Dope Tech: 8K RED Epic-W Unboxing!

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  • App world
    App world 3 days ago

    I m watching this in 2k

  • MatthewBruh13
    MatthewBruh13 6 days ago

    How do you feel when you hold a camera that is the price of a Mercedes, that must be a crazy feeling.

  • Gavin Mateo
    Gavin Mateo 6 days ago

    I can barely watch 720 my internet sucks

  • Vinayak Maraj
    Vinayak Maraj 8 days ago

    I'm watching in 2160p/ 4K

    AYUSH PAINE 9 days ago

    $50000 for a camera which is more expensive than your house,you and it still does not include a battery.

  • 松木鉄男
    松木鉄男 10 days ago +1

    That moment millionaires are talking about 8K footage and your WIFI is just fast enough to do 720P. 😭

  • مقدام مقدام
    مقدام مقدام 11 days ago


  • neil hartop
    neil hartop 11 days ago

    question. the camera comes with extra low light sensitivity, do you have to shoot at 8k to maximise that sensitivity or would the low light sensitivity performance be identical at 4k?

  • Andrew Borges
    Andrew Borges 12 days ago

    And it still cost only 493,000 US dollars

  • XD GAMER إكسدي قيمر


  • Pankaj singh
    Pankaj singh 15 days ago

    watching on 240p still looks 720p.

  • jack flew
    jack flew 16 days ago

    Watching this at 1440p! Might as well rule the world at this point

  • UltimateEx
    UltimateEx 16 days ago

    I tried watching in 1440p, it works on my phone but not my PC. Tried 4k, that didn't end well... I think I should stay in my 1080p limits

    FLAC MURRY 16 days ago

    H.265 supports 8K doesnt IT, and YouTube has moved to H.265 so?

  • AcydDrop
    AcydDrop 17 days ago

    There are two fully kitted out RED Weapon 8K's sitting in big ass cases in my living room right now.

  • Jerry Motley
    Jerry Motley 17 days ago

    I love my 4K Sony Bravia TV, but will be upgrading to LG 8K TV

  • mat dirn
    mat dirn 18 days ago

    Wat resolution do we see with our eyes!?!?

    • mat dirn
      mat dirn 17 days ago

      Cross X so more then 8k? Cause online i find an 8k sensor has about 120 mp

    • Cross X
      Cross X 17 days ago

      mat dirn scientists say if our eyes were a camera it would have 576 megapixels.

  • mat dirn
    mat dirn 18 days ago

    Red dragin preview woah

  • k samanth
    k samanth 19 days ago

    Modular system that is such a big part of red experience.......really. That f**king modularity will put you up to 130,000.0$ combined. Red makes great cameras, but the pricing is just absurd. And every other accessory for the damn camera, you gonna have to buy. That screen alone will put you up to 2700$ and is smaller than an ipad. I bet the skull logo gives people orgasms or else why in the hell would anyone buy it. Also the handle cost over 1500$, way more than a good gimble. F**k u RED. SHove it Up YouRE A**.

  • jdndidnrirjndkdjdjfhfujd dubrjrbrjrhrir

    who's watching in 144p like me

  • The Football Culture
    The Football Culture 19 days ago

    I watch 1440p

  • Abie GR
    Abie GR 20 days ago

    Too bad he didn't mention that the "lower price" is $30k plus another $30k in accessories. Man, what a deal😔

  • Duftbaum Stock
    Duftbaum Stock 20 days ago

    Why does someone buy a 50k Camera to film phones ?

  • Mikenstein
    Mikenstein 22 days ago

    Whoa. I haven't seen this part of the MKBHD studio

  • Team Nihil
    Team Nihil 22 days ago

    Linus made it better

  • david hainsworth
    david hainsworth 22 days ago +1


  • Silence
    Silence 24 days ago

    "No one has an 8k Display" Guess he hasn't seen Linus' new video.

  • Robert Hjalmarsen
    Robert Hjalmarsen 25 days ago

    No. 3. My monitor is 1080p.

  • Success Made Simple
    Success Made Simple 25 days ago

    I feel like nothing can compare to the new Canon IDX Mark II. I mean this thing definitely beats the video quality, but the fact that the Canon can do autofocus while doing video put's it in a whole different league. No longer do you have to worry about focus setups and blurry video, the thing just does it for you, and does it well. That's something they need to start putting in more high end cameras. It's like the difference between driving stick and auto, it's just too convenient to go back to the old ways, trying to do the focus yourself.

  • Filmemacher
    Filmemacher 25 days ago

    RED is genius. I mean, they named there branch after a sensor :)

  • LuckeD
    LuckeD 27 days ago

    When a camera is more expensive then your car, your setup, and your tv....

  • Depravity Works Inc.
    Depravity Works Inc. 27 days ago

    0ne word...Sic! Keep up the good work man, my go to for Red/Tech new new. Peace.

  • Noah Hunsaker
    Noah Hunsaker Month ago

    Right I am going to spend $30,000 on a camera that isn't compatible with anything, from a brand that nobody's heard of.

