New Rule: The Magic R | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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    In his editorial New Rule, Bill Maher wonders why Republicans have "Patriotic Immunity" and disputes the notion that they inherently love America more than Democrats.

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  • Runtime: 7:32
  • Milo Yiannopoulos  Breitbart News  Dangerous  Leah Remini  A&E  Scientology and the Aftermath  Jack Kingston  Republican  Georgia  Malcolm Nance  Larry Wilmore (Comedian)  

Comments: 2 120

  • Linda Piet
    Linda Piet 4 days ago

    Get him out of office #resistTrump

  • lananh coryer
    lananh coryer 14 days ago +1

    yes Bill , the Republicans has turn their backs on their motherland , Yes they do

  • Kevin Kljyan
    Kevin Kljyan 17 days ago

    "Please, his Ego is 1st, his Hotels are 2nd, Russia 🇷🇺 is 3rd, I'd be surprised if America made the top 10". That is Trump and his mafia admin. for you. A self-centered egotistic lunatic, who needs to get out of America. It is very hard to find Republicans who do not have "patriotic immunity", as Bill Maher describes, who genuinely care about The United States of America, its national security, its economic well-being and growth, its core values and interests, its citizens, its free and fair elections (John McCain is one of those few Republicans who are true patriots of the U.S.A.). Republicans and Russia today are the existential threat to America and NOT the Democrats. The Democrats are the heroic and patriotic coalition, though admitely flawed to an extent. Screw Republicans, Trump, and Trump surrogates altogether, to HELL, including Vladimir Putin.

  • Thomas Coffin
    Thomas Coffin 26 days ago

    and the beautiful evangelicals love it to, give me a break

  • Shafeek Khan
    Shafeek Khan 28 days ago +1

    Bill fucking shreds the right and the far left! Love him!!!

  • julianbryantjb
    julianbryantjb Month ago

    this is not even funny!!! if you are old enough, and wise enough you lived this and remember it!!

  • يوسف القرعان

    fuk u

  • eboomer84
    eboomer84 Month ago

    Intelligence agencies were also saying there were WMD's in Iraq. Just saying, let's learn from history. There is a real possibility they are wrong.

  • Paul Lavender
    Paul Lavender Month ago

    I love Bill's NJ accent.

  • Review King
    Review King Month ago +1


  • Kyle Stubbs
    Kyle Stubbs 2 months ago +3

    Anyone who thinks _Real Time_ should be cancelled because Bill Maher said the n-word *once* needs to watch this sketch.

  • Nik May
    Nik May 2 months ago

    I disagree with a lot of You views but I love watching your show. Thank you

  • Nik May
    Nik May 2 months ago

    So a crazy person that's been captured and fucked up in the head should be even in the office of the White House? Yea think about that

  • Norman Bendroff
    Norman Bendroff 2 months ago

    bill you are biased Clinton lover

  • S. Bakyhnh
    S. Bakyhnh 3 months ago +3

    This man gets it, unlike America.

  • Merke Johnson
    Merke Johnson 3 months ago +2

    The Magic (R), remember this for the next 4 years because anytime you ask yourself, why are they still defending Trump? Just remember, the magic (R), Trump is like Bane. Nobody cared who Trump was until he put on the magic (R), Conservatives don't defend Jared, they don't defend Bill Cosby, they don't defend the MSM's attack on united airlines. Jared, Cosby, and United should all become republicans so they can blame all the negative press on the "Liberal media"

    They only like Trump because of the magic (R) deep down, 99% of Americans should hate this guy, but 35% do not because of his magic (R)

  • Pike Stance
    Pike Stance 3 months ago +2

    IDK, I do not have a problem with saluting with a coffee cup or a dog, but I think I will sit there quietly too if I had just been told about the attack.

    • Pike Stance
      Pike Stance 3 months ago

      I love how democrats and republicans both think the media will treat them differently if they were something else. Newsflash from people who are not part of that ridiculous dichotomy; you are both treated equally. Criticizing anyone for the manner they are in shocked is appalling.

    • nygma619
      nygma619 3 months ago

      Pike Stance it's not about that bush sat there silently. it's that if bush were a Democrat, he'd be straw manned by Republicans in no time.

  • Noah Branch
    Noah Branch 3 months ago

    liberalism is a mental illness the turtle revolution is at hand

  • Nackles
    Nackles 3 months ago +2

    I have issues with Bill Maher, but this has got to be one of the best segments of political humor/commentary I have ever seen. The question's been raised a million times, but never so succinctly and enjoyably.

