North Korea says its diplomats were 'mugged' at New York airport

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  • North Korea claims its UN diplomats were "mugged" at a New York airport, and had a diplomatic package forcibly confiscated by the police.
    Pyongyang has blasted the U.S. over the incident, calling it an "illegal and heinous act of provocation", with tensions between two countries already at a high, over North Korea's detention of American citizens.
    Yu Joonhee reports.
    North Korea's state media said on Sunday that the regime's UN delegation had been "robbed" of a diplomatic package by U.S. officials at New York's JFK airport.
    The North Korean diplomats were reportedly on their way back to Pyongyang after attending a UN conference on the rights of persons with disabilities.
    The North branded the U.S. a "lawless gangster state" over the episode, and said the international community should seriously reconsider the suitability of New York City as the seat of the United Nations.
    Department of Homeland Security spokesman David Lapan said on Sunday... that DHS agents did confiscate multiple items from three North Korean nationals, but said they were not accredited members of Pyongyang's Mission to the UN and had no diplomatic immunity.
    The latest incident comes amid heightened tensions between North Korea and the U.S., following the release of an American student who was detained by the regime for nearly a year-and-a-half.
    22-year old Otto Warmbier was returned to his family in the U.S. last week but remains in a comatose state, with many suspecting he underwent serious abuse while in captivity.
    Yu Joonhee, Arirang News.
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