  • Mr Al Jewari
    Mr Al Jewari Month ago

    It looks great in my 1080 phone lol

  • Caden C
    Caden C Month ago

    The red camera is not dope it's more like nope.

  • Voodoo God
    Voodoo God Month ago

    Are you still using Red?

  • plopnow
    plopnow Month ago

    3:16 Look at the RED writing in the centre of the camera there's tearing

  • Warpdroid
    Warpdroid Month ago


    I know we have heard this for 720 vs 1080, 1080 vs 2k/4k, even 2k vs 4k, but really, is the human eye even capable of differentiating an 8k video from a 4k video? Maybe if you're sitting like a foot away from the TV screen, but I doubt you can see much difference when you're watching from a regular distance, like from a couch.

  • EmkTree Studios
    EmkTree Studios Month ago

    did he say "lower price" ?

  • howchess
    howchess Month ago

    4k is sudeenly not for me. I have a very low speed. Even for the HD.

  • Andrew G.
    Andrew G. Month ago

    hey man did you get this camera through a company, did you buy it, or did you just have RED send it to you?

  • Itz Reid
    Itz Reid Month ago

    Bruh that thing looks like a game cube

  • CMatomic
    CMatomic Month ago

    4k yotube, not RAW 4K

  • Omar Sherief
    Omar Sherief Month ago

    watching this in 144p

  • The Everything Channel

    Who's watching in 144p

  • NonsensicalVids
    NonsensicalVids Month ago

    i can watch 8k on my pc and net, but MKBHD only uploaded this in 1440p

  • SE09uk
    SE09uk Month ago

    4k or 8k or even 16k are not it
    what is, is what you do in it
    HDR is one step in the right direction

    When i first saw HDR it wowed me way more than 4k did

    4k, 8k or HDR can never be fully realised by us home users, because it takes a good lighting team to bring it out

  • Detc0re
    Detc0re Month ago

    Any glasses I can buy that support actually seeing 8k graphics?

  • ghedgepath
    ghedgepath Month ago

    Well done Marques.

  • vahagn simonyan
    vahagn simonyan Month ago

    ahaahhaha u realy buy this chit how meny did u give for it a 200000 dollar dud u can buy z hous or car or faking doom gaming chit but now u buy a faking camera for 8k that only use for making movies.

  • Mohamad.18 slekh
    Mohamad.18 slekh Month ago

    you know what this camera cost 50.000€ wooooooooooow😱😱😶😵

  • adictiveadictive
    adictiveadictive Month ago

    whos watching this in their boxers while living in their car.....😭

  • Caymenava
    Caymenava Month ago

    have you guys seen Linus when he bought a red camera

  • Ousman D
    Ousman D Month ago

    I watched 8k once... I exploded... Im writing this from heaven

  • Rajeev Arts
    Rajeev Arts Month ago

    im watching it in 144 p

  • Labba
    Labba Month ago

    "you are getting" HAH! try "you are getting the privilege of getting fucked in the ass with your own wallet. and NONE of the NEEDED accessories doesn't come with it, well actually NOTHING comes with it, only the god damm body. ooh yes that will be 50 grand sir, but you do get a free sticker. ooh great thank you, but can i get my retirement plan back instead. The only dope thing is the 8k feature and in a few years maybe you can get a Panasonic DSLR or Sony that can shoot that as well, and be lighter, more portable flexible, and 100 times cheaper. maybe 200 times cheaper. i call this a big fat NOPE. and what is 8k even good for? yes you can do virtuel camera movment in a 4k timeline and a sharper image. Even the image in the Cinema are kind a crappy anyway, and the blueryas max will sport 4k HDR. so why.

  • Carter Wilson Jr
    Carter Wilson Jr Month ago

    Lol, in like 20 years smart phones will have a better camera than this

  • Vishnu Peddineni
    Vishnu Peddineni Month ago

    29500 dollars? That's it? Thats pocket change. Imma give my best friend one of these for Christmas

  • Dylan Cloud
    Dylan Cloud Month ago

    what standard editing software do you use? I want to get a free software to start out but I want some of the minor details. I really want software that can do text shown in the video at (2:22) would be a game changer for me.

  • Progressive
    Progressive Month ago

    My laptop only supports HD res but I watch videos at 4k and the difference is huuge

  • Luke Sather
    Luke Sather Month ago

    no to mention that every neccessary components cost another arm and a leg

  • YTRoflcopter
    YTRoflcopter Month ago

    People recording shit in 8k while i still watch my videos in 480p :D

  • Calvin Hicks
    Calvin Hicks Month ago

    I know this video is old, but I just got around to it, thus the reason for my post at this late date. But, seriously, shooting in 8K now when there aren't even 4K monitors available and most editing software can't even handle it? How much cinematic clarity really makes a difference to the average viewer? Or is the whole purpose to be "above average"? As we all know, it's not about the equipment as much as it is about the content and the passion of the person shooting. I like the "novelty" of the Red, but the price is basically...ridiculous.

  • Sam Geurdi
    Sam Geurdi Month ago

    So what exactly am I doing with this 50k camera? Is there even a monitor that can support this resolution for a consumer?