  • Miles Armstead
    Miles Armstead 3 months ago

    "maybe if he'd done something he wouldn't be so unknown." killed it!!

  • Colton Oliver
    Colton Oliver 3 months ago

    Ignorant liberal haters. Talking down on Juliani who courageously responded on 9/11 keeping composure and helping NYC. Liberals are so divisive and filled with hate!

    • Alex Turlais
      Alex Turlais Month ago

      Colton Oliver Juliani doesn't have a life pass for being okay during 9/11. The attack had already happened - all he was doing was bringing stability after it.

  • Kathleen Bell
    Kathleen Bell 4 months ago

    Bill Maher at his finest. Love him or hate him it's imperative that we have voices like his be heard in the messed up times we live in here in the U.S.

  • Wildfan1984
    Wildfan1984 4 months ago

    Thank you Bill Maher for exposing the American right wing for the phony, worthless, duplicitous hypocrites that sane people always knew they were.

  • drz
    drz 4 months ago

    Obama didn't care about America either.

    • nygma619
      nygma619 3 months ago

      drz you have something articulate to back that up with?

  • cesar leon
    cesar leon 4 months ago

    this man is amazing, i would like to have some beers with him.

  • Insignificant Life form

    I thought that the magic R word was racist, which is what you leftists call someone anytime they don't agree with you.

  • Aaron Teitelbaum
    Aaron Teitelbaum 4 months ago +1

    (R) **Briiiiinnnnggggggggg**

  • Herman Helmich
    Herman Helmich 4 months ago

    I love this

  • brotha poetry 1
    brotha poetry 1 4 months ago

    Bill Maher is so intelligent and witty.

  • Glynis Joseph
    Glynis Joseph 4 months ago


  • PeaceFan1
    PeaceFan1 4 months ago +1

    BEST New Rules, Ever!!! xoxo

  • Art E Caza
    Art E Caza 4 months ago

    Bill,it works both ways that BIB D after ones name indicates a lying,useless thiving piece of skin that cannot be trusted.

  • Olivier Laufer
    Olivier Laufer 4 months ago

    Affleck : Oh are you the person who understand the officially codified doctrine of islam?
    Harris : Yes, I'm actualyl well educated on that subject.

    Nice, 1 for Harris 0 for Batman

  • American Lowlife
    American Lowlife 4 months ago

    Hey Trump's a busy man! His phone is ringing all day! Shits gotta go!

  • Merke Johnson
    Merke Johnson 4 months ago +1

    Why did Republicans hate Barack Obama? Obamacare, the Iran Nuclear Deal, Tax Hikes, etc. they hated him because they slightly disagreed with his policy decisions. They disliked him because he passed legislation that they disagreed with, and based off differences of ideological opinion, they were able to turn him into this immoral, radical monster who is a evil threat to American and wants to destroy american Society (even though he turned unemployment from 10% to 4.7% and a deficit from 1.4 trillion to 600 billion dollars)

    Why do Democrats dislike Donald Trump? It's not primarily because of ideological differences, it's personal differences such as Telling people he wanted to beat up and advocate violence at his rallies, it's making up racist lies about Illegals, lies about Muslims cheering for 9/11, making racist demands for Obama's Birth Certificate, it was the scams at Trump university, it was pussy grabbing, it was attacking Ted Cruz's Wife's looks or Carly Fiorina's face, it was mocking a disabled reporter, it was calling people petty childish names, it was promising to ban, register, and discriminate against innocent Muslims, etc.

    Yet now all of the sudden, if Meryl Streep says that mocking Disabled people is a bad thing, somehow that becomes a leftist thing. If you dislike Trump because he advocated violence and promised to discriminate against Muslims. Now all of the sudden, that outrage is automatically left-wing. If you are against making up racist lies about Mexicans and Muslims or against demanding Obama's Birth Certificate, that makes you a progressive democrat, because Conservatives are so numb to his terrible actions because they will tolerate anything thanks to their conservative persecution complex.

    So why should there be equal outrage for both people? Barack Obama did NOTHING close to what Trump has said and done, and now, when we express outrage about objectively universal immoral actions, it's perceived as left-wing, not because of progressive bias, but because of Conservative bias tolerating it all because of the magic R. I Guarantee that Most conservatives, if they spent a single hour alone with Trump, they'd hate him, I guarantee that if any Conservative had two kids, one acted like Barack Obama, and one acted like Donald Trump. They'd prefer their kids to emulate Barack Obama.

