5 Most Mysterious Ancient Spaceships Ever Discovered

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  • Cocoa Nut
    Cocoa Nut 3 days ago

    History is cyclical.

  • Michael M
    Michael M 11 days ago

    So, they had a rocket 500 years ago, then nothing until NASA. Bullshit.

  • Neil Sanghvi
    Neil Sanghvi 17 days ago

    Four of these have been thoroughly debunked on Ancient Aliens Debunked

  • Jukka Asikainen
    Jukka Asikainen 21 day ago

    I have seen these already long time ago.

  • Jonathan Turner
    Jonathan Turner 27 days ago

    What's up with the creepy ass face background at 2:40

  • sclock2
    sclock2 Month ago

    What ezekial saw wasn't a cloud it was a wheel spinning in the air within a wheel which is an even more accurate description of a flying saucer like craft. It amazes how people think must have been aliens or no if was a vision from God. How about it was both? They ever stop to wonder maybe the UFO was the vision?

  • TheSinfultictac
    TheSinfultictac Month ago

    Well The Paka is really actually easy to see that it's not a space ship if you look at it from the correct angle. If you look at the artistry and find the eyes at the "bottom" of the stele/ tomb cover, its clearly some monster consuming him, taking him under. His posture is clearly one mix of a child and a dying man, as the Maya believe death was the entrance to another life. As for the Toprakkale Space shuttle it clearly has the markings of a Hoax/fake. It came out of nowhere, wasn't studied to heavily before it was 'lost' again.
    Also anything to be "psychically transmitted" is to be subjected to ridicule before anything else. if it sounds like garbage it probably garbage. The cool part about Ezikels visions is that often those who read it often have different visual interpretation of what they see in their minds eye. They other cool part is that they might of been partly drug induced because some people have seen similar visions on like MDMA

  • Bryce Sy
    Bryce Sy Month ago

    The transition effects look like Dr. Strange's Sling Ring magic..

  • Coldryte
    Coldryte Month ago

    0:20 That vehicle looks exactly like Vulture from Starcraft II

  • Marfa Lights
    Marfa Lights Month ago

    I really LOVE your channel

  • zoom zoomzoom
    zoom zoomzoom Month ago

    we interupt this episode of dark5 to bring you the hit history channel show "ancient aliens"

  • V Sen
    V Sen Month ago

    Liked all the dildo comments..

  • August Rush
    August Rush Month ago

    This is retarded and Dark5 knows it

  • KailaTheCovertOne
    KailaTheCovertOne Month ago

    I love reading these

  • midnightmosesuk
    midnightmosesuk Month ago

    If aliens are so advanced, why are they using primitive 20th century rocket technology?

  • Dave L
    Dave L Month ago

    utter bollocks

  • Sebashbag Miller
    Sebashbag Miller Month ago

    You typically have a good choice of music Mr. 5

  • Jacob M.
    Jacob M. Month ago

    Is the first one a space jockey from alien/Prometheus

  • DirtyPerry357
    DirtyPerry357 Month ago

    Aliens using thrust based combustion engines .. don't call us, we call you !!!

  • Archrave nineteenseventeen

    Everyone! Let's troll our successors. let's create weird sculptures. maps and etc and buried it. let them discover our troll bait

  • trekguy31
    trekguy31 Month ago

    Ancient man was far more advanced than we realize... They were not idiots. That being said, I find most of this video conjectural and at times ridiculous.

  • Tao Tao
    Tao Tao Month ago

    The new font is too thicc

  • Webb walle
    Webb walle Month ago

    Lame bullshit!

  • Jose B.
    Jose B. Month ago

    Yeah Zecharia Sitchin and his Ancient Astronaut theories have been debunked already, well as other Ancient Astronauts theories as well.

  • Gabriel V
    Gabriel V Month ago

    music sounds like first deus ex game.

