Ridley Scott says ALIEN: AWAKENING is a Prequel to COVENANT

  • Added:  5 months ago
  • It really does look like Ridley Scott is determined to spend the rest of his days making ALIEN films...and I am in no way against it. However, the newly announced ALIEN: AWAKENING, which will serve as a prequel in the PROMETHEUS trilogy of films, is an odd way of going about things. Though we'll have to wait and see what Mr. Scott does with the Engineers, humans, and Xenomorphs in that film.


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Comments: 772

  • Suryansh sinha
    Suryansh sinha 14 days ago

    Aliens is best in compare to Alien...ya but thanks setting up the base story(Alien)

  • Van Cleef
    Van Cleef 19 days ago

    What the fuck is wrong with Ridley Scott.

  • Dr Avalanche
    Dr Avalanche 20 days ago

    Let Joel Schumacher make em from now on, its all fucked now anyway.

  • killmebaby
    killmebaby 24 days ago

    prometheus was way better than alien convenant in all aspects

  • sp1r45
    sp1r45 Month ago

    I already know Daniels will become the queen and the colonists will become the aliens, and the planet they're going to, is it the one from promethius???

  • waterjabbers
    waterjabbers Month ago

    I actually prefer Scott's vision over Cameron's contribution. Cameron took the franchise more in the direction of a creature feature by having multiple aliens, a queen, etc.
    With Prometheus Scott brought the franchise back to a Sci-Fi horror. If anyone is being honest the franchise went the same way as Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street did. Each movie got more and more rediculous as it tried to follow the formula.

    Prometheus really brought a unique perspective on the franchise that I appreciate, which may be why Scott abandoned the franchise. Movie executives may have wanted it to go in the direction Cameron went and Scott wanted to go in the direction of Prometheus.

  • The Zee Group
    The Zee Group Month ago +1

    Ridley scott didley squat

  • Unknown Invalid
    Unknown Invalid Month ago

    Time does move faster as you age. I was born in 79, the year of the Alien. My guess is that the Alien franchise will continue so long as movies are still being made. Every ones gotten their hands on the creature , either though video games or comic books, and someday somebody is going to have to carry on the torch. I look forward to the experience of future theatrics.

  • sweetnessrisin
    sweetnessrisin Month ago


    I think there should be some flashbacks mixed in to clarify David's intentions... did Shaw die or was she killed?
    The engineers we saw in Covenant had a different look, less attractive and etherial; were they primitive elder engineers?
    The mystery doesn't have to all be solved at once, but there are certain answers needed as staples to the continuation of the story as a whole.

    There were scenes cut that shouldn't of been and tacky for movie clichés of floating face of dull repetition as an attempt to make up for the lack of aliens in Prometheus... letting the studio interfere because they want to please the audience usually ends up as stink bombs dropped in a well thought out film layered with tension and fear of the unknown… Drop the floating faces!
    The core actions/horror scenes are cheapened by scenes with characters we don't know or care about being killed in slasher clichés; there's nothing wrong with a good slasher film, but this is not a slasher film.
    After the first attack & explosion (👏 actress from Your Next & The Sacrament) the movie ran hot and cold.

    Bring the tension, lore, snowballing of terror, and tell the studios to piss off... dig into your own pockets Sir Scott, if you want to do this right follow your gut... cutting character development equals the audience being less invested & cutting scenes connected to key plot points isn't mysterious, it's frustrating.

    The studios and the fans need to let the professionals work together and you either like what they put out or you don't; trying to please an audience doesn't create anything except second guesses.

    I hope we see a happy medium between Prometheus and Covenant based on the writers' and directors' vision, not the studio wants, or the fans expect.

  • Samyra Hayes
    Samyra Hayes 2 months ago

    i hope the last 2 movies introduce the preditors

  • SuperDenizen
    SuperDenizen 2 months ago

    The problem with the fact that David made the Xenomorph upset us because... well we know that David is pretty much an a**hole by this point and with that we are mad it's the creator, David.

    So could be said about the engineer that create life at the beginning of Prometheous. We assume that they are good, but do we know them. The fine line between us knowing and not knowing will either make us or break us. A quote from LOK:SR "You may uncover your past but you know nothinh of it" - Kain

    If awaking is in fact a prequel to covenent then by all means I welcome it. Covenent opens far more question then answered. And those question needs to be answered.

