Inside North Korea's Special Forces : The North Korea Nightmare

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  • Military update News : Inside North Korea's Special Forces The North Korea Nightmare.

    Teukgong Moosool (also known as Tukkong Moosool or TGMS) is a martial art originating from South Korea. It is the official martial art practised by the South Korean Special Forces. Teukgong Moosool (TGMS) is a combative method of fighting as opposed to a sport. It emphasizes in the rapid interdiction and submission of an opponent. TGMS has been adapted beyond the special forces, for practice by bodyguards, police and law enforcement personnel and individuals.

    eukgong Moosool arose following a protracted period of North Korean Special Forces penetration across the border during the 1960s and 1970s, demonstrating superior combat skills. In one particular foray, North Korean special forces personnel were apprehended. One of them, proficient in Gyeuk Sool, was able to dismiss three South Korean commandos within 10 seconds in hand-to-hand combat.[1] This prompted the South Korean special forces to create and pursue a superior and ultimate martial arts fighting system. It was this awareness which convinced the President of Korea to order the creation of a new and superior martial art. In 1978, this order fell on former Korean Tukkong Moosool Association President Lim Ung-Hwan. At this time, Korean soldiers were generally trained in Taekwondo or Hapkido, as well as techniques designed for the Korean Military. President Lim Ung-Hwan was an Army Captain and a specialist in anti-terrorism with the 27th Anti-terrorists Unit. At the time of the order, President Lim was commando commander of the 27th Anti-terrorists Unit. As well as being a fifth dan black belt in Taekwondo, he holds dans in Aikido, Judo and Kumdo, and was a boxing champion. During his time in the Korean Army, President Lim trained with several Special Forces units around the world. President Lim combined elements and techniques from Taekwondo, Yudo, Aikido, Kung-Fu, Taegeukgweon (Tai Chi), Dang Rang Kwon, Muay Thai, Wrestling, and Boxing, as well as many other martial arts especially from Hapkido by master Jang. This combination of martial arts was designed to prepare the troops for any situation that may arise. Furthermore, Teukgong Moosool was designed to defeat terrorists. Therefore, the assumption was made that the enemy would be highly trained in martial arts and other fighting skills. To guarantee the effectiveness of this new martial art, an effort was made to test it throughout the 27th Anti-terrorists Unit of South Korean Special Forces. Many of Korean Special Forces Units were already masters in other martial arts. South Korean President Park ordered Special Forces Forces soldiers to be trained in Teukgong Moosool. In 1978, Tukkong Moosool was demonstrated in front of President Park Jung-Hee, at the Korean Blue House. President Park was impressed to the demonstration and praised the superiority of this style of combat. Ever since, it has been a regular part of the training for the Korean Presidential Bodyguard Unit. Tukkong Moosool has been demonstrated in front of President Park Jung-Hee, President Chun Doo-Hwan in October 1980; President Noh Tae-Woo in May 1992; President Kim Young-Sam in June 1993; and President Kim Dae-Jung in May 1998. Demonstrations have also been performed in front of US Military Forces in Korea, the Korean public, and the Japanese media.

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  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 hours ago

    What good is all this punching and kicking gonna do, when you're getting sniped 3 miles away.

  • Flavor To ya ear
    Flavor To ya ear 21 hour ago +1

    Can they stop bullets ?!?

  • shawnte Pitts
    shawnte Pitts 1 day ago

    That's right kid's

  • Mahesh Thapa
    Mahesh Thapa 2 days ago

    Ha......Ha........Ha.........WW-II military equipments apply in WW-III...?? What a tom & jerry show.....!!!

  • stabeasdf
    stabeasdf 2 days ago +1

    Wait till they meet navy seals 😂

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan 3 days ago +1

    They are 5'2 110lbs. You know how far our Marine Corp could throw them little bastards lmao. Not scared, the numbers are alarming,but not scared lol

  • SmokeSum'um Gee
    SmokeSum'um Gee 3 days ago


  • SmokeSum'um Gee
    SmokeSum'um Gee 3 days ago


  • jason4275
    jason4275 3 days ago

    Its simple take out their electricity then radio communication and the country becomes cripple, plus they can forget using air and sea the U.S has that 100% covered, so ground troops will be used but they forgot the south and the U.S can see them with drones, sat-light and night vision.

  • Have_At_IT
    Have_At_IT 4 days ago

    Rolling in glass. Nice

  • Patrick Bailey
    Patrick Bailey 5 days ago

    I doubt they have airborne divisions equal to our 82nd Airborne.

