The Golden GIRLS

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  • Fans are very sad that HBO’s “Girls” is in its last season, but luckily the creators are already planning a reunion special for 2067. Lena Dunham was kind enough to give us an exclusive Sneak Peek clip from the future. #TheGoldenGIRLS

    Judge James - When Buddha Got Screweda

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    The Golden GIRLS
  • ComedyComedy
  • Runtime: 6:25
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Comments: 540

  • Aimee Love
    Aimee Love 2 days ago

    when I was a toilet pig at the stupidstore there was this one old catholic lady called mary that used to roll around the store in produce while stuffing her face with cherries and spitting out the pits on the floor  and commanded authority like as if she ran the place  but I think she put a Sicilian curse on me for leaving the religion I was raised from the dead in ...either her or mike patton's wife Christina mad about that time I blew him

  • Akron Thomspon
    Akron Thomspon 4 days ago

    Wow, just wow. So much bad taste in just 6 minutes, amazing.

  • drak wolf
    drak wolf 8 days ago

    I don't like this golden girls is the best movie ever I hat u haters😠

  • iwannaseeit1979
    iwannaseeit1979 13 days ago


  • Kay2be2mr
    Kay2be2mr 15 days ago

    Took me 2 minutes to get it. I had no idea who these women were. I've never seen "Girls"

  • Jacob Kemezys
    Jacob Kemezys 15 days ago

    I'm only watching this only for Andrew Rannells I care less about the other actors. I think he deserves better than being part in that show.

  • Joeyjoe_
    Joeyjoe_ 16 days ago

    I am a golden girl fan for years ever since I was 7 and my opinion of this is insulting. This show isn't funny. These girls aren't nothing like the original characters. The script is stupid and how darn jimmy air this. Rip to the ORIGINAL GOLDEN GIRLS and KEEP ON STRONG Betty White. ❤️

  • Lewis Ulmer Breland III

    Who's who? Lame.

  • Anthony Mendez
    Anthony Mendez 22 days ago

    That was boring

  • Devinn Edwards
    Devinn Edwards 25 days ago +1

    The only thing they got right was the set of the kitchen

  • Richard Bouska
    Richard Bouska 26 days ago

    This wasn't funny at all! And Lena Dunham grosses me out!

  • Anvar Giliazetdinov
    Anvar Giliazetdinov 28 days ago

    That is the most awful thing you could come up with

  • Monica C
    Monica C Month ago

    This was so incredibly inane and opposite of anything remotely clever or funny

    JACKDVNE Month ago


  • etnad7
    etnad7 Month ago

    Well that was just an insult to the golden girls.

  • Purple Rain
    Purple Rain Month ago

    Stupidity at it's finest!

  • Caitlin tucker
    Caitlin tucker Month ago

    love the golden girls r.i.p.

  • J C
    J C Month ago

    GAHBAGE! Don't use the best, most wonderfully written show about women to pitch GAHBAGE! Be original or recycle other GAHBAGE!

  • Daniel Calvert
    Daniel Calvert Month ago

    Was this their attempt at finishing off Betty a white?
    Not funny at all. Usually he's good

  • Justin Fincher
    Justin Fincher Month ago


  • Joseph Pierce
    Joseph Pierce Month ago

    Who thought was this a good idea?!

  • KJ McRae
    KJ McRae Month ago

    Yea..this was trash lolol. Delete this.

  • Pbabowler
    Pbabowler Month ago

    It would of been better if the girl in the blue dress would actually look like the character. I couldn't tell who she was. The hospital thing wasn't really nessicary I give it four out of five. Please make another one

  • Caitlin Martin
    Caitlin Martin Month ago +1

    The monotone of it all

  • Jann Vega
    Jann Vega Month ago

    What an insult to the golden girls which was actual genuine comedy. And I'm so confused on the characters. Who is supposed to be who? This is all wrong.

  • TheFrenchSailor
    TheFrenchSailor Month ago

    Why do so many people hate Lena Dunham ?? I love Girls and I love The Golden Girls and it was great seeing it <3

  • Michael Brunnock
    Michael Brunnock Month ago

    hmmm not funny.

  • Bela Jijo
    Bela Jijo Month ago

    Directed by blue ivy carter 👀

  • Heather Surprenant
    Heather Surprenant Month ago


  • Jonathan Torres
    Jonathan Torres Month ago


  • erick smith
    erick smith Month ago


  • MsInterestedParty
    MsInterestedParty Month ago

    This is so horrible I don't understand

  • Matt Craft
    Matt Craft Month ago +1

    This is why I do not watch comedy shows after 2010, they just try too hard and it shows.