    Changing topic, one could say that that this is a bait of sort but this could be an artistic take on unraveling the mystery.

  • Markus Zussner
    Markus Zussner 2 months ago

    I think we need to find our feet within the Alien Universe once more, before we set off again. A Good Idea would be to try a no-brainer approach to the storylines first and polish them up into an Alien Movie we can all enjoy. How about ALIENS: The Battle for Hadleys Hope put to screen. Treat it as an exercise of Futility. If we can pull off the basics, then we should be able to do it again.

  • MirkWoot
    MirkWoot 2 months ago

    When i watched Avatar again yesterday i wished James Cameron could make another. Out of the now 6 alien movies, we only really have one where they really put up a fight, with guns blazing and all, knowing somewhat what they were up against. There can be suspense, depth and surprises in action as well. I miss some grandness, which the first movie also had with it being a gigantic ship. I miss some other music like in Aliens. Generally just one where they know more.. not 1 or none knowing.
    1 - They didn't know, no weapons.
    2 - Ripley knew, Marines knew some but were arrogant.
    3 - Ripley knew, They didn't know much - no weapons
    4 - Arrogant, not really any weapons (but also be stupid with acid in space ship)
    5 - They didn't know, no real weapons.
    6 - They didn't know, no real weapons.. tho so glad seeing they took a long.

  • Scott
    Scott 2 months ago

    Since the last two put me to sleep, the next movie at least has the right title.

  • sketchwish
    sketchwish 2 months ago

    so essentially, the whole purpose of xenomorphs will just be to lead to xenophobia which is the true end of all humanity

  • Valarie Bell
    Valarie Bell 2 months ago

    This is the Quentin Tarrantino school of film making. You have to watch all his films 5 times before you can figure out what's going on and still there are gaps. Still Quentin is another genius. As a genexer, I gladly claim him!

  • Christian Lingurar
    Christian Lingurar 2 months ago +1

    hard to listen. this man has no clue what he's talking about and is very unstructured. empty chattiness. and several minutes about "paranormal activity".

    • Jake Fournier
      Jake Fournier Month ago

      I agree totally.  Now I'm reading the comments of all the great movie makers here who are unemployed.

  • Thomas SK
    Thomas SK 2 months ago

    Considering how many allusions to mysticism there are in Prometheus (including the fact that Scott confirmed that Jesus was an "engineer"...), I personally think that Ridley Scott's "renewed love for the Alien franchise" comes from this whole engineer creating humans thing.
    It's some kind of idea to expand the Alien universe without creating a new saga.
    He must be an adept of "panspermia", meaning the theory that life was injected into earth, came from somewhere else, and did not appear down here.

  • Sam Mazensky
    Sam Mazensky 2 months ago

    If these are "His twilight years" then I hope he's aware of the complaints, and is perhaps driving at something that could make the corpse of the space jockey terrifying, and somehow connected back to the mystique that surrounded the original Xenomorph.

    The most important new information that we've *seen* of Shaw, is her re-attaching David's head. Going back to "Shaw Based Advertising". there's a promo for Prometheus featuring her, being scanned by Yutani technology, before going on a mission for the Weyland company. The Covenant, work for Weyland-Yutani. The technology Yutani provides in the promo is "visual polygraph" technology, being in a message from Shaw to Weyland.

    Not only could the Covenant promo put his "brain" in question since he's synthetic, but the only *other Engineer* everyone seems to have forgotten from the Prometheus trip: David saw one who was decapitated by a door, and survived while wearing a helmet that Shaw removes in order to get information from what might have been a severed head. She had faith in a severed head, that still showed signs of life. It may be THAT SIMPLE.

    Given that "MUTHUR" is a computer that makes it's first appearance in COVENANT, as opposed to Prometheus, it's seeming ability to recognize David(?), and the Weyland Yutani "W and Y" logos (alarmingly similar to the volkswagen logo) all over the ship could suggest that Ridley has been trying to build towards something

    Part of this story so far is terrifying, but I don't think it's the right part, as far as the way he might be planning on telling it.

  • Jack Bonar
    Jack Bonar 2 months ago

    I really hope Scott isn't keeping all his ideas to himself and that he's sharing them with other people because I really want to see all of the movies he has in mind get made and I'm just afraid he won't be able to do them all being currently 79 years old. I'd like it if he lived forever and never gave up control of his universe again, as I could watch an infinite amount of movies set in this universe, but unfortunately that cannot happen.

