Puddles Pity Party Under Pressure

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  • Jeff Himmel
    Jeff Himmel 4 months ago +151

    That's me on stage eating those cupcakes!

  • bel6891
    bel6891 2 days ago

    Only time I;ve liked a freddie cover just as much as the Original!

  • Atzen Keeper
    Atzen Keeper 13 days ago

    best freddy mercury cover ever <3

  • Sam Scott
    Sam Scott 17 days ago

    Perfection :o)

  • Robert Merrill
    Robert Merrill 18 days ago

    This video is 4:20 long...

  • Robert Brinkley
    Robert Brinkley 20 days ago

    I love this guy's gimmick!

  • jamesha175
    jamesha175 21 day ago

    at 6'8" tall he is the biggest clown in our solar system

  • S C
    S C 27 days ago +1

    one word....genius

  • BoxinTheCompass
    BoxinTheCompass Month ago +1

    OK got it! On AGT Puddles brings on Howie on stage and feeds him Dunkin donuts! Great product placement for sponsor and good comedy shtick!

  • Kent Rudolph
    Kent Rudolph Month ago +1

    piano man wirh your guitar

  • QuantumRift
    QuantumRift Month ago +1

    Yes he does. He kills every song he sings and makes it his own.

  • Cynthia
    Cynthia Month ago

    Reminds me an art installation by Bruce Nauman called Clown Torture. It's on Youtube.

  • Randy Hansen
    Randy Hansen Month ago +1

    Covers Freddie Mercury and David Bowie??? Incredible...

  • Les Chelsey
    Les Chelsey Month ago +1

    13 dislikes. Why do these people even get out of bed in the morning?

  • fred minor
    fred minor Month ago

    This guy should be huge.

  • Osvaldo Cintron
    Osvaldo Cintron Month ago

    There's always the drunk with the dumb ass comment who had to ruin it. Dam it. Good vid puddles❤️👍🏼

  • latisha orange
    latisha orange Month ago


  • Bonita Costello
    Bonita Costello Month ago

    Is that you Freddy?

  • headrushindi
    headrushindi Month ago

    This Clown is the most unique, new , fresh and truuly original act I have seen in years !

  • Steven Mercy
    Steven Mercy Month ago +1


  • jamie hyde
    jamie hyde Month ago

    What a great entertainer..... The best.......

  • Ross Chester
    Ross Chester 2 months ago +3

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do Bohemian rhapsody or Killer Queen your voice is amazing and I've just watched you do under pressure and space Odyssey

  • Luke Rademacher
    Luke Rademacher 2 months ago

    wish you could of recorded this and some others in the studio. hard to hear all the nuances and classic Puddles tonality in a live performance.

  • Matt Walls
    Matt Walls 2 months ago

    well executed leave the impossible notes for the audience lol!

  • Francis Allen
    Francis Allen 2 months ago

    Damn that was awesome

  • therese rhatigan
    therese rhatigan 2 months ago


  • pSychO Roling
    pSychO Roling 2 months ago


  • Defcon Supply
    Defcon Supply 2 months ago


  • Mitch Weiner
    Mitch Weiner 2 months ago

    This guy is freaking brilliant !

  • kawaiipetal
    kawaiipetal 2 months ago

    I love Puddles!!!!

  • Devin Thomas
    Devin Thomas 2 months ago +1

    I hate clowns...But I love this guy

  • Nappafaction
    Nappafaction 2 months ago

    So any chance of you coming down south? I guarantee you would be a hit at SXSW in Austin.

  • Michael Lewis
    Michael Lewis 2 months ago +13

    I love that he blew up overnight from his performance on America's Got Talent. Unbelievably amazing performer.

    • downer719
      downer719 2 months ago

      Michael Lewis I've jammed this guys music since he sung lonely guy by flat duo jets an amazing sing btw I want him to sing creep by radiohead I am the first person to say this and I have waited for like 2 years for him to do it... come on puddles I've been waiting...!

    MCOTIB 2 months ago +1

    Genius must be recognized, or the very clowns of the earth will proclaim it! Great rendition (or is that _extreme_?)!!

  • Andrew C
    Andrew C 2 months ago +6

    freddie would a loved that man puddles is amazing better n better every vid i watch

  • Jamjar राम फल

    Puddles how about whole lotta love by led zeppelin?

  • Elise Xuereb
    Elise Xuereb 2 months ago +3

    Freddie Mercury's voice was given to Puddles :O :O

  • wtglb
    wtglb 2 months ago +4

    This would be a great medley for Puddles to perform on AGT, I think this would make him the winner!

    • wtglb
      wtglb Month ago

      Amy Rausch haga, that would be great!

    • Amy Rausch
      Amy Rausch Month ago

      It would be epic to have Simon eating the cupcakes.

  • flor wast
    flor wast 2 months ago +23

    I have GOT to see this boy in concert...

    • chrometoaster
      chrometoaster 2 months ago

      I am so bummed because he was nearby enough on the 9th of this month, but my time and $ stars did not align. I soo want to see his Live show.

    • wtglb
      wtglb 2 months ago

      My sentiments exactly!

  • G man Gg
    G man Gg 2 months ago +1

    This is the only clown I have liked since pennywise from a Steven king novel and at least he doesn't eat children lol well at least that I know of ha ha ha

  • wtglb
    wtglb 2 months ago +3

    666 likes, I almost don't want to "like" it! I have to go see this guy!

  • Kevin Collins
    Kevin Collins 3 months ago +3

    So so so so so good.

  • TheShutteredRoom
    TheShutteredRoom 3 months ago +3

    Puddles is great, awesome, unique. But Freddy Mercury is uncomparable.

  • Tesha
    Tesha 3 months ago +4

    don't get me wrong I like puddles but I wish he would be himself instead of a clown. I think he could go far with his voice.