  • Vampire Cookie
    Vampire Cookie Month ago

    Thats a space ship that is ready to explore the open space of a vagina

  • Sophie Robinson
    Sophie Robinson Month ago

    that rocket looks like it was carefully drawn on with a black sharpie

  • dimas ajiseto
    dimas ajiseto Month ago

    gonna remake them in KSP

  • MonkeySeeMonkeyDoo?

    Its all cargo culture men trying to replicate what they dont fully understand. As humans we chased technological advancment while keeping primitive spiritual ideas. This is the porblem with our civilisation bottom line.

  • Skaircrow45
    Skaircrow45 Month ago

    Dark 5 will always be the best top 5 list

  • TheBoxofTea
    TheBoxofTea Month ago

    I guess sci-fi didn't exist until space ships were created. Seriously, you'd be surprised about the things humans think of before it can become a reality. Leonardo da Vinci for example made models for aircrafts before aerodynamics and resources were available.

  • RikkyCZ
    RikkyCZ Month ago


  • Alex Torres
    Alex Torres Month ago

    yeo nigga dark 5 always be talkin some crazy shit

  • 23 Savage
    23 Savage Month ago +1

    Dark 5 Darkest porn secrets

  • Hentai Forever
    Hentai Forever Month ago

    where do you get the audio for your videos?

  • riplink
    riplink Month ago

    Hey Dark 5, I thought I should let you know just in case you didn't but there is a channel called dark five reuploading all your videos. I think he's trying to take credit for your videos.

  • World Wide News
    World Wide News Month ago

    Interesting stuff. Perhaps ancient humans were space travelers who hung out with aliens, but made the aliens mad one day so they wiped their minds and made us start all over at the primitive level.

  • Jonh Wick
    Jonh Wick 2 months ago

    Top 5 "Dark 5" videos deleted by youtube.

  • Reggie Watchowtnow
    Reggie Watchowtnow 2 months ago

    Scientists get 10 years ago wrong , 50 years ago wrong , 100 , 500 , 1000 , 2000 years ago wrong...but i'm sure they're right about what was poppin off a billion years ago...GTFO

  • Reggie Watchowtnow
    Reggie Watchowtnow 2 months ago

    Apparently Ezekial doesn't know what lightening is....Obviously it was Starship Trooper lazer beam booster rockets.

  • Reggie Watchowtnow
    Reggie Watchowtnow 2 months ago +1

    Watch Ancient Aliens Debunked  by Chris White , he utterly destroys these retarded theories pushed by gym teachers and con men.

  • Reggie Watchowtnow
    Reggie Watchowtnow 2 months ago

    Zacharia Sitchin is about as credible as a pancake.

  • Cozmic Mojo
    Cozmic Mojo 2 months ago

    All of these are just people's imagination with the exception of the Sibiu manuscript. Look at the Pakal inscription for yourself. It looks nothing like a spaceship. Just people daydreaming.

  • Kj16V
    Kj16V 2 months ago

    5:00 Er, exactly which spacecraft have pedals??

  • Anime Aries
    Anime Aries 2 months ago

    So how long does it take you to find the music you use?

  • Vevo Box Team
    Vevo Box Team 2 months ago

    Whats up my ni🅱️🅱️a's

  • Marco Lam
    Marco Lam 2 months ago +1

    In the next video, the greatest mistery: Derek Fisher top 5 dunks

  • Marck N.
    Marck N. 2 months ago

    I always wonder about these mysterious black market antique collectors and dealers. How the hell do you even get into that life? How do you make those connections and know who to trust/not trust?

  • bearsemen
    bearsemen 2 months ago

    Not spaceships

  • KVID1000
    KVID1000 2 months ago +1

    Clickbait garbage.

  • Jason Sweet
    Jason Sweet 2 months ago

    Your starting to waste my life watching debunked shit and quoting ZS as a source is just about my limit
    Good Day

  • Dusty Gamer
    Dusty Gamer 2 months ago

    watching this at 01:07 AM head phones full screan

  • Zero Knight
    Zero Knight 2 months ago

    wait, pakal was an alien?