  • Meme Star
    Meme Star 2 months ago

    I want neil blomkamp's alien sequel damn it!

  • Belinda Balagtas
    Belinda Balagtas 2 months ago

    mr. Scott should finish off with the prequels- he is not getting any younger.. and should just let blomkamp make his Alien 5 sequel which i think most Alien fans (like me) want to see.

  • hank h
    hank h 2 months ago

    Jees man..... I think they need to get rid of ridley scott

  • Jaime B.
    Jaime B. 2 months ago

    Seems to me, that they have no interest in tell stories anymore, they just give you half stories so people keep coming for more and milking the cash cow. It pisses me, cause covenant could have been so much better, show so much more about engineers and the plot, but they basically is a 2 hour version of the teaser...

  • clonedkeifer
    clonedkeifer 2 months ago

    What's weird about the story telling? Star Wars and Indiana Jones had the same thing. Give Ridley a chance, he knows what he is doing...

  • Nick Tracy
    Nick Tracy 2 months ago

    Most people just want to see the alien origin and horror of the alien hunting people down I really hope to see that... otherwise I could care less to see the new movies if they can't bring that without s bunch of weird things going on

  • Stephen Gomez
    Stephen Gomez 2 months ago

    Wut ?🤔

  • Filthy Ogre
    Filthy Ogre 2 months ago

    Can't we just get the Neil Blompkamp alien instead

  • Gland Gaming
    Gland Gaming 2 months ago

    Wtf is up with all these prequels man

  • The Forbidden One
    The Forbidden One 2 months ago

    Ridley Scott is a Dumbass old fart. he confused the franchise

  • imcnblu
    imcnblu 2 months ago

    There will be a total of 4 movies as part of the lead-up to the events of Alien, not 3 as you described. Also, I'm pretty certain that Awakening was one of the numerous working titles for what would eventually be called Covenant after they abandoned the Paradise/Alien: Paradise titles. I wouldn't expect the timeline of the remaining prequels to jump out of chronological order. Ridley could've very well been confused about his own projects. It wouldn't be the first time he flubbed incorrect information in an interview

  • Nick Thompson
    Nick Thompson 2 months ago

    I'm excited , don't care what others say about covenant

  • Gfresh1620
    Gfresh1620 2 months ago

    I don't give a fuck if they make prequel sequels, I'll watch anything this man directs...Alien can finish all over me if that's what is requested!!!

  • conman1111
    conman1111 2 months ago

    Someone stop ridleys drunk ass from doing another prequel.

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 2 months ago

    Why the fuck did he not make that first time instead of this trash

  • Pete Venkman
    Pete Venkman 2 months ago

    Alien is dead. Stop wasting any energy on it. Just lay flowers on its grave.

  • rootex
    rootex 2 months ago

    it would be much more interesting to know what really happened on that jockey spacecraft and what happened to david and why did he killed shaw?

  • lukasz sznytzer
    lukasz sznytzer 2 months ago

    Just sit back and relax 🤘🏼 shit was tough as nails can't wait for awaking

    MONSTER MINDED 2 months ago

    Alien zigzag

  • Bo  Walsh
    Bo Walsh 2 months ago

    what about the ship that came at the beginning of Prometheus to destroy the engineer at the top of the water fall????
    enjoyed the film but didn't get the answers I wanted! seen the xenomorph loads already! yyaawwwnnnnn!

  • Tyson Wollas
    Tyson Wollas 2 months ago

    I'm feeling much like the Terminator movies watch the first film watch the second film and forget the rest.

  • Peter
    Peter 2 months ago

    Make him fall out of love with Alien... PLEASE!!!!!

  • LoganSoulsBorne4
    LoganSoulsBorne4 2 months ago

    They better explain Shaw's journey, David's experiments, and then a final movie post/Covenant pre-Alien to tie it all up.

  • Sam Nunya
    Sam Nunya 2 months ago

    ridley scott is insane and doesn't know wtf he is talking about. how the f is the eggs guna get on the ship in alien 1? I'm almost done been a fan of alien he's killing it

  • WHAT UP?
    WHAT UP? 2 months ago +1

    Riddley scott is one confused old mutherfuker. He don't know what he wants to do. Hes gonna make people not like the alien movies anymore. This is what happens when u get a old senile ass man making movies. The next one should be the last prequal to Alien 1979 and at the end introduce a young Ripley sleeping in her pod on board The Nostromo and then it ends. If he wants to expand and make more alien movies then he needs to start after Alien Resurrection.