    And fools with influence such as Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Milo Yiannopolous, Mark Dice (Who were all against the Bush administration are not shilling for Trump similar to how Conservatives shilled for Bush). who gained influence from the love of Ron Paul in 2012 are now using that hackery to defend Donald Trump (The anti-thesis of Ron Paul) They won't support someone like Sanders who is closer to Ron Paul not because of the magic (R) but because of the magic (C) or Conservative, for them, corruption is exclusive to the left, Alex Jones will complain about government tyranny, and then mock Black Lives Matter because that form of government tyranny is only happening to blacks and it's left wing. yet there is a very eerie parallel between their unrepentant defense of Donald Trump and their defense of George Bush who all of them now hate or disavow. Any error is put down as either treasonous or a media attack, blame it ALL on Democrats and the media, Thats hour Bush won, and now they hate him and love Trump, yet they are doing and saying the same things about any errors Trump makes. Sad.

  • Geoff Forgie
    Geoff Forgie 4 months ago

    Here's a simple fact and short story: Republicans are racist, homophobic pigs that care about their party more than they care about America & human lives. The end.

  • rbw19800
    rbw19800 5 months ago

    Democrat goooood.
    Republican badddd.

    this is a race to the bottom.

  • Johnny Mac
    Johnny Mac 5 months ago

    Bang on the fucking money, Bill!

    Now polluters can poison the water, endangered species protection is gone, the undocumented have to live in fear, the mentally deranged can have guns, no consumer protection from big financial institutions, public education destroyed, ACA is going to be gutted, both SS and Medicaid, God knows what's gonna happen to that.

    Did I forget anything? Oh yeah - all this destruction is being done with a narcisstic psychopath at the helm.

  • lostallmymirth
    lostallmymirth 5 months ago

    All of us are on the Titanic. Some of us are hoping for the nearest ship to save us. Some of us are desperately trying to get onto the few life boats left. Some of us are trying to climb higher and higher on the stern, while the rest of us are singing prayers in hopes of better times ahead. But those of us who have seen this movie a hundred times know what's going to happen....and the movie never ends well!

    • Jon Ericson
      Jon Ericson 5 months ago

      Least of all that...FUCKING....SONG! SIX months I had to deal with that goddamn movie at the theater I worked at, watching it eat smaller but still good movies alive so they'd only stick around a week or two so we could keep it in more than one theater.

  • styper28
    styper28 5 months ago +2

    I'm an Ex Swing Voter who will never vote republican again. #FuckTheGOP

  • Taxed Payer
    Taxed Payer 5 months ago

    Tell 'um Bill, you got my vote in 2020....

  • lillian solis
    lillian solis 5 months ago

    love you Bill ! times now are frightening n laughter helps ... thank you

  • k domster
    k domster 5 months ago

    Maher lefty loon , sour losser .
    Yes Obama wanted to proof America was a source of evil and reason to apologize to whole world for being american, from his days of running on streets of Chicago with Molotov's coctails and anti gov. banners burning cars all the way to being a president ....Obama loved himself more than anything else....

  • Hoof'N man
    Hoof'N man 5 months ago

    segments like this makes me wanna watch all the time but sadly this is an uncommon gem

  • FreeWorldChannel
    FreeWorldChannel 5 months ago

    God, Americans are dumb shits. I'm from indonesia, you're a bunch of dumb fucks just like we are. But you're worse because you're also fat.

  • Kathy B
    Kathy B 5 months ago

    Well said! Now what are Democrats going to do about it?

    • Johnny Mac
      Johnny Mac 5 months ago

      Don't need to. Jeff Sessions and Michael Flynn have been exposed as renegades.

  • John Grove
    John Grove 5 months ago

    man, I love you Bill

  • moriah1121
    moriah1121 5 months ago +2

    While Maher's commentaries are always great, this one is beyond Superb! My family, friends, and I have been waiting for this to be said for quite some time. I only wish it was required viewing for every Right-Wing-Nut! Thanks, Bill.

  • HockeyLife 8
    HockeyLife 8 5 months ago

    Republicans are the biggest hypocrites

  • drbombay91765
    drbombay91765 5 months ago

    Best Bill in a long time.