  • Joe Hill
    Joe Hill 6 days ago

    They look highly mobile

  • ETsonggalaxy
    ETsonggalaxy 7 days ago +1

    Their weapons are so out dated!  How are they going to stop  U.S. tomahawk missiles , and American ammo?  American weapons are so ADVANCED ,  they will lose within a weak or less time!  South Korea ground forces are very well armed compared to N. Korea. American has more allies than N. Korea could handle!  Hope they take out Kim being he is so cruel to his own people !

  • 김성화
    김성화 7 days ago +1

    강한나라 야무진나라

  • sh a
    sh a 7 days ago

    The US only attacks countries that are depleted, weak and unable to retaliate. North Korea can definitely retaliate and cause mass casualties to US personnel and civilians, so despite all the barking, America isn't going to do a damn thing. Kim Jung Un has called Trumps bluff.

  • sh a
    sh a 7 days ago

    North Korea has ICBMs now so a US invasion is completely off the table. Outdated weapons or not, all it takes to blow up the most sophisticated armored vehicle is an IED that costs $50 or less... Stupid Americans think they can win with their technology alone but when they start taking mass casualties they're going to realize that it's not a video game.

  • Eder Conserve
    Eder Conserve 7 days ago

    Trump is crazy but he's not crazy enough to attack north korea

  • Chris Cross
    Chris Cross 8 days ago

    Its no longer a conspiracy theory, it is FACT that Israel did 9/11.

  • hogman61mike
    hogman61mike 8 days ago +1


  • Zoltan
    Zoltan 9 days ago

    I have brought here genetics of bruce lee for a proof number 2 nephew

  • Zoltan
    Zoltan 9 days ago

    i have made my children who have biologic importint goodness

  • Alex Pelc
    Alex Pelc 9 days ago

    You see what they want you to see.

  • jin5632
    jin5632 9 days ago

    They have more martial arts skill than other countries.

  • IS-2
    IS-2 9 days ago

    But they couldn't compete with SPETNAZ,SAS,Navy Seals or Putin...

  • Gary Gilliam
    Gary Gilliam 10 days ago

    Just drop an atomic bomb on Pyongyang!

  • jakethesword 4
    jakethesword 4 10 days ago

    north koreas special forces but ween ever the say north korea it distorts and vass bosted

  • Charles Bynum
    Charles Bynum 10 days ago

    who cares thay can't survive a Moab.of the USA.

  • gumpfoo65
    gumpfoo65 11 days ago


  • gumpfoo65
    gumpfoo65 11 days ago

    Those guns are from 1923

  • gumpfoo65
    gumpfoo65 11 days ago

    Sticks and stones don"t break their bones, but bullets make you go bye bye!

  • BOB
    BOB 11 days ago

    2:46 the guy in front can't shoot.

  • GörAlltSomEnKung
    GörAlltSomEnKung 11 days ago +1

    This is far from correct.

  • artiste soundbox
    artiste soundbox 11 days ago

    cant stop an american bullet with n. korean martial arts.

    but I do want to see butterball doing all these moves himself.

  • Gary Pugh
    Gary Pugh 12 days ago

    more cowbell

  • Gary Pugh
    Gary Pugh 12 days ago +1

    they probably won "koreas got talent" ?

  • ceh4702
    ceh4702 12 days ago

    There are a lot of mountains in the Northern parts of South Korea that have tank traps, pill boxes, and not enough roads to get through the mountains and valleys. It doesn't take much to take advantage of the natural choke points.

  • U BHOW
    U BHOW 12 days ago

    Today you need strong finger to press trigger infinite times in split second instead of doing monkey business of karate and kungfu.

  • Facta non Verba
    Facta non Verba 12 days ago


  • OnBail productions
    OnBail productions 13 days ago

    americas gona get fuuuuucked up koreans now kung fu americans now big mac

  • burton landkaster
    burton landkaster 14 days ago

    let's drop bricks on them that will keep them busy

  • Charles Fontanello
    Charles Fontanello 14 days ago

    That's all well and good but can they stop a fucking bullet ? I don't think so. 🖕🏼 NK

  • Toshi naga.
    Toshi naga. 14 days ago


  • judolee64
    judolee64 14 days ago

    Well as my late father always said. Put your boots on we need to get to work, it's going to be a long day.

  • Simon Revaniy
    Simon Revaniy 14 days ago

    Fuck America he want to role the world impossible

  • Simon Revaniy
    Simon Revaniy 14 days ago +1

    Strong soldiers waiting for weak American soldiers hhhhhhhh go on America we are waiting to see your dead body

  • Riedel Longkutoy
    Riedel Longkutoy 14 days ago

    We'll see.