  • Zero Knight
    Zero Knight 2 months ago

    spacecrafts in general dont have foot petals

  • Zero Knight
    Zero Knight 2 months ago

    "he made a drawing of Ezekiel's spaceship..." ... and you don't show it >_>

    the issue with his recreation is that he is not thinking on a retrospective view but instead going in presupposing it to be an alien ship

  • yoommik
    yoommik 2 months ago

    where do you find there awesome background music!?

  • Child of the Creator God

    Look's like a "Bob-Sled" for sliding down sand dunes, no space ship. Or a Norwegian snow sled which were and are pulled by reindeer but in this case CAMEL'S, The 'ships (reindeer) of the desert. .

  • Lisa Claire
    Lisa Claire 2 months ago

    Do 5 people who disappeared trying to reveal the identity of dark 5.

  • Matt Richards
    Matt Richards 2 months ago

    447 years ago isn't "Ancient".

  • Rome the Paranormal Critic

    by the way I have a low budget slideshow that I created using screenshots while watching the ISS live stream I can't some pretty nice stuff including alien beings not many but a couple

  • Rome the Paranormal Critic

    Actually you need to do your research I've been subscribed to your channel but you disappoint me when you cover stuff like this and you don't do your research because I am a real UFO researcher so just wanted to inform you that it was actually Erich von Däniken who first wrote about Ezekiel's "encounter" in his book Chariots of the Gods which was published in 1968

  • Cooler110033
    Cooler110033 2 months ago

    As someone who has just seen the ancient African, Asian, and Middle East section in the Museum of Natural History, that looks like an African statue of a man (or woman) turned sideways.

    What might be seen as "thrusters" look like two feet, the band around them looks like a skirt. The "fin" looks like an arm and the pointed tip looks like a hat, with the second smaller "fin" being his or her ear.

    The design and shape of the body looks a lot like the weird disproportional shapes of our ancient ancestors' statues. I can't explain what looks like tubing or wiring in the middle, I'll grant you, but then I'm not an expert on ancient cultures.

    I tried to find this statue from a different angle, maybe turned around, so I could confirm my theory that this is a statue of a person, but couldn't. If someone could find this thing from different angles, that'd be cool.

    Pointy head hats on ancient statues:

  • forestsoceansmusic
    forestsoceansmusic 2 months ago

    You started with good pictures for each item, but then went downhill on subsequent pictures for each item.
    For the Turkish single-man rocket, you should have just kept giving us images of the object.
    For the Ezekiel craft, you should have just given us images of what that NASA scientist drew, and maybe a photo of him.
    I like most of your stuff, but this one is far from your best.

  • ItsDubbedBadger
    ItsDubbedBadger 2 months ago

    Is That Jimmy Neutron?

  • stripedwell
    stripedwell 2 months ago

    I read "ribbed pressure suit" as "ribbed pleasure suit."

  • Paul Martin
    Paul Martin 2 months ago

    "Toprakkale Shuttle" - [Pilot even has a thermos labeled "Tang." - (jk - I made that up. -p)]

  • Chop 1543
    Chop 1543 2 months ago +1

    PLS next video: 5 Biggest Scammers on steam :D

  • Mick Jagged
    Mick Jagged 2 months ago

    I wish I knew what music ...   thievery corporation or shpongle would sound good in your videos too

  • Kieron Millard
    Kieron Millard 2 months ago

    Please could you rather talk during your videos instead of the text on the screen. I like to listen to documentaries while i work... Im pretty sure im not the only one who would prefer it that way. your subjects are fantastic by the way! :D

  • Greg Lytle
    Greg Lytle 2 months ago

    For the most part I love this channel but the pseudo-science and nonsense paranormal videos are cringe inducing.

    FOX DIE GAMING 2 months ago

    Always with the badass videos!