  • dean state
    dean state 2 months ago

    easy dont like prequels dont wachet...wach alien and aliens. stop bichin about this new movies
    you want crap sequels wach twilght.

  • Rich While-Cooper
    Rich While-Cooper 2 months ago

    You know what? The one thing everybody on the planet wants is another ALIENS. Can we PLEASE have a bunch of bad asses with bug guns go toe-to-toe with the Xenos. Again. Except with modern production values.

  • jedi1967
    jedi1967 2 months ago


  • Best PCgamer
    Best PCgamer 2 months ago

    All these movies are fine but I just want Aliens Colonial Marines 2 or something like it and Alien Isolation 2. ACM should have been made faster than it was and AI should have had a better marketing campain. The gaming industry should not penalize it's true franchise fans from its own business mistakes by not making sequels to those games. They should learn, adapt, and change things the next time around. Study what makes certain games sell more copies and do the same even if it makes Aliens games even more Call of Duty like. Millions of COD gamers interests are more important than 20,000 picky, ignorant, and complaining gamers that try to ruin the future games from the very game they take the time to comment on.

  • spencer the shit poster

    ridley scott is basically the next joe schumacher

  • S1arscr3am1
    S1arscr3am1 2 months ago

    please don't milk it anymore, any next one is worst.

  • Jojo heartspaypay
    Jojo heartspaypay 2 months ago

    it's time for this fool to step away from his franchise. He's done enough to hurt it already.

  • WHR17
    WHR17 2 months ago

    Covenant's disappointing box office may hinder an expanded franchise.

  • Pre data
    Pre data 2 months ago

    proMETHeus ... i think i know what ridleys been on lol

  • Cole Frambes
    Cole Frambes 2 months ago

    So basically, Covenant sets up a sequel at the end, but he's going back and making a prequel to covenant ? Man Scott is being dragged around on a leash by fans.

  • Cole Frambes
    Cole Frambes 2 months ago

    It really takes away tension when you know the origin of the monster. That's the whole point of the title, it's unkown, it's alien.

  • The Lone Courier
    The Lone Courier 2 months ago

    If the man wants to devote the rest of his life to my _favourite sci-fi franchise_, I'm not complaining.

  • Jesse ?
    Jesse ? 2 months ago

    I'm done. Alien is dead.

  • Cheng Cheng
    Cheng Cheng 2 months ago

    Awakening will explain what happened between David and Shawn, why David killed all Engineers, why David turned to be so dark, etc. The way Scott tells the story has no problem. He tells the audience what happened first (Prometheus and Covenant). Then explain why this is happening (awakening). This trilogy is extremely profound, all characters, philosophical and theological story consistency, even details are thoroughly considered. I'm not surprised at all he put the sequence like this. As a matter of fact, I'm very excited that he will shoot a movie so that all the questions I had over the years can be explained.

  • Elfrunner
    Elfrunner 2 months ago

    Nah, I'm not interested in Alienlands: The Pre-Sequel. If 20th Century Fox revisits the Aliens 5 concept that was floating around a year ago, then I'll watch this series again.

  • Matadorstudio
    Matadorstudio 2 months ago

    I think riddley just thought of all this shit and is determined to put it out cause he's riddley MF Scott !

  • Andrew Basile
    Andrew Basile 2 months ago

    I agree that this shit is more that convoluted and that Ridley Scott seems to me making it up as he goes along with no consistent story arc. He seems to keep backtracking but is doing it in a sloppy way. If "Awakening" covers the 10 year period between Prometheus and Covenant and explains how and why David decides to kill Shaw and create the Xenomorph then it will be a welcome addition to the franchise and more importantly, the story line. It would also help if he brings some clarity to who the Engineers are and why they created humans. One thought that I occurred to me is that perhaps David did not kill Shaw. It is possible that in their crash landing Shaw is injured or dies. Since David loves Shaw could he have manipulated her body to produce what he considers his children who are perfect or on their way to being perfect. It's obvious in Covenant that the Aliens have an allegiance to David, they don't try to attack or kill him. Could he have created them because he wants them to wipe out anything humanoid? I would welcome a prequel that would help explain the gaping holes that are making this franchise look like Swiss Cheese.