  • Brian Battles
    Brian Battles 5 months ago

    Bill Maher seems to think Conservatives ever watch his show

  • Paul Simmons
    Paul Simmons 5 months ago

    I really wish Bill wasn't so spot on but he sure nailed it with the big "R" comments.

    Trump, the truest faker that the KGB could pick to be POTUS!

  • Mostopholes
    Mostopholes 5 months ago

    Tell us again how great Hillary was again, Maher. That shit was funny. Like magic.

  • Drm R
    Drm R 5 months ago

    everyone should put that magic (R) after their name and maybe we can all get that special treatment reserved for them, then be elevated to sainthood after major fuck ups.

  • itchy scratchy
    itchy scratchy 5 months ago

    omg! ivanka panty liners! yes ladies! you too can have trump in your pants!

  • Franjo Ivankovic
    Franjo Ivankovic 5 months ago

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

  • Phan7om1717
    Phan7om1717 5 months ago

    Best one yet

  • Harry Veras
    Harry Veras 5 months ago

    Because they're whiteChristians with lots of money. So they can do anything to America and it's fine just as long as you have that ( R ) in front of your name you can get away with anything. What a bunch of Hypocrites , hate homos , immigrants , the poor , the sick, the hungry, if you are not rich and white and Christian you are nobody too the republican party.

  • xXx
    xXx 5 months ago

    It ONLY gets better when you say it Bill!

  • Al Merced
    Al Merced 5 months ago

    he's very good!!

  • Mending Wall
    Mending Wall 5 months ago +2

    The hypocrisy is insane. Can you imagine if obama said he grabbed women by the pussy? Or if Hillary had 5 kids with 3 different men? Or how about if Michelle Obama posed nude in a magazine? The shit storm that would rain on them. But when you have the magic R...

  • Cheryl Boyd
    Cheryl Boyd 5 months ago

    Yesss!!!!😀 I love him he's always right!

  • Victor Serra
    Victor Serra 5 months ago

    Same can be said about democrats and Obama. republicans were complaining about him for years and democrats turned a blind eye on them and they never criticized Obama.

  • Wake Up Mr. West
    Wake Up Mr. West 5 months ago +2

    This is one of those segments that remind me why I fucking love this guy, never change bill

  • Idiomatick
    Idiomatick 5 months ago +2

    Being WHITE helps too.

    Imagine if Obama had 5 kids (1 estranged) he did nothing to help raise, with 3 younger wives (one he raped) that he regularly and flagrantly cheated on?

    Think of how a black man that did that would be characterized. That would be shat on if a fucking black rapper did it.

  • movie guy99
    movie guy99 5 months ago +2

    Does anybody remember when Howard Dean let out that scream and that ended his presidential run because that was considered to be too unprofessional for a president? Meanwhile Trump has mocked the families of American soldiers who have lost a son, mocked handicapped people, mocked women for being on their periods, admitted to sexually assaulting women because hes rich and can get away with it, mocked American soldiers who were captured, made creepy comments about his daughters attractiveness, and all while getting in an argument about his penis size during the campaign. I don't get it I suddenly feel like I've fallen into this bizarro parallel universe where all of this is ok all of a sudden.

  • Rome N
    Rome N 5 months ago

    absolutely true.

  • Windrake101
    Windrake101 5 months ago

    Far-right Republicans: The only group more Snowflaky than Far-left SJW's.

  • altitude illume
    altitude illume 5 months ago +2


  • altitude illume
    altitude illume 5 months ago


  • 01denese
    01denese 5 months ago

    I live in Kansas. All voters look for is a candidate with an (R) beside their name.

  • NorthernGamer
    NorthernGamer 5 months ago

    Republicans were saying "lock her up" over just an unsecure email server? Come on, give me a break. When will you Hillary supporters learn that Hillary Clinton emailed classified material, and that the FBI director came out and said that with, and that wikileaks has thousands of emails to back up the fact that she's corrupt and emailed classified material?

  • Chris Ashcroft
    Chris Ashcroft 5 months ago

    True. If Obama did or said half of what Trump has, the Repubs would be rioting in the streets, and marching on the White House with torches.

  • Dante Von Sydow
    Dante Von Sydow 5 months ago +4

    Religion is how they are getting away with it. Republicans always promote religion because the retarded masses will buy their excuses of dumbfuckery as divinely inspired or accepted. As Christopher Hitchens has stated many times before "Religion poisons everything!"