  • Vern Trex
    Vern Trex 14 days ago

    its not as bad as you weaklings think.all tough guys do this training,we eat shit and like it

  • Dan Basler
    Dan Basler 15 days ago +1

    Neutron Bomb they better run.

  • Rob T
    Rob T 15 days ago

    I would like to buy a couple of these brick killers to my Circus. I would love to have that little fat man with the funny hair cut as well.

  • Ravage Glez
    Ravage Glez 15 days ago

    Brick lives matter!!!

  • Arche Nova
    Arche Nova 15 days ago

    They are professional killers! In man to man combat it would be a tough choice!

    • Arche Nova
      Arche Nova 15 days ago

      Better drop a nuke before they get too close.

    • Arche Nova
      Arche Nova 15 days ago

      You'd have to pull the trigger of your Luger or Smith and Wesson faster than the commy can punch!

  • Bijan Rahman
    Bijan Rahman 15 days ago

    so they know that war isn't hand to hand anymore right?

  • Stacy Hayes
    Stacy Hayes 15 days ago

    get them from a long way off all of them du

  • Joanna Chen
    Joanna Chen 16 days ago

    How does jumping over cars have to do with combat?

    • Joanna Chen
      Joanna Chen 15 days ago

      They also look stupid And cringe

  • Aminela Hane
    Aminela Hane 16 days ago +1

    5:08 the bricks did'nt broke 😂😂

  • Mark Kim Gamba
    Mark Kim Gamba 16 days ago

    kimchi is the best :)

  • Mark Kim Gamba
    Mark Kim Gamba 16 days ago

    kimchi is the best :)

    AKM5.45 SHOOTER 16 days ago

    The North Korean government tried to make these guys look as "tacticool" as possible, and they still failed. Their knockoff ACUs don't even match the Woodlawn camo uniform they wear under. Those NVGs look like gen 1 soviet era NVGs. Look how terrible the lens quality are. There's no way they can be anything pass gen 1. Those helical magazines are going to be a pain in the ass during combat when it comes to reloading too. It's too large, and it blocks the hand guard of the rifle. With an regular 30 round AK-74 magazine, you could grip it by the mag and still shoot effectively. This helical hand guard is a failure. The only pros are the high capacity ammunitions, but it lacks everywhere else. Their mags probably aren't even as good as Russian 95 round AK-74 drum mags

  • Miguel B.
    Miguel B. 16 days ago

    US will never attack North Korea. They only target poor countries or in a civil war like Syria and Yemen.

  • Michael Felipe
    Michael Felipe 16 days ago


  • marsel dagistani
    marsel dagistani 17 days ago

    North korean propaganda video

  • Inzell Ingelly
    Inzell Ingelly 17 days ago

    they will destroyed usa

  • Daniel D
    Daniel D 17 days ago

    Every time I see a video of supermen breaking bricks and taking blows, it reminds me an old Kung Fu Theatre movie. Can they leap 20 feet in the air? Then I think of Indiana Jones who pulls out his pistol and shoots the guy waving the sword like a superman. NONE OF THIS WILL END WELL. JESUS CHRIST IS ABOUT TO GRAB HIS CALLED OUT ONES. ARE YOU SAVED?

  • Roger Warrington
    Roger Warrington 17 days ago

    rocks , broken glass , bricks don't fight back . and those old weapons might work if they had more than 3 bullets each.... 👲👲💀😆😆😆😆😆

  • Teresa Young
    Teresa Young 17 days ago +1

    We could just hire the Syrian Army to drop chemical weapons on Kim Jon-Un and his Army if he wants.

    • Teresa Young
      Teresa Young 17 days ago

      I do support a global collection to have Kim Jon-Un removed from life.

  • katn me
    katn me 17 days ago

    It would be nice to just take the head of he beast and not hurt the general public but I guess that is just dreaming.

  • DrHillbillyShow
    DrHillbillyShow 17 days ago

    If we ever attack North Korea with bricks they'll be OK....

  • Danish Shaikh
    Danish Shaikh 18 days ago

    I love North Korea Army and People i am danish sheikh from Pakistan we with you always We love You

    • eis berg
      eis berg 17 days ago

      they dont want migrant cockroaches.

  • ker der
    ker der 18 days ago

    The soldiers can be slave but once u attack their country is not anymore about the leaders... It's pride & love

  • ker der
    ker der 18 days ago

    They small skinny... Hehehe swift. Americans fat & big... Hehehe slow. They defending home soil Americans invaders.. Hehehe remember Vietnam try again & u finished. No equipment ever won war... Hehehe

  • ker der
    ker der 18 days ago

    North Korea terrain won't allow to use heavy equipment... Hehehe winter can hit - 40c

    • eis berg
      eis berg 17 days ago

      Are you from there or why r u masturbating?