  • SmallBoy's Studios
    SmallBoy's Studios 2 months ago

    Only NASA can render a 8k or a 16 k video!😂😂🔥 Fuck 91gb speed

  • WalterVanDest
    WalterVanDest 2 months ago


  • Vinayak Maraj
    Vinayak Maraj 2 months ago

    How to be a professional YouTuber with your Smartphone:
    1. Record videos in 4k because 4k is standard in most phones today.
    2. Your channel name will be set as your real name. (if you set up your google account the proper way and in this case, it will the same as mkbhd's channel name)
    3. Download your video editor from the Play store or app store.
    4. Upload your video.

  • Rahul Tadvi
    Rahul Tadvi 2 months ago

    i am watching on 480p on my htc desire 816g

  • crazzylee
    crazzylee 2 months ago

    Can it take IR photos

  • Sam&Jam
    Sam&Jam 2 months ago

    It is dope if you have the fucking money for it

  • Akifer
    Akifer 2 months ago

    For millionaires bro.

  • Vinod Jacob
    Vinod Jacob 2 months ago

    The price of a car for a camera....

  • Gian
    Gian 2 months ago

    Can you record a RAW video format with that?

  • Muhd Nurhaikal
    Muhd Nurhaikal 2 months ago

    Overpriced, no doubt about that. Basically buying the brand name. Like Rolex, LV etc.

  • fallenentity2
    fallenentity2 2 months ago

    Red youtube quality the same as the a cheaper Sony.

  • blame
    blame 2 months ago

    4:08 I'm ready to start shooting the world am I the only one?

  • GameAndElse
    GameAndElse 2 months ago

    How about making Videos in 120Hz ;)

  • TheWuerstchenwasser
    TheWuerstchenwasser 2 months ago

    Wow... and I´m watching this in 144p :|

  • Ahmed Hussain Anwar
    Ahmed Hussain Anwar 2 months ago

    4:17 no one has a 8k display let alone a 4k display MKBHD needs to review his script.

  • Zertex Z
    Zertex Z 2 months ago

    360p all day. f the 8K.

  • Wahyu D
    Wahyu D 2 months ago

    yeahh dopee

  • Refusetodefuse
    Refusetodefuse 2 months ago

    This is not for everyone it's for movie makers and tv ..i think.

  • Refusetodefuse
    Refusetodefuse 2 months ago

    Who else is here after seeing Linus video? I

  • dieeser
    dieeser 2 months ago +2

    Instead of rushing towards 8, 12, 24k, media companies could first start by investing that data on better servers and codecs to improve our 2k experience.

    • christopher laffy
      christopher laffy 4 days ago

      dieeser the market only moves as fast as the incentives. Take pc monitors for instance there displays get better at a slow rate comparing to smartphone displays. Smartphone turn profit at a way higher rate then pc monitors. Pixels per inchs in smartphones are way bigger then monitors. People think tech just infinitely gets better quicker and quicker but really the only things that do are the tech that has a big enough market for it

  • bradscottphotography
    bradscottphotography 2 months ago

    Where is your fluid head for your tripod man?

  • DoodleDoop
    DoodleDoop 2 months ago

    there's 2 types of red weapon buyer. one like this, and one like linus.

  • Neal Muppidi
    Neal Muppidi 2 months ago

    Could you do a video on all of your RED. possessions. The modular system is really cool but also kinda confusing

  • Vusal Ganboyzada
    Vusal Ganboyzada 2 months ago

    why u pro reviewer are so fukin rich

  • P Krush
    P Krush 2 months ago

    geez it like 100,000$ gust to use it

  • kebman
    kebman 2 months ago

    8K is great to downgrade or to use for post processing shots for effects. If I'm not totally mistaken it's basically the Shannon's samping theorem where doubling the sampling rate makes it much more handy for shots that are treated in post, without losing (too much) quality when publishing the final result. Used to be pretty common within sound treatement, anyway, and we're getting there with pro res video.

  • Apit Chandra
    Apit Chandra 3 months ago

    I watch this on 360p with my 720p phone screen

  • Dhruv Narang
    Dhruv Narang 3 months ago

    you could have just got an a7sii :/

  • Juvin Chico
    Juvin Chico 3 months ago

    im watching this at 4k and its buffering so much

  • BrickBAT LetsPlays
    BrickBAT LetsPlays 3 months ago

    06:00 That scared the fucking shit out of me

  • Marco Polo
    Marco Polo 3 months ago +1

    WHAT !!!!8K!?!?! Some of us humble folk are just upgrading from silent movie reels to inheriting our grandfathers aging black and white tv set with glorious 144p! What is this 8K sorcery you speak of!!!!

  • Travel&Joy
    Travel&Joy 3 months ago

    you should talk price

  • Caleb Davis
    Caleb Davis 3 months ago

    i know its nice to get to play with tech 5 to 8 years ahead of its time. owning something like this you wouldn't need to buy another camera for another 15 years. crazy!!!!!!

  • gihan  kavinda
    gihan kavinda 3 months ago

    nobody watches videos in 8k on YouTube .so getting camera like this such a waste

  • Garrett
    Garrett 3 months ago

    How the hell does one afford to purchase a $50,000 camera?

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