    • Danny brown
      Danny brown 5 months ago

      Dante Von Sydow they also promote how much of a patriot they are too

  • Onogur Korhadt
    Onogur Korhadt 5 months ago

    Just looked the participants of this "show"......

  • Joe Brokenstrang
    Joe Brokenstrang 5 months ago

    The last line is true...and it requires no five dollar words or book learnin' to understand: the president is only interested in that which fuels his ego and fills his wallet. He truly is an extremely bad human being.

  • Schlomo Weissbergman-Goldsteinwitz, Ph.D.

    Why do liberals and jews dislike Russia?

    Surely they've learned a lesson from the Iraqi WMD propaganda debacle...

    • mudshark jones
      mudshark jones 5 months ago


    • Schlomo Weissbergman-Goldsteinwitz, Ph.D.
      Schlomo Weissbergman-Goldsteinwitz, Ph.D. 5 months ago

      +mudshark jones
      Because of its return to Christian culture.

    • mudshark jones
      mudshark jones 5 months ago

      i think it obvious why liberals and jews dislike Russia .especially since the fall of communism .what is less obvious and a more relevant question is why does the right wing suddenly like Russia ?

  • Vic Longdong
    Vic Longdong 5 months ago

    this is so fucked up, bill you are a coward, nice rant, you don't have some republicans there to counter your make believe bullshit views, I bet the applause sign was working overtime.

  • G Graves
    G Graves 5 months ago +1

    Right On Bill...Right on!!!!

  • Joshua Christofferson
    Joshua Christofferson 5 months ago

    On. Point.

  • Lego Brick
    Lego Brick 5 months ago

    dont want to be picky , but obama was the your first potus who was at war for every single day of his 8 yr tenancy , perhaps you can use all the dead bodies to build your wall

  • Luthuli Larson
    Luthuli Larson 5 months ago

    Giuliani "decided" not to go to the bunker where he was required to go by Secret Service protocol during any major attack, civil disturbance, or direct threat. Weirdly, the building holding the bunker was one of the towers destroyed on 911.

  • Gerry Yaum
    Gerry Yaum 5 months ago +1

    Thank You Bill, very well said!

  • TheFreak
    TheFreak 5 months ago

    like seriosuly tho, republicans, stop with the double standards, cause you arent helping anyone

  • deathgirl71
    deathgirl71 5 months ago

    i always wonder why the news media is accused of fake news, but trump can just make up shit and expect not to be held accountable for it? basically, trump labels anything critical of him "fake news", and his base supporters buy it. sad.

  • greg77389
    greg77389 5 months ago

    You know the left has lost it when they are comparing Hillary's illegal email scandal to Trump using a slightly outdated phone...

  • triiodothyronine
    triiodothyronine 5 months ago

    "please, his ego is 1st, his hotels are 2nd, Russia is 3rd, I'd be surprised if America was in the top 10." But he has the magic "R" so he gets a free pass on all of it. So true Bill, so true...

  • Dad Father
    Dad Father 5 months ago

    S A V A G E

  • Evette Garcia
    Evette Garcia 5 months ago +1

    Giuliani looks like a corpse

  • Jogoh Luther
    Jogoh Luther 5 months ago

  • keffypoo
    keffypoo 5 months ago +1

    That CIA agent outing is something I will never forget or forgive.

  • Audrie Gordon
    Audrie Gordon 5 months ago +1

    Awesome! Well said.

  • José Angel Esparza
    José Angel Esparza 5 months ago +1

    Bill Maher for president.. Still having intelegent like him makes me feel better about our future

  • PhantomPain74 MZR
    PhantomPain74 MZR 5 months ago +1

    plz let Andy kaufman out of this mess✌

  • PhantomPain74 MZR
    PhantomPain74 MZR 5 months ago +2


    RAZR MARKETING 5 months ago +1


  • rloomis3
    rloomis3 5 months ago +2

    Thank you, BIll. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The blatant hypocrisy of the right, that you so beautifully describe here, needs to be shouted again and again from the rooftops, until those guilty of that hypocrisy are called to account for it.

  • Terastas
    Terastas 5 months ago +1

    "America first" is their policy for throwing under the bus.

  • Wyllomy Greene
    Wyllomy Greene 5 months ago +1

    I am totally in love with that tie!

  • PR25124
    PR25124 5 months ago +1

    Didn't Michelle Obama take a lot of heat when she said something about 'this is the first I am proud of America'? Conservatives went crazy. So how can Trump make such comments to Bill O'Reilly and o one calls him on it?

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