  • Steve D
    Steve D 2 months ago

    PLEASE !!!! STOP!!!! JUST STOP!!!!!

  • B. Lloyd Reese
    B. Lloyd Reese 2 months ago

    I don't think ridley wants to undo aliens, he originally said he liked it, I thought. just like jc loves ridley movies. they should just do one together

  • B. Lloyd Reese
    B. Lloyd Reese 2 months ago

    why didn't he make awakening first then?

  • assa6699
    assa6699 2 months ago

    This is why Fast n Furious better than Alien... 😂

  • shake of the finger
    shake of the finger 2 months ago

    plus the movie looked great in the location shots but the cg was pretty off at times

  • shake of the finger
    shake of the finger 2 months ago

    i think ridley is losing his mind,maybe he should just let it go

  • John Lazano
    John Lazano 2 months ago

    good information thank u so much movie makes sense now

  • waldir rojas
    waldir rojas 2 months ago

    All I want is to know where the engineers come from and if the predators will make in appearance since we saw the red light from their shoulder cannon, there writing in the black goo cans.

  • richirdfitzwell
    richirdfitzwell 2 months ago

    ridley is bullshitting

  • Kenneth Buckless
    Kenneth Buckless 2 months ago

    aliens colonial marines had a horrible story.

  • Blue Jay
    Blue Jay 2 months ago

    Alien 3 (Could have been better)
    Alien Resurrection (Unfortunately )

  • MTN 927
    MTN 927 2 months ago

    so now we have a prequel to a prequel? here's an idea, why not just do awakening before Covenant?

  • Climax DeAbsurdum
    Climax DeAbsurdum 2 months ago

    I'm DEFINITELY done with this franchise with Scott back at the helm

  • MixedReadings
    MixedReadings 2 months ago

    No. Finish the fucking story.

  • witters85
    witters85 2 months ago

    Whatever comes out next im 100% avoiding the spoiler ridden trailers. Fucking joke they show everything these days

  • MrDoug41
    MrDoug41 2 months ago

    It's a sequel not prequel

  • Ally Omar, Jr
    Ally Omar, Jr 2 months ago

    Awakening shaw gets raped by david

  • Isaaca
    Isaaca 2 months ago

    I like the way you explain these things and have power when you talk about it most ppl doing these sound dead but you sound motivated and have the same urge as we do into finding more about the alien franchise. you got my sub and like hope to see more like this keep it up!

  • Danimation
    Danimation 2 months ago

    I get a George Lucas/Star Wars Prequel Trilogy vibe from Scott revisiting Alien. GL wanted to make Star Wars something more serious and deeper than it ever was, mirroring the Prequel Trilogy with the GW Bush administration, when the Original Trilogy was rather very, very simple. Alien was simple as hell, and now has become much deeper and bigger than it ever was imagined. The difference is Scott is a much better director than GL, but not as strong as a storyteller.

  • Spectacular Poopfly
    Spectacular Poopfly 2 months ago

    Just make a damn sequel to alien 4 already these prequels keep ruining the stuff

  • Carlos Mariscal
    Carlos Mariscal 2 months ago +2

    The way I see it we'll always have the first 2 Alien movies personally I enjoy Alien 3 too but I know that's an unpopular opinion. So I'm totally OK with letting Riley Scott do his thing. For those that are saying they're ruining the franchise need to open their eyes because Alien in my opinion hasn't been good since Alien 3. Even the games have been meh A:CM was terrible fan fiction so much so that it's no longer cannon the last AVP was just ok. Alien Isolation is an exception and was great but it didn't do anything new. Ridley Scott isn't going to ruin a franchise that's already ruined and honestly so far I'm enjoying what he's doing. And all of this is coming from a die hard Alien fan I can quote all the movies and games all day long even the bad ones.

    • Andy Z
      Andy Z 2 months ago

      Carlos Mariscal well said!

    • Tiago Macedo
      Tiago Macedo 2 months ago

      Carlos Mariscal THANK YOU!!!

  • roland jones
    roland jones 2 months ago

    If David is a robot why did he need a hoodie?
    was he cold?

  • jcdejesu
    jcdejesu 2 months ago +2

    i blame star wars for this prequal sequal bullshit lol

  • appleseedfanatic
    appleseedfanatic 2 months ago

    wtf is this. if I ever make movies I'll start it at the beginning and make the next movies in fucking order....