    • Adam Corfman
      Adam Corfman Month ago

      Big Mike Geier is a good friend of Puddles. They got the same tattoo together, on the same arm. The tattoos are identical, the tattoo artist did a great job!

    • Tesha
      Tesha 2 months ago

      +Bear 113 thank you

    • Bear 113
      Bear 113 2 months ago

      Tesha, check out "Big Mike" Geier and you will see Puddles as himself.

  • Jason Tims
    Jason Tims 3 months ago +1

    I read a while ago someone wants you to do more Queen I agree please do

  • Joe Johnston
    Joe Johnston 3 months ago +8

    Pissed my pants when you inserted Fronzen. Perfect.

    • Valosar Aria
      Valosar Aria 18 days ago

      Joe Johnston I almost didn't even notice it was Let it Go it fit so well. My brain fooled me into thinking that was in Under Pressure and I literally just listened the original video a few moments before! He's freaking amazing

    • Patty Groh
      Patty Groh 21 day ago

      That was brilliant. And when he hits the money note in Frozen, he pulls the mic all the way down to his waste and you can still hear him. He is fabulous.

  • Michael R. Wilder
    Michael R. Wilder 3 months ago

    I want to see what happened before he started singing. Everything I've seen on here so far is of him singing, and it's great and all, but I'm trying to understand the whole schtick. Why is he a clown and what else is there to the show? Where do we see a full episode so to speak?

  • James Towler
    James Towler 3 months ago +47

    All these years, and it took Puddles to point out to me that Stressed is Desserts spelt backwards.

  • Ryan Barnhart
    Ryan Barnhart 3 months ago

    Where has this guy been my whole life?!?

  • Montague Flange
    Montague Flange 4 months ago

    Excellent voice

  • blademon7
    blademon7 4 months ago

    He does so much with so little. Great voice. Thanks for sharing, dude. Have a great day! :-)

  • Mike Mac
    Mike Mac 4 months ago +5

    Four minutes and twenty seconds, a singing clown and I'll be darned, not a doobie to be found.

  • kleven707
    kleven707 4 months ago +12

    Mike is a genius of theater.

    • Kevin Carmical
      Kevin Carmical Month ago

      Something about his in/out of character selves remind me a lot of early Hugh Laurie stuff. Amazing guy!

    • BluesLicks101
      BluesLicks101 2 months ago


    • 83706Rachel
      83706Rachel 2 months ago

      He is the BEST performance artist I have ever seen!

    • Will Bruner
      Will Bruner 2 months ago

      Uh...the clown...Mike Geier plays the part of Puddles

    • BluesLicks101
      BluesLicks101 2 months ago


  • Jay Howard
    Jay Howard 4 months ago

    Wow, I was at that show!!! He is amazing :-)

  • D.R. W
    D.R. W 4 months ago

    Love this guy!

  • Ann White
    Ann White 4 months ago +4

    I love Puddles, but this isn't the best choice of song for him.

    • Rob Bedore
      Rob Bedore 4 months ago

      i don't know why, but it just struck me as funny when Puddles pulls his Guest away from the Table, and makes him say "Under Pressure" :D

  • DrakeMagnum
    DrakeMagnum 4 months ago +14

    I had never actually noticed the lyrics to this song before. Leave it to Puddles to fix that for me.

  • falsehero2001
    falsehero2001 4 months ago +74

    The only man who deserves to sing this song other than Freddy.

  • Gabriel Bué
    Gabriel Bué 4 months ago

    Que genio!!! Me encanta!

  • The Revolution Will Be Televised

    When Michael Jackson played with his balls it was disturbing, But when Puddles plays with his balls It feels so right.

    • Lester Magnuson
      Lester Magnuson 22 hours ago


    • 83706Rachel
      83706Rachel 2 months ago

      Repeal or Recall I KNOW what you mean ... did you watch the Royals video? LOL! 😊

  • JEIL
    JEIL 5 months ago

    the cherry pie in the background.....something to do with Twin Peaks?

  • Aaron G. Randall
    Aaron G. Randall 5 months ago

    Amazing! Love that clown! :D

  • Brick Mason
    Brick Mason 5 months ago

    The man can sing

  • Bobby C
    Bobby C 5 months ago +3

    Great combination of performance and performance art.

  • Heath Wells
    Heath Wells 6 months ago +2

    "eat up, eat up" - hahahah - only Mike thinks of this take on the song!

  • ravepuppie
    ravepuppie 6 months ago +12

    I've always wanted to see Puddles tackle a Queen classic. Here it is. An honest critique... About 10 - 15 bpm too fast and, while the vocals are excellent, he lacks the total range and true passion Freddy Mercury / David Bowie put behind this iconic tune. I give it a 6.7 of 10. Maybe next time you could instead do "Ice, Ice Baby"... Keep on rocking, Puddles!

    • Phoebe Yuu
      Phoebe Yuu 23 days ago

      I agree. When I heard his voice in I (Who Have Nothing), I suddenly remember Freddie's voice and searched if Puddles ever covered a Queen/Freddie song. And his vocal and power in this one is on par with when Freddie sang Under Pressure at Wembley (I'm so happy to hear someone who could recreate that Wembley feel on me beside Freddie himself), but he's a little bit too fast. Still love Puddles to the moon and back, though!

    • David Ferrara
      David Ferrara Month ago

      no one cares what you think

    • hoeky442
      hoeky442 2 months ago

      True. You want to hear him mimic someone's voice look up his Pinball Wizard/Folsom Prison Mashup - he can sound a LOT like Cash!

    • Ken Steiger
      Ken Steiger 3 months ago

      Thank you. Exactly.

  • Kimberly Easton
    Kimberly Easton 6 months ago +2


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