  • ker der
    ker der 18 days ago

    There is untold story about felluga Iraq. Now mosul & raqa y USA is directly not fighting there... Hehehe lots of casualties... Hehehe a lots of. 6 months & still fighting in mosul 100 000 against few thousand... Hehehe

  • Joe Lopez
    Joe Lopez 18 days ago

    Watch movie “IDIOCRACY” so you can understand why we end up with Trump.

  • Brian Gonzalez
    Brian Gonzalez 18 days ago

    Like Bruce Lee said once...."Board don't hit back"!

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob 19 days ago +1

    Tell PRESIDENT TRUMP, NOT TO TAKE RED BRICKS ONTO NORTH KOREAN. They really hate red bricks and blocks.
    I live in a house with a red brick exterior!!!!!! 😯
    join save the brick movement.

  • Jayqalis Williams
    Jayqalis Williams 19 days ago

    Nothing a little 7.62 can't cure

  • Neil Salmon
    Neil Salmon 19 days ago +1

    Looks like Kim is the only fat guy in the entire country , offer him a dozen bacon cheese burgers with large fries and a gallon of soda pop per day to stop building nukes and maybe he will start negotiating a peace agreement .

  • Ken Grassa
    Ken Grassa 19 days ago +1

    Lol we wont be throwing rocks at them

  • malick TJ Matiabeyuwi
    malick TJ Matiabeyuwi 19 days ago

    dangerous military unit...

  • Manny Gomez
    Manny Gomez 20 days ago

    North Korea is SUPER COOL ;)

  • Melissa Douglas
    Melissa Douglas 20 days ago


  • L3nnanMarshall YT
    L3nnanMarshall YT 20 days ago

    Guys praye for us

  • L3nnanMarshall YT
    L3nnanMarshall YT 20 days ago

    Yeah we're gonna get seeded

  • talon55130
    talon55130 20 days ago +2

    N.K. so called special forces look like a dance troop practicing for the North Korea's Got Talent show.

  • caubichon1
    caubichon1 20 days ago +1

    Yup these guys have mellowed out since the early 90's footage and the Chinese are next because szpetzna are the topdogs. Usa has too much human rights to train for what can be actually expected

  • Ron Rook
    Ron Rook 20 days ago +1

    North Korea maintains an antiquated, obsolete army, navy, and Air Force of surplus hand-me-down equipment and ordinance. Since the. Korean War not one private all the way up to General has any real world experience in warfare. Against a modern army, their soldiers would die by the tens of thousands. South Korea has evolved into a modern retaliatory force that would decimate the North Koreans. North Korea's only advantage is they have many thousands of soldiers to throw into the grinder. They can't even feed their own citizens let alone an army in combat. Eventually they would be defeated.

  • stephen podesta
    stephen podesta 20 days ago +1

    Really North Korea has only  200k  soldiers, and even they have inferior  weapons the rest of there army have even more inferior  weapons and wont stand a  chance, whereas  Sth Koreas  army is  fully up to date and the North  would not  stand a chance.

  • DAVID0665
    DAVID0665 21 day ago

    but can they stop bullets? i see no examples of that?

  • Tony Ciano
    Tony Ciano 22 days ago

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  • Rian Marasabessy
    Rian Marasabessy 23 days ago +1

    such torturing training

  • Greennorth Pine
    Greennorth Pine 23 days ago

    they dont know what the fk do you mean by
    '' afraid of death ''
    a movie about one of these guys is now available . the agent

  • william moore
    william moore 24 days ago

    Take them out when they have their big parade. Like ducks in a barrel with one nuke.

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  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo 24 days ago

    0:49 holy shit!

  • jan pon
    jan pon 25 days ago

    American are rude but your flights north Korea your country weel fall down because north corean militarism are very dangerous all nuth Korean citizens are soljers gos try north Korea your American well see stupid country with stupid leader us allows kreyeting for stealing dirty contry

  • Lmberjack7
    Lmberjack7 25 days ago

    All that flippy shit is cool and all but it wont mean squat if a marine has then in his sights.

  • Go Grape
    Go Grape 27 days ago

    Click bait.

  • Brennan Waddell
    Brennan Waddell 27 days ago

    if they are trapped in a firefight.. do they just hit themselves with bricks?

  • Kürdish Guerilla
    Kürdish Guerilla 27 days ago

    A poor African child would have eaten that brick :(


    errrrrr HAND ON HAND COMBAT USA vs NORTK KOREA 1000 men VS 1000 men.... WHO WINS?

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