  • Ares14
    Ares14 2 months ago

    Good. Need to know more of David and Shaw's story during those 10 years. Bothered me that so much empty space wasn't filled.

  • Thabooka
    Thabooka 2 months ago +1

    cmon man I want to see what happens after covenant -_-

  • 9miler 9milerz
    9miler 9milerz 2 months ago

    covenant showed an alien hybrid in a on the cross pose and that def says to me that theyr showing that jesus was a hybrid of some sort

  • 9miler 9milerz
    9miler 9milerz 2 months ago

    please 😂😂bladerunner ?ridley finally found out the real deal about the creation of man..prob from elites..so um yeah theyr putting alot more of this shit in movies now cuz the cats out the bizzag

  • evergreenjd
    evergreenjd 2 months ago +2

    Um, the fact that it is intriguing and alluring and leaving questions unanswered is precisely why we're all hyping the continuation. And it's precisely why you're able to perpetuate the continuation of the franchise. Enjoy the ride and let the writers do their part. And remember, once it's all explained, we have much less to come back for other than the action of it all (which I, for one, am not nearly as drawn to).

  • sony e
    sony e 3 months ago +5

    I get it.
    Prometheus- About introduction to the new crew, Shaw, David, and Etc
    Awakening- Explaining what happened between shaw, and david, and the engineers. (Allusion to Shaw's Demise)
    Covenant- Now about the new covenant crew, and aftermath of the engineer's demise. (With David being on the planet) (This is after watching the film (Covenant).
    Then we get a fourth film, maybe the fifth taking place after covenant, and ultimately leading up to the first alien.

    • Andy Z
      Andy Z 2 months ago

      sony e Ridley is all over it! I just wish fans would let him do his work just like when nobody bothered him in '79.

  • Immortal Fool
    Immortal Fool 3 months ago

    I loved that movie! It went in a direction that I enjoyed. Screw the haters!

  • Oldschool Gamer Rick
    Oldschool Gamer Rick 3 months ago

    Ridley should've just made a proper Prometheus 2 about the journey of Shaw and David to the engineers planet. instead he is doing a half baked Prometheus and alien mixture. It feels like they will go from movie to movie with the story like in the 80ies and 90ies, resulting in a movie universe that is inconsistent. Covenant totally feels like it was made to quiet down the haters of Prometheus to give them another movie where people are running around like idiots because they are hunted by xenomorphs. But I also liked the movie, David's storyline is very interesting and they should've made the movie about him and the engineers. let's see what's going to happen next. hopefully we don't have to wait another 5 years...

  • Brandon Reed
    Brandon Reed 3 months ago

    I really hope he changes his mind. This is a stupid idea. Prequel to a prequel, smh.

  • Post Revive___r
    Post Revive___r 3 months ago

    Ridley needs to be fired

  • Steven Simmons
    Steven Simmons 3 months ago


  • pallafox
    pallafox 3 months ago

    The problem with this is that the order of its releases are not in favour with the trilogy's chronological narrative but to the demand of getting the alien franchise back to what Scott thinks is relevant. A lot of people hated prometheus, I personally liked it minus the writing. The themes the story and the backdrop was a great set up exploring the alien lore. But all of that was thrown out of the window in favour of getting to that moment in which actual xenomorphs were created. The film ends with a journey towards the next era that could potentially lead to 1979 Alien. NOW why in the world do we need to go back and explore the events that took place before landing to paradise and after Promotheus? is it such a demand now after seeing Covenant? no? the movie clearly throws all of that away to put xenomorphs in right away, is it going to further detail David's cause and actions? No, he's clearly made that point in the end that he wants to ascend as the new creator and immortal icon of the universe. whatever it is he discovers in that ship prior to kiling the engineers or even Shaw's desire to understand their decision to eliminate the human race wouldn't matter any longer because we've now tackled the theme of creationism. So I'm confused. Scott is caught in the middle of several revisions that it completely ruined the franchise's potential to detail a beautiful story about life cycle in the univese, but instead we get this clusterfuck of a tale that leads to nothing at the moment. I like how prometheus set the events that led us to think that humans depended on its creator and its reflection on relgion wanting to know more of its origin. With Prometheus, lets just play God and take it from there.

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