  • Gex
    Gex 2 months ago

    Based on the current certainties that we have, it is quite reasonable to assume that they were using their imagination to do imaginative stuff. Just like we do today in the 2017 - we draw and carve very strange art, and 10.000 years from now, they might say "Hey guys, maybe all this abstract art were real creatures?"
    I mean... it is more realistic isn't? less magical, but more realistic.

  • anec nhoj
    anec nhoj 2 months ago

    Dark 5 is an aliens

  • Me,I,Myself
    Me,I,Myself 2 months ago

    the truth is..

    people is just overthinking
    about this kind of stuff...
    i will not surprise in the future. an archeologist.. will analyze. our Emoji and give a fucking meaning about it...

  • druidboy76
    druidboy76 2 months ago

    Anytime you see Zecharia Sitchins name, you KNOW it's going to be utter crackpot bullshit to come. Sorry but Kermit the frog had better credibility than that idiot does.

  • watercloset99
    watercloset99 2 months ago

    fake...modern carving........fake....lies

  • MoSteel2
    MoSteel2 2 months ago

    Too bad you haven't done one for Hillary Clinton yet.

  • Supreme Saiyan
    Supreme Saiyan 2 months ago

    We in 2017 while these ancient people having these artifacts are in 2037

  • Mauro Gonzalez
    Mauro Gonzalez 2 months ago

    i have seen ufo's and a bunch of them at one time. they are fast and move in straight lines. its sad to know many havent except for the people and kids who were there that time. this happened in california.

  • lilelbee423
    lilelbee423 2 months ago

    Actually, it's an ancient bobsledding civilization

  • Vinyl Record
    Vinyl Record 2 months ago +1

    credit music plz

    EDIT: leave link to music in description plz.

  • JRPGFan20000
    JRPGFan20000 2 months ago

    Rockets have been around for thousands of years. Notably, Johann Schmidlap invented a multi-stage firework in the 16th century, forming the most basic of concepts we use for space travel today.

  • MinoritiesRlazy
    MinoritiesRlazy 2 months ago

    Dark5 videos are the sheeeet. White Power

  • Eli Gigabytes
    Eli Gigabytes 2 months ago

    The first one is just a garden gnome... I mean come on

    GINJA TV 2 months ago

    Let me ask a RadBrad style question....what was you guys' first Dark5 video? Mine was "5 Disturbing Starbucks Secrets"

  • Michelle Nufrio
    Michelle Nufrio 2 months ago

    You guys should really start narrating

  • MooPotPie
    MooPotPie 2 months ago

    "scholar" Zecharia Sitchin"?
    "Longwinded sci-fi novelist" would be a more apt description.

  • Norman Michell
    Norman Michell 2 months ago

    You need to voice these over.

  • Bob Hurst
    Bob Hurst 2 months ago

    Zecharia Sitchin is far, far from a scholar. More like an absolute fraud.

  • Flaming Squirrel
    Flaming Squirrel 2 months ago

    Lost Technology.

  • Romeo Frankenstein
    Romeo Frankenstein 2 months ago

    Are you even trying anymore?

  • Amaury Lannes
    Amaury Lannes 2 months ago +1

    The first one looks like a space jockey

  • Haydn Po
    Haydn Po 2 months ago

    l wouldn't trust anything from Turkey.

  • Philosopher8659
    Philosopher8659 2 months ago +1

    You know it is all fake. Everyone knows if there were space ships, there would also be golf and golf carts. Not to mention petrified golf balls.

  • John Buynone
    John Buynone 2 months ago

    The "rocket ship" is a mummy in his sarcophagus.

  • Chiclito Adams
    Chiclito Adams 2 months ago

    Religious BS

  • Ralph Miko
    Ralph Miko 2 months ago

    Anyone else notice the (Romanian) Sibiu Manuscript is written in German?!

  • susham banerjee
    susham banerjee 2 months ago

    the music you choose for the background is better than the videos

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