  • MusicAndGames Warrior
    MusicAndGames Warrior 2 months ago

    I miss the Golden Girls. We only have Rose left ;-;

  • bestofworld90
    bestofworld90 2 months ago

    ''Twas horrible, wasted time
    , effort , film in this garbage. Delete wya

  • Alison Scott
    Alison Scott 2 months ago

    nothing about these characters says the Golden Girls. You can't put a song and a similar background and expected to be anything similar than the show. The only person I was able to distinguish was Sophia

  • kayfejarang
    kayfejarang 2 months ago


  • Korin Ekizian
    Korin Ekizian 2 months ago

    This is terrible, I am a big fan of the Golden Girls and this isn't funny at all. Even if you didn't watch the Golden Girls this is still super stupid (not a funny stupid).

  • JizForever
    JizForever 2 months ago

    What is this fuckery? 😒😔

  • torinobob
    torinobob 2 months ago

    Dafuq did I just watch?

  • Courtney Allen
    Courtney Allen 2 months ago

    It doesn't hold a candle to the original. it's so stupid. sorry Jimmy

  • Space Monkey
    Space Monkey 2 months ago +3

    Not Funny, at ALL

  • Asyraf Farid
    Asyraf Farid 2 months ago

    How rude!

  • Ryan Ridolfo
    Ryan Ridolfo 2 months ago +5

    This is a disgusting insult to the Golden Girls. An apology should be issued to Betty White.

  • eslee olmos
    eslee olmos 2 months ago +1

    😝 BLAGH !! this is soooo stupid , zero funny ...

  • Kate Scott
    Kate Scott 2 months ago +3

    wtf was that, not even close to Golden Girls, the least funny thing I ever seen in my life

  • Jordan Junt
    Jordan Junt 2 months ago +1

    This was bad! Pointless to the extreme and not funny at all. In fact as a fan of both jimmy and the golden girls this was a major let down.

  • ra86226
    ra86226 2 months ago

    this is funny???? really.  pathetic is more like it

  • Mr. Jeff
    Mr. Jeff 2 months ago +6

    This is soooo LAME.... (Off to watch the actual show on DVD )

  • datswassup07
    datswassup07 3 months ago

    Dorothy would slam the door in their faces

  • Antonio Amador
    Antonio Amador 3 months ago


  • Kaka Carmen
    Kaka Carmen 3 months ago

    I feel this is disrespectful to the golden girls... This is nothing like the original. If you were using the same title and kitchen setting, please also make yourself look and sound like the original as well. I'm a huge golden girls fan and I can't recognize which was playing which character. If you are just playing your own characters in your show, please don't say you're doing the golden girls cuz I would expect them to play the real golden girls characters. =____=

  • Josephine Collins
    Josephine Collins 3 months ago

    Miss both these shows so much!!!

  • robert almond
    robert almond 3 months ago

    Must this consider funny?. A shame they use the Golden Girls theme song. Blah!!!!

  • Raul Candelaria
    Raul Candelaria 3 months ago

    They ruined golden girls for me now

  • Nasir Tresor
    Nasir Tresor 3 months ago

    How to ruin a classic!

  • natalie storm
    natalie storm 3 months ago

    this parody was sooooooo boring and to think it was the golden girls one of the funniest I mean theeeee funniest show on the planet what a waste

  • Richard Bouska
    Richard Bouska 3 months ago

    I can't believe I paused a cat video for this!

  • Trace Sandoval
    Trace Sandoval 3 months ago

    is this suppose to be funny?

  • Anthony Morale
    Anthony Morale 3 months ago

    you can't just Slap a Great Name like "Golden Girls" on a turd and expect people to buy it.

  • Pjay V
    Pjay V 3 months ago

    Did these actresses actually get paid for this stupid s**t???

  • Dana Oyen
    Dana Oyen 3 months ago

    This was horrible what an insult

  • Ellizer Cabahug
    Ellizer Cabahug 3 months ago

    This should be removed.

  • brodi81
    brodi81 3 months ago

    Can't run from raping your sister.

  • Norma Ruis Gallardo
    Norma Ruis Gallardo 3 months ago

    What the *&@$!?!? This is an insult to the Golden Girls, and to all the Golden Girls fans! D:<

  • Benji's excellent Adventures

    Omg this is so stupid

  • Roch An
    Roch An 3 months ago

    I'm 47 seconds in and pissed. -_-

  • Callsign Vega
    Callsign Vega 3 months ago

    No matter how many times Dunham gets naked, it won't change the fact that men find her body absolutely repulsive.

