said that this is the first time that cgi was used on an alien, dont try to twist the words. you know what you mean :P

  • RustiSwordz
    RustiSwordz 2 months ago +33

    Alien 3 touch there from the Xeno POV.

    • Carter Moth
      Carter Moth 1 month ago

      Newt autopsy scene FTW.

    • Quico Gil
      Quico Gil 2 months ago

      Killing off Newt and Hicks was good.

    • topknot01
      topknot01 2 months ago

      So you think the POV shot was worse than killing off Newt and Hicks?

    • rollingmaxipads
      rollingmaxipads 2 months ago

      DeterSnogpatch Wrong

    • DeperSogtnatch
      DeperSogtnatch 2 months ago

      Literally the worst part of Alien 3

  • WeylandYutaniInc91
    WeylandYutaniInc91 2 months ago +3


  • Armand Napolitano
    Armand Napolitano 2 months ago +24

    Is this Nintendo or Playstation

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