  • Millie Gravelpitt
    Millie Gravelpitt 4 months ago

    Who are these people???

  • Thomas Tarpley
    Thomas Tarpley 4 months ago

    ROFL! Sides Splitting!! Encore!!

  • Editstayley
    Editstayley 4 months ago +3

    this sucks so hard that is one of my favorite shows so screw you people hard and thus is not ok !!!

  • alessludwig
    alessludwig 4 months ago

    I came back because I forgot to mark (just how much) I dislike this.

  • AJ Nelson
    AJ Nelson 4 months ago

    The real show of "The Golden Girls" was way better than this crap. It looks like a SNL skit.

  • AJ Nelson
    AJ Nelson 4 months ago

    I'm surprised Betty didn't guest star in this.

  • Calvin Guerrero
    Calvin Guerrero 4 months ago +3

    why dont you just go and piss on the the actual golden girls graves and spit on Betty White's face while your at it

  • nascarfan88ta
    nascarfan88ta 4 months ago +26

    This is disgusting. Bea, Estelle and Rue are rolling in their graves

  • Queen_Of_Domination
    Queen_Of_Domination 4 months ago

    Not funny! This totally sucked!

  • Coma Toes
    Coma Toes 4 months ago


  • Green Whovian
    Green Whovian 4 months ago

    Can someone tell me how Kimmel ever got a gig? I mean stuff on Fallon might not always be funny but never does it get this cringeworthingly bad. I find Kimmel's show just outright painful to watch sometimes and I don't even know who any of these women are so that's lost on me too. I thought the first chick was Kate McKinnon.

    OLAV WILHELM 4 months ago

    thank god the golden girls are untouchable

    OLAV WILHELM 4 months ago

    just bad

  • Jason V
    Jason V 4 months ago

    Ewww I love watching Kimmel but I can't stand this gross child molester known as Lena Dunham.

  • Jo Lo
    Jo Lo 4 months ago

    This is terrible... Not even funny at all. Dorothy doesn't have long hair either. Offensive to golden girls. All four of these actors need to be fired forever

  • Lý Mai
    Lý Mai 4 months ago

  • Conor Wade
    Conor Wade 4 months ago +3

    So many toxic MRA Trump Supporters here.

  • Tomas Velez
    Tomas Velez 4 months ago


  • CT
    CT 4 months ago

    This skit was far better than the awful show that they were mocking.

  • MegaSayitlikeitis
    MegaSayitlikeitis 4 months ago

    I sooo regretted even thinking this could've been funny in any way!!

  • Angel Benjamin
    Angel Benjamin 4 months ago


  • Cybercon 98
    Cybercon 98 4 months ago +3

    Jimmy kimmel i used to think you were funny... but this was the worst thing i have ever seen in my life.. you took an incredible and funny and touching show.. and threw its memory down the drain, i am not only disgusted.. but i will never watch anything you ever do again...

  • Rafaela Alves Rocha
    Rafaela Alves Rocha 4 months ago

    Sou do Brasil ,nao tou entendendo .

  • Joey Cheng
    Joey Cheng 4 months ago

    THIS IS AN INSULT TO ONE OF THE GREATEST SHOW IN THE HISTORY OF AMERICA!!!! WHAT A SHAME!!! #DieHeartGoldenGirlsFanGirl. Yea, and Kimmel is probably gonna be shamelessly reading out these comments for fun too!!! I'm extremely insulted and upset!

    SAILOREARTH89 4 months ago

    Lena Dunham is gross

  • BlueCorp
    BlueCorp 4 months ago

    They're not even acting like the original cast. It's sad that the original Golden Girls are funnier than them too.

  • Kenneth Desmond Mosley
    Kenneth Desmond Mosley 4 months ago

    That was awful. A glistening example of what passes for comedy. Not clever. Course Proving again Lena Dunham is talentless and her success is simply based on her gender.

  • alice wwonderland
    alice wwonderland 4 months ago

    Who is Lena Dunham and why does everybody hates her?

  • Jay Garret
    Jay Garret 4 months ago

    This soooo boring

  • Boss Lady Lauren
    Boss Lady Lauren 4 months ago

    This blows.

  • Daisy Debar
    Daisy Debar 4 months ago

    HOW DARE THEY!